Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss
Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss (£13.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “dark green shimmer.” The brand’s Sheer Lipgloss is rather self-explanatory–it’s a sheerer gloss that adds shine. This is definitely not as opaque as the Intense Lipglosses, but I’d say it’s more pigmented than it is sheer. I initially thought it was an Intense Lipgloss that suffered from unevenness in application, because it runs semi-opaque.

It’s a dark, forest green shimmer with a really cool, blue-based tone to it, so it almost looks like a teal-green than a true green. The shimmer is layered with a black-brown color base. I don’t have anything like this, and I expect the general reaction will be similar to Kontrol Lipstick. You’ll either love it or hate it. It’s not a color you’d describe as universally wearable and palatable, but again, it’s nice to have options.

The overall darkness in the hue means that any unevenness becomes more apparent, even from afar, but I did keep in mind this is supposed to be a sheer gloss (and deducted a point because it’s more than “sheer wash”). I just don’t think that works so well with really deep, dark shades if you want to avoid obvious lip lines, unevenness, and the like. It didn’t bleed or feather, which was nice, and it wore for five hours before needing to be reapplied. The formula had no scent and didn’t feel tacky.  To get a more even appearance, try layering a black lipstick underneath.

The Glossover



If this is the kind of color you've been looking for, I think you'll like it, despite some of its shortcomings. For the right look, it could be worth the extra effort for perfect application.











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Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss
Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss
Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss
Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss
Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss

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115 thoughts on “Illamasqua Violate Sheer Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. It does look pretty cool, even though it applies a little uneven.
    And it makes your teeth look super white! Total #fff-white.

  2. Lovisa

    Super matchy with the Viridian nail varnish! Wooo! 😀

  3. daphne

    I wouldn’t wear that as a lipgloss but I love that it exists. It looks very similar to Viridian nail polish…would you agree, Christine? Would love a nail polish like this :)

  4. Amanda

    I find this surprisingly wearable for such an unconventional colour, I love it! Too bad Illamasqua isn’t more accessible in Canada (not a fan of online shopping).

  5. Litenoumjuq

    I absolutely adore it, though i would prefer that it was even more pigmented.

  6. RedWeatherTigerD

    That’s very cool. Makes me long for the now-discontinued Mac lipstick, “Spanish Fly,” which had an awesome greenishness. If anyone knows of anything similar to SF (will have to check the dupes list), let me know!

    • From what I’ve heard/seen, it’s reminiscent of Club and its ilk (UD Lounge, Too Faced Label Whore, etc.), so I’d mix in some of whatever eyeshadow like that you have with a gloss.

  7. Polly

    Hey! I find myself love it! esp. on you, Christine! <3

    If I got more occations to wear, I would buy it.

    Ty for sharing <3

  8. Z

    omg omg omg, I want this so damn bad. I can’t even tell you why! When the hell would I ever wear a green gloss? But it’s soooo pretty.

    And, actually, it looks quite pretty on you, Christine! You give me hope it wouldn’t be a wasted buy. :p

  9. Fitrah

    gorgeous. i wish it were an intense gloss so it’d be opaque. still want it, though.

  10. Megan

    I LOVE this! I tested it at an Illamasqua counter last week and the assistant mixed it with a red lipstick, which created a lovely dark berry colour. I’m not sure I could carry it off though.

    • ooh! cool! that might explain one of the latest Pixiwoo videos where Sam is wearing a Daniel Sandler lipstick (Impulse) with this one, and it’s the most gorgeous fuschia-berry color ever!

  11. lilly

    I bet you could get this with some gloss and blue brown pigment!

  12. Pamela

    Illamasqua, you’ve got to be kidding. I mean, really? I guess this brand is similar to Kryolan. Some of their colors are more theatrical than wearable.

