Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a lip color you refuse to wear? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerI’ll wear anything to test it out, but I never find myself reaching for super pale pinks – like the kind that are really white-based. They are extremely unflattering against my skin tone.

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104 thoughts on “Is there a lip color you refuse to wear?

  1. Barbie

    super pale colors and unconventional colors like blue or green

  2. Very pale pinks and beiges look horrible on me. I also find purply shades and very cool-toned pinks not very flattering on me. I won’t downright refuse unusual shades like black or green, but they’re not really something I would seek out, either.

    I guess it does boil down to me liking myself best in anything that has a bit of red undertones in it. ^^;

  3. Gina

    I definitely agree about the really pale pinks. Most of them tend to be blue based, and with my warm, medium skin they just don’t work.

    Also, super opaque nudes that are too beige. I need a little hint of pink or peach (preferably peach) in there, otherwise I end up with concealer lips.

    • Terri

      same here. My lips are super pigmented when the lipstick seeps into the cracks of my lips and my natural lip color shows through. Next thing you know I look like I just got through eating pink powdered donuts.

      I don’t have time to layer foundation and then lip color on. I’m the kind of girl that likes to smear my lipstick onto my lip from the tube and go.

  4. Nudes! I cannot wear nudes, they look wrong on me. It either makes my lips disappear or it makes my upper lip look really dark for some reason.

  5. xamyx

    Orange, neon/bright pink, fuschia, magenta, or coral; they just don’t work with my overall sense of style. I’ll wear anything from deep, vampy shades to “concealer” lips, and everything in between, even “unconventional” shades, but brights are just not me…

  6. Frizzy locks

    I can’t wear brown tones at all I look like I am all lips

  7. Quinctia

    A lot of them. It’s bad because I’ll decide after I bought something, put it on, wear it outside, and sit down in my car. I’ll look in a mirror, see myself, go “nope,” and wipe it off before I drive away.

    • lily

      Haha I do that sometimes!! A lot of times I’ll put on a color in the store and it would look fantastic in their lighting but once I looked at myself in the car the color would be something wayy darker! Like MAC Modesty Lipstick. In store I thought that I finally found the perfect pinky nude lipstick but it ended up being more brown-nude than pink nude which doesnt look very flattering against my pale skin.

  8. lily

    I love pale pinks. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and I just love the way they look on me. Very baby doll like. The shades I refuse to wear are the dark/deep/vampy colors that are so popular during the fall. They look catastrophic against my pale skin. I want to look pretty, not Halloween-ish. And I would never ever wear a black lipstick, not even at a costume party. Gross.

    • xamyx

      Why should there be a disconnect between “Halloweenish” & “pretty”? Why can’t it be both?

      • Gina

        Because for her tastes, she might not consider “Halloweenish” pretty :)

        • 18thCenturyFox

          Yeah well “gross” is a value judgment. I consider Halloween makeup awesome. Should I go off about how gross I think pale pinks are? Because this Halloween girl wears vampy shades 365. What is this- middle school?

          • lily

            I feel that vampy colors look gross on ME. I didnt say that they look bad on everyone else. To each their own.

        • xamyx

          My question is based on her wording, which implies a uniform disconnect. Just because I don’t find bright pink flattering, or of my “tastes” doesn’t mean I would ever say it wasn’t “pretty”. It just came of a bit offensive.

          • lily

            I dont understand why you would get offended. I am speaking for myself and for myself only. I dont like these colors and thats that. I didnt go off on some rant saying that these colors dont look good on anyone or something like that. There’s so many people that can pull off the vampy look, I wish I was one of those people. But on me, I feel gross and unpretty in those types of colors. To each their own.

      • Cross

        preach!! i’m not ~goth~, but i love dark/strange lipsticks – burgundy, purple, black, blue.

  9. Miss J

    The super pale pinks just don’t work on me, either. Also, I won’t do concealer style nude lips. Those two kinds of shades on me are just ick, ick, ick. I find that bright or dark lip colors look the best on me, so that’s usually what I stick with wearing.

