Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

If all the eyeshadows in the world disappeared, and you could only have one color, what would it be? Assuming you could magically conjure up one bottomless pan for yourself :)

Temptalia's AnswerAntique gold or pewter! Either would work for me.

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145 thoughts on “If all the eyeshadows in the world disappeared, and you could only have one color, what would it be?

  1. Ali

    Although I don’t use it very much at ALL, I think all that glitters would be a nice, practical choice :)

  2. Michelle

    probably all that glitters

  3. Miss Tish

    Half Baked. :)

  4. Char

    Urban Decay MUSHROOM.. been trying to find a dupe for this little pewtery taupey-ish guy for a LONGGG time. Nothing compares. I keep begging them to make this a single! LOVE LOVE IT! I know they still make it, but I don’t want to waste money on all the other colors in the mariposa or alice kits.

  5. Leah

    Cork e/s. While its not the most exciting color, I could use it all over the lid and blend it out to the crease plus as an eyebrow filler and soft contour shade.

  6. Miss J

    MAC Satin Taupe, please & thank you! :)

  7. Linds

    MUFE aquacream #2!

  8. Jennifer

    Too Faced Heaven

  9. Goldilux or Buttercupcake :)

  10. Erika

    MAC Trax no doubt about it. It’s not terribly unique but I have a special love for this eyeshadow.

  11. Jess

    Plum dressing by M.A.C

  12. Maureen

    Probably a color like MAC’s Hocus Pocus.

  13. Solangel

    Poison Plum

  14. Janet

    Definitely MAC Satin Taupe.

  15. Amy

    Not my absolute favorite color but still love: a shimmery and somewhat sparkly (Think eyeshadows from YSL palettes) light but bright green apple color (like the one from Laneige’s 2011 Spring palette)

    I chose this cuz this only says eyeshadows and I’ve thought about it and all the other colors I want are available as other forms of makeup and this was the only color I could think of that isn’t made in other forms of makeup. >=D loophole YAY!

  16. Ana

    Cranberry or Humid C:

  17. MAC Bare Study Paint Pot šŸ˜€

  18. Jen

    Some sort of brownish color (for a natural nude look) as well.

  19. oh wow, a hard one.. I guess electric purple or pearly taupe.

  20. Sharona

    MUFE Aqua Black Cream eyeshadow…..I can live with just that :)

  21. TygerKitty

    Ummmm probably a silvery gray/gunmetal color… I don’t have a particular one in mind though.

  22. Anette Hoejland

    No doubt – MAC “Club”

  23. Tommy

    Urban decay darkhorse…
    I’d be pretty depressed thinking of it though… I have soooo many favs =/ x

  24. Constanze

    Dazzlelight or All that Glitters! <3

  25. Michelle R.B.

    For the sake of pragmatism, I have to choose pale beige. It covers my eyelid veins whilst going with all other makeup (and clothes and hair), and I can use it for my face too! I’d really rather have some sort of gold or other warm shimmery color, though.

  26. Diane

    Urban Decay’s Half Baked – beautiful color, especially for blue eyes, and one of the softest and most pigmented eyeshaows I’ve ever used!

  27. Gina

    Pewter or silver, eg NARs night light

  28. Heather

    mac saddle!

  29. Quinctia

    I would probably end up creatively adapting other products (no one said I couldn’t combine eyeliner and glitter for de facto eyeshadow), BUT, based on what I tend to wear, I’d probably have to go with a purple. Something nice and plummy. Either that or a shimmery pink, like SWF.

  30. Chiara

    Urban Decay Sin FTW!

  31. Blue- particularly #39 from Cle de Peau that no longer exists…
    that is the only eyeshadow that I use to buy over and over and over again….wore it day after day after day.

  32. tigress

    Stila Kitten

  33. Johanna

    I think a would choose a light shade of taupe.

  34. Dani

    satin taupe :) love it

  35. sarah

    Urban Decay Mushroom!!!! even though it is not permanate…for something that IS permanate i would go with Urban Decay Sin.

  36. iliana

    NARS Etrusque or Stila Kitten or MAC Ricepaper

  37. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn


  38. Either antique gold (Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #14) or white gold (Smashbox Oyster).

  39. gaby

    Club from MAC

  40. my

    A shimmery golden beige or champagne, much like all that glitters. :)

  41. CatherineM

    A nice taupe – the color suits me and works with every look…

  42. cydoniac

    something purple, medium purple, like Mac’s Satellite dreams…I can’t live without purple in my life…!!

  43. Mariella

    It would have to be something in the taupe shades…Satin Taupe, Golden Gaze, Prepped for Glamour, Carbonized or Golden Gaze (MAC), Taupe Grise (Chanel), TheBalm’s Insane Jane or UD Mushroom. A big pan of any of those would be my choice, once I finished screaming and crying.

  44. Orlane

    UD Suspect :) (wish they would make it permanent! )

  45. Softy

    Any black eyeshadow well be good

  46. Angelica

    Mine would hands down be Wet N Wild Nutty. LOVE THAT COLOR!!

  47. despoina

    Espresso by Mac…

  48. Dominique

    My only Pro Longwear from M.A.C !