    • Cords

      Well if the name “Theatre of the nameless” Didnt give you a huge clue that it was going to be theatrical and theatre inspired then I dont really know what could have. Also their slogan, “Makeup for the alter ego” Suggests unconventialism, so they dont aspire to be made for everyday wear, more for the daring makeup enthousiast. I love Illamasqua. Ive been shopping with them since they opened in 2008, much prefer them to MAC

    • Amalia

      I’m really glad there’s a quality brand putting these colors out! Otherwise all we’d have available are the same old pinks, corals, nudes…

    • Natasha

      That’s the point of Illamasqua! If you’ve ever researched the company, they are all about being individual and creative.

    • Maureen

      I would literally wear this outside of my house.

  13. This is actually much prettier than I ever could have imagined! I love the shimmer in it, which is why I think it takes a bit more wearable of a look to it than a solid green would. I would LOVE to use this in a photoshoot!

  14. It is a cool shade, now make it into one of your Precision Ink Illamasqua! *_*

  15. Pame

    I dont think i could ever wear that color but OMG its beautifull

  16. Lara

    i could never wear that but its a beautiful beautiful colour

  17. Crissy

    Gorgeous! I love Illamasqua, but have never tried their gloss due to the packaging. I’m still picking this up though!

  18. Ashley

    I always find it amusing that when something gets a favourable review, few people post negative comments, and when it’s an unfavourable review a lot of people will chime in on how bad it looks, with only a few who’ve also used it and actually liked it sharing their differing opinion. Guess my psych classes were right, people really don’t like being the odd one out!

    I for one think this is a really cool shade… but it looks ridiculous as a lip product. Had it been substantially sheerer, just a wash of colour, then I could get behind it. But this on the lips? No. I don’t see anyone being able to pull this off for actual day-to-day stuff unless they seriously mixed it with something else.

    • diana

      i’ve noticed that too. i would say that people around here take temptalia’s word very seriously.

    • MichelleChefNYC

      Some people define “wearable” differently. I know a number of people who would wear this day-to-day, Illamasqua always like to push the edge of what is “normal” and what is “beautiful”. This reminds me of beetle wings with that blend of dark and shimmery green, and while I couldn’t get away with wearing this on its own for work, I would definitely rock this on the weekends. Very similar to Veridian nail lacquer, which I also love.

    • Natasha

      I’m a goth, so this is an everyday colour. I hate normal pinks, etc.

    • Emily O.

      Urban Decay built an empire on colors like these. I was rockin Frostbite lipstick in 1997 and loved that there was finally a company that addressed my artistic need for expressive makeup. I’m not going to go into the psychology of The Emperors New Clothes- but loving this lipgloss doesn’t mean you’re afraid to wear antlers in a herd of sheep. I think we can agree it’s quite the opposite. I love that folks have different make- up styles- I don’t judge those that want their MU to look like they aren’t wearing any, and I would hope the reverse would be true. Disneyland on Goth Day is an infinite pleasure- like Sugarpill updates in the flesh! Yay for variety!

    • whitepepper

      It’s funny, as far as whether or not these are wearable colours…my partner was just saying the other day he preferred my Intense Lipglosses to MAC Morange on me. :)

      I swatched this just the other day. It can be sheered out a bit more than Christine shows it and then you could totally wear it over a dark, vampy red or reddish brown for something just a bit off-the-wall.

      I’d like to see some swatches of the nude gloss in this collection too — it’s one of those things where I have a hard time imagining what it’d be like on.

    • Gina C

      Because people also like to generally keep negative opinions to themselves on Temptalia. Because for some people, this IS wearable. If I did see this as something I would wear everyday, and someone said that would be ridiculous, I’d probably feel offended.

      And if it’s a quality product, what bad is there to say?

  19. Gina C

    I find it so charming and true-to-character that this is what Illamasqua considers “sheer”. I was expecting like a green tint with shimmer, then BAM! Ultra green. I would never, ever wear this, but I would definitely swatch it every time I saw it, just to admire what a beautiful color it is.

