Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Lancome French Coquettes Collection for Fall 2010

Ombre Magnetique / Spectacular Sparkle ($25.00)

  • Black Macadam
  • Uban Silver
  • Cherry Cherie

Color Design Eye Shadow Quad ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

  • French Touch

L’Absolu Rouge ($29.00)

  • Rose Divine
  • Parisian Attraction
  • Cherry Kiki

Le Vernis Trio ($25.00)

  • Kissed by Paris

La Rose Deco ($40.00)

  • Rosy Glow

Availability: Lancome

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74 thoughts on “Lancome French Coquettes Collection for Fall 2010

  1. The Photoshop kills me. Not in a good way. :(

    • baby in a corner

      totally agree, the first thing I thought of was airbrush! like they look like CGI!

      • Katie

        agreed! The lips freaked me out cuz they both look the same.

        • nicci

          same here! they kind of look scary

        • Petra

          Even though I agree the image is really overly photoshopped, I really liked how the lipshapes are the same – I thought it was an intentional part of teh makeup (rather than the photoshop), like for exc. geisha-lips or sg very specific.

    • fiaspice

      My tought exactly. I know beauty promo pic are retouched, heck, most picture in print is retouched (I know I’m a graphic artist) but this is way too much airbrush and they do look CGI.

      On the other hand, the pink nail polish is awsome and I might be getting it.

  2. CeeBee

    OOOH, that quad is pretty! The Rosy Glow powder looks adorable too and I love the smoky purple eye and nude lip on the left model.

    Will definitely have to check this out!

  3. I feel like I’ve seen all of these colors before, so I’m definitely leaving this collection. I love the gold infused pink nail polish though!

  4. Melanie

    Pretty! Any idea when this will be available?

  5. Karin

    The middle nail polish looks like Mandarin Sky blush! Ooh! This collection is pretty, but sort of blahh to me.

  6. Colleen P.

    The nail polishes are already up at Nordstrom.

  7. la rose deco (which i’m assuming is the last photo) looks absolutely gorgeous. can’t wait to see a swatch!

  8. LNU

    I like the packaging and whatevers in the little jars! Haha!

  9. my god they are so airbrushed! i need that rose powder, its sooo pretty :) but im sure the price for the uk is massive :(

  10. HautePJ

    i really love the eyeshadow! so pretty!

  11. Ameera

    The model with brown eyes should have been the one wearing plums, and the model with blue eyes-greys. They got it all wrong. Love the Rose glow thingy, but damn, $40. :(

  12. Judy

    OMG I need that rose colored lipstick!!!!! When does this come out?

  13. Melissa (divinem)

    Looks like I’m going to be giving Lancome some love this season. :)

  14. Ms. Jimmi


  15. Melissa (divinem)

    I wish I knew what color lipstick the girl on the right is wearing. And I LOVE the eyes on the left model.

  16. Carolanne

    despite being photoshopped, the promo pic IS really gorgeous! casting some inspiration in me!! =P

  17. MichelleChefNYC

    The eye looks on the models in the promotional image is just spectacular! These look great, but will need to see them in person before I commit to buy…

  18. Laura

    Request! IF/WHEN you get these products, could you recreate the look on the model with the nude lips?! I love how it’s smoky but has that highlight in the inner corners of the eye??!!!

  19. I want the rose powder so pretty!

  20. Shelley

    i have to say the pictures make me curious, but holy photoshop, Batman!

  21. XX

    Which MAC lipstick color is similar or close to the lip color the lady on the LEFT is wearing?? I want that color!

  22. These colors are so flattering! I think just about anyone can wear them.

  23. carrie

    do u use affiliate links for twitter/facebook icons in the sidebar? or sth?

    • Yes, our links use Some links aren’t affiliate links but still use the, though. Posts that have the affiliate link should be marked with the affiliate disclosure!

      There’s no affiliate program for Twitter/Facebook, so the links aren’t actually affiliate links.

  24. nicci

    Rosy Glow looks pretty – my kind of color! not too bright and just enough color

  25. Helena

    I guess Canadian is close enough…? Daria Werbowy looks gorg.

  26. Hilana

    On first glance the pic looked beautiful. Till I saw the photoshop overkill. Awful. The products look lovely though.

  27. Pearl

    I like the makeup look on the girl on the left.

  28. Dea

    The promo pic looks sooo gorgeous! It makes me want this look – right now! And then spend a night out in Paris! 😉

  29. Meta

    I like the promo pic but the products themselves looked a bit average.

  30. I really like it but I don´t like that Lancome test on animals:(

  31. Mika

    The colours look kind of …bleh, nothing special. La Rose Deco on the other hand seems really stunning. Would like to know what the silver looks like blended on skin…

  32. Lady Di.

    I love this whole collection! How pretty! Those lipsticks look so creamy. The whole look (on either model) is definitely something I would want to recreate!

  33. Sarah M

    love the look of this collection

  34. Cherie

    Cherry Cherie?!?! I might just buy it b/c it’s my name!

    Love how the colours look on the promo photo!

  35. wow I normally don’t like Lancome but the looks are great. I’m leaving most the products like the polishes and eye colors. But I’d die for that beautiful cherry red lip and the rose hiliter/blush!

  36. Shannon

    geez, all this “photoshop” hate, it’s not like Lancome’s the only company doing it. no one’s freaking out over MAC doing airbrushing/photoshop to their promo, or any other brands doing the same thing -_-;;;

    loving the eyes and lips of both models. i haven’t been so in awe of Lancome’s collection for a while!

  37. Michelle

    The Quad looks like it will do wonders for my Hazel eyes! Ah! What do you think? Will you have swatches?

  38. Judy

    I’m usually not that much of a fan of Lancome, but these colors for the lips are amazing. I just ordered two of the lipsticks: Cherry Kiki & Rose Divine. Can’t wait to receive them and I hope they are as good as the MAC lipsticks that I am addicted to.

  39. meo

    do they have it in Canada?

  40. Laura

    I have never been one for Lancome, but I sooooo want that berry lipstick now! Looks gorgeous and the eyes look stunning. Can’t wait to play!

  41. jollie

    love the eyes, could you do a look similar to what is shown on the pictures.

  42. I do love the French Touch e/s quad and the Rosy Glow compact is very pretty too. I will check it out but probably won’t purchase. I have sooo much makeup… a collection has to be REALLY super special these days for me to open my wallet. This one just doesn’t knock my socks off.

  43. Fiona

    Were the pics of the products pictures that you took or pictures that Lancome provided? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

  44. meo

    do this collection available in Canada ?

  45. I’m not sure why everyone is being so critical, the likeness of lip shape is obviously on purpose, makeup artist aleays have a signature way of doing their makeup, the lip shape is gorgeous and perfectly defined.. Of course the image is airbrushed… If you do your home work this fall collection is based on france in the late 1800 early 1900 when the look was like this, porcelain doll esque. The colors are gorgeous. And the make up is dramatic but not over the top, this is fantastic I will be buying the entire collection. Lancome never has let me down, top 5 make up company for sure!!!

    • sharon

      this is a stunning fall collection and i think much nicer than dior which to me looks rather seen it all before. i totally agree with beeg in her comments and i will be getting my stash as soon as it hits the counters .

  46. Lovely Linda

    are you going to review a few products? like the la rose deco?

  47. Christy

    I love the makeup and the models look amazing!

  48. Nikki

    is there a dupe for cherry kiki?

  49. emily

    So Sad. I missed buying them and they are no longer on the site. TEAR…

  50. Sammie Ng

    Can you still buy these products? If yes, where can I get my hands on the la rose deco blush?
    Thank you