Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Jealousy Wakes with Blue Look

My eyes have been really dry lately, so under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t create a look and post it (just because the surface of my lids makes working with powder products a big pain!), but how could I not do something to commemorate this day?

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof all over the lid and above the crease with the 249 to lay down your eyeshadow base.   Next, apply Verve eyeshadow on the lower third of the lid with the 239.  Then pat Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow onto the upper half of the lid and into the crease with the 239.  With the 226, apply Atlantic Blue eyeshadow above the crease.  Diffuse the crease edge with Trench eyeshadow using the 217.  Lightly highlight the edge of the brow bone with Verve eyeshadow with the 239.  Next, apply Deviant liner on the lower lash line, and then smudge with Jealousy Wakes. Coat lashes with They’re Real mascara to finish the look.

For cheeks, apply Sugarbomb on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #2 lipgloss mixed with Mambo lipgloss for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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233 thoughts on “Jealousy Wakes with Blue Look

  1. This look so good! And OMGGG that hairband is sosososooo super cute!!

    Do you usually wear accessories? What’s your clothing style?

  2. Dani

    That is soooo beautiful! I actually gasped when I saw the photo.

  3. You are such a gorgeous girl. I love when you do makeup looks. So pretty! =D

  4. That color looks gorgeous on you. I think you did a wonderful job in it’s creation. Also, this blue look seems surprisingly wearable, for being so bright. I love it!

  5. Gracie

    This is so pretty! I love the green and blue eyes, very summery :)

  6. Valene

    This look is gorgeous on you, and I love the headband too! Congrats today Christine! Proud of you!

  7. Me likey! It’s a cut-crease look without being stupid difficult to do, ya know? 😛 Love it!!!

  8. Michelle

    Just saw that it’s available again!

  9. Gloria

    This definitely makes me want it even more! :-)

  10. It looks SO BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your new color!

  11. Yay Christine! I’m so excited for you still! And the look is gorgeous! I can’t wait to buy Jealousy Wakes!

  12. This is so pretty! I’d love to see you do a look using gold shadows + JW.

  13. So beautiful Christine! Congrats on the collection- if any blogger out there deserves to be honored in this way, it’s you! I need another shadow like I need a hole in the head, but I had to grab a Jealousy Wakes!

  14. lena

    Pretty! If only I could order. Why can’t they get it together?!

  15. Nichole

    So pretty!

  16. Juneplum

    this is very pretty!

  17. nitnot

    I am envious of people who can wear white shades on their eyes without making it look grey/ashy.

    This is a really cool look, though it’d never work on my eye shape 😉

  18. Maaike

    I love how versatile this eyeshadow is! It looks great with só many different colours!

  19. amna

    your look is absolutely beautiful..but it only adds to the frustration that many of have not been able to purchase since its not on the the site still.. all it says is “coming soon”

  20. anna

    Beautiful as always :)

  21. maryel

    you look so happy 😀

  22. Ana

    I just placed my order for several items from the collection, including Jealousy Wakes. Hurrah!

  23. You look so gorgeous here! The look reminds me of the ocean!

  24. This is absolutely gorgeous Christine. One of the most daring looks I have seen you try!

  25. shontay

    So pretty. So glad I bought your shadow and you’ve reminded me that I need to use Atlantic Blue more.

  26. Marian

    OMG…..that is just beautiful! It makes me want to go on vacation to a tropical island!

  27. Rachel

    When I first saw the close up shots of your eyes I thought the blue looked a little weird, but once I saw the full pictures of your face it looks absolutely stunning!

  28. Madelynn

    Lovely combination! I love how you did fully blend the green and blue into each other.
    Hey… did you notice you’re on the MAC website? ;] Have you been freaking out all day?

  29. abby

    woooooww so pretty Christine and i love your headband!

  30. Kacee

    Do you wear these looks out and about on a normal basis? I LOVE that your not afraid of color!!!

  31. I like the color combination, it’s somewhat similar to the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette, which I love!!

  32. flyavsted

    Stunning!! Love your headband as well!

  33. Gah! This looks amazing on you. :)

  34. la la love this look on you C! it is probably one of my favorite eye looks i’ve seen you do :) SO PRETTY!!

  35. Ebony

    Love this look! Can’t wait for my shadow to get here.

    (On a sidenote, would totally love to know where you got the headband. Sorry; I’m a bit of an accessories fiend. :))

  36. Jamie

    Love this look Christine! You always make the prettiest looks but this one is gorgeous on you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, do you know why your eyelids get dry? (just because I’ve been having the same problem, and can’t figure out why.) Thanks for all your hard work on your blog!

  37. Mo

    Very pretty!

  38. Rosie

    Honestly at first I was like eh, let’s check it out anyways!!!! I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!! Blue and greens, look great on you!!! But then again it’s rare that you can’t pull off a color 😉 Very pretty, and def. giving all the “temptalians” lol inspiration 😉

  39. Iris

    Heck yeah, Christine! You look so gorgoues on this totally special day :)

  40. Inaya

    Love everything about this look. Ur the best Christine!

  41. Mariella

    Sure, go ahead and rub it in for those of us who weren’t able to get Jealousy Wakes!!!! (just kidding, Christine). I hope the amazing success of your creation (the only one sold out) heralds more great things for you! And I hope they do another run of the eyeshadow!!!!

  42. Devi

    This is perhaps one of the prettiest looks that I’ve ever seen. Freaking gorgeous.

