Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Palette #4

Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #337, 390, 350, 348, 376, 349, 339, 387, 324, 391, 318, 373 (Neutrals, Grays, Blacks)

This is the last post on Inglot’s Matte Eyeshadows ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.). This palette contains both mattes and several double sparkle eyeshadows, but I’m only reviewing the matte eyeshadows. I’m not going to review any of the double sparkle eyeshadows at this time (if/when I do, it will be when I have the majority of the available shades to review, rather than a smattering).

  • 337 is a soft, medium brown with red undertones and a matte finish.
  • 390 is a brownish beige with a matte finish.
  • 350 is a grayish cast beige with a matte finish. This looks much yellower in the pan, but it doesn’t swatch that way at all.
  • 376 is a sooty blackened-brown with a gray cast and matte finish.
  • 349 is a purple-tinged gray with a matte finish–though it almost has a little sheen.
  • 339 is a soft, grayish brown, kind of taupe-like, with a matte finish.
  • 387 is a muted, purple-tinged gray with a matte finish. It’s a lighter version of #349.
  • 324 is a blue-based, medium gray with a matte finish.
  • 391 is a dark black with a matte finish.
  • 318 is a bright white with a matte finish.
  • 373 is a bright white with a matte finish. #318 and #373 are very, very similar. If I had to pick out a difference, #318 seems slightly cooler toned.

This set of matte eyeshadows worked well overall.  None of them applied poorly, and they all had decent color payoff.  There are a few shades that are rather similar, though, within all of the neutral/browns, so these are certainly not all necessary.  Both #318 and #373 were nicely pigmented without being chalky; they are stark, for sure, against my skin tone, but they didn’t have that chalky feel that whites sometimes have.  #337 swatched a little softer than anticipated.

The Glossover


Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #337, 390, 350, 348, 376, 349, 339, 387, 324, 391, 318, 373 (Neutrals, Grays, Blacks)

Inglot has a good amount of grays in their range, and they are interesting because of the slight hints of color--a little blue, purple, or flat gray--which would work well to bring out certain intricacies in other shadows.











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45 thoughts on “Inglot Matte Eyeshadows in #337, 390, 350, 348, 376, 349, 339, 387, 324, 391, 318, 373 (Neutrals, Grays, Blacks)

  1. Wow, are you getting tired of swatching Inglot yet? I still haven’t ordered any of their eyeshadows yet. I’m waiting until you have swatched them all! It’s like I can’t buy anything without you reviewing it first, haha! Don’t ever quit blogging Christine because I’m not sure I’ll be able to function without you and your website! :)

    • Over it, haha! But no, I was like, “OK, this is a LOT of Inglot on the blog” and I have 8937429374 things I want to review, too, and thus… I’m ready to move on to something else.

      I’m not sure at what point I’ll buy the rest of the shades (double sparkle, AMC, and shine finishes), probably not for a bit. We’ll see!

  2. Leah

    Thank you so much for doing this swatch series, Christine. Will you eventually be reviewing the entire collection?

    Your swatches and reviews are so appreciated.

  3. Oh! They’re beautiful! Thanks so much!

  4. Olivia

    Ohh I’ll definitely be picking some of these up.

  5. Olivia

    Ohh I’ll definitely be picking some of these up. I always find it hard to find nice matte gray and black eyeshadows. I really appreciate all of this, Christine. :)

  6. Thank goodness this will be your last Inglot review for awhile. Though some of the colors are pretty, they are overall flat. I really have to test them for myself to see which colors are applicable. Your reviews are great, but I want to read about other makeup collections than Iglot eyeshadows for two weeks. Maybe, Iglot blushers or powder foundations?

    • I had a LOT of requests to do Inglot eyeshadows, so that is why I did it :) We’re talking about 400 requests over 6 months!

      • Lilac

        Stacey: there are not that many (good quality) swatches of Inglot on the net at all, and especially not in “Temptalia”-quality.. I think Vampy Varnish did several swatches, too, they were very helpful as well, but she did not have that many colours (and I guess few blogs would have, as this is a financial question, too, to have the money ready to purchase all this). This extensive swatch overview here is unbelievably helpful for research and preparation (sounds really scientific XD but yes, I mean it).

        • alisha in wi

          I totally agree with you Lilac. Christine’s swatches are of the best quality so when you are looking at them you know that the lighting or something else isn’t throwing it off and that is what it really looks like. SOOOO helpful when who knows when and if I’d actually ever be able to see these in person.

    • aradhana

      interesting to read your comment – i picked up a fe inglot shadows last year from their store in london and swatched many on my hand…i also felt a lot of them, though nice, were kind of missing something…and i haven’t worn the inglot shadows i bough more than once.

      there are still a few shades within christine’s reviews that have caught my eye, so i’m glad for her reviews.

