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Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner ($32.00 for 0.028 oz.) is a felt-tipped liquid liner that’s specially designed with a really fine tip. The formula is described as long-wearing with a quick dry down to prevent smearing and transfer. It’s available in only one shade–Jett–which is black.

Like many black liquid eyeliners, it does have a tendency to photograph brown in swatches, though it does look like a medium black in real life. It’s not an ultra deep black, but it’s not a soft black either; it’s a happy medium of the two. It applies smoothly, gliding on with ease, and the color is distributed evenly without dragging. There’s no patchiness in the color, so you won’t have to go back over the same area twice. When swatched on my arm, it did bleed around the edges, but I did not notice any bleeding until I was cropping the swatch photograph. I didn’t spot any bleeding eyeliner when I tested it on my eyelid, but it does make me want to note that it might do so if you have more wrinkly eyelids.

It’s budge- and smudge-proof, and I’d even go so far as to say it’s very nearly waterproof. It had no problem lasting through a shower. I do need a more robust eye makeup remover like Lancome Bi-Facil to remove it, but it doesn’t require elbow grease to do so. The lines you can draw with this are quite thin and precise, and you can curve around the lash line easily in one motion. The thinness and smallness of the tip may require a few practice runs, but you’ll hit your stride with little work–especially if you are a liquid liner pro.

Because of the slight bleeding on my arm swatch, I did take that into account for the rating. ¬†While I did not experience it personally on my actual eyelids, there are several liquid liners that I’ve swatched in the past month or so that did not have any inkling of bleeding even on the arm, so it is something to consider depending on the texture of your natural lids (mine are fairly smooth).

The Glossover



The precision of this eyeliner is where it excels, so it will work best for those who like thinner lines; if you often do thicker eyeliner, I'd recommend going for Hourglass' Calligraphy Eyeliner or another felt-tip eyeliner of choice.











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Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

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42 thoughts on “Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. This looks really cool for thin lines, if a bit pricey.

  2. I like how thin of lines you can get, but I don’t think i would pay $32 for this when I can buy buy something I really like from elf for $1. I know you don’t like elf, but I can’t resist for $1!

    • I just don’t support companies that choose not to respect other people’s copyrights. I haven’t tried enough of their products to say whether they’re good or bad.

      • katie

        what copyright did elf violate? i’m sort of “meh” about their products but am interested in what you mentioned.

        • They used an image of my eye makeup in a newsletter, which promoted e.l.f. products even though I did not use any e.l.f. products in the look. It took 8 weeks to get ANY response from them, and I had to get to them via Twitter. They apologized and said it would never happen again. That particular incident was really upsetting, because 30 different readers forwarded me the newsletter, confused as to why it appeared there–and the last thing I want is someone thinking I’m promoting a product when I’m not. At present, they continue to use (without permission, and I have already contacted them numerous times) images of my eye in 2-3 of their beauty tips on their website (last I checked, which was a week or so ago).

          You can get stock imagery for a few bucks or even free–especially at the small sizes that they use–and as a business, they have no excuse not to obey copyright laws.

          • Debra

            I’m a bit shocked at their stupidity. You (temptalia) are your eye. I mean, your site has been partly built on how you do your eye makeup (among other things). So, what’s next, your lips?

            • You’d be surprised! e.l.f. has been the first really large company to do it, but there are a lot of small businesses, etailers, and eBay sellers who frequently use photos – the reason I don’t watermark is because I don’t want to compromise quality, because I care more about the value readers get out of the photos at the end of the day. It’s a struggle, though!

            • Debra

              Well, I never bought from that company and now won’t. Ethics in advertising may sound like a joke but the paying public can demand better and get better. I know that ebay is ripoff rudeness on an hourly basis, but for a large business to engage in ripping off a self-made entrepreneur — have a latte and laugh, huh?

            • Very true! *sips Starbucks*

            • terry

              We’d support you no matter what. To hell with cheapo rubbish companies…

            • Swathi

              OMG ! That is so really cheap of that company ! I heart Temptalia and your reviews ! You really shaped my thinking and liking about makeup coz everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that I know about makeup was through your reviews Christine. Later slowly I started reading others. But your and Karen’s are the tops for me !

            • Mer

              Not going to buy E.L.F. Products anymore, and plan to let my friends know about this as well. It’s ridiculous of them to behave this way.