  10. Jaune

    Reds. They look awful on me.

  11. Megan

    Milky peaches or pinks, anything frost or any odd color that wouldn’t fit my look; blue, green, yellow… ect

  12. cp3honingcomplex

    Brown lipstick, especially dark brown. A mistake I made in the 90s, but now I know that it’s not a good look on me.
    Also, most nudes make me look like I have corpse lips, so I tend to choose more glossy pinkish ones.
    Opaque orange lipstick and the bright pastel pinks also don’t really work on me either.

  13. julia

    anything warm toned, so no corals or peaches.

  14. Jaxotea

    Anything Yellow/orange based or described as ‘Warm’ just horrible against my colouring.

    I don’t really like milky pale colours, even blue toned ones, I just don’t think they flatter me.

    I have worn both as part of ‘event’ make up like Halloween but I wouldn’t normally

  15. I cannot wear blue based pink and lilacs.they are just too

  16. blueraccoon

    I can’t wear oranges at all. And super pale pinks or beiges don’t look good on me either.

  17. Brown. I used not to like nudes, but I’ve found SOME that work for me (not the really skin-toned kind though). Brown on the other hand, makes me look like a zombie! I can handle rosy shades that have quite a bit of brown, but straight-browns are impossible.

  18. I don’t think the pale (blue based) pinks suit anyone. Even though many people think they can pull it off.

  19. Ana

    Nudes! I have some nude lipsticks but I hate them!

  20. Paddychat

    Yes, I hate, and look awful with !, pale nudes (MAC Snob, Creme d’nude, Freckletone…), blue based pinks (like Pink nouveau, Violetta…) and “strange” colors like bleu, black, green…etc

  21. Nesita

    Cool toned pinks, purples, lavenders and browns.

  22. Laura

    Pale pastely shades like light pink, lavenders and beige nudes. They all look hideous on me! Wash me out and make look dead which isn’t really a good look. I also wouldn’t wear nonconventional colours like green/blue/gold/silver etc. I just don’t think theyd look good on me at all. I’ll stick to my pinks and reds :)

  23. Mariella

    Nudes, because they make me look like a corpse. And oranges because they are the most unflattering shade on my cool toned complexion and more rose toned lips. You also get that weird effect with them when you talk…the inside of your lips show when you talk and their natural colour (since you can’t wear lipstick inside your mouth) shows and just looks very odd with the orange toned lipstick.

  24. Lex

    super pale colors like pink and nudes don’t work on me because of my skin tone. I don’t wear orange too because of my teeth : I think it make them too yellow! berk!

  25. Zainab

    Bright orange reds or really vampy reds… The former tend to make me look florid, or really over made-up, and that latter make me look a bit witchy or gothic, which doesn’t suit me, and they add about five years to my looks.

  26. t_zwiggy

    REDS!!!!!!!!!!! I hate reds on most people, and even more on myself (5-year old playing with mom’s makeup)

    Warm, earthy tones like warm brown, orange and bronze.

    Very pale opaque colors (if it’s sheer and just lighten the lips a bit it’s fine).

    Very dark colors (make me look either old and grumpy or goth depending on the shade)

    Any completely unnatural lip color like green, blue and gold.

    It’s really weird that there are so many lip colors that look AWFUL on me when I can pull off most blush and eyeshadow colors.

  27. kathi

    I am not crazy about pale peach or nudes. I wouldn’t wear black either.

  28. Diana

    straight on peach; no ones lips are peach, no one blushes naturally peach, don’t get it

  29. Angela

    Bright pinks, oranges, and purples tend to look very harsh and clownish against my pale skin and dark hair. Also really pale nudes just make me look dead.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Isn’t it funny how much personal style plays a part? I need bright lip color for my NC15 skin- purples oranges and pinks because more subtle colors actually make me feel- angry. I just can’t stand how they look on me! Same with gloss, vive la différence! 😉

  30. Esme

    No browns or colors with brown undertones, ever. They just look dated to me, though I’ve seen other people wear them well.

