Monday, November 7th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

How do you apply your eyeshadow primer/base? Brush, fingers, sponge-tip applicator? Does it depend on the consistency? How so?

Temptalia's AnswerI always use MAC’s 249 to apply the primer, regardless of the consistency — whether it’s thick, thin, or liquid.

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40 thoughts on “How do you apply your eyeshadow primer/base?

  1. I dot a bit on my eyelid, then blend out with my finger. pretty simple. I’ve never used a brush.

  2. Fingers, I just my fingers for all aspects of my eyes. I know they are clean because I do it after I washed my face…I probably wash my hands like 5 different times in the morning haha.

  3. Despite having large, unwieldy sausage fingers, I always use them to apply primer.

  4. Christina

    I always apply it with my fingers; it’s quick and easy :)

  5. Britta

    With th UDPP i use my fingers, but for creamier consistencies (Paint Pot, Aqua Cream) I prefer a MAC 217 type of brush.

  6. MACcutie08

    I always use my fingers.

  7. MaNaR

    Fingers the easy way

  8. Tigress

    My fingers! Easy peasy.

  9. Just the old ring finger on the eyelid trick!

  10. Yazmin

    to myself, i use fingers, to anyone else i will use a brush, i got a sheer cover concealer brush, and i use that.

  11. Sunny

    I use UDPP and just my fingers. I always apply makeup right after washing my face/hands, so I don’t really have hygiene concerns here.

  12. I just use my fingers!

  13. Natalie

    I use my fingers – I just find it easier!

  14. Kimme

    Always with my fingers. I am looking to try the new sigma percisions brushes that are like fingers so excited about that cant wait to try :0)

  15. Kelly

    I just use clean fingers, works like a charm!

  16. Carolito

    Normally I first use a synthetic brush, like the ones for cream eye shadows (most of the time Bobbi Brown’s), and then my fingers to blend.

  17. Nadia

    Almost always with fingers.

  18. Lee

    I dot on UDPP with the applicator and then blend it out with my fingers and over that I apply a paint pot with a MAC brush (it’s one for creams, maybe a 242?). I have to double up on the primer/base ’cause my eyelids are so heavy and hooded.

  19. Amanda

    I use NARS Smudgeproof, so I just use the doe-foot applicator and rub in with my fingers

  20. Michelle Brown

    I squeeze a dollop of primer on a clean fingertip before dabbing half of the dollop on one eyelid and the other half on the other eyelid. Then, I use the fingertip to spread the primer all over my lids and browbones.

  21. Meg

    Put it on the lid and blend with my finger.

  22. I use the mac 188, I love it!

  23. Meiya

    For primers like TFSI or UD Primer Potion – I’ll use my finger.

    For MAC Paintpots used as a base, I’ll generally use a brush
    – 235 for a thin wash across the lid or on the brow
    – 242 for placing on the lid (I find that for colored paint pots, this brush is great for making the color not too sheer and not too packed on)
    – 234 or 217 if I’m using the PP as a base for a smokey eye

  24. Garianne

    I use the wand to apply a little of UD primer potion on my lid and then spread it around the entire lid & undereye lid with my finger. I like using my finger because it can feel if I have used too much.

  25. Carrie Ann

    I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I just apply it with my ring finger.

  26. ericca

    If it is primer with the sponge applicator but if it is a base then i would apply it with a clean finger and blend it in

  27. summerblue

    My pinkie! But, as I have the 249 (sterling brush by the way; I have 2)I shall try it.

  28. CeeBee

    I tried using brushes (both synthetic and natural) and I just couldn’t get even coverage or enough product on my actual eyelid as opposed to in the bristles of the brush (which then required multiple washings) – I’m lazy like that…

  29. Joan

    Fingers for primer, MAC # 242 brush for paint pots

  30. Becca

    I use TFSI, and I squeeze a bit onto my middle finger, then dot onto my eye and blend, repeating for the second eye.

  31. Veronica

    Depends on what I’m using. If I’m doing foundation beforehand, I’ll use the concealer brush to brush it on. Most of the time, however, I’ll just use the applicator to spread it in the middle of the area I’m covering, then use my fingers to cover the lid.

  32. I like to use my fingers because it feels more “melted” and blended that way.

  33. M.

    Smear on with the doe-foot, blend with ring finger.

  34. Stacy

    I use my ring finger.. :)

  35. Liz

    Regardless of the type of primer (pot, tube or wand) I always warm it up between my fingers, then apply onto the eyelid with my fingers as well. Quick and simple, no need to complicate this part of my makeup routine.

  36. Andreea

    Always with a concealer brush.

  37. camilla armitage

    I apply a yellow-based primer {which I can’t use on my face for that reason} on my lids with my fingers and let it sink in for 15-20 minutes before I apply my make-up.

  38. Jill

    yay just saw that you posted my question! thanks christine! :) been so busy this week I haven’t had much chance to read your blog – catching up now :) good to know I am in the majority – use my fingers. may try a brush now though.