    • It’s odd, only because their Sheer Lipglosses in other shades really are quite sheer!

      • Gina C

        Are they really? I’ve never seen any of them, so I didn’t know. I agree, that IS quite odd. Maybe someone at Illamasqua was feeling a little torn over this one!

  20. this is supposed to be sheer? :)))

  21. ericka

    LOVE this! It’s so different, unique… I would TOTALLY rock this day or night. This will be going on my “must have” list.

  22. NeenaJ

    If it’s eye-safe, it would be gorgeous for a dark, glossy eye!

    Also, I bet it would really change the color of some more benign lip shades.

  23. Steph

    I wouldn’t wear it, but it looks very cool.

  24. Amanda

    kind of a lipgloss form of mac club eyeshadow

  25. It’s a great color, but I would only ever wear it on my lips as part of a Halloween costume. I don’t think I could pull off a green lip gloss. I think there are probably only a few people who can!

  26. Ooo, I like that you had no issues with feathering. I’ll wear dark lip colors (black, blue, purples) on my lips for everyday wear every now and then, but usually avoid it for work because of feathering/ having to reapply constantly. I will have to try this- it’s such a beautiful shade, like an iridescent beetle.

    • whitepepper

      These stay put well in general. Most are fairly opaque but if you do a full matching liner they will last really, really well.

      Oops, I may be talking myself into buying more. :)

  27. Quinctia

    If it was half again as opaque, I could see this being very useful to layer over lipsticks to get something wearable and interesting.

    With this depth of color, I think I’d prefer a shade like this as eyeliner.

  28. Oh booooo, this isn’t available on Sephora’s website? :(

  29. Gina G

    I think it’s really pretty, and would look great over a black lipstick!

  30. snm

    I wish I lived in a world where I could be wearing this without any judging faces.a few years ago I would have gone for it anyway though:) btw Christine, I am always amazed that how truly good you look in almost every bizarre shade lol:)

  31. cyndi

    i wish they made this in the form of a cream eyeshadow

  32. Ashley Sarah

    I definitely don’t see it being wearable for every day use, but I could see it being great for Halloween. The color is actually very pretty too.

  33. Maddy

    It’s urban decay loaded eyeshadow as a lipgloss!

  34. Rowan

    My friend who works for illamasqua was weaing this the other day over dark red lipstick, apparently it’s designed to be layered

    • Sara

      I have their sheer lipgloss in “tantrum”, a dark purple, I found that wearing it layered is infinitely better than wearing it alone as well. I’m surprised that Temptalia didn’t have more problems. I found that Tantrum pooled and didn’t last very long at all. However, mixed with another pink sticky lipgloss would give me a gorgeous fuschia color that I haven’t found matched anywhere along with staying power. I also just bought a purple lipstick from Revlon called “Berry Haute”, and I layer Tantrum over that as well. It’s perfect.

  35. shontay

    I need this gloss in my life. My lips are kinda dark, so it might help me get away with the unevenness. This is just so cool.

  36. Chrissie Smolders

    I actually love the look of this… I might get it to wear over a darker color, for when I feel extra vampy when going out!

  37. I love it! Probably not for the office, but I could see wearing this when more dramatic makeup is called for.

  38. Hinahon

    I love that this brand is all about daring to be yourself.
    I am a goth at heart, even though i’m mostly toning down those days because of jobs search and all, but when i’m in my private time, I would totally wear this.

  39. linda

    wow, what a beautiful shade. if i were younger, i’d wear it for sure. :)

  40. Lucie

    Ooo I actually kind of like how the unevenness looks, at least in pictures. Very nuanced colour. Sad that sephora isn’t selling it though :(

  41. Wow this is beautiful. Must have for sure!

  42. Solangel

    This would be perfect for a She-Hulk costume :O

  43. Christine, do you think you would be able to swatch this on lips on top of a reddish lipstick? I’ve heard people using it like that and I would love to see what it would look like since there are no Illamasqua counters in Sweden?