    Since I’m so cool-toned, warm salmon pinks and oranges look awful on me, so I don’t seek those out either. I’m still looking for a flattering coral lipstick, but it’s surprisingly hard.

  31. GUSnail

    Pale pinks for sure-my complexion is a warm tan, also concealer-like nudes, I just don’t like how they look on me. I’ve never worn an unconventional color, but I think I would under the right circumstances.

  32. helen

    I agree. Concealer-looking lipsticks are dreadful on me as well as anything with a purple base.

  33. Aelita

    brown, dark brown, chocolate-they make your teeth look yellow, and give an overall sick look

    innovative colours like yellow, turquoise and so on, its fun to try(buy) but hardly possible to wear

  34. Celine

    Browns for me I wont wear. I just feel like life is more fun in colour :)

  35. jo

    Unfortunately, I have never found a red that doesn’t look garish on me. The plum colored ones for some reason seem to make my teeth look yellowish. I am very pale so I stick with a nude or lighter pink. I feel good in those colors.

  36. Anu

    Definitely fuschia, is there any nice fuschia color for medium to dark skin tones

  37. Ellen

    Anything too pale washes me out like crazy, and orange just looks so wrong on my skin tone.

  38. Lark

    Those white based pale pinks for me too! They’re a huge statement and are popular in places with a big fashion scene in streets and clubs, but in most situations, too much.

    Nothing vaguely close to brown, including nudes. Life is short so avoid the unflattering. I won’t do brown or beige clothes either, and only taupe based Eyeshadows. Nakeds 2 only. And MAC Gel is gold, but a great nude alternative if you hate nudes.

  39. L

    Nudes. I am painfully white. I’ll look dead. I guess it’s a good look for Halloween, but not for me on an everyday basis.

  40. Leslee

    Corals and browns! I’m pale and whenever I wear coral or brown-toned colors I look very strange. Like I’m dirty or something…

  41. I don’t wear pale pinks either :)

  42. Martina

    I absolutely hate brown and purple toned lipstick! I’ve a pink undertone and blue/violet dark circles…those colours don’t help at all! :(

  43. beth

    Lately I find everything unflattering on me which isnt good considering I make beauty videos!! lol I just find make up a little hard to wear lately I feel like nothing suits me now!

  44. Anna

    I look weird with classic red lipsticks. Don’t know why, but when I put those on, I look 20 years older. Not a big fan of brownish lip colors also.

  45. Fitrah

    Nudes or YLBB colors. Don’t see the point.

  46. Em

    Orange–never going to happen

  47. Really pale lip shades or rich browns.

  48. Alice

    Orange in all its forms, including coppers, bronzes, any brown without pink tones. Gold casts and flecks make me look sallow. Very dark colors make my mouth look teeny for my face, but I wear them anyway. (I pretend that I’m making a statement.)

  49. Cindy

    Sheer, pale, or deep brown. I’m *very* pale with a pinkish tone so light colors wash me out.

  50. Courtney K

    I won’t wear orange lipstick…unless I’m doing a costume.

  51. amanda

    bright, true reds always look weird on me. Darker tones, whether brown or purple based reds, end to look really good on me. But a classic red just doesn’t look right. Also, kind of unrelated, but I hate glittery or frosted finishes. I tend to only wear matte or cream lipstick. No matter what the color is, frosted/glittery shades don’t suit me at all.

  52. Nicoco Chanel


    I occasionally feel wary or scared to try a colour but it usually ends up passing and I find myself trying it anyway.

  53. Winni

    Reds look horrible on me….too bold maybe? I mostly stick with a natural ish lip. No orange, brown, red or pale pinks…..

  54. Hazel

    Red. I look old and tired in red lipstick.

  55. 18thCenturyFox

    Anything metallic, frosty, copper, gold, bronze. I like glittery lipstick but NO FROST FOR ME a la Soup Nazi. Also mauve- my first lipstick was Clinique Mauve Crystal and I loved it in 8th grade but don’t like any mauve on me or reddish copper just makes me think of the late 80’s early 90’s -an uncomfortable fashion time period for me. I’m fine with extreme colors like Cyber or Grey Friday, just no frost because that’s anathema. I have saved some crazy UD lippies from back in the day, maybe i’ll wear one today for old times sake.

