Friday, February 8th, 2013

The world isn’t perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway? I’mperfection is an open invitation to stand up and show the world what makes you perfectly, imperfect. We want you to highlight the features other brands encourage you to cover up and celebrate your imperfections like badges of honour. So show off your freckles. Make beauty spots more beautiful. Shine a light on your birthmarks. And be proud of your scars. Because life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about celebrating who you really are.

“Within the word imperfection you’ll find Im Perfection; sometimes the soul of the word is staring you in the face. It is our so called flaws that make us unique. The beauty is in our differences , our imperfection is our beauty. ” — Alex Box, Creative Director

Speckled Nail Varnish – $14.00 / £14.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Freckle Speckled soft neutral
  • Fragile Speckled soft blue
  • Mottle Speckled soft green
  • Scarce Speckled soft pink
  • Speckle Speckled soft lilac

Powder Blusher Duo (£26.00)

  • Katie & Ambition Soft Candy Pink / Neutral Shimmer
  • Lover & Hussy Soft Apricot / Candy Pink
  • Beg & Bronzerella Dusky Rose / Copper Bronze

Blush Up Brush ($44.00 / £28.50)

A specific cut shape to define and elongate the cheekbones, slimming & sculpting the face.

Lipstick ($24.00 / £16.00)

  • Immodest Vivid Pink

Intense Lipgloss (£14.00)

  • Shoot Leaf Green

Availability: Sephora and

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43 thoughts on “Illamasqua I’mperfection Collection for Spring 2013

  1. I think the collection is lovely…the polish look like cadbury mini eggs!!x

  2. seyma

    Hi Christina,

    Have you seen the new illamasqua newsletter? There is a picture of you inside.

  3. evr

    I really like the easter egg nail colors for spring. And I love the way they used unique models + unique makeup looks. I want to try the polka dot cat-eye liner thing!

  4. ReneeP

    That lipstick is is screaming my name!

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on that nail varnish!

  6. MeggieBeth

    Celebrate adult acne!

  7. Yellowlantern

    I like that last image. Her makeup looks like it was inspired by a rorschach inkblot.

    And I’m probably reading too much into it, but it seems like it’s drawing attention to the fact that beauty is in how you perceive it just like what one sees in a rorschach inkblot is dependent on how you perceive it.

    • Virginia

      That makes sense, although I suspect most people don’t spend that much time looking at an ad to see the message behind the image. I don’t know at that much about this brand, but I thought ads were supposed to make you take notice and immediately want to buy the product. I find them interesting, but they don’t make me want to buy a green gloss.

  8. Hazel

    Crazy about those nail polishes. I was wondering what a green lippie was going to look like and now I know. Ick.

  9. Fliss

    I’ve bought the set of nail varnishes, the brush, lipstick and Katie/Ambition blusher. They’re sat in my wardrobe until payday!

    Not sure if this works out cheaper for overseas postage, but ASOS stock Illamasqua and they ship worldwide.

  10. Victoria

    Interesting that Illamasqua and Lippmann are releasing very similar polishes at the same time…

  11. The second last model look like she has some freckles painted onto her face on top of ones she already has. I only noticed because I’ve done this myself for a Merida costume. lol I just wasn’t freckly enough for her.

    Love to get Fragile

  12. Esme

    I LOVE that more mainstream companies are putting black glitter in nail polishes!

  13. Lisa S.

    Oooo, loving the nail polishes. Look so much like mini Cadbury eggs!

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    Loving this collection! Do you know if it will be available at Sephora? I got my birthday discount coupon code from Illamasqua today but I don’t know if 15 percent off is still enough to offset the price of international shipping.

  15. I just don’t understand green lipgloss…

  16. I definitely plan on picking up a couple of the nail polishes!

  17. Celine

    I’m so interested in those nail polishes!

  18. Liz

    Its definitely interesting. Something different. But im not sure about some pictures. The first one for me is a little bit scary.

  19. LU

    I love it! Illamsqua always has things that are edgy. The polishes remind me of Deborah Lippmann Mermaid, which is also coming out with a full Mermaid nail collection for the summer.

  20. Nicoco Chanel

    “We want you to highlight the features other brands encourage you to cover up and celebrate your imperfections like badges of honour.”

    And this is why Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands. I love that they actually make things interesting as opposed to “oh buy this because you have to look flawless 24/7 and never break any of the arbitrary beauty rules the world makes up! that would be terrible!”

  21. Kat

    I see a lot of speckled polishes coming out for Easter!

  22. This spring collection looks amazing to me. I love the nail polish which I think looks like melted ice cream on the nails.


  23. Ibara

    Urgh, the first picture gives me goosebumps :X

  24. Amy

    I tried the polishes at work today and they aren’t nearly as pigmented as I would like :(

  25. ZG



  26. syrup

    I want that green lip gloss in my life! I at least want to take a run at it. doesn’t have it yet.

  27. dia

    Oh Illamasqua, you know how to market right at me! I’ll take a heavy dose of that Kermit green lipgloss, please. Now to figure out how to make my rosacea glamorous….

  28. Lark

    The make up on the birthmark is so absolutely cutting edge, utterly brilliant! And so London. Nobody credits the British but they really are the art and design masters. There were street fashion pics in W back twenty five years ago that were the grassroots of Ilamasque. Kids in clubs whith amazing make up! Re formed their faces into Picasso paintings.

  29. Lolly

    I hate this. The promo images are too distracting, too ugly, not even art-y imo…I wouldn’t even guess cosmetics were the focus here. When I go back and narrow in on each item being modeled…I’m disappointed. Illamasqua, I would’ve named you as #1 for promo images, but you’ve let me down.
    I’m sure others may disagree, and that’s fine, each of us have our own view (and I’m glad some others aren’t as disgusted as I am). I had to get this out though.

  30. Mia

    I love the blush, the polish and the lipstick .. I’m gonna go with no on the green lipgloss …

  31. Angelcat47

    I love the polishes…and the message behind the campaign.

  32. Hmm is the glitter in the polish black? That seems to be the trend these days.

  33. Perfection is boring and Illamasqua knows!