Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss

Makeup That’s Just Pure FUN!

Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss (£12.50 for 0.2 fl. oz.) is not a wearable shade by any stretch of the imagination.  This is a shade that completely embodies the word fun.  It’s different; it’s unusual.  It’s something to be used for that just-right-occasion, which might be Halloween for some, an avant garde photo-session with your best pals, or lightly patted on over your favorite lipstick to give it a bluish cast.

Gender is a medium blue that leans a little teal–it’s described as a sky blue, but it definitely had this teal edge to it that made me think less sky blue.  I could not smile in swatch photos – it just did not look right!  I felt like it made a mockery of the shade, so “straight faced” it was.

It’s almost opaque, but it didn’t apply as evenly or as solidly as other Intense shades have in the past.  I would probably lay down a concealer/foundation base (or even a blue eyeliner) and then use a lip brush to apply this–I think that would help it look more even.   This is a shade that’s only available through Illamasqua; you won’t find it at your local Sephora!

The Glossover



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Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss

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163 thoughts on “Illamasqua Gender Intense Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Julia

    With such an outrageous color, I think it would look better if it were completely opaque (like OCC Lip Tar RX is). But this would look so cool on top of RX!

  2. Abby

    I’ll admit it: I had to giggle a little at the preview image! I was expecting the usual big, pretty grin, but instead see a total 😐 face.

  3. LOL, I love your facial expression in that full-face shot. Perfect!

  4. kenneth alan

    I love the Illamasqua Intense lipglosses, but I hate how Sephora only carries a few colours. I wish they sold the entire line

  5. Jimena

    Lol no smile 😛

  6. Kristina

    hahah I love the face!

  7. Tina

    def. something for Ke$ha, lol

  8. Arantzazu

    When I was a teen I bought a lipstick in that colour!!!
    I wore it twice or three times. But people stared at me… don’t know why ¬¬ Haahahahaha

  9. Margot

    Oh I love it. Well, I don’t know if I love the colour or your full face picture more !!
    I’m buying it as soon as I’m back in the UK. It’s calling my name for the halloween season 😀

  10. Courtney


    Interesting, but too thin. A thicker formula would make it more opaque and seamless. It just looks uneven at that sheerness.

  11. Eunice

    i wonder if that is what ke$ha was wearing here –

    looks similar!

  12. Brittany

    I love this!! Lol can Americans order from the Illamasqua website? Sephora doesn’t have everything they sell. =(

    • Yep, you can! You’ll just pay whatever it converts to in USD and it’ll be shipped overseas. Not SUPER cheap, so I don’t recommend *just* buying the gloss, but yeah. I can see why it’s not available at Sephora, though, lol!

      • Brittany

        Thanks for the info! I figured we couldn’t since it’s an international company. Personally I LOVE this and I actually thinks it looks good! It’s a super FUN lip and of course you wouldn’t wear this to class, work, date, etc. This is like an editorial color. I’m gonna buy it along with the black and lime one I saw on the website. Lol

  13. Diana

    Um,no. Just no.

  14. Ashley

    Blue shades are supposed to make teeth look whiter – so I wish you’d smiled so we could see if it worked & made teeth whiter. if it does, maybe i’ll just wear it and look strange :-p

    • Well, it did make the whites of my eyes look whiter 😉

      • Kalee

        lol, Ashley, dont look weird and use whitestrips.
        and that works if its the right blue (which this one probably wouldve worked), because sometimes lighter shades of blue can actually make your teeth look yellower, (ive seen it happen) but i wouldve loved to see christine smile anyways.

  15. Princessflttrby

    Wow, that’s the most opaque blue lippie I’ve seen that wasn’t Navy! Very cool & definatley for a special occasion unless you’re a rock star or something LOL This screams 23 & under at a punk concert to me, with tons of UD Oil Slick shadow, crazy hair & torn up black clothes that have safety pins all over the place… I have a vivid imagination HA HA

  16. androgynes

    waw, the first lip swatch you aren’t laughing in pictures o-o

  17. Mirna

    You dont look very happy wearing that gloss Christine, it is very intense!

  18. Andie

    Not wearable, but you are right, it is fun. I love your avant garde serious face.

  19. Hend

    LOL 😀
    I’m an interior design student in a school of arts
    and believe me , every day here is a halloween
    so probably I will see this gloss on someone next semester lol

  20. shontay

    I absolutely love the color and I would have no problem wearing it but it seems to fussy to work with. Pass.

  21. Lol, even if I were to wear something that out there, it would probably be for a one time special costume event, and I definitely wouldn’t pay Illamasqua prices for it! Still Christine, you rock it! I swear you make anything look good.