  56. Megan

    Purples. I’ve tried MAC Up the Amp and Violetta and they both look strange on me.

  57. 18thCenturyFox

    Oh and double goes for fuchsia on me- Show Orchid and even Violetta look pure no no 80’s on me.

  58. Alexa

    Somehow I always end up with basically the same lipstick tone: a slightly pinkish nude, preferably with creamy consistency and an opaque finish.I have yet to find a burgundy, vampy tone or even a red one that I like seeing on my lips. Somehow, wearing these kind of shades makes me instantly look at least 10 years older. Maybe zhere is a perfect red lipstick for everyone out there.But I have neither the patience nor the desire to go on the hunt for it. ^^

  59. I’m happy to try anything, but if it’s not flattering, I’d not wear it (at least not in public!) I generally stay away from very pale colors, except when blended in the center of my lip or mixed with another shade, and a lot of colors with too much brown or purple or coolness can look ashy on me

  60. Pame

    Just like you I dont wear pale pinks, as I have a tanned complexion if I use them I look like I’m sick, actually I dont reach for any kind of pink unless is for blush, I dont like them for the lips I prefer reds and browns, and if I wear them in my eyes I look like I’m sick

  61. kate

    i won’t wear nudes, pale pink, hot pink, anything orange or coral. rarely browns, but soft reds with hints of brown are ok. i stick to the plum/purple/berry/red side of things!

  62. VickyM

    Black, green, blue, purple because they are very unusual and tend to look strange. Apart from that, very pale colors would wash me out because I´m pale myself and don´t really like the nude look on me anyway.

  63. Pink Provocateur

    Anything “nude” — it’s not a good look on anyone.

    Orange — I don’t care what Pantone says, last summer’s tangerine phase was incredibly unattractive.

  64. Orange! I am dark skinned and I guess it will look very awkward

  65. Cathi

    Anything in the coral/orange family looks horrible on me. I also avoid the nude look. My mouth is really small to begin with and nudes just make it disappear altogether!

  66. Jill

    I dont wear bright orange or bright fuchsia or any color that makes your teeth look less white!

    • Jill

      Though I like mauve colors, one matte version I bought last fall made my lips look cyanotic. Not good look! (to the bottom of the makeup drawer )

  67. jess

    The weird colors like blue, green that OCC makes. Also not a big fan of Browns and Purples. Vampy burgundy and pinky nudes yes though. Also super light nude colors they totally wash me out.

  68. Laudes

    I’m pale, with a cool, blue-pink undertone. Lavenders, violets, fuchsias, pinks and pink-violets, rosy shades, (& nudes, etc., IF they’re basically cool; lots of them are warm) – I can wear any of them & look good! But put a lipstick in a warm or autumn-y shade on me and I pretty much resemble Bozo the Clown.

    So, no matter how much I love a pretty new coral lipstick (or brick-red, orange, or tan), forget it! The warmest lipsticks I look good in seem to be MAC’s “Party Parrot” and “Sunny Seoul,” & But that’s IT. (Funny, but most of my friends are just the opposite.)

    (And I agree about the very pale, pink-white shades. I’ve only ever seen them look good in the occasional fashion layout – and they have lighting & stylists, etc., to make SURE the lipstick looks good!)

  69. Marianna

    Anything with a grey, purple or brown undertone.

  70. ZG

    I will wear them all. If the lipstick color is too frosty I simply add a matte lipstick color on top of it and maybe a lip gloss. Occ lip tars… a tad too drying on the lips but like the good chemist I am becoming can be very usable.

  71. Veronica

    I’m ivory pale and cool-toned, so anything with dark brown or orange-y undertones is pretty much a no-go. I will occasionally try out warmer corals and pinks, but I have to be careful to offset them with the rest of my makeup.

