Monday, January 14th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Is there someone to whom you look up to with respect to makeup? Someone who may have been a mentor (like a family member) or someone’s makeup that is inspirational to you?

Temptalia's AnswerKevyn Aucoin for the really famous and well-known for his techniques, skills, and philosophies on makeup. Dustin Hunter for both technique and fearlessness; Lauren/Queen of Blending for creativity, technique, and blending; Koren (EnKoreMakeup) for his creativity and passion; Angie (goldiestarling) for her thoroughness and creativity.

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59 thoughts on “Is there someone to whom you look up to with respect to makeup?

  1. Georgia

    Jennifer Love Hewitt always has the best eye
    Make up!

  2. Jocelynne

    Lauren Luke (panacea81 on youtube). She is so amazing!

  3. Lily

    you, Temptalia!

  4. Jade

    I definitely look up to Dustin, he’s really creative and innovative. I think what sets him apart is that he’s an artist and seems to come at makeup from an art perspective, which results in his stuff being seriously cool!

    I look up to Christine as well – I really respect her opinion and reviews!

      • Jade

        Haha you’re welcome! I had to mention you! I value your opinion really highly, almost NO other bloggers are as thorough in reviewing and testing products. I also love that you do a blog as opposed to videos, it just suits me, I’m a reader, not a video watcher!

  5. Safyre

    There are too many to list, but off the top of my head:
    Kevin James Bennet – because he has a good attitude and is really funny, but also very skilled at what he does
    Kabuki – the man is a makeup god, let’s just leave it at that
    Kristofer Buckle (I hope I spelled that right :/ meh) – flawless with the skill… just flawless
    xsparkage/Leesha and queenofblending/Lauren – because both are super colorful and awesome and have great personalities
    Julie (of Julieg713) – because she’s gorgeous and the nicest person ever
    and of course, you Christine because well… I would be nothing without Temptalia. The amount of work and love you put into this blog is awe-inspiring. Stay awesome <3

  6. Lisa Eldridge is a great inspiration to me, please also have a look at Linda Hallberg from Sweden!
    And of course – you are a great inspiration Temptalia!

  7. Cynthia Sakai

    I love Pat McGrath. She does beautiful work and seems so friendly and personable, too!

  8. Pat McGrath has done some great things for the runway (the brands she works with are hit-and-miss though, but I suppose that’s not really her fault). I consider Kabuki to be legendary.

  9. I look up to my friend Heather, who taught me the joys of bronzer!

  10. katka

    I absolutely respect and adore Lisa Eldridge. She is such a nice person and I am grateful that she shares her makeup secrets with us….

  11. Tigerlily

    My godmother, as her makeup is always very natural while enhancing her features in a most elegant way. It contributes to her not looking a day over 40 though she’s in her early fifties.

    Lisa Eldridge also, for her simple yet effective ways of doing all sorts of makeup…and sharing them in lovely videos โ™ฅ

  12. This one is easy. You. :)

  13. Lara

    Dusty and Angie! (: I look up to them for the same reasons as you. I’ d add you to my list as well. Your knowledge, skill and work ethic are inspiring.

  14. Geneva Dell

    Lisa Eldrige, I have to say her Marilyn Monroe tutorial was superb. It has to be one of the BEST YouTube makeup tutorials I’ve ever seen. The way she explained the techniques was so thorough and engaging. I was wowed! I also really admire Nicola Haste from Pixiwoo, she really tranforms herself during her tutorials and she has the sweetest personality, can’t help but love her. The Pixiwoo sisters are the reason I have really gotten into makeup, their techniques are very good and I love the range of makeup they use. I love that they use different models also because it shows us techniques for different skin colors, and face shapes. Not everyone has their gorgeous faces. Let’s not forget Christine, who provides us daily with so much information about what’s new, giving us in my opinion honest reviews. I actually pull up your blog when I’m out shopping for products. There are any more I admire, but these are my favs.

  15. Phoebe

    My mom didn’t wear makeup when I was growing up โ€”ย just lipstick. Now she wears a little more in terms of face products, but she’s still not an expert by any means.

    As an Asian American, it was really difficult to understand how to apply makeup based on my skintone, bone structure, and, of course, eyes. To make it even tougher, I don’t have monolids; I have a double lid, so I guess you’d call it a hooded eye. So when I was growing up, if a magazine felt like throwing a bone to the Asian community, the tutorial would always be for a monolid.

    So basically, my long story short…YouTube makeup “gurus” have 100% helped me in learning about makeup and being able to apply it to my own face. Even though I’m 25, I’m good but not great at makeup, and I’m still learning how to use it, thanks to folks on YouTube.

  16. Mirian

    I love the girls from pixiwoo! I just really appreciate their videos and they time they put into them and finding new products to show.

  17. Kate

    Lisa Eldridge has been a huge influence on me. I love her philosophy of makeup and the “less is more” approach. Her red carpet looks and editorial work are just as amazing as her Youtube videos. And I love that she doesn’t used TONS of products for one look…..which isn’t really trendy at the moment but I think that idea works better on the red carpet and in every day life.

  18. MakeupTray

    Nikkkietutorial, emilynoel,julieg1973.

  19. Lisa Eldridge. Our skin tones are on opposite ends of the spectrum (I’m darker skinned) but she always explains what colour works best for darker skin tones – and she’s always right. She’s taught me so much about makeup, and my makeup game is so much more refined and focused thanks to her. And now I come here for reviews and wordup on new products.

  20. furandlace

    Lisa Eldridge. Period.

