Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Apply Red Lipstick

Share your best tips and tricks for applying a beautiful red lipstick!  Feel free to share your first experiences, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and what, ultimately, you found most helpful in learning how to apply red lipstick.  (And if you haven’t conquered it, hopefully some of these tips will help you get there!)

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. If you have problems with the lip color bleeding or feathering, lay down a matching lip liner first, or an invisible lip liner along the edges, to help maintain a crisp line of color.
  2. Apply with a lip brush for precision, as this will allow you to layer on the color and apply it evenly, and it will also let you control and ensure it stays within your natural lip line.
  3. If you’re wearing a really matte formula, apply a hydrating lip balm about a half hour prior to applying your lip color.  If there is excess that hasn’t yet absorbed, blot it off (I usually just kiss the back of my hand) before applying.  (Lip balm can often shorten the wear of a lip color!)

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18 thoughts on “How to Apply Red Lipstick – Tips & Tricks

  1. becca

    i’m going to wear red lipstick for thanksgiving so i’ll be putting these tips to use!

  2. mirian

    I usually will use a stiff lip brush and coat it and then fill in my lips with one coat only. This makes it stay on forever! Then i will line my lips and then just use the lipstick (no brush) to go over it one more time.

  3. Sara

    Yeah, I always have more trouble with it staying on and not ending up on my chin after an hour.

    Mostly with Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure. I wear it and it always ends up all over my face no matter how careful I am

  4. Well I use the lip primer by MAC, then use a matching lip liner. After the first layer of red lipstick, I use loose powder on the lips (on a tissue or a a pad and then “bite” on it). Afterwards the next layer of red lipstick and voila, my red lipsticks definitely last longer and “survive” drinking and eating a lot better than without that powder-step 😉

  5. Dominique

    My tip : bite in a tissue at least 2 times. Apply one layer then bite into a tissue, apply a 2nd layer then bite again, apply generously a 3rd layer. You can also use a HD powder ( MUFE is the best )to make a red lipstick long-wearing.

  6. Chelle

    Odd that you should post this just as I’ve finally solidified what works for me just this very day!

    I had major problems with feathering – to the point where I’d try to clean it up with the edge of my nail, only to make it worse when the edge of my lips puffed out from being poked at constantly in order to correct the line I’d drawn. Thereby making my lips look ridiculously uneven.

    So here’s what works for me:

    Matte lipsticks, forgot anything creamy, it’s going to end up on my teeth no matter what beauty tricks I use. I’ve grown to love Russian Red, and as a result, Brick lip liner. However, even when I covered my lips with foundation (the edges as well), and used a lip liner to line and then fill in, and then applied thin layers of Russian Red over top with a lip brush, I was still suffering from feathering/bleeding. Totally frustrated, I decided to buy MAC’s prep + prime for lips yesterday figuring that if it didn’t work, I could at least return it without a problem.

    Well, there is no freaking way that prep + prime is EVER going back to MAC. That thing is bloody genius. My lips have stayed put all damn day. It’s currently 3:30 pm and I applied this lipstick at 7 am. I’ve re-applied the lipstick once, to the center of my lips to cover the damage that happened during a regular lunch. But other than that? The lines around my lips are perfect. The colour hasn’t budged and I haven’t had to worry about whether or not I’ve got lipstick on my teeth in the middle of my meetings.

    It’s a lot of effort, but it’s worth it!

  7. Alyssa

    I line and fill my entire lips in with a red liner (Wet n Wild has one that works perfectly for me). Then I apply a thin layer use my finger tip to work it into my lips so it stains. Then I apply a thin second layer, blot, then a final thicker third layer. I love red lipstick and I’ve found that Revlon Cherries in the Snow is the longest lasting and most comfortable of the ones that I own

  8. Cindy

    I wear red lipstick on a daily basis – and it NEVER moves – I use Paula Dorf’s Perfect Illusion for lips. It works better than the MAC Prep + prime. Then I use a lipliner, like MAC Cherry, more for definition than anything else. Then I use a lipstick like Kat Von D’s Underage Red, MAC’s Marcel Wanders Gesina or Illamasqua’s Box. The key is to how dry the red lipstick is. On top of Paula Dorf, almost NO lipstick will EVER move, but when going red, the drier it is the longer it stays on. I don’t have issues with dry lips, etc. here in NY, so dry lipsticks work for me. I don’t use lip balm underneath because that would give it too much slip for my taste. A great red that isn’t as dry (but still stays on with the Paula Dorf) is the MAC Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess lipstick.

