Monday, January 10th, 2011

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss ($28.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a wicked shade of fiery red with a part-chrome, part-metallic finish. It has a definite orange-base, but this the strength of the red really is pulled to the forefront. Think Kat Von D Adora… but more. It is such a rich, luxurious gloss that applies beautifully and evenly while delivering opaque color with very little product. The wear is fantastic (four to six hours), and it’s moisturizing while you wear it. There is a light, sweet scent–reminiscent of perhaps creme brulee–that doesn’t feel overwhelming nor smell synthetic.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: Yes, yes, and yes. I have to try more to see if the whole range performs as well as Siren, but I look forward to whatever shade I try next. I just wish they’d inject a wee bit more into each tube — at 0.12 oz., they fall below average, and though it certainly is a vibrant, pigmented gloss and doesn’t need a lot of product to deliver that color, it’s still a little low.

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Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

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Where can I purchase Siren? How much is it?

Hourglass, $28.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Kat Von D Adora.

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119 thoughts on “Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. This is gorgeous! Looks really pretty on you :)

  2. Ani_BEE

    Now that’s a lip Lacquer! Definitely worth the money, this is however the deepest shade they have so I’m wondering if they all have the same finish.

    • I have the extreme sheen lipgloss in Truth, and it’s a medium pigmented cream finish, quite different from Siren’s opaque metallic.

  3. zombiilove

    I tried this on in Sephora a few weeks ago and it was glorious. I thought it was only part of a three pack? Nice to know it’s sold separately. Expensive? Yes. The only red that doesn’t look like a clown made out with me? Yes. Must. Have.

  4. Erica

    This looks awesome! I went to (not affiliated) to see if they were selling these and they have a limited edition set of three colors each @ .12 oz (including siren and two others) for $45! thats a savings of $39. I’m gotta get them! here’s the link. hope it’s OK that I posted this!

    • Ani_BEE

      Considering the markup is only $5 more CAN that is a good deal.

    • anonymous

      very cool. I like how they packed it with the nudes to tone it down if you wanted. sadly don’t think it would look as good on me as christine (but wallet says yay)

  5. wow that is really pigmented! it’s such a gorgeous shade! and i like how it looks on your lips. :)

  6. That is so stunning on you! I definitely need to give red another try.

  7. Isabelle

    I need this in my life!

  8. Lyn

    wow! That color is bright and can stay on for 4-6 hours without drying your lips out? PHENOMENAL!

  9. wow. that’s gorgeous!

  10. Chloe

    It looks gorgeous on you, Christine!! By the way, how do you get the lines around your lips so straight? It looks so flawless!

  11. Nathalie

    Oh wow that is a gorgeous color! (and looks REALLY good on you!) It almost looks fake, it’s so perfect.

    (BTW, I like this “post FAQ”…has that always been there?)

  12. Exciting color! it’s suit you :)

  13. Diane

    Whoa. Amazing. I can’t imagine myself wearing it, but it is STUNNING!

  14. Inky

    aaahh stop that – you know I am a sucker for Adora and wished I’d bought two of them – this is already in my shopping cart now!

  15. Vita

    thats a lipgloss! Hotdamn! Hold the phone, I need to get that NOW

  16. Kadi

    Gorgeous…reminds me of MAC’s Fanplastico laquer.

  17. I am a Extreme Sheen collector (hoarder!) Siren is def. the most pigment of the line. And the only one with that metallic, lacquer finish. But even the sheerer shades have beautiful, more-than-typical-gloss coverage. I know you are a coral fan too, try Lush next. It’s gorgeous!

  18. Sam

    Ahh I just bought this lipgloss the other day!! I saw in in Sephora and I looooooved it, there was no way I was letting it go. Unfortunately, it only came in a set of 3 glosses – they didn’t have it seperate. I don’t know if that’s how they do it in Sephora for all their lipglosses, but I was kinda irked. I don’t really like the other 2 glosses. This is the first (and probably one of the only) times I’ve ever bought a whole set of something for just one thing!

  19. Lena

    Christine, you look like a doll wearing this! Now I want it so bad so I can be a doll too! :)

  20. Fey

    If Jean Gray was a real person, this is the lip gloss she would wear.

  21. Lucie

    Wow. That is an awe-inspiring red. Finally a dupe for Adora, which I wanted soooo much but it sold out too fast!

  22. K7P*

    WOW! LOL Shade is almost blinding! So gorgeous though, super intense.

  23. Victoria B.

    Wow, SO stunning!

  24. OMG! It looks great on you! Plus great reviews… must get one!

  25. Victoria

    I love that color Christine! I’m glad its permanent so that I can save up :). Quick question: looks like you’re wearing a lip liner with that. If so, what color is it? Thanks!

  26. Isabella

    Wow, you are stunning in this, I would definitely keep this if I were you!

  27. I love how this looks on you. I also love wearing this dabbed on the centre of the lip ontop of a red lipstick (like the La Perla runway makeup)

  28. Banan

    oh muh gosh! love it!

  29. lustrebonbon

    Did you line your lips or just gloss them? Amazed. Must have it.

  30. Michelle

    Wow!! That is really intense!

  31. Deborah

    Christine, please stop! Everything looks good on you and you make me want to have it all! When I end up having to give up my TV to buy more makeup, it will all be your fault 😛

  32. H

    Does anyone know where I can get this or Adora internationally? We don’t have Sephora in my country and I couldn’t find anything on eBay. :( Am I just out of luck?

  33. kasiaj85

    This is gorgeous. Period.

  34. AnGeLwInGz

    That gloss is AMAZING!

  35. Christina

    You can definitely pull this off, I don’t think I could! Looks great!!

  36. Polly

    OOOH! So stunning pretty!

