Monday, March 12th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

How does your beauty routine change for spring? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerAllergy medication! It’s part of my beauty routine, because if I want to make sure my makeup stays on, I need to take it 😉 I also tend to switch to a lighter night time moisturizer as my skin gets less dry after winter.

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29 thoughts on “How does your beauty routine change for spring?

  1. Sally

    I use a lighter daily moisterizer thanks to Dallas’s spring humidity. :)

  2. Miss J

    I feel ya on the allergy meds! That and eye drops! I also tend to like lighter foundations, dewy skin, and opt for more pastels and brights. I’m so excited for the season and warmer weather!

  3. Veronica

    My makeup overall gets a bit lighter, though I don’t really follow the “pastels for spring/vampy for fall” rules. Most noticeably, I start wearing foundation less, and it completely disappears from my itinerary by the time the hotter weather comes in.

  4. Dominique

    Not really. I always use Bio rosewater which is really great for the skin ( every day come rain or come shine ) and my make-up routine hardly ever change except during summer when I use very few products, mostly highlighters or bronzers along with soft colours on the lips. I just give up matte lipsticks during summer and make-up on my eyes ( I use make-up when the weather is cooler though ).

  5. nana k

    During winter I use products like Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizing balm when applying makeup and jojoba facial oil at night. For spring, I tend to go for sth with a lighter texture, and put on sunscreen more often!

  6. GUSnail

    There is a change of the guard in my make up bag. I get a lot oilier so I use a lighter moisturizer, more spf and more matte foundations. Once we really start getting into summer, I usually have to change out for a darker foundation and start using more waterproof products, especially on my eyes.

  7. I switch to sunblock spf 45, and use MAC Blot Powder to handle the oiliness that accompanies said sunblock. :)

  8. Jaime R

    I bust out the oil-blotting sheets. Usually, I can go without them altogether in the winter, but as soon as I get anywhere near the nicer temperatures, my T-zone looks like a grease-fest.

  9. Jamie

    Lol allergy medication for me as well. I also wear a lighter foundation and more spring colored shadows. like light blues and greens and pinks.

  10. Gidget

    Waterproof/resistant mascara for them watery allergy eyes

  11. jenny

    Peaches and corals enter the rotation 😉

  12. army wife in alaska

    No change on skin routine since it’s pretty much still winter in AK, but I’d probably use more of my colorful MAC shadows.

  13. Angelina Diaz

    Oil blotting sheets appear in my purse and wearing more obnoxious in your face bright lip colors. :)

  14. Em

    I start wearing less liquid foundation and more powder foundation (by the middle of summer I’ll only wear powder foundation). As for colors, I tend to reach for brighter and softer shades like lavendar and aqua. I also start using bronzer and highlighters more often.

    If anyone can help: This year I want to find my perfect coral lip color and cheek color. Any suggestions? I’m pretty fair (NC15 in MAC.

    • Kate

      Em, I’m NC15 (dark hair and eyes, a bit sallow and pinky all at once) and a coral junkie! My lips are pretty pigmented so I tend to go for more full-on coral. For inexpensive lipsticks, I love these two from Revlon: Colorburst Lipstick in Coral (more orang-y red) and Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral (more pinky). I’ve heard Siren is excellent as well.

      Favorite coral cheek colors: MAC Melba (more of a matte peach), MAC Springsheen (sparkly pinky-peach) and Benefit Coralista

      Good luck!

    • Kayla

      I hope someone replies! I’m NC15 as well (if not lighter) and I’d love to hop on the coral trend, but it seems everything turns way too orange on me.

    • Miss J

      My favorite coral blush is NARS’ Gilda. I’m NC20ish right now, but will be about NC25-30 during the summer. It’s honestly an all-year-round favorite for me, but it gets so much love during spring and summer! I also am a big fan of MUFE Aqua Cream #9 (Coral). Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in either Cabo Coral or Calypso Coral both are good options, too, for a cream product. You may also want to check out MUFE HD Blush in Quickie, which is a salmon pink.

  15. beachgal

    Nothing much changes. I don ‘t wear much make up in the non summer months anyway. My skin care can change a little if I have a hormonal thing were I am getting a tish more oily – but for the most part where I live is not that warm. I do like to use various spray refreshing ‘waters’ on my face and neck in the summer, esp when I come in from outside or it’s a rare sticky day even inside.

  16. Leenie

    I change my heavy moisturizer to a lite weight moisturizer

  17. gabriella

    Lighter moisturizer, I stop wearing liquids and switch to just powder, more acne fighting products lol, frizz fighting hair products, deep hair masques more often, I use hydrocortisone and clindimycin on my skin because it gets awful this time of year! They are both prescription. Maybe lighter makeup colors as well. And a lighter shower gel/body moisturizer. Ok I’m done. Lol

  18. Rainy

    Spring and Summer I have to cut all products out of my routine except lipstick/gloss and eyeshadow, with the occasional eyeliner. I become obsessive in summer with sunblock and all it does is ruin face powders/blush.

    Chicago winters usually let me get away with the spf in my make up, but even the slightest bit of a bright day (like today) and I burst into flames without 75+.

  19. Rachel

    I’m with you on the allergy medication. This week has been the beginning and I’m feeling it. I also tend to go with more natural lip things and move away from lipstick. Sometimes just with strawberry chapstick.

  20. Cindy Tran

    I go very light on the skin and very light on the eye make up. I generally dont do much to my eyes anyway but when spring rolls around I ditch eyeliner altogether. I add extra lashings of mascara instead and I switch to cream or liquid blush/highlighter to keep things fresh [as spring would dictate]. BOLD lips all the way for spring. Bright pinks, peaches, and corals for the win.

  21. Dinitchka

    I do much lighter and fresher looks.

    Dark, smoked out eyes are ONLY for night time. I stick with a lot of neutrals, teals, light greens, oranges, yellows, golds and pink.

    Peach, pink and coral blushes.

    More lipgloss than lipstick.

    As long as my skin is good, I switch to a BB cream, tinted balm or tinted moisturizer.

    I tend to be more in tune with SPF during the Spring months.

  22. Makaegan

    I definitely need the allergy medicine, too. Mine are mostly eyedrops, but I’ve actually had to use them most of the winter this year…
    And then, of course, I don’t use quite as heavy of a moisturizer at night (and sometimes I’ll skip it altogether and just use my serum). I stop mixing my Neutrogena Dry Touch with moisturizer and start just using the sunscreen as a moisturizer.

    For my hair, I switch out my regular shampoo/conditioner for something that brightens or maintains red hair because my hair gets very red toned in the summer (and I looove it!). And I also add some anti-humidity or weather protection products to combat the tricky northeast weather.

    And my makeup tends to get a lot lighter. When the sun starts appearing more I find myself using less makeup because I look healthier than I do when it’s cold and dry outside. I’ll switch out a heavy, full coverage foundation and powder for something lighter or just use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream and a setting spray. I use lighter eyeshadow and lip colors and put away most of the really dark colors. And I’ll definitely get to break out my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette again :) And I tend to not use blush in the warmer months, either.

  23. I don’t change anything really apart from the fact that pastels and acid bright eye shadows and nail polishes get an outing again.

  24. Elle

    It is more simple. I used tinted moisturizers mixed with liquid illuminators, cream blush, and fun colored glosses!

  25. Iris

    I don’t use a moisturizer for the night anymore, I only need that during the winter and I switch to my foundations for warmer wheater, with SPF. During the winter these foundations dry my skin out. Other than that nothing really changes for me :)