Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Korres #15 Natural Blush

Luminous Beauty in 3 Seconds

Korres #15 Natural Blush ($24.00 for 0.21 oz.) is OH-MY-GOODNESS gorgeousness on skin.  Ahh!  I fell in love.

If you have warm skin, you have to try it on–not just a mere swatch, but try it on cheeks.  Though, I do think it would be lovely on cooler skin tones, too — it is rather natural and neutral; not orange at all, but having warm skin myself, I immediately fell in love with once I tried it on my cheeks.  It is gives that perfect glow of natural, inner warmth that radiates from inside out in just one swipe.

The blush has a soft, smooth texture–very buttery, almost creamy despite its powder finish–and applies evenly in just a single stroke.  Cheeks are lightly flushed and sunkissed with a beautiful luminous sheen.  It’s not heavy, shimmery, or glittery in the least.  My pores aren’t emphasized, but I felt like my face just lit up the minute I applied this.

AMAZING. Korres makes a very fine, impressive blush!

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: High-quality, pigmented, and ridiculously smooth textured, Korres blush is really a winner.


See more photos & swatches!

Korres #15 Natural Blush

Korres #15 Natural Blush

Korres #15 Natural Blush

Korres #15 Natural Blush
Natural (left) / Orange (right)

Korres #15 Natural Blush

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46 thoughts on “Korres #15 Natural Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. MatryoshkaDollBeauty

    I haven’t met a Korres product I haven’t liked so far! Thanks for the review, I’m eager to try this blush!

    I was disappointed to see on Sephora that they don’t have many Korres shadows – in fact, it seems like they’re getting rid of them. Any word on whether Korres is just reformulating, or discontinuing their shadows altogether?

  2. Kat

    on the picture of the swatches, which one is natural? and what is the other one! I love them both!

  3. I really love Korres blush, and am adding Orange and Natural to my wish list now :)

  4. Now I’m wishing I had picked this up when it was on special at Sephora. Beautiful! Thanks for the review, I will be trying this.

  5. Christina

    which color do you have on in the bottom picture?

  6. deeeee

    I love your blog but why are the beginning of your eyebrows SO dark? Isn’t it better to go darker at the tail and very very light at the beginning of the brow? They’ll look far less harsh that way, the way they are now you can clearly see a thick shape of brown powder on your skin..

  7. sofia

    i love korres products in general! and i loooove your eyes in this photo!perfect make up!!

  8. LNU

    Ah! I’m trying not to buy any blushes because I have my eyes on a two coming out on the 8th! 😛
    But I’ll definitely have to keep Korres blushes in mind!

  9. Jay

    what’s your fav out of these, christine? they’re both gorgeous!

  10. Brittney

    You should try orange brown and peach if you haven’t already have them in your collection…. Love it! Peach almost feels like a cream blush on th skin :

  11. hey

    korres has the best blushes. and they are natural!

  12. cynthia

    is this one similar to the “prim & proper blush” from the liberty of london collection?

  13. Klara

    Natural looks gorgeous on you! Do you think it’s similar to Benefit’s Dallas?

  14. Andrea

    I only own one, but I love it so much! I had been in search for the perfect pink blush and I finally found it, Korres Zea Mays! I wonder if you’ve tried it Christine?

  15. OMG… it really is gorgeous! 😀 I really want this blusher now!! Would you say it’s similar to Luster by NARS? lol, I don’t like it when my blushes don’t match :( It really messes up with the organization!

    • Hmm, I’d say it’s a lot more neutral – browner. Luster is a little orange-y on me.

      LOL! That’s why I have to organize by brand, so everything coordinates!

  16. Hilana

    We dont get it here, but I do agree, they are beautiful.

  17. They are truly gorgeous. I’m going to check it out I love how it looks on you.

  18. I noticed how nice the blush looked on you when you did the Memento Mori look yesterday. Very natural indeed. I think next time I decide to invest in a blush it might have to be this one.

  19. Sara

    YAY! I will be getting this in a swap :] ♥
    best wishes*!

  20. cherry

    Christine, does the Korres Natural blush 15 pull brown on ur skin?In the picture of the pan it seems very brown here.So culd u plz describe the actual color on ur skin?…thanks

  21. this blush is so cool… but Korres isn’t Available at my country , can you help my to find a dupe ? maybe MAC if is possible

  22. Kiwi2002

    Just picked this up today. I am super excited to try it!!! 😀

  23. anonymous

    wow this is gorgeous on you. i grabbed coral thinking this would be too brown but i love it.

  24. chelsea

    This looks gorgeous. Do you think that this would be too dark to use as a blush for someone with very fair skin(lighter then NW15)?

    I’m looking for a good natural blush that doesn’t lean toward any “color” like pink, peach, or red. But is not a bronzer!

  25. Angela

    Finally bought it based on your recommendation. very happy with it!!

  26. Meghan McGraw

    I know you reviewed this quite awhile ago but I’ve been debating about getting it for months now because I didn’t quite think it’d be much different than Benefit Dallas. Was I wrong! I’m light skinned (not completely fair) and Dallas tended to make me look a little bit sallow when I wore it. When I tried Natural on in Sephora I couldn’t stop looking at my cheeks! It gave a nice warm glow that wasn’t orange or bronzer-y and I bought it on the spot. I like how you can wear numerous different eye colors with it and about every lipstick color you can imagine (I am a massive lipstick junkie) so I love that my blush doesn’t compete with the rest of my makeup. Thank you for all of your amazing posts! I never miss a day of visiting your site.

    • I’m so glad you tried it and enjoy it, Meghan! It’s one of my go-tos — it’s really great just to add some warmth but definitely not a bronzer at all!

      Thank you!

  27. Maggie

    Hi Christine! I know you reviewed this blush ages ago but I just wanted you to know my order for it came in and the color is JUST as gorgeous as you raved!!! I can now understand the hype–it really does give off that perfect lit-from-within glow. Thanks so much for reviewing this one!

    I do have a question though: do you know if Korres changed their formulation for their blushes? I know the packaging is different–my blush compact is brown while yours looks white.

    • They repackaged! :) I’m not sure if they reformulated, too, I think I heard they were going to reformulate their eyeshadows but didn’t hear anything re: blushes. Enjoy!

  28. Marina

    CHRISTINE! I’m so upset. I am looking for a nude blush and you’ve always raved about this one so I found the review, got really excited, and then checked the Sephora website. Korres doesn’t make Natural anymore! There are only 4 colors and they are: Pink, Peach, Rose, and Apricot. :(
    What is the next best natural blush?