    Reminds me of red glass Christmas ornament, holiday atmosphere 😀

    I just can’t love it coz I can’t reach it! so pitiful me :{ But I won’t Leave It for sure!

    Is MUFE Metal gloss (that you’ve recently reviewed) comparable to this in term of the look or texture?

  37. Lauren

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

  38. Dee

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like it? Something is not right about the shine or the color.

  39. Virginia

    I have to have this.

  40. rachel

    Hourglass Fortune Extreme Sheen lip gloss is a peachy pink shot through with gold “gleam”. Covers just like Siren and has the same luxurious feel. I would highly recommend picking it up ASAP.

  41. Really gorgeous, it makes me think of the red shoes in the Wizard of Oz !

  42. Dawn

    Wow, just wow!!

    I wish we could get that here in the UK

  43. Adelita

    Hi Christine,
    How it compares to Make Up For Ever Metal Lab Shine Lipgloss M10 & Kat Von D Adora? Which one that has the most deep red, blue-tone & metallic finish?
    Thanks for the lovely swatch as always!

    • Closer to Adora, though obviously more orange. Lab Shine is the bluer red I would say. Hourglass has the best metallic finish.

      • Adelita

        I’m sold at “Hourglass has the best metallic finish”. I don’t even care with the orangish tone to it, maybe I can put bluish red lipstick beforehand (to make it less orange?? *crossing finger*)
        I can’t wait until my Siren come!

  44. crystal

    I saw these extreme sheen lipglosses in their new packaging and they have .24 oz now :)

  45. Sharon

    HOT DAMN!!!

  46. This looks beautiful on you, Christine! I also LOVE this color, and I am never one for red lipstick or lipgloss. Purchased it in the 3 pack. Hourglass products (especially the shadows) are phenomenal. I am also in love with their lipgloss called Primal…. absolutely gorgeous! :)

  47. lissa

    wow– looks scary in the tube but very flattering on you. very warm red.

  48. wow…. this is so intense color christine! luvit!!!

  49. What a Christmassy color!

  50. Bernice

    WOW ‘siren’ is such a fitting name !

  51. Nic

    I’m not really keen on spending $28 for a gloss (maybe if there were more in the tube…), but that color is gorgeous. Very pretty. :)

  52. Steph

    What’s the texture like? I recently picked up Illamasqua Hermetic gloss because it looked so beautiful but the texture is so thick and sticky that I don’t enjoy wearing it.

  53. Love the way Hourglass lipglosses look on lips, but for some reason, I can’t stand the smell…I had an Hourglass gloss, but tossed it b/c the smell was pretty unbearable. Maybe I’m just sensitive to scents.

  54. Dianna*

    Are you sure you didn’t photoshop this? lol. It doesn’t even look real!

  55. Porcelain

    Ohmygosh, I need every gloss in the line, RIGHT NOW.

    My poor credit card :(

  56. Wow! I must own that!

  57. Michelle

    I like a touch of this on top of Icon

  58. Maya

    Thats seriously not boring!

  59. what a strange colour but it fits you a lot!!!
    you look good with all the reds

  60. I had to go and order this, well, I actually got the 3 pack as it’s much cheaper, plus I picked up the Lagoon eyeshadow duo for free delivery. Oh dear! :) By the way, UK readers, you can get this from Zuneta and if you use the code JANZU, you get 12.5% off (before VAT for some reason)!

  61. Dollymix8

    Stunning! Very original colour!

  62. Angela

    I literally gasped when I saw this color. Metallic reds are so up my alley!

  63. Heather

    Ok wow. That looks BEAUTIFUL.

    What’s the difference between chrome and metallic?

  64. Jackie

    Oo0o0ohhHhhhH…! Love it!

  65. Maggie

    Weird – I bought this as a single at my local Sephora (they have the individuals in stock still), and it contains .24oz. That’s really irritating that they changed the packaging and reduced the amount by 50% while keeping the price the same! Guess I should grab a few more at Sephora before they’re gone!

    • Maggie

      Ah, looks like it’s perhaps the other way around, reading the comments above. If they’ve changed the packaging to include twice as much product, then yay :)

  66. egon

    Thats one gorgeous color but sadly this brand isnt available where I live =(

  67. Whoa!! That is some intense color. I’m happy this shade is available outside of a set now, yay!

  68. Sonya

    Beautiful! I was wondering if you lined your lips as well? The application looks so precise :)

  69. Jessica

    This is beautiful. Would it work out for someone that is cool-toned?

  70. Effie

    Amazing… i just fall in love with this brand lately.@@

  71. Liz

    that is such a gorgeously opaque color.

  72. Jackie

    whoaaa that’s hot!

  73. Shannon

    omg that is some amazingly BRIGHT lipstick. my eyes actually felt a little…burnt? because it’s just so strong. talk about a showstopping kind of red! it’s awesome!

    how do you get the perfect edge with these pigmented glosses or even lipstick? I find it easier to control on a lipstick, but for liquid lipsticks and glosses with the doe foot wand, so hard! D: do you use a separate brush?

  74. Janet

    WOW. I haven’t loved a lip product based on just photos since Chanel Lip Lacquer in Dragon!

  75. Luciana

    this is so unbelievable!!!!!!

  76. Fitrah

    Christine, do you happen to own any of the Milani Glitzy Glamour Glosses? I just got back from picking up the shade “All About Me” and I think it may be a legitimate dupe. Now, I don’t own Siren (but how many times have I come *this* close to spending the 28 bucks!) but–this is all based on your pictures–they look identical in the tube. On me, the Milani gloss looks a touch less opaque and metallic and the color isn’t as orange as the Hourglass gloss.

  77. Sharon

    I love love love Adora….but it is so hard to remove. Is this hard to remove compare to Adora?

  78. Snorkita