  49. Yumi

    i hope pigments and cream eyeshadows don’t count! šŸ˜›
    satin taupe for me i think!

  50. MAC woodwinked for me please!

  51. Dee

    Probably All That Glitters. I don’t even use it that much but I think it’s a nice light and neutral color that would go with any makeup look and the sheen would make it less boring for me for everyday use.

  52. Katya

    Nude beige-gold – Burberry ā„–22

  53. Jess

    Lucky green. When it was le, I bid $40 on ebay…and won of course!

  54. Yazmin

    Taupe! my faves are satin taupe, magnetic fields, smudged violet. Cat get enough of them! i could happily live with only that shadow

  55. PJ

    Judging whats in my makeup drawer today, I would have to say Chanel Iillusion d’ombre in illusoire. It applies like a dream– and I love its shimmer. Yep. No other shadow necessary. Before I found it, my go to shadow was BB shimmerwash in heather mauve. (still love it too)

  56. Jenny

    Kitten by Stila! Goes with EVERYTHING!

  57. Mc

    LMdB Corinthian!

  58. Becky

    I would say Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #8 (Champagne)

  59. I’d probably go with a neutral with a bit of a purple tone to it like Nars Ashes to Ashes or Lhasa, so that I’d have something that was easy to wear with everything.

  60. MAC Tweet Me or Urban Decay X. Second choice would be Urban Decay’s Half Baked if the first was not available.

  61. LOL that is one funny question! I’m saying MAC Woodwinked, though I just received NARS Paramaribo (finally!) so I might change my mind. Basically, a nice gold shade will be my pick!

  62. Cindy v

    Taupe!!! It’s one of my favorite colors and there’s so many variations from more grey colors to more purple colors

  63. April

    Stila Cosmetics Kitten…the “pur-fect” champagne shade…helps me look alive & awake when I feel dead tired.

  64. Elle

    Glamazon by Too Faced. It can be used as a shadow and highlighter! Instantly brightens up my face!

  65. GUSnail

    Wow. This is a tough one. I think I have more eyeshadows than any other make up product, combined! First I was thinking of something neutral, like MAC All that glitters, or MAC Indianwood, but I think Iā€™m going to go with MAC Black Tied. You can always find some other powder that can work as a neutral on the eye.

  66. Krista

    Either MAC Tan pigment is all I need. Looks great as an all over wash, on my cheeks, and on my lips. Just works so well on my skintone.

  67. Audrey

    Definitely a taupe shade.

  68. bdncr

    antique gold with olive undertones, like Sumptuous Olive.

  69. Gold or tan, like MAC Tan pigment.

  70. jennifer s

    I would get a color like ud flash. Bright purple. If there is no more eyeshadows in the world, then i would like to enjoy a truly bright color.

  71. Stephanie

    MAC Silver Ring

  72. Em

    All That Glitters or Satin Taupe

  73. Tabi

    Inglot 420P for me. It’s the perfect mauve-y grayish color to be a little interesting and still neutral. It also nicely accentuates my brown eyes.

  74. Martina B.

    Any cooltoned taupe shade could work for me!

  75. heidi

    I would probably cheat and use highlighter, bronzers, and blushes as eyeshadow. So in light of that I’d probably go with half baked. Maybe amber lights or sumptuous olive. I would also make wicked use of eyeliners.

  76. Evelyn

    Oh boy, this is a hard question! I’d probably go with the Laura Mercier caviar stick in amethyst. Does that count as a shadow? lol It makes my eyes stand out at least. Chanel’s Illusore in Epatante would be a close 2nd. :)

  77. Brenda

    a warm matte brown, something like Soba or Soft Brown, or Yaby’s Smoked Maple.

  78. Laurel

    I would have to say taupe! I love to wear taupe and I pretty much wear it everyday either in the crease or on the lid anyway so it wouldn’t be that hard

  79. Florence

    A matte dark peach, like the one in the Wet N Wild Greed palette. it cancels out the darkness on my eyelid and makes my eyes look a brighter! I’ve been looking for a dupe that’s a larger, single eyeshadow, but no luck so far </3

  80. Monica

    Nars Lhasa – I can’t get over how pretty it is

  81. Melanie

    I’d definitely have to go with Woodwinked! I use it a lot as it is, and it’s very versatile!

  82. lou

    Tempting by MAC šŸ˜€

  83. Kore

    Urban Decay’s sin :)

  84. Joanna

    urban decay’s tease – it’s in the naked 2

  85. b

    honey lust by mac… or any deep, warm brown color… both god sends for hazel eyes

  86. Nancy Burden

    MAC “Mulch”.


    This is HARD! You picked two colours, Christine, can I? šŸ˜‰

    Chanel “Taupe Grise”, if I get TWO!

    I can’t seem to do without either of these, here lately.

  87. Eashanna

    Stila’s Grace or MAC’s Patina

  88. Alison

    A nice charcoal, probably!

    Or pewter?

  89. Veronica

    Satin Taupe <3 <3 <3 <3

  90. yamille

    woodwinked, but i will beg for a pallete! šŸ˜‰