Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Illamasqua Magenta Muse Collection for Summer/Fall 2011

Set to transform perceptions of beauty this summer, Magenta Muse is the daring new color collection from cult British beauty brand, Illamasqua.

Magenta Muse is a fearlessly eclectic blend of textures and finishes, spanning from gloss to matt, metallic to opalescent. Draw all attention to you, on those heady summer nights, with an urbane gathering of cool, alternative hues in grey, mauve, magenta and teal that mix effortlessly with flashes of coral and offset by matt black.

Magenta Muse is available exclusively at select Sephora USA locations and Embrace the collection that makes you a Muse by midnight.

Cream Pigment ($24.00)

  • Dab Matt lilac
  • Mould Matt grape

Pure Pigment ($24.00)

  • Android Shimmering gunmetal

Liquid Metal ($26.00)

  • Enrapture Metallic copper

Powder Blusher ($24.00)

  • Excite Vibrant coral
  • Hussy Bright petal pink

Precision Ink ($27.50)

  • Abyss Gloss black
  • Glister Opalescent nude

Lipstick ($22.00)

  • Test Matt pinky beige
  • Underworld Iridescent violet

Sheer Lipgloss ($20.00)

  • Electrify Baby pink sheen
  • Tantrum Deep violet sheen

Nail Varnish ($14.00)

  • DWS Cement gray with a glossy finish
  • Jo Mina Electric lilac with a glossy finish
  • Lament Bright coral pink with a glossy finish
  • Muse Deept eal blue with a glossy finish
  • Poke Bright violet purple shimmer
  • Scorn Matt black

availability: Now @ Sephora

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62 thoughts on “Illamasqua Magenta Muse Collection for Summer/Fall 2011

  1. Lisa

    Aren’t these all permanent colors?

  2. Beth

    Did you see that Illamasqua is doing funeral makeup now? Check out their website – it’s so creepy!

  3. stephanie

    Her nails look REALLY fake like they just went on mspaint and painted them on digitally lol yuck they could have atleast done a better job

    • Lulee

      yes i totally agree with that!

    • Ashley Tatton

      I was thinking the same thing! Especially her thumb backwards. I’m assuming she had way shorter nails and they “painted” them and added length.

      • Kate & Zena

        @Ashley Tatton – Nope, her thumb isn’t painted on backwards. She’s using her left hand, not her right. If you were to step through the photo and see her posing, you’d most likely see her sitting with her left elbow propped up to get this pose. That’s very doable. (But yes, I agree the hand wasn’t dealt with properly. Illamasqua normally does a fantastic job with their promotional material.)

    • Josiane

      It turns me off so much! I thought the promo pic was beautiful until i saw those nails…

    • Maureen

      Is it supposed to be a matte polish? Because that would explain it.

    • Jenny

      They look photoshopped on to her hands.

    • meme

      I thought they looked digital and sure they are – but gives me the idea of somethings fun to try. The lead graphic artist needed to apply a soft mask over the finger tips especially – but really over all parts – something just this side of when they would either put a sheer cloth over the camera and shoot through that – or Vaseline on the camera lens. If I were the art editor, I would not be happy…but then they had to approve it right?

    • Roze

      I totally second that.

    • Definitely a photoshop fail. I’d like to see what the real colors look like!

  4. Angelcat47

    Very cool and different…this may have to be my intro to the line.

  5. Too bad the promo pic is so photoshopped. That makes me a lot less interested in the product.

  6. WTF? The Nail Polishes are all standard colors that have been out forever.

  7. Ashley Tatton

    I’d be interested to know what they filled in the model’s eyebrows with.. Collection doesn’t thrill me.

  8. Lee

    Wow, I love these colors, probably because I have similar coloring to the model. The copper eyeliner looks great with the lilac eyeshadow, I’ll have to try that. And the lipstick is beautiful in the photo.

    But stephanie is right, those nails look so horrible and cheesy; it really detracts from the promo pic.

  9. I really like the colours of the products. I also like the colour and design on the nails but it would be better if it didn’t look so fake. The inside of the thumb nail looks really fake and the rest look very photoshopped.

  10. stephanie

    The shine is really artificial looking its just a white line basically and she has no cuticle. The nails are just sitting there without a realistic starting point, you can tell they were drawn on. It was the first thing my eye gravitated to and it really just destorys the whole photo.

  11. Lauren

    Wow! Those nails are a terrible photoshop job!

