Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Palette #3

Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #377, 379, 325, 375, 320, 386, 334, 346 (Purples)

This next look at Inglot’s Matte Eyeshadows ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.) features several variations on purple.

  • 377 is a deep royal purple with a matte finish, though I detected a slight micro-shimmer. This shade was a little patchy.
  • 379 is a medium-dark blue-purple with a matte finish. This shade was powdery and sheer in places.
  • 325 is a rich eggplant purple with a matte finish.
  • 375 is an eggplant purple with a matte finish–it is just a lighter version of #325. It has a slightly stronger red undertone.
  • 320 is a medium grape purple with a matte finish. It was a little sheer in places.
  • 386 is a lightened medium purple with red undertones and a matte finish. It was patchy and easily sheered out.
  • 334 is a pink lavender with a matte finish. I also had some evenness issues with this shade.
  • 346 is a light lilac with a matte finish.

While I’ve had fairly good luck with Inglot’s matte eyeshadows in the past, I found a lot of these troublesome.  Several shades did not apply evenly, so the end result was a patchy swatch that was sheer in places and opaque elsewhere.  I was rather disappointed in how these swatched, so I played around with them in application, and they were better but not as stellar as the rest of the matte range.  The only shades out of these that I recommended are #325 and #375.

The Glossover


Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #377, 379, 325, 375, 320, 386, 334, 346 (Purples)

I'm surprised that purples ended up being a rather weak point in the range--far too many were difficult to apply evenly.











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Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Palette #3

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Palette #3

Inglot #377 Eyeshadow

Inglot #377 Eyeshadow

Inglot #379 Eyeshadow

Inglot #379 Eyeshadow

Inglot #325 Eyeshadow

Inglot #325 Eyeshadow

Inglot #375 Eyeshadow

Inglot #375 Eyeshadow

Inglot #320 Eyeshadow

Inglot #320 Eyeshadow

Inglot #386 Eyeshadow

Inglot #386 Eyeshadow

Inglot #334 Eyeshadow

Inglot #334 Eyeshadow

Inglot #346 Eyeshadow

Inglot #346 Eyeshadow

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32 thoughts on “Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #377, 379, 325, 375, 320, 386, 334, 346 (Purples)

  1. Faerie

    I can see why you recommend 325 and 375. Both look amazing! I only have 379 and I never had any problems applying it. I just swatched and you’re right, it looks quite powdery when swatched.

    • Yep – a LOT of mattes swatch terribly but work just fine – and this is definitely the case here, but it still makes them a little more difficult to use.

  2. Devi

    I have to say, I was getting less and less impressed with the Inglot swatches. Primarily for the matte eyshadows. They just didn’t seem to make the mark for me.

  3. Okay, thanks for the warning, Christine. I can see what you mean when I see the swatches. Do you think it’s a problem with too much pigment and not enough of anything to make it move well?

  4. malia

    325 and 375 are just TDF!! So plummy… but now I am thankful I waited to place my next Inglot order- what a shame on the others :(

  5. Stephanie

    I was thinking about taking a summer trip to NJ to buy the 40 pan custom pallet but im questioning if its worth the long drive (from NC) now that i see there are issues w/ my favorite color. Sure i could get other colors but purple in MY color (lol). Thanks for the review Christine, u may have saved me hundreds of dollars in gas!

    • They’re cheap enough that if there are a few other colors (beyond purples) that I think they’d still be worth the $4.50 it costs for each shadow, including some of the purples here that weren’t A+ shades!

      • Stephanie

        I agree that there are other great colors but the nearest store is 550+ miles from me (and i drive a gas guzzler), up interstate 95 (through DC and other terrible traffic areas). I feel kind of bad about driving that far for eyeshadow especially if there may be issues w/ my fav color :( idk its risky for a poor college student LOL

        • Ooh, but I mean you could try to order via phone or online if you have a good idea of what you want, of course :) LOL, I don’t think anything would compel me to drive 550 miles – makeup wise.

          • Stephanie

            How is the return policy? I may try to order online if i can return things. I have a pretty odd skin tone, kinda orangy so many things that seem like a good idea dont work LOL. Considering it will cost me hundreds of dollars in gas and tolls to get there i probably cant convince myself to drive there either. I may have to use your swatches and take some chances ordering!

            • I’m pretty sure their return policy is terrible, well, that is the last I heard – you might call the NYC store or whatever store is closest and find out!

              The pearls are more consistent, and I think it’s hard to be disappointed in the quality there. The mattes are a bit more hit or miss, but they do work better on (even when they swatch poorly).

            • Rach

              According to the sales person in the NYC store (went there yesterday and asked the same question), you have 30 days to return any unopened item. But the freedom system items are nonreturnable. So, be sure when you buy…

            • Yeah, their return policy could use some help — particularly if you want to compete with major U.S. brands who have rather liberal return policies.

            • Stephanie

              oh no :( i may have to skip most of the mattes… The prices are so great i think i may have to take a chance on the pearls… thanks yall! :)

  6. Alison

    Why is great purple eyeshadow so hard to find? Mattes are too chalky and spotty but metallic shades are to sheer and either too pink or blue and not actual purple.

    • Chantal

      Given Christine’s recent experience at MAC creating the bloggers’ collection eyeshadow, it seems like creating certain shades is not as straightforward as getting the color right. I wonder if there is some intrinsic difficulty with the texture of purple pigments? Your criticism of purples on the market is bang on; maybe the perfect formula for color and texture just hasn’t been discovered yet?

      • Alison

        I think it’s got to be something like that, because great purple eyeliner is also really annoying. I love Shu Uemura painting liners and they’re exceptional except for purple, which is just plain awful.

    • t_zwiggy

      I’ve noticed that too. My absolutely favorite eyeshadow color is purple. But none of me favorite (quality wise) eyeshadows are actually purple. It’s so frustrating to me. I keep buying purple shadows (I have 50+ of them now) hoping to find a great one, but unfortunately I’m still looking.

  7. Fey

    That’s so frustrating! Purples are my favorites!

  8. Sarah S.

    Wow, never would have expected this patchiness from Inglot! But #325 is gorgeous and the only one I would have bought anyway (because it’s warm).

  9. 375 looks very versatile and pretty. I could work for a lot of skintones!

  10. malia

    hey has the bottom half (browns) been posted cause I cant find it!

  11. meme

    Totally not into these. As with many from this company, the colors are way too bight for me – garish bright and not something I would use.

  12. Natasha

    The purple mattes with the shimmer overlay are brilliant. You really should try them, they’re my favourite thing at inglot!

  13. #379 is so gorgeous!! Beautifully made. I’m going to check out Inglot! 😀

  14. Traci

    I am in Las Vegas right now, and I went to the Inglot store yesterday for my first Inglot purchase!! Your swatches were perfect timing for me!
    I picked up 5 eyeshadows and the 5 pan square pallette:

    All for just $32!!!
    I will probably go back and get some more too!

  15. Judy

    That’s a shame that these purple shadows aren’t as good as the others. I had wanted to buy a bunch of them to try. Maybe Inglot will change their formulas with these and make them better. Fingers crossed. Guess I will have to wait to try them. What you say is the word, Christine. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

  16. HappyLittleNinja

    Thank you for these swatches. I love purples but I think I will be skipping these. Unfortunately, the 325 and 375 have more red than I’d prefer.

  17. Chelsie Griffin

    I purchased 325 and 375 based on the swatches. I love the colors but because I am dark skinned I had to apply a primer first and then a white base to get the true color of these eyeshadows. I did not know this at first and wound up buying something similar. I still love the colors.