  43. Cristina

    This is BEAUTIFUL ! can’t wait for jealousy wakes and hocus pocus, ordered them online today! <3

  44. Sydney

    Beautiful, Christine! Congratulations on the release of Jealousy Wakes! I know you are just over the moon :)

  45. thank you for inventing this color! it’s perfection

  46. Rachel

    very prettyyy~!!

  47. Desiree

    I love the way the blue stands out with the green! very pretty look.

  48. Tommy

    That look is beautiful!!

    The colour contrast is just stunning!!


  49. Priscila

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!! :D~

  50. Bailey

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  51. Tina

    Wow, very pretty with the blue!

  52. Stephanie

    Will you be reviewing this mascara? I really hope so because i need new mascara, im tired of using a primer, lengthening, and thickening mascara (the combo looks great but its frustrating trying to get the same result daily).

  53. Jae

    ooooh, christine!!! this look is HAWT!!!! i love, love, love it!! and i’m happy that i was able to score not one but 2 pots of jealousy wakes (as well as 2 of some of the other l/g…greedy? maybe a little) so when i get my little hands on it, i’m sooo going to try this look!

  54. Lisa

    Oh man… I’m so glad I bought JW!

  55. Sam

    Looks great!

  56. Lauren

    This look is beautiful!!! I love it!

  57. sue

    This whole look is SO pretty on you ! I bought 2 JW’s es today !! Looks like the website was really busy. I think JW is now sold out for sure.

  58. Ashley Seme

    LOVE THIS LOOK! Can’t wait to try it! :)

  59. it’s so pretty christine…….love all the combination.

  60. Cleopatra Myles

    Absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud! This is such a beautiful and appropriate look. Well done xo

  61. Kacee

    Oh, and also, what do you think of the benefit they’re real! Mascara?

  62. Jennifer

    I love this look it’s so pretty, btw you look cute with your headband!

  63. NessaMBaby

    Aww..your eyeshadow is already sold out. Do you know if they’ll be getting more? Xoxo

  64. agreen2

    aww so pretty! love the color, good job!

  65. Maeve

    How do you recommend some one who has blue eyes with NC15 to wear Jealousy Wakes?

  66. Dini

    This look is very very pretty. I love to see how you’ve made brights so wearable. Can’t wait to try this look. :)

  67. Melanie

    Beautiful! It reminds me of a peacock feather!

  68. Hepcat288


  69. Evelyn

    how close is jealousy wakes to the makeup forever aqua liner #4?
    seems like it might be a good dupe for that!
    then again i was never really good at spotting differences in colours

  70. Kimberly

    Stunning!!! I might of been afraid of mixing all those bold colors, but you made it look very beautiful and wearable!! Thanks for the list of products used ;c)

  71. Annie

    Can I just say how great your skin looks? What have been your holy grail products?

  72. I love this look on you! very pretty. So happy I bought 2 of your shadow!

  73. i’m so sad i couldn’t get to jealousy wakes before it was sold out :( should def be a permanent shade!

  74. Lady Di.

    Oh wow, I love this look!! (the headband is adorable too!)

  75. Kathryn

    AH!!!! I ordered Atlantic blue with Jealousy wakes! Love blue and green together!

  76. Michelle

    Green is such a striking color on you! I can see why it’s one of your favorite eyeshadow colors. I hope MAC makes Jealousy Wakes permanent because I don’t have anything like it :)

  77. Bettina

    I know, I wanted it too :(

  78. Michelle

    beautiful!!! i am sure gonna try this look once i get jealousy wakes! :)

  79. NessaMBaby

    Aww… Will you repost and let us know if not any trouble if they are going to restock them? I love the color,your a hit girl! Congrads anyways on selling out. So beyond happy for you. Xoxo

  80. Elaine

    hey christine. will Jealousy Wakes be available at international MAC stores?

  81. Karla

    Christine, I ended up buying 3 jealousy wakes, one back up and the other one for my sister. My favorite color is green and I can`t wait to get them. I am so happy for ur success.

  82. Janet

    Wow. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  83. laura

    omg so ive been working constantly (single mom no child support) and i wanted a jealousy wakes soooooo bad im so sad because i finally got to log on to buy and it was sold out! keep us posted if it goes for sale again because this is the one thing i have to have from that collection obviously cant afford it all but id do anything for that color never seen one from mac like it! love your site!

  84. its sold out Cristine :(….
    pls dont post more looks otherwise i will feel more helpless :) :)

    but jokes apart i want MAC to make it permanent 😀 😀
    the looks is awesome as usual and the color transition is just outstanding honey :d

  85. I like this one the best among Jealousy Wakes Look. You are gorgeous, especially in the shoot you open your eyes and smile. Congrats!!!

  86. Aud W

    Can’t wait to try this when I get my Jealousy Wakes!

  87. I hope they launch it internationally

  88. Martina


  89. Reez

    You look stunning! :)

  90. Chiara

    very fresh look! :-)

  91. Piarpreet

    I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!

  92. Lara

    Love the colors!

  93. Alex

    I’m from the UK so can’t get this eyeshadow, but I’ll definitely be recreating this look with different shades of these colours 😀

  94. Deb

    Girl, you look like a gorgeous mermaid 😀 This look is beautiful and I don’t think you’ve done a look like this with shades of green and blue paired up like this before! At least not to my recollection. To me it looks like an awespme spin-off interpretation of MAC’s Lure collection years ago :)

  95. Brooke

    Beautiful look! Jealousy Wakes seems so versatile and unique, I can’t wait to get my hands on it :) and I love your headband Christine, where did you get it?

  96. Titia

    Love it! great colors! congrats for jealousy wakes :-)

  97. Nicole

    This is soooo gorgeous! :)