  22. Almus

    It has been so weird not seeing you smiling in the pic … almost as weird as the gloss itself =D

  23. missy

    why aren’t you smiling lol

  24. baby in a corner

    You look scary in this photo! LOL! this is a bit of a girl who has everything lipgloss! i do love the intense formula though and its good to see what this one looks like on!

  25. AnGeLwInGz

    Well, I can say for one thing that color matches perfectly with the majority of my eyeshadows! Christine that pic actually looks like the glamour shots in the Sephora catalog. You should consider modeling for Illamasqua!

  26. i Actually Like it LOL

  27. Sarah

    So weird seeing you not smiling in a lip picture :)
    Such a weird blue for a gloss but i like it, weird name too

  28. Katie

    You look so different when you are not smiling! If anyone is going to rock this shade, or make it look half-way wearable, it is you, Christine! It does make the whites of your eyes look whiter. Bravo for taking a chance on a shade like this!

  29. Hannah

    Interesting color! I bet this would be perfect for maybe a mermaid inspired look for Halloween or something!

  30. Patricia

    Why so serious?
    You have a beautifull smile!

  31. Sheila

    No smile today Christine?

  32. Kimberly

    I have got to get this. Such a lovely color – too bad it’s online only. :( Is it sticky, like lipglass? I like things that stay put (not travel across my face or up to my nose).

  33. Whoa, I don’t know about that. I guess only for special occasions, huh? Although I could totally see you wearing it for Halloween.

  34. Cheyenne

    I would not look happy wearing this either!!

  35. Lyndsay

    lol, couldn’t even manage a smile with this crazy gloss on, huh?

    • Hey Lyndsay,

      If you check out the post, it’s because I felt like this isn’t a gloss you *do* smile in – it’s a little edgier than that!

  36. haha! i LOVE the full face shot! this is an awesome gloss! (you know how i LOOOVE blue lips!) It’s difficult to get an even application of something that’s so cyan though. I actually like the LimeCrime blue for this – SHHHH!!!! Don’t tell! LOL 😉 I find that the LC lipsticks work quite well as a base personally. I take a little bit of their blue and mix it with something else (like this gloss for example). You get a very opaque, but much easier to work with product. I like the LC lipsticks I have but the ones I have ARE on the heavy side.

    This over that Hi Def Cyan pencil of MAC’s that came out would be pretty snazzy looking though I bet :)

    • Yeah, I definitely think if I were actually going to use this (whether for myself or on a shoot) – would use a blue liner like Hi Def Cyan (which is gorg!) – bet it would really POP!

  37. Tiffany

    I love your serious face… hehe

  38. Emily

    The “straight face” def. suits the color…you did well! =)

  39. tricia

    U can wear anything,everything looks great on you…I love this, but no i wouldn’t actually wear it, except for oct 31……I would have love to see the full face pic of the lip swatch, and other pics of u playing around….I agree with the no smiling pi

  40. your so serious in this pic! lol! lovin that crazy gloss!

  41. Your face at the end made me seriously LOL!! :)

  42. Roxanne

    Why so blue, Christine? LOL! It’s a very smurfish blue. I kinda like it.

  43. Heather

    haha! Reminds of Kesha

  44. Sari

    I love the full face picture , that ‘s too good haha

  45. diana

    why so serious?

  46. It’s cute, but just it’ll too far off the map for me!

  47. Lina

    Holy smokes! This lipgloss is definitely FUN! Maybe I’ll pick one up for Halloween?? :)

  48. christy

    wow you look so model-esque straight faced. I LOVE IT!

  49. That looks like it would go with that bright blue lipstick that Lime Crime makes… “No she didn’t” I think?

  50. Megan

    This is like rave/basement party gloss. I like it, but could never rock it!

  51. RR

    When I went to the website to take a look, I nearly passed out seeing the variety of colors they have for lips. I love really out there colors, and now subsequently I am broke…

    • This comment made me LOL a little bit! I’m not going to the website for this exact reason. I need to keep some money in my pocket!

  52. About 10 years ago, in my goth phase, I would have absolutely loved this. I’d love to see it layered over a different lipstick, though, like maybe a pale blue-pink.

  53. ali

    this was kinda like an “lolwut” post for me…why on earth would someone put this on the market?!

  54. Fey

    This gloss is absolutely stunning. I love it how it is, the not-quite opaque color. I’m a huge fan of the white and black colors. This blue, though…it’s really great.
    Thank you so much for the swatches. Your dead-pan expression made ME smile.

  55. Sarah

    definitely what Ke$ha wears 😛

  56. Callen

    Ahahah love the serious face 😀

  57. Ester

    Is that like your first non-smiling full face shot? Haha.

    • I’ve had others, but not for awhile, I’d say. I think smiling usually makes you look your best (and thus shows a product in its best “light”), but I felt differently about this product.

  58. Kathylulu

    Eww… I really can’t imagine someone actually wearing this out.