  7. Ah, the Inglot series has been fun (for me, at least, but I’ve been obsessed with the brand for a few years, so finally seeing really good swatches is magical). I’m digging 348, 349, and 350 the most of these.

  8. katie

    your posts have made me interested in picking up some inglot next time i’m in a city with one of their stores. i’m hoping they’ll expand to chicago sometime soon! i have to say christine, your blog is the only one i consistently read and it’s one of the pages i pull up first when i turn on my computer. i trust your opinions so much!

  9. LU

    I’m glad you reviewed the matte’s because everyone was claiming the pigmentation was amazing when I was less then impressed with the matte finishes. The double sparkles eyeshadows are where inglot really shines, I’m a huge fan of those! Even if you won’t review them (I’m tired of seeing the inglot reviews myself actually), I hope you eventually swatch the double sparkles!

  10. emi s.

    thank you so much for all the inglot swatches! what an amazing resource.

    i’m really excited, i’d been planning to do an inglot order when you started swatching, and i’ve been waiting for you to finish the mattes to decide what to get. your swatches are absolutely invaluable to helping me decide!

  11. meme

    E349 has my name written on it. But so many of these in all those you have been reviewing are far too ‘out there’ pigment wise for me in shades I just don’t pull off. Many of the others, I have similar ones too much so that I am not leaping to rush to lay my hands on these.

  12. Janet

    Christine, do you think that the 337 would compare to Buck from the UD Naked palette? oh an THANK YOU for swatching all of these. :)

  13. michelle

    hi christine! do think the matte black is the blackest shadow out there? if not, which one is it in your opinion…

  14. you should do a gray smokey look 😛 I love grays! and I like how you think it could bring out the intricacies of other shadows… if you could elaborate on that point that’d be great.
    I am definitely getting some inglot mattes… I have 4 matte eyeshadows total… so yes I want a few more! Thanks for your reviews! :)

  15. Lola

    That black is amazing.

  16. Did anyone else get confused by 318 & 373. I order 373 thinking it was an off white on the website swatches to only see that it was also just what. lol

  17. Ashley Marie

    Oohhhhhh *squirming in seat* plleeeeeaaaaseeee tell me you like 477 and 504!!!?!!! Its torcher that you wont swatch them!! I loovveee thheeeeeemmmmm. Should I get em?!?!

    • I haven’t swatched them, sorry! I don’t like the double sparkles based on past experience, but I have not touched any of the ones shown in this palette!

      • Ashley Marie

        What?! You must be sick of Inglot by now! Lol. Its not letting me put together a custom palette online in the US. Maybe Im doing it wrong?

        • When I ordered online, I just put the palette I wanted in and then added the eyeshadows – it all showed up separately for me!

          • Ashley Marie

            Oooh gotcha! Thanks, does that discount still apply on the shadows when you order more than 10 online then?

            • Yes! The one nice thing about online is it’s not really linked to the palette cost. You can order 40 eyeshadows and 1 palette or 40 eyeshadows and no palette.

  18. I LOVE Inglot!!! I finally went to their store when I was in Las Vegas this past weekend and I fell in love with these shadows. Amazing texture, such strong pigments! And the price is great – I got a Pro card there and bought a palette with 5 shadows for only $22! Amazing deal, I will definitely be buying more :)

  19. I love the colors. especially the black. looks gorgeous.

  20. Any chance we will see swatches of 477 to 457?

  21. Sophie

    Thankyou for swatching & reviewing all these Inglot eyeshadows, i’ve found them very useful as the website colour photo’s are useless. :) very much apreciated, Christine! x

  22. Jenny

    There doesn’t seem to be a color description for 348. There is a swatch for it though, but the swatches between 348 and 339 don’t seem to match with their descriptions. They do match the palette photo. I know this is an older post, but I was making my list for an ingot palette and was confused by the discrepancy.

  23. blahitslizz

    You can make your own palettes on Inglot right? I’ve heard so much about there eye shadows and they seem very pigmented!

  24. Luka

    I recently ordered some Inglot shadows based on Christine’s extensive reviews of the company’s offerings and I have to say I would never order from them again.  I placed an order 2 weeks ago and while they immediately took payment I haven’t received any type of shipping notification.  I tried phoning their customer service several times (the # on my receipt) and keep getting a “this user has not set up their voicemail” message which trust me, instills little confidence in the company.  I have been so frustrated I even googled Inglot order problems and found many, many threads that tell of slow shipping, unresponsive customer service and errors in shipments.  Christine, I don’t blame you one iota of course but I think people who are curious about Inglot should be aware it’s a real gamble.  I’d rather spend more and buy MAC or another comparable brand.

  25. CNo64

    Inglot sent me 477 by mistake. I haven’t opened it, since I’m not keeping it, but I can desrcibe the color.It’s a very bright medium yellow-toned grassy green, with finely-milled “sparkles.” It looks quite a bit as it does in the photo above, but in person it’s less yellow, more green.Hope this helps!