  12. Andrea

    Test, the lipstick, the copper eyeliner,the cement, and black nail polish sound interesting hope u have swatches soon sound really nice

  13. Katie

    LOL i love how crappy and fake Illamasqua’s photos look. I mean, I love the makeup brand but my god, they need a new person in the photoshop/graphic design department.

  14. Reese

    Anyone know where to get illamasqua in Canada? It’s “restricted” to ship to Canada from Sephora and I’m not sure where else I can get it.

    • Maybe from

    • Their web site is the only place you can get it in Canada, it’s frustrating.

      I think it’s kind of funny that, with all the colours included in this collection, there isn’t anything in magenta…

    • Christine B. i live in canada and the shipping is really fast, usually only a few business days.

  15. Becca

    !!! the coral blush sounds really nice!!!

  16. Diana

    I adore this look sans the hand. I really think that the hand is actually a separate layer placed on top of her picture then merged. There’s another picture on the Illamasqua site that shows her face more. I think it’s a pretty feminine look.

  17. Nat

    Hey, Christine. I tried on Illamasqua’s Move lipgloss today and later found a review you did it a year ago. I really love the color. Do you know of any dupes for it? Thanks!

  18. Amy

    Her hand looks like one of those games for little girls where you can do different manicures.

  19. Luka

    Forget the makeup, I want that oval ring!

  20. Elizabeth

    Dear Illamasqua, that photo will sell NO nail polish.

  21. Nic

    Wow, the nails. D: I would love to know who at Illamasqua approved that. I can’t imagine someone saying “Yep, that looks good.”

  22. karen

    I agree with all the comments about the hands, but I always get my nails done and I am guessing that this is just those glue on nails, but unfortunately the nail size is TOO big for her. SO u cant see the cuticle. The back of her thumb nail is normal, looks a lot like mine but way shorter.

  23. I was just browsing the Illamasqua site the other day when I saw this; too bad it’s all repromotes (in Illamasqua tradition, I guess). At least we get a pretty new promotional image (I’m even more obsessed with Glister now!).

  24. meme

    Love the fall collection. Never in the Sephora store near me – so it’s always a hunt for swatches on line if I am going to order. I like the nail look on the model cover for this collection! Look at the brights in the nail collection for fall! Refreshing yes?

  25. Steffi

    Looks like they were too lazy to really paint someones nails…

  26. whoever retouched the nails should not be proud to put their name on that. If I were Illamasqua, I would NOT pay for that retouching. How terrible that everyone notices how fake her nails looks and fails to pay attention to their amazing line of make up.

  27. Musebeliever

    I like the visual but it feels like the nails have been heavily photoshopped.
    I don’t like that it appears so obvious.
    Otherwise, the collection looks interesting. 😉

  28. Yajaira

    I always thought magenta was an almost hot pink color…am I wrong…that looks purple. Not to jump on the bandwagon but those nails distracted me then made me think, wtf?

  29. Why do those nails look so fake? It looks very weird because the rest of the picture is so beautiful!

  30. Amy

    Blatant Photoshopping aside, the model reminds me of a red-headed version of Carole Lombard.

  31. So freaking dying about this or anything purple

  32. Chelle

    I can’t stop staring at her photoshopped nails… Those suckers don’t even look remotely real.

  33. Brittany

    The promo shot for the collection is soooo FABULOUS. And I’m not surprised because when it comes to beauty and fashion, the UK is on point.

  34. vanessa sales

    Whats with the models nails they look so photo shopped :( I love the colors in this collection other than the weird picture…

  35. Natasha

    I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say..

    those nails are horrible, haha.

    cute concept though.

  36. Suzanna

    I want that violet lipstick. Unfortunately, my Sephora is a “limited” one without this line. Will have to add to a list of things to check out in Orlando.

  37. Yanna

    Photoshopped nails…YIKES!!!!!

  38. Can’t wait to see a real swatch of those polishes 😉

  39. Violet

    I’m pretty freaking excited about all the purples, not gonna lie.

  40. Jennifer

    Unless there is some concept behind those digital nails, that is just a bad idea and look.
    Poorly done too! Ugh… You’re suppose to show off the new colors not photoshop them on.

    Only think I could think of is that they would use the picture on their site and if you clicked on a color polish it would change the nails to that color… Only reason to do this tbh.

  41. yasemin

    her nails look so fake

  42. toni

    The rings are even nicer than the cosmetics!!!