Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss

An Alternative to Red for the Holidays

If you’ve been reading Temptalia for a few months, you probably know I have an obsession with Illamasqua’s Intense Lipglosses (see reviews of ten other shades here). They’re ultra pigmented with a high glossy shine in bold, bright colors. They last awhile and never feel uncomfortable on lips.

Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss ($20.00 for 0.20 oz.) is a new shade launched with the Art of Darkness collection for autumn/winter. It is unique in its finish, from my experience with the Intense Lipglosses, because it has a high shimmer, nearly metallic finish (all Intense Lipglosses I’ve tried are creamier, very subtle if not zero shimmer). It’s a welcome addition, since I do enjoy shimmery glosses, too. The gloss comes in a thin, squeeze-tube with a slanted applicator.

Hermetic is a bold burgundy brown with lighter burgundy shimmer. It’s very deep and takes very little color to get opaque results. It feels very holiday to me, which I think owes to the slight metallic-ness of the finish. It’s holiday without being a full-on red. I see subtle red-brown undertones, but it’s definitely not your typical holiday red. It seems a little on the cooler side to me, though it worked well on my warmer skin tone, so don’t let that dissuade you from checking it out.

The Glossover



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See more photos & swatches!

Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Hermetic? How much is it?

Sephora, $20.

Is it sticky?


How long does it last?

I wore this shade for about four hours.

Are there any dupes?

I think what sets this shade apart from potential dupes is in the finish; it is far glossier (being a gloss rather than a lipstick, which is where you'll be most likely to find similar shades) and almost metallic. MAC Media is similar in color though pinker; MAC Underworld is similar but lacks the redness), Illamasqua's Growl seems closest in color but has a matte finish.

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71 thoughts on “Illamasqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. JoElla

    What a beautiful color!

  2. E

    Wow, my jaw seriously dropped. That’s gorgeous!

  3. Catherine

    This is enough to make me cry about Illamasque not being available in Canada. Soooo beautiful!

  4. kate

    Gorgeous color! This reminds me of the old version of Urban Decay’s Lip Gunk in Gash, which was a similar deep metallic red. Once I run out I think this would be a really good replacement!

  5. Paula

    Intense, indeed!

  6. Jaci

    I wonder how it compares to UD Gash in the Ultraglide Gloss….love that!

  7. Brandon


    You look SO stunning in this shade of red! I do think it needs a lipliner under it because it is just a gloss after all, but still, if you have any holiday parties coming up, you should wear this for sure =]

  8. baby in a corner

    Wow amazing! It would be very hard to get this type of super shiny metallic finish from a lipstick! I think this would suit a lot of skintones too.

  9. Ula

    Such a wondeful christmas colour!! :)

  10. oh my GOD that is GORGEOUS!! you dont even need anything else on your face really (well, nothing obvious) because that is the star of the show. love it!

  11. Amber

    GAH! I wish I could pull these types of colors off! but I am a super-fair skinned redhead and would look dead in this type of shade. so sad. But this looks gorgeous on you Christine – thanks for the swatches!

  12. That is gorgeous, I love Illamasqua!

  13. leinti nti

    oh wow.

  14. kasiaj85

    The cuteness of this lipgloss on your lips almost killed me! wow that looks GREAT on you!
    plus: I want this lipgloss madly!

  15. Aline

    WOW! What an impact! Beautiful!!!
    More colors???

  16. Nat

    Darn it, I guess I’ll have to add this to my “to buy” list….It’s GORGEOUS!

  17. unique

    gorgeous. reminds me of a plummier/browner version of UD’s discontinued lipgunk in Gash.

  18. Ashley

    Pretty, but not for me.

  19. Eileen

    gleaming rich colour …. fabulous!

  20. Ani_BEE

    It’s very rare to see a gloss that pigmented *_* it’s the reason why i don’t by to many since the shades never show up on my pink lips.

    I hope Sephora will have this in store to test out. It look luscious.

  21. Leenie

    I love dark colors like this

  22. Grace

    WOW. that is some pigmented stuff! It really is intense!

  23. Hilary♥

    How I wish we had Illamasqua was available in Italy!! Dang country, nothing is available here!! =( *cries*

  24. Oh wow, so sexy! And I love the Post FAQ!

  25. Kathy

    Gorgeous! This looks like a more opaque version of MAC’s Amorous dazzleglass creme!

