Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Inglot #434

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in Inglot #434, 444, 454, 451, 448, 447, 453 (Grays & Whites)

To wrap up our look at Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadow ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.), we have several grays and whites.  I’m not sure if there is a black eyeshadow with a pearl finish, but it could be in pot-form only or else not available online–seems hard to believe there isn’t any, though!   These were all easy to work; soft, smooth and application was seamless.  The color payoff is excellent without being excessive.  Lighter shades like #448 and 447 go on a lot lighter than they look in the pan, though.

  • 434 is a purple-gray with a pearl finish. This shade was surprisingly complex; I think it’s that mix of purple and gray and silver, which still retains depth.
  • 444 is a gray just barely kissed by brown with a pearl finish. It’s not quite taupe, but it’s almost there.
  • 454 is a bright silver with subtle brown in the background. It has a pearl finish.
  • 451 is a dark, blue-based gray with a soft silver shimmer and pearl finish.
  • 448 is a bright silver with a pearl finish that leans more metallic.
  • 447 is a bright white that has a hint of silver with a pearl finish. It seems to have a high level of frost.
  • 453 is a bright white with a pearl finish. It is similar to #447 but is a truer white, while the other seems just slightly silvered in comparison.

The Glossover


Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in Inglot #434, 444, 454, 451, 448, 447, 453 (Grays & Whites)

If you're looking to create a traditional smoky eye of grays, Inglot sure has you covered. There is a good mix of light and dark, plus brighter whites for high contrast.











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Inglot #434

Inglot #434 Eyeshadow

Inglot #444

Inglot #444 Eyeshadow

Inglot #454 Eyeshadow

Inglot #454 Eyeshadow

Inglot #451

Inglot #451 Eyeshadow

Inglot #448

Inglot #448 Eyeshadow

Inglot #447

Inglot #447 Eyeshadow

Inglot #453

Inglot #453 Eyeshadow

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Inglot, price varies (see post for details).

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42 thoughts on “Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in Inglot #434, 444, 454, 451, 448, 447, 453 (Grays & Whites)

  1. Sarah

    Woah, some of the grays look quite different swatched than in pan! Very pretty, though :)

  2. Nella

    Dear God…puts MAC to shame!

  3. Nella

    Oh meant to ask you will you combine swatches after you are done. I want to order from them but waiting for u to combine swatches.

  4. thanks for the swatches christine… this makes selection process a lot easier… i hope you could also feature other finishes :)

  5. slick

    Gasp! #434 reminds me of Moth Brown!!!

  6. Saving the best for last? 😉 I was drooling over their greys in store this week and, despite the fact that I really love their selection as a whole, I find the greys particularly special and unique. I’m really glad that you have been doing these swtaches, because this company seems like a well-kept secret (comparatively) in the cosmetics world.

  7. Kelly

    Is it just me, or are all of these Inglot swatches amazing?? WANT.

  8. Rae

    Mmm! These swatches are gorgeous – in particular, 434. Breathtaking :)

  9. Bilan

    I have two questions: These pans are .09oz, thats almost twice the size of a standard MAC refill pan? .09oz versus .05oz…
    Second, most of the colours are unbelievable and look amazing but in all of the coordinated swatches, the lighter colours look seem to not be true to the the colour in the pan and tend go to a silver/white hue. I dont generally have problems viewing colour on my computer so are the colours not true to the pan or is it maybe the flash of your camera thats washing those lighter colours out? Thanks.

    • Hi Bilan,

      I addressed all of this in the review :) I noted that certain shades apply lighter because of the strength of the white pearl in the shade itself. Yes, MAC eyeshadows are 0.05 oz. and these are 0.09 oz.

      • Bilan

        Thanks for answering and sorry about that. I missed it when you mentioned it in the reviews – too quick to just see the swatches.

  10. Jessica

    i really want these, such a shame they dont ship to UK!
    Lovely colours!

  11. These are sooooo pretty!!! Why Inglot do you not ship to Canada? Why???/

  12. Mariella

    #444…oh how I wish I could get my mitts on this one! I have to stop looking at these reviews/swatches since I can’t get them here! (or maybe I could ship them to my sis in law in the US….now there’s a cunning plan!)

  13. Ashley

    All of the Inglot Pearl eyeshadows are gorgeous! Thank you so much for doing all of these posts! Will you be doing any tutorials with these?

  14. Christine,
    II have been looking for a dupe for MAC’s smoke and diamonds, which seems like a mix of grey and brown. I was wondering if Inglot #444 is a dupe? Or any other Inglot shadow? I want to get an Inglot palette soon and I have been looking for a smoke and diamonds dupe for awhile! Thanks!

  15. Roo

    Mmm, I just never get tired of looking at pictures of pretty neutrals!

    I don’t have access to this brand but I think it’s time to dig in to my collection of greys and maybe buy some more:)

    Fashion-wise, it’s unusual to have grey as such a big trend in the Summer as it has been this year. I suspect it will continue into Fall.

  16. These are lovely greys. I think I will add a couple to my next Inglot order. I really enjoy my Inglot shadows, especially since mica is often the first ingredient and they are so shimmery.

    Please swatch some of their blushes and powders. It is impossible to tell what they will look like from the Inglot web site. Also, it would be nice to have a review of their foundations. Who knows what those are like.

  17. Shanna

    I’m definitely not asking you to re-swatch these (and thanks very much for doing so in the first place!), but any chance you could swatch shadows together in the future? Meaning, all in a row on your arm/hand. I feel like you usually do, but maybe I’m imagining things haha. I, personally, find it easier to compare colors that way. No biggie if it’s more of a hassle, you’ll still be the number one resource 😀

    I agree with you that their colors are lacking in uniqueness, but damn, they’re amazing. Really great for staples in a collection.

  18. I’m dying just a tad over 434 and 444. Oooh.

  19. Nicole

    I’m loving all these inglot swatches you are doing! Do you have any inglot eye shadows that are not pearl that you can review? Also I would love to see some looks with these beautiful shades! Thanks so much!

  20. Inglot Pearls have the most amazing texture! I really like those (and I’ve been waiting for you to post 434 :) It’s one of my all-time favorite shadows.

  21. Meg

    Why does application get 4.5 on mostly all of these Inglot reviews when you say “application was seamless”?? Just curious.

  22. Inaya

    OMG! I want to keep clicking love it!!

  23. *drooooool* Nothing gets me lemming like a good pearl eyeshadow swatch. Pretty much want ALL of these! Thanks Christine!

  24. Hannah

    Thanks for the wonderful swatches. I purchased a bunch of Pearl shadows based off of your swatches. Do you or anyone know how long Inglot takes to ship their products? Do they send email notifications when it has shipped? I made my purchase June 16th so it’ll be one week tomorrow and have not received any notification from them about shipment. Thanks!

    • Honestly, I’d just call. Try calling and pestering. When I ordered from the website, it didn’t take too long for order #1 – maybe a week or so (they ship out of NYC, I live in CA). I bought order #3 from Fashion Island store, which is in southern CA and that took 2 days.

  25. mindlyly

    Wow, lots of people seem to like 434 but I was instantly drawn to 454 when I saw it in person. I have cool undertones but this warm grey looks fab :) Loving the warmth of swatch 444 as well…