    Thanks for an awesome blog! :)

  44. Would I wear it? Probably not. Do I think it’s amazingly gorgeous? Oh yes!!!

  45. alison

    I want this too! No reason for a lawyer to own this it Kontrol, but…. omg, beautiful.

    • Can you imagine wearing THAT to hearing? LOL!

      • alison

        i meant to type “this OR Kontrol…” gah, phone autocorrect!

        and lol is right! i think i’d get kicked out of the courtroom before i took two steps in!

        it would be hilarious to get the judge’s reaction on record, though..

  46. Alex


  47. Honeybumblebee

    When I saw the post I thought “ewwwwww no way” after seeing it..I want it!

  48. Even if I can’t think of a single instance where I could pull this off, I LOVE that it exists :)

  49. Veronica

    Heh, I was just wondering earlier if anybody had ever tried teal as a lip color. The results are…interesting.

    It’s not to my taste, but I’ve known more than a few characters who’d probably dare to wear it.

  50. AnGeLwInGz

    I could totally see myself wearing this (to where, I don’t know?)Seriously I am loving this and definitely haven’t seen anything like it before.

  51. Natasha

    I love this but it’s too expensive in my opinion, Morgana Cryptoria makes the same colour for £4.

  52. Emily O.

    Also considering Illamasqua’s support of the S.O.P.H.I.E. Foundation, I applaud their continued efforts to produce inventive and bold cosmetics that leave no room for apology.

    • Tracey

      Totally agree.

      Although I stick to ‘safer’ colours and rarely wear lip products except for balm, colours like this SHOULD exist purely because we are not all the same.

  53. dee

    OMG, THAT is a color! I wish I was a practicing MUA, just to have a reason to buy this.

  54. Marina

    Lady Gaga will be happy to have it. Sane people – well, they could you this for Halloween. Can’t think of other situations where it will be appropriate.

    • Natasha

      Goths are generally considered sane lol.

      • Ashley

        Despite goths being sane as you say, I have to agree that I don’t see it being an appropriate shade for wearable looks. Truth is, most would not consider a goth look as something that’s all that appropriate in terms of daily, “presentable” attire. I know that when I see people who dress in extremes, I have a harder time being able to take them seriously. Doesn’t just mean goths, but that’s one of the most obvious cases in which this happens, and it’s likely something that happens with a lot of people – hell, it even happens for me with people I know well or am actually friends with despite me knowing them well! If the goth style said person is sporting has been matured so that it actually reflects their age, then I think it can look fine. But if they continue dressing as they did exactly when they were teenagers, then I find it a bit sad actually, like those women in their 40s+ who wear their daughters’ inappropriate clothing.

    • Mae

      Whenever I want to wear it? Dunno man, I consider myself pretty sane…

  55. Victoria

    Gorgeous! I’m going to have to look into the ingredients of these and see if they’re safe to use on the eyes — they would make *amazing* glossy smokey eyes.

  56. MissMercurial

    I wonder if I could get away with wearing this at the architecture firm…probably not XD
    But I’m really glad that I can go at least a little wild there, haha.

    Seriously considering getting this for layering & nights out 😀

    The comment about Morgana Cryptoria having a similar product is totally true, though – you might want to mention it as an alternative for those of us who are more financially restricted.

    • I don’t have it, so I can’t recommend or say that it is :) I don’t feel comfortable recommending a brand I have no experience with! Thankfully, those of you who have tried it, have left comments!

  57. Saffy

    Wow, that looks gorgeous. I’ll have to check out the Viridian nail polish if it’s the same colour.

  58. Michelle

    i LOVE it!!! don’t know if it will work with me though but halloween is coming up so it will work no matter what, lol. i hope sephora will carry it as i don’t want to have to order it from overseas. i guess i can always have my friend grab it for me when she is in london in january. :)

    btw, i accidentally posted my comment to the wrong post!!! i posted it to the survey one…so sorry christine!!! that’s what i get for having so many of your posts opened in separate tabs, lol.