  9. Danii

    I use Maybeline Color Sensational clear lip liner over Fresh Sugar lip balm (after blotting it to remove excess balm!) and then use my favorite red, NYX Round Case lipstick in Electra, a Russian Red dupe that I do believe is on the Dupe List! Blot, reapply and concealer around my lips to clean up the line and give it the perfect crisp lip look.

  10. I do my foundation first, then do my lips before my concealer. I keep my foundation application about 1cm away from my lipline. I line with lipliner, then fill in the lip with the lipliner – this is THE most important step, as this helps the colour bind. Then I apply the lipstick, straight from the tube, the I use a fine lipliner brush to define the lipline. After that I apply concealer around the lipline. I rarely get bleeding, but I AM 23! I follow these steps for most bright lipcolours.

  11. Veronica

    I have problems with feathering, so I highly recommend using both an invisible liner (Urban Decay’s Ozone is great!) around the edges of the mouth and then using a red liner to outline and fill in the mouth before hand. I’ll then touch up around the edges of my mouth with a concealer brush (you can either use concealer or foundation) before finally swatching on the lip color.

    Personally, I don’t use a lip brush for full application, since I have a steady hand and can get an even line without a brush. I’ll apply straight from the tube and then use the lip brush to perfect the edges, especially if I’m doing a unique shape like a cupid’s bow or a squared off bottom lip.

    For ladies who have sensitive lips like me that dry out easily, I echo Christine’s suggestion to apply balm in advance. Additionally, I usually have to touch up/rebalm every few hours, so I won’t do a second layer of lipstick over the initial swatch. That way, I can just blot it off, apply lip balm over the pencil layer, then reapply the lipstick again. (If you blot inward, then you won’t have to redo the edges of your mouth – just apply from the tube and use your finger to smooth out/spread the shade until it’s even again.)

  12. I don’t have a problem with feathering. However, since my lips are very dry and I do smoke, my main concerns are getting my lipstick to wear off evenly (from being transferred to glass and cigarette filter) and apply evenly, and keeping my lips moisturized.

    1. Pick the right formula for you. I think this is always important, but especially so when it comes to a high-maintenance colour like red. Dry formulas like Ruby Woo, no matter how flattering the colour, just don’t sit comfortably on my lips. My favourites – Cle de peau Beaute Ultra Rich Lipstick and Serge Lutens – are super pigmented, apply smoothly and evenly, but do not have a lot of slip on the lips so they will stay put for longer.

    2. Colour your entire lips with a lipliner before apply lipstick. I usually use a shade that is very close to the lipstick colour. Lipliner has better lasting power than lipstick, so it not only helps the lipstick to stay put, but also prevents the natural colour of your lips from showing through as the lipstick wears off. As a bonus, it is easier to draw a neat and clean lip shape with a pencil first than to fill in the lips with just lipstick.

    3. Apply your lipstick in thin, multiple layers, preferably with a brush. Again, this helps the lipstick to stay put for longer.

    4. Apply a dusting of translucent power between layers of lipstick. Place a single ply of tissue on your lips – carefully, so as not to swear the crisp edges – and then lightly pat some powder over the lips with a puff or a small, fluffy brush. The powder sets the lipstick, extending its staying power.

  13. Safyre

    For red or any more intense lip color (i.e.: bright pink, purple/violet… occ lip tars :P) I suggest using an angled brush – something that’s meant for liner. I feel they give so much more precision than using a standard lip paddle-shaped lip brush and are easier to control.

  14. Kristy

    When wearing reds, I usually take an invisible lip liner and use it after application of lipstick to clean up the lip line, working in short strokes, wiping it off on the back of my hand between strokes so as not to smudge the colour. It helps to soften the edges just slightly and to make sure the lip line is entirely even, but without losing a defined lip line. Plus it will do the job of keeping it from feathering and straying.

  15. Totoro

    My way of applying red lipstick is this:

    1. Apply a red lip liner of a color close to what you are wearing.
    2. Blot off excess lip liner, if there is any. Don’t press too hard!
    3. Apply your red lipstick. You can use a brush for more precise application, but I don’t and I find it just as good as with a lip brush.
    4. Blot off excess lipstick.
    5. Reapply lipstick.
    6. Blot off again.

    THE END!!
    Not really, though. I just have one more thing to add. When I do it this way, it lasted through eating a brownie and then playing pool volleyball, along with under-waterness.

  16. Grat tips Christine!
    I usually use an angled eye liner brush instead of a lip brush.
    This way, I have more control because it’s thinner and also I can paint my cupids bow more precisely.