  21. Alley Cat

    Koren, also! I love him — his tutorials have helped me with a lot of things, and I find his videos super entertaining.

    Michelle Phan – her old tutorials were simple and very easy to follow. Plus, she’s also Asian like me, so I learned a lot about what works on Asian skin from her.

    Then there’s you. Seriously, Christine, temptalia is my go-to blog for make-up.

  22. Dick Page for sure! He is a guy ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think he is truly an artist, and his tricks work very well.
    His colours and the possibilites of the Shiseido products where he is creative director and make-up artist are fabulous and really helpful for each woman, also the busy ones…
    I love his tutorials, I learned a lot of them, easy but very nice things!

  23. xamyx

    Pretty much everyone who has taken the time to share their knowledge, experience, and opinions of products we all use everyday. While I don’t always agree with what they have to say, it’s nice to get a different take on a product, tool, or technique. There are some who are very knowledgeable & experienced, which is nice, but on the other hand, you never know what you may learn from a “novice”; they tend to be a bit more flexible, and willing to try something different than the standard, since they weren’t trained to do it a certain way.

    I also really appreciate those who comment on blogs, videos, etc, again for different takes on things. As long as it’s not offensive or simply mean, a contrary point of view isn’t always a bad thing. I also appreciate bloggers who encourage such banter, and don’t delete or disapprove comments that may hold a different view.

  24. Piece of cake… It will be you, Christine.

    I’m such a late bloomer beauty. I only learned to wear and apply makeup when I stumbled upon your blog at the age of 28 (I’m now 31). Your blog made me so interested with cosmetics and makeup in general that I pursued a career in beauty writing. So I guess that’s my way of saying thank you for inspiring me and for allowing me to embrace the cosmetic junkee in me ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Anna

    I learned how to do makeup from my best friend. Of course back in the days this went very weird when I first thought that since her skin looked good, mine would look good in same foundation shade. I am fair and she is quite tanned. I looked orange for a while in my teens.
    Except for her, it is Christine from Temptalia that I look to for advice. I will look up stuff on my phone when I am out shopping to see what kind of reviews a product has gotten and if Christine says it will be flattering for cooler tones then there is a bigger chance of me getting the product.

  26. Lauren

    Definitely Lisa Eldridge! She is fabulous and unlike a lot of YouTube gurus, I find that she does NOT overdo her makeup. I have also learned a lot about makeup application from Sinead who has The Makeup Chair YouTube channel.

  27. I’m so glad you gave Dusty a shout out. That kid does NOT get enough love.

  28. Kathleen

    KJ Bennett!!

  29. chris

    IMAN – for her groundbreaking line of foundations for women of color
    Pat McGrath
    Sam Fine who is fine, by far for explaining his techniques and use of color
    I have just started the thing. But I do see a huge void for bloggers who offer advice for color and techniques for the woman over 35. It seems everyone is overdoing the eyes. I work in a conservative enviroment so I cannot wear a lot of the looks day to day. Christine, you do fill that void for me. :)

    • xamyx

      Iman is *definitely* in a league of her own! I haven’t tried any of her face products, but I have a few eyeshadows & a lipstick, and the quality is superb. She’s smart, savvy, and found a void in the market, and filled it with quality products-at an affordable price.

  30. I think Alex Box is INCREDIBLE, so creative. And I love Samantha Chapman and Nic Haste from Pixiwoos for their great makeup tutorials that ANYBODY can follow.

  31. abigailOD

    Gucci Westman’s work on magazines always stuns me. But in terms of relatability, accessibility and “actually being able to come to”, it’s you Christine. Easy breezy. It was love at first sight when I met your blog! It was just right all around; the language, pictures, tone…

  32. Kevyn’s books were my inspiration when I first got into makeup. I’ll always be in awe of his amazing talent.

  33. Definitely Lisa Eldridge, Kevin Aucoin and Wendy Rowe! :)

  34. Donalene

    Christine I absolutely love your blogs! The pics of the actual product is great. Then the swatches. Then you wearing the colors to show us what they look like. Your candid comments are greatly appreciated. Look forward to your emails always! I have to say it wouldn’t be a proper Friday without Mellan!

  35. Lorraine ER

    Kat Von D is one. Another would be… and her name is escaping me..the girl who started Sugarpill?

    She is always looking Fab and her style in general inspires me because it is so obviously such a reflection of her personality! Her makeup and hair always looks cute and fun.

    Another person is Adora Bat Brat, online..she goes all out with her makeup, hair and clothing what appears to be daily and even as a mother, I love people who are part of a subculture, cultivate a personal style that could be thought as “extreme” by people in general and hold on to that style throughout their lives.

    I got sick of people telling me when I was younger that someday I’d have to stop dressing the way I did and stop dying my hair, wearing the makeup I wanted, etc. and “grow up.”

    Conforming and becoming mature are not mutually exclusive!

  36. Lorraine ER

    Also I agree that Kevyn Aucoin is a makeup inspiration to the max, he was incredibly talented but he was also inspiring as a human being.

  37. Constanza

    Lisa Eldridge, Troy Jensen, Charlotte Tilsbury and Samantha Chapman.

  38. I love Wayne Goss, he is amazing and I’m always excited to watch his old and new videos. I also like the Pixiwoo sisters, they seem so passionate about what they do, they are inspiring.

  39. Wayne Goss , the Pixiwoo sisters and Kandee <3 They are amazing!

  40. Sharron

    Alex Box, Kevyn Aucoin, Dustin Hunter, Angie (goldiestarling), Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo), Heather (sokolum79), Julia (missjbm22), Rick Baker, Tom Savini, & Ve Neill.