Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Lady Gaga Signs for Second Year as Viva Glam Spokesperson

As announced by WWD, MAC Comestics has signed on Lady Gaga to reprise her role as Viva Glam spokesperson for another year.  The For Our Lips campaign was MAC AIDS Fund’s most successful to date, so it’s no surprise that we’ll continue to see Gaga for another year.  Gaga was photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Please note that this is all the information I have at this time.

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84 thoughts on “Lady Gaga + Viva Glam… One More Time!

  1. Gorgeous! Love this image of Lady Gaga… her eye make up is perfection!

  2. Ester

    I think that’s a really gorgeous picture and am excited to see the lipstick! I hope your studies are going well. I just finished my third final. One more to go!

  3. Michelle

    Can’t wait until you get more information! :)

  4. Michelle

    This is the most glamorous I’ve ever seen her!! I would love to know what she’s wearing on the eyes if you ever find out!

  5. Nastassia

    this is sooo exicting! :) can’t wait to see what you will dig up :)

  6. Love Peace and Mac

    That lip color is beautiful

  7. Megan

    Good! She did a great job and her and MAC are perfext together! I want a Gaga line to come out!

  8. kasiaj85

    ooooh so – will there be another Gaga lippie? The one she’s wearing in the picture looks way more suitable for me than the pink one… :)

  9. katleen

    and cindy lauper ?

  10. Judy

    Oooh very pretty! I am loving that peachy colored lipstick. Can’t wait to find out more information. Thank you Christine for letting us know. You rock!

  11. Brittany


  12. Hannah

    Yay! I was just saying that nothing would be able to top this years campaign. This is a really smart move for both of them. So excited!

  13. Laura

    They should give her a collection. I can only imagine the crazy colors and name they would make for her!

  14. LH

    I hope the lip color in the photo is whats going to be released its gorgeous.

  15. YES, YES, AND OH YES!!

  16. Nic

    Nice. Love the makeup in the image.

  17. aksaiyo

    Nice! This looks like a much more wearable color than the last Gaga!
    The last campaign was really the most successful, Cyndi was sold out everywhere in Taiwan, took me sooo much digging to get my hands on one.

  18. Tiffany S.

    :oD Love it! Love Gaga!

  19. Just saw this quote from MAC on Facebook:

    “Today, M·A·C Cosmetics confirms Lady Gaga will be the next VIVA GLAM spokesperson launching in early 2011. Lady Gaga was previously a VIVA GLAM spokesperson in a campaign with Cyndi Lauper in the most successful ever for the M·A·C AIDS Fund. Since 1994 the M·A·C AIDS Fund has raised over $190 million for the cause”

  20. honoluluhoney

    that is so exciting!!! i love lady gaga and her music!! viva glam gaga is one of my favorite lipsticks!!!

  21. Glenda

    Loved her Viva Glam lipstick. I can’t wait for her to give us another beautiful shade:) She is a wonderful, multi-talented artiist. I would love to see Rhianna as another spokesperson.

  22. Steph

    Yaaaay more Gaga! I love my pink Gaga lipstick and lipgloss, I can’t wait for more, especially if it’s in that peachy shade!

  23. Cassy

    I agree with the others that I like the lip color in this picture better than her pink. I hope this is a new color and she isn’t just going to be re promoting the same pink one from 2010!

  24. Lulee

    they shoulda kept cyndi around too… her lipstick & gloss were far superior IMO! i hope they decide to not discontinue it :(

  25. Erin

    That lip color reminds me of Lime Crime’s Cosmopop. I hope this is what they release — I would love a MAC dupe of that shade.

  26. Alannah

    I think this photo is beautiful, and I’m glad she’s helping the campaign so much but otherwise I’m a little disappointed that it’s her again. Ah well, I hope she raises a ton of money for VG!

  27. Sara

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  28. Chloe

    love all of her makeup in the pic can’t wait for it the lippie looks fab

  29. Judy

    Someone suggested that MAC have GaGa come out with her own collection of make-up. I would love for that to happen. I can see a huge range of funky colors for eyes, lips, cheeks and nail polish. MAC should consider this for a future collection.

  30. Diane

    Love GaGa but frankly Cyndi was the better color… The more wearable one. It’s the one I bought and most people I know bought. Bring Cyndi back too!!!

  31. Heather H

    She is so amazing. I’m glad she will still be working with MAC.

  32. Abril

    Woooow! The picture is stunning!!! And the eye make up! OMG! =)

  33. MAC just needs to come out with a full blown Gaga collection period. #gagaforpresident LOL

  34. Allison

    so we can still get her lip stick next year?

  35. Svetlana

    I don’t like her lipstick on the pic, the old pink one was much better for me

  36. Ryan

    I LOVE LADY GAGA AND I LOVE NICOLA FORMICHETTI!!!!!! I would do anything for gaga. im going to buy as much viva glam as i can… myabe they will go a third year!