          • Hiromi

            wow, that is absolutely ridiculous. how could a company as established as elf ignore such a thing?

            i’ve never bought anything from them, but neither WILL i now that i’ve heard about this. I can get the same type of product elsewhere. this is really disappointing.

            they need to realise that a customer’s opinion about a company stretches further than simply the quality of its products.

            • Just running through the images they have in their beauty tips section makes it look like they just googled for images and used ones that suited their purpose, which isn’t the right way to do things when you’re a business, but I know I’m not the only one who had photos lifted!

          • Gina

            I just did some searching, and under “island eyes” in beauty tips looks like your eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more. That’s so awful of them to not remove it. I don’t think I can support elf either because of that.

          • katie

            wow.. that’s extremely unprofessional. could you take legal action against them?

            • Yes, but I don’t have $5,000 to spend on a lawyer, unfortunately!

            • Joani

              Hi Christine,
              Are you based out of NY or NJ, if so I have an attorney who might be able to help you for less then 5000.

            • I’m in CA, and I’m still trying to go through other channels, like their web host :)

            • Joani

              Oh CA, lucky girl. I wish you luck going thru other channels, try telling them all of your readers will put in a mass tort action if they do not take your pics down, that usually works with big corps.

          • nitnot

            About elf: I bought a blush to try the brand out (couldn’t resist the price) but for $3, you get a measly amount of product, terrible packaging and the blush fades by a few hours. The lack of staying power was enough for me, but the packaging is SO crappy it flew off my hands and that was the end of it. Also it will leak product excess to your make up bag, your dressing table… wherever it’s placed. I have found amazing products for the same price or just a little more – Maybelline Dream Mousse and NYX blush for starters.

            So that was all I know of elf, wouldn’t buy it again, wouldn’t recommend for anyone. But hearing this, Christine, I’m going to recommend people NOT to buy them. I understand how you feel because I manage a site too and a print tabloid in my country lifted an article off my blog without permission or credit or compensation.

      • Steph

        It is very unfortunate that they would do that. I’m glad you shared that with us.

      • Stephanie

        I have seen your lips on numerous other blogs and websites!!! CRAZINESS!

  3. Zoe

    This would be great for drawing on fake lash lines to enhance lashes!

  4. Ally

    I thought you couldn’t wear liquid eyeliner.

  5. Ooh, this is cool – but a tad pricey!

  6. Izzy

    This looks lovely, but a bit too pricey for me :(

    Are there any other felt tip style eyeliners with such thin applicators?

  7. Tic-tac-toe! The color is nice, but it’s a little pricey for me.

  8. Stephanie

    Thanks for this! I put this liner on my shopping list on sephora.com but was unsure of it! I think ill give it a try my eyelids are smooth :)

  9. Honeybumblebee

    I like the look of the brush and how fine the line is. But the bleeding didn’t look to good to me and for 32 dollars I an get a nice marker eyeliner to do the same thing. Nah, I’ll pass on this one.

  10. Ruby

    how would this compare to MAC’s Superslick liquid eye liner (besides drawing a thinner line of course, im actually asking about the pigmentation) ?

  11. Nicole

    This was expensive, but I love how precise it is! I really struggle getting such a thin line with gel liners, so I love this. I do need more practice, because the tip is sooooo tiny! My only fear is that the tip might dry out quickly. Time will tell!

  12. Dorna

    Would you say that this has a similar shade of back as Lancome’s artliner, or is it richer? I’m trying to find something with similar precision but a little more oomph!

  13. I love a product that is bugdeproof and smudgeproof… would want to get this product but the price threw me off. I’ve seen other Asian brands that are just as good but cheaper. :)

  14. meme

    Would not pay the $ unless it was a to die for, won’t move for 2 days dark black…not a in-between black. Thanks for the review so I won’t be tempted to blow it on this one when I am hit at a weak moment since I AM looking for THE liquid black liner right now.

  15. AZ

    I know this is from a while ago but I recently purchased the calligraphy eyeliner. When you tested this out, was the point prickly or hurt your eyelid? That happened to me.. and I’m not sure if it’s because the one I got is just dried up or all of them are harsh on the eyelid.. It’s kind of a shame because I loved the formula and the concept but I totally did not expect it to hurt my eyes