    • RR

      It’s fun to do something crazy though :) It is undoubtedly NSFW, unless you work at Hot Topic, haha.

  59. Vanessa

    Despite the strange colour, you actually look quite cute with it on! :)

  60. Kristy

    Lol! I’m not very used to the serious face at the end. I imagine your teeth with look super white with this on

  61. haha i love the mug, christine!

  62. Evelyn

    oh my. You know, I would have expected it to be completely opaque, it would look better that way. Kind of looks like you were having a blue Italian ice that left blue on your lips!

  63. I love the colour! I wouldn’t wear it out, but I could definitely have some fun with it.

    Christine, the full face shot is awesome! You don’t look impressed by the blueness at all.

  64. Rawrzellers

    I do love that color 😀

  65. Hope

    Kesha was wearing this with war paint on her face and arm in the same color. She looked very cool with this.

  66. michelle

    hahaha loved the straight face! you did the color justice!

  67. lo

    Woah. Just woah.

  68. Lena

    I used to have a blue Lancome Juicy Tube that I would pat over my lipsticks and it really made my teeth look good! I think this gloss could totally have the same effect. I like it :)
    I think that full face shot looks REALLY cool!

  69. Elaine

    you NEED to do a bright blue eyeshadow look to pair with this gloss. it is a must.

  70. Lorna

    if you were a blue and white harlequin for halloween this would look really nice

  71. Callie

    Christine, that color is SO you! hehe

  72. kathy

    hahaha! It needs something, not sure what?

  73. Kat

    You look cool in that photo.

  74. hahahah that is the most PERFECT 😐 face in the world.
    when it comes to the shade, do you think it compares to LC No She Didn’t?

  75. Jenna

    Haha, the packaging looks beautiful with that bright blue colour, but I would never wear it!

  76. WANT!

    I’ve already worn bright blue and purple lipstick out. Why not a blue gloss? 😛

  77. If you were saying something, I imagine you’d be yelling at your Mom to get out of your room, that she doesn’t understand you, and you’ll wear any shade of lip gloss you want! I think I had that same exact fight once…

    I kinda like it!

  78. Elle

    This is serious lawyer Christine face :) You still look awesome though! This would be awesome for halloween or something…and I can totally see Lady Gaga wearing this…

  79. Kelsey

    You look like Lady Gaga! :)

  80. Tekoa

    Yup. Its blue.

  81. Paulina

    fierce!!! i love it!

  82. anna

    best photo ever!
    haha, the serious face is amazing!
    you should do this every time when something crazy comes out (;
    unless you do already.

  83. maomao

    lol I like your face in this one. haha! sassy!

  84. Casey

    I have this gloss! It’s sooo pretty but I have nowhere to wear it :(
    I made a purchase from illamasqua a few months ago and this color was too unusual and fun to pass up!! :)

  85. I just burst out laughing when I saw your pic, Christine!
    You are even pretty with blue lips and no smile.
    I will give this to my little niece to play with. She has a wild streak. :)

  86. Claudia

    Lol omg I expected a big smile. You look mad Christine. But yes this color is not for everyone. If it was a eyeshadow then I would wear it :)

  87. Azaza

    That really is a fun lipgloss

  88. Kay

    Haha, this lipgloss reminds me of Joey off Friends when he did that japanese lipstick for men advert!

  89. No freaking way would I spend money on this, but I always love reading your reviews and I LOVE the last picture

  90. Sari

    I would definetly wear this in public , and I know a girl who does , she says she gets lots of positive comments about it too !

  91. Victoria Maria

    I wonder if this could be used as a gloss over a blue shadow, just carefully applied with a MAC 239.

    What do you think Christine??

  92. Mindy

    It’s unfair how stunning you look straightfaced with blue lipgloss on! :) Love the bada$$ Christine look!

  93. Miss Silver

    This feels so futuristic and avant garde; totally a party lip gloss for a wild night out. Love your choice of photo; simple with eyeliner and gloss. 😀 I looked at the photo and the first thing that came to mind for some reason was AEON FLUX! Love it, but I’m not the party kinda gal.

  94. amelia

    i LOVE your face in the picture!

  95. Ashley Marie

    My favorite part about this is your serious look with such a fun color. Too funny. Love it.

  96. Natalia

    I like it! Will buy if I have a chance to :-)

  97. TT

    This can be used with another lip color to change the tone! Thanks for sharing!

  98. JuliaF

    I think blue lipstick can be wearable. This girl rocks her blue lips! I hope it’s ok to post a link? Or else just delete it from my comment.

  99. Zombii

    Eww, that looks terrible! So streaky and uneven. Total miss, Illmasqua, total miss.

  100. Lmao! Don’t mock the lipstick lol This is kind of a cool color!