  37. OMG YES!
    i just dont have the recent one. LOL

  38. Agnes

    I thought that both Cyndi and Gaga are staying this year too, that they decided to extend the availability of these products? I am so sad that Viva Glam Cyndi won’t be available, especially when I have just fallen in love with the Cyndi lipglass…:-(

    • Pam

      MAC Double Dare cremesheen glass is almost a close dupe for Viva Glam Cyndi. That’s my fallback lipglass when Cyndi leaves! 😛

  39. Evelyn

    shes an excellent spokesperson, shes so passionate about these things!
    shes a stunning model as well
    i really respect and admire her!

  40. Love lady gaga so much she is so capable of pulling off all kinds of looks!

  41. Hilary♥

    I HATE Gaga but the Viva Glam lipstick is very gorgeous.

  42. Kalee

    hopefully it will be more wearable and flattering than the last one (dont get me wrong, its pretty, but hard to wear on most people)

  43. Yumi

    Wow, I’ve actually never seen Gaga look so good before. She usually jus looks weird. I’m honestly shocked…in a good way!!

  44. Vanessa

    OH MY GOD. She looks so beautiful in this picture. I’m going to have to get the next VG Gaga, then.

  45. Oooh! wonder if she’ll have a new shade out? excited! 😀
    also: it’s nick knight, with a k! :)

  46. znodarse


  47. Álida

    OMG!!!I loved it!!!I love this girl…I love M.A.C.!!!

  48. Carie

    If only Gaga would always look like this!

  49. Cherokee

    She looks absolutely stunning.

  50. Elaine

    I hope hope hope this is the colour…. fabulous!!!

  51. Angel


  52. Laura

    ooo does that mean a new gaga lipstick?? i don’t care what the color is, i’m already sold

  53. Sandrine

    Wow, Gaga looks like Katie Cassidy here. That eye make-up is gorgeous!

  54. I love Gaga and I love this look! So very sexy. Dang. I wish I could pull that eye make-up off.

  55. Oh wow I cant wait to see what color they will come up this time 😀

  56. Mar

    She is SO gorgeous in this picture…
    Never seen her like this but would love to see her like this more often! She doesn’t need all the stuff she does to look good.

  57. Lolly

    Wow, Lady GaGa looks absolutely amazing in the shot. Love it and I’m so gonna try that look for my christmas party!

  58. Vanessa S

    I LOVVVEEEEE her so much shes so amazing!

    Loving this picute.

  59. Erin

    So is MAC going to realease some more viva glam gaga products or just keep the lip stick and gloss? And when is MAC discontinuing the Viva glam Cynidi lip products?

  60. Samantha

    MAC really should make a lady gaga collection! or at least some more lipsticks and glosses!

  61. Anna

    i wonder if there will be another spokesperson besides her. i’d like to see someone create a more natural lipstick.

  62. Amrita

    LOVE this image of her! <3 Simply. gorgeous.

  63. rose

    Is the lipstick going to be the same shade as this year’s or a different, new color?

  64. Sem

    awwe this makes me so happy!! that colour is so perfect!!! I love it more than the pink lipstick cause that colour looks weird on me.
    I really can’t wait!!!

  65. The image is gorgeous, but her eyes seem so…vacant.

  66. Jennifer S.

    Unfortunately, I was not a huge fan of the Lady Gaga Lipstick the first time.I bought it and wanted to like it but I found the formula really hard to wear for people who have cracked lips or tend to have chapped lips(I wear InVisalign braces so my lips crack alot from trading out the trays all the time). But she looks amazing in this picture and I am anxious to give her second lipstick a try! I love her eyes in this picture, it is such a softer look for her.

  67. Emi

    I agree with a Gaga line. She looks gorgeous! – whoever did her makeup is a genius! Can’t wait!

  68. Jodie

    Will it be the same lipstick already available? Or will it be a new shade?
    Will Cyndi Lauper be signed again?

  69. This is the most “normal” picture of Lady Gaga I’ve ever seen. I love the whole look, all of it. She cleans up really really well. Almost Saint-like with the effects of that picture haha

  70. i love gaga. i love mac. i love the viva glam campaign. mac needs to debut a fame monster collection (;

    ps: i really hope it is a new color, i already stocked up on the current gaga lipstick & gloss !

  71. Megan

    Does anybody know if they are going to keep the current Viva Glam Gaga lipstick? it is my favorite everyday color, and I’ll need to stock up if they are going to replace it with a new color!

    • Megan

      To answer my own question and for everyone else, I visited the MAC counter at macy’s today and the artist there told me that the current VIva Glam Gaga lipstick would be discontinued in February 2011!

    • Autumn Angel

      I agree and I am in no place to buy three back ups of the glass and stick at the moment D: But apparently it will be discontinued… :/

  72. sarah w.

    the mua at my local mac showed me the lipstick and lip glass the other night. theyre a nice nude, that doesn’t wash out paler skin! it’s completely boring looking in the tube, but on it is super cute!

  73. Autumn Angel

    This makes me happy as I love Gaga, and I love MAC. Does this mean that her Viva Glam lipstick will still be available or is it still going to be discontinued within the next month?

  74. Sosha

    Anyone know the release date?