  59. Roxanne

    Not gonna lie, I’m not goth or punk, but I would SO wear this over black lipstick. Such a beautiful green!!

  60. Might be a great lip gloss for one night on Halloween but it’s pretty pretty! I like the opaque :)

  61. Vanessa

    I absolutely love this color. I’m sorry to bug, Christine, but do you happen to know how much shipping is if you order from Illamasqua’s website. And if they plan to launch this color in the states/at Sephora?

    • I’m not sure how much shipping is – I think it may depend on your total order?

      It doesn’t look like they’re launching it at Sephora–not sure why–but it’s not in the U.S. press release, just in the UK one.

      • Vanessa

        Alright, thank you! :) It’s a shame that they’re not launching it here. I need more odd colors in my lipgloss stash!

  62. Natalie S

    that color would make the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYELINER! ah!!! I CANT TAKE IT!

  63. I LOVE dark green lips. They’re surprisingly wearable. Want this.

  64. Taylor

    ooooooh love….how bout this ON TOP of Kontrol :)))

  65. Aly

    Such a gorgeous green!! I would wear this if it wasn’t so uneven.. But it is a lipgloss so I guess I wouldnt expect it to be perfectly even..

  66. Beautiful colour! Really looks amazing on. Got a bit frightened to wear Peacocky on its own in public, so put bit on top of pink lipstick, but this could be different. Would love them to do a pure white lipstick – very 60s!

  67. Amy

    Love the uniqueness of Illamasqua products<3 This is no exception too bad its uneven

  68. Deetzi

    Christine, as we say in the south bless your heart! I love how you’re always able to say something positive and your puctures are always great.

  69. Tiffani

    That looks ALL kinds of cool! And it’s not prohibitively expensive for something that’s definitely not everyday wear. It would look seriously cool over some black or deep purple lipstick.

  70. Kayla

    I think this would look great over black lipstick!

  71. Logan

    If I lived in a bigger city that was more open to oddness then I’d rock this. I really want it but I’d have no place to wear it but Halloween. Makes me laugh I use to get crap for wearing red lipstick when I was in middle school and even now if I look around most people don’t wear make up or wear VERY toned down make up. I don’t think I’ve even seen someone with make up as half as colorful as mine. *le sigh* Some peoples attitudes are really sad. If you don’t like it and would probably give someone the burning glare if they had it on. Ok, good for you? Doesn’t make a person less of a person for liking something odd. People like that are the ones who try to herd in the “odd” people. I know from personal experience that people can be intolerant of things they don’t get or think are weird. I’m not goth etc but I’ve always been a little “odd” or peculiar as my mom fondly said and I got some grief for it. I found the sheep comment really distasteful, of course people are going to agree or disagree about a product if the review is favorable or not. I’ve seen many posts where the person disliked the product and they would have 5 or 10 “omg I love this product!” and a sprinkling or “yea I didn’t like it”. In general seasoned bloggers will found flaws in products quickly and the general public will probably find the flaw too and not like it (such as gloss is too runny, eyeshadow pigment is crappy).

  72. bree

    ooooo i want this nao. im always on the look out for odd out there colors!!! this shall be mine.

  73. Z

    I’m actually really annoyed Sephora isn’t carrying this online. They’re the only place I have to get Illamasqua and dammit I want this gloss! >:( I’ve only flipped through the comments a bit, but I can’t believe how wound up people have gotten over a mainstream brand doing a color like this. Looks like they’re doing their job well if this was the response. Indie brands have been making oddball colors for years, yet I haven’t noticed any crazy backlash against them. *shrug*

  74. Oh my god, that gloss is amazing! I love it! It would look absolutely amazing layered over black.