  26. ericka

    Absolutely beautiful…

  27. Emily

    This is SO pretty but I’ll pass cause it’s not anything i’d ever use. If I were a makeup artist though, I would buy it and use it every chance I had!

  28. Shavonne

    Its soooo gorgeous! Must have!

  29. Brianne

    Holy wow that is so super pigmented. Not for me, but I’m impressed by the pigmentation there!

  30. This color is so fantastic; it screams Holiday Party. I’ll need to try this. If it works on my skin (I think I’m NW25), it’ll be my first Sephora purchase =)

  31. Bernice

    Hi Christine :)
    I had never heard of this lipgloss line/series from Illamasqua until I read your first review on these and I definitely see why you love them so much! And as always, you look fab !

  32. Marissa B

    I must buy this color – wow!!!

  33. Hannah

    I’ve never seen Illamasqua in stores at my local Sephora… how does the texture and wear of the Intense Lipglosses compare to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lacques?

    • They’re two totally different products, IMO. One is a gloss, one is a liquid lipstick, so I don’t think the textures are comparable at all. They wear the same length of time on me – 4 to 6 hours. :)

  34. It’s like Christmas.. on your mouth! I love it

  35. inaya

    Christine of the glowing awesomeness cheeks; what did you use as a blush and highlight?

  36. Hilana

    Wow. This is beyond stunning. Love this colour.

  37. Meheen

    It’s red like a Christmas ornament! love it!

  38. Kay

    Love the finish but the colours not very me, do they do this in any other colours christine?

  39. Arduinna4

    It’s like you have nail polish on your lips!BEauuuuuuuuuutiful!

  40. Melanie

    WOW!…thats beautiful! It sucks that we dont have Illamasqua in Taiwan..

  41. Wow, what a beautiful color!
    texture wise, it does remind me of Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Buxoms? I have a few, and they are definitely liquid lipstick, not gloss.
    I don’t think I own a color like this though…. it’s going on my list!

  42. Eleanor

    Oooo, pretty! That would look good on most anybody. And it would be really great for a holiday party or going to the Nutcracker!

  43. Laia

    Nice shade, very vampy! Btw Christine, I’m sorry for being late but happy belated birthday :)

  44. Jae

    ooooh, i’m sold! i’m going to have to pick that one up!!

  45. jmd of those “buy me buy me now” colors, damnit, you’ve done it again!

  46. I gasped when I saw the swatch. WOW. I need it! 😀

  47. Megan J.

    Wow -that is GORGEOUS!!!

  48. Riki

    Woah pretty amazing color

  49. Miss Silver

    Oooh this looks like blood. I love it.

  50. Miss Silver

    potential dupe~! Revlon’s ColourStay Ultimate in Top Tier Truffle looks almost like it! Here’s a photo of some swatches:

    Looks a bit lighter than it really is. The flas made it look really pale. Should this go on the dupe list? I think it looks kinda 85% like this product.

  51. Promise


  52. Edani

    I got this for xmas this year, on your recommendation, and absolutely love it! I wore it to work today (thankfully my boss is a makeup junkie, too, so I have some freedom in my shades for work) and already have gotten several compliments! This is my first Illamasqua gloss and I’m very pleased with the texture and pigmentation. It only took a tiny bit to get great color on my lips! Thank you for your review, once again! I’m certainly going to pick up more Illamasqua glosses soon–maybe even Gender! 😉

  53. Naz

    It’s way too dark for me to pull off, but what a gorgeous color!!! It’s like OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, but in lipgloss form…I love it.

  54. aurora

    Illamasqua has just come to our town. Can you recommend me a lipstick that is among your favorites? I hope it is sunnier today than on Monday. Have a lovely day, and thank you for answering my question. Aurora

  55. Nichole

    I saw this on your site and knew I had to get it. I just received it from my Sephora’s F&F sale haul. I love it!!!! Do you know if it’s limited edition? If so, I’ll have to go buy back-ups. Thanks Christine.

  56. Alicia

    Hi! I’d just like to thank you for this site because I always go to it before making any makeup purchase and i find your opinions very helpful. I’ve been in absolute love with dark plum, cranberry and burgundy lips and have been looking for a lipgloss with some sparkle and full, opaque coverage. This was the closest that I’ve found. I just think that it’s a bit too brown for my NC35 complexion. Any suggestions to make it a bit more red or purple without compromising it’s intensity? Should I layer it with something like MAC Cyber or an intense purple or red like MAC Russian Red? Sorry for the length!