    Additionally, I’m very picky with my nudes! I do own a few, but I dislike them opaque. I’ll only wear them semi-opaque to sheer!

  72. I look really bad in the flesh-toned look. Actually, let me take that back. The flesh-toned lipsticks make me look dead! Maybe I could carry it off if I used the perfect eyeshadow or smoky eyes, but I don’t think so. It just looks like I’ve got a bad case of the flu. lol.

  73. Any sort of pink or purple. Most actual colors, really. I’m a pale, neutral-toned redhead with green eyes, and my skin can look ruddy at times due to my mild rosacea. Pinks never looked good on me, and any dark colors tend to look clownish. I stick with neutral toned lips, but not necessarily nudes. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Tender Honey, UD’s Naked lip colors in both the pencil and gloss, Benefit’s Sugarbomb, and other similar colors are what I reach for. Sometimes I’ll start stretching into the sheer coral side of things, but that’s about all I can handle.

  74. Amanda K.

    Anything that is too orange or brown based. I also don’t like pastels, like milky pinks and light nudes

  75. Jade

    I’m fair to light, with warm to neutral undertones (MAC NC15-NC20). I want to say browns, but that’s because I HAVE some and never reach for them, I just don’t like how they look. I have MAC Viva Glam II lipstick and it looks okay-ish, but SO 90s!! I can never decide if I like it. Same with Viva Glam V lipglass, it’s quite brown. Sometimes I wear it over pastels like MAC St Germain – another lip colour which I can’t decide whether it suits me. I LOVE it, I just don’t know if it suits me!!

    I also did oranges to death a few years ago and now I can’t go near them. I struggle with warm pinks now too, for the same reason. I love cool blue based pinks now, and mauves and plums!!

  76. Mietta

    Probably a mid to dark brown, I think it would just wash my cool, fair skin out. And green. Would just emphasise the red undertones in my skin. Otherwise I wouldn’t even refuse to wear blue! And I would too but unfortunately I do believe the world isn’t ready for my boldness…=C

  77. Chrissy

    Black!!! Yuck!!!

  78. Heidi

    I’m surprised how many people don’t like the look of coral/orange. I am very pale with what I would consider cool undertones and I find corals look awesome on me. Maybe its my red hair. It’s not the first color I pick, probably because its winter and orange is more of a statement but I love my Mac Crosswires or NYX NYX(that’s the shade name but its true orange. I have a hard time with nudes. They have to be really glossy and have a pinky undertone or be dressed up with a pinky gloss for me to wear them. And fucsias clash with my hair in my opinion. I also have a hard time with warm reds(lady danger) and really pinky shades(the original viva glam gaga). My preferred shade is mauve/rosy shades like Clinique rose aglow, Mac syrup, or revlon pink truffle lip butter.

  79. Ra

    Fuchsia, metallic colours and neon colours. I developed a dislike to red lipstick recently. Blood-like, the redder it gets the more unattractive it is to me. They all look over the top.

  80. Marie

    Anything paler than my skin tone, including pinks. Also any beige lippies, though I’ll wear some shades of brown. I’m not really into oranges or corals either, but I would try them.

  81. Amanda

    browns, pale pinks, and dark colours – like purples and deep reds. Oh, and crazy colours like greens, golds, etc.

  82. georgina

    lavander and black, they just dont look good on me.

  83. Erica

    Grey. Otherwise, I’m pretty open to trying anything once. I remember when Mac’s Spring Bean came out. Although green, it was merely a sheer gloss. One of the MAC MUA’s showed me how to layer it and it became one of my favorite lip colors that year. I bought this season’s Free Form from the Mac Strength collection. It looks black but is actually a deep purple. Although I am a nutmeg complexion – NC 55, I fully intend on wearing this color somehow (lol – suggestions appreciated). I intend to use it very sparingly with some lip liner and gloss and keep it moving! Makeup should be functional yet fun.

  84. Aida

    Brown, gold, grey/black. I think they are very unflattering colors.

  85. Jessica

    Nope. I wear all colors.