Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Mascara for Dramatic Lashes?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so awful?

Thanks to Susan for today’s topic!

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54 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Mascara for Dramatic Lashes

  1. rwpennell

    Great Lash and Blinc! Both are awful for my lashes. They actually make them look shorter than they are which is hard to do with mascara!

  2. candleashes


  3. ashleynicolee

    Maybeline Falsies! The wand is too bendable and the formula is terrible and does nothing it claims to do. Loreal Million lashes is by far my favorite drugstore mascara and I find it to be almost an exact dupe for Benefit’s They’re real mascara. The difference being Loreal’s holds better and doesn’t move where as Benefit’s moves my lashes if I touch them throughout the day.

    • EmiliaJaneNavazio

       @ashleynicolee Yes, Loreal Million Lashes is also my favorite drugstore mascara. I think it is often over looked by a lot of people a  great drug store product but it never clumps my lashes. I is also great to use to even out your lashes if they are already clumped by another mascara, and you don’t have to time to take off and re apply

      • Veronica

        I recently tried Million Lashes after seeing it pop up in the comments so many times, and I have to admit I’m really impressed at the wear.  It’s definitely in my top there “go-to” list now.

  4. xamyx

    Lancome Definicils; while this is one of my favorite mascaras of all time for “everyday” wear, it doesn’t provide the “in-your-face” volume that I prefer.

    • aless

       @xamyx definicils doesn’t claim to give volume to your lashes… if that’s what you were looking for, i suggest hypnose drama or the original hypnose.

  5. Kari

    seconded maybelline falsies! while it still works great as a mascara, it definitely does not give volume like fake lashes like it says it’s going to. the wand is also a bit strange to me and it also deposits a lot of product onto my lashes to the point it sometimes makes them a bit clumpy. my normal covergirl professional mascara gives better volume than the falsies!

  6. Tamara

    I recently tried Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes and I hate it. It clumps my lashes together and because of that makes it look like I have less lashes.

  7. lauramarie100

    Anything by Maybelline, and Lancome Definicils. I can’t understand why these are popular.

    • Amanda

       @lauramarie100 I second the Maybelline comment. Anything by Maybelline makes my lashes heavy and goopy in one thin coat. Haven’t tried the Lancome one.

  8. t_zwiggy

    Diorshow!!! Dry, thick, flaky and smudgy mess. Yuck!

  9. Miss J

    Benefit’s They’re Real should be changed to Benefit’s They’re Really Ugly. I’d only use this if I wanted dramatically ugly lashes. OKAY, so I’m being a bit overdramatic, LOL. This was just sooo hyped up to give dramatic lashes with that false lash look, but it just clumps my lashes together and makes them look nasty, and have seen very few with this mascara looking good on the lashes. I haven’t actually found the perfect dramatic lash mascara, yet. How does everyone like the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess? I first learned about  the GA Eyes to Kill Mascaras from MakeupByTiffanyD on YT, but that’s not a good reference since she already has fairly long, full, wispy lashes. I have fine, sparse, stick straight lashes that point downward, and they are short to medium length. My lashes disappear so easily when wearing certain makeup looks, and putting on lashes to combat that is just a PITA!

    • GenaCunningham

      I’ve tried many different kinds of mascara, but I keep going back to DiorShow.  It gives me really nice volume AND length. Try it!

      • Miss J

         @GenaCunningham Thanks for the suggestion, Gena! It’s been many moons since I’ve tried it, so I’ll have another go at it. :)

  10. CiaraAinsleyFears

    The Falsies! Want spider lashes within one coat? Get this mascara!

  11. Liz9969

    Benefit’s They’re Real is really easy to mess up. I can only use one coat.  Two coats and my eyelashes look a mess.  

  12. Danielle

    The new Too Faced false lash nylon extension system.  It seriously gave me like four really gross looking lashes since they all clumped together like glue.  I tried using a lash comb and it didn’t help.  When I tried to take it off it came off in wierd chunks.  It’s a good idea but they failed.  I’ll stick to my diorshow :)

  13. SophiaK

    i don’t know! never had a really bad mascara…just a couple ones that did not work for me, like mac x, full and soft (maybelline)

  14. Vivdoll

    Givenchy… Phenomen eyes.  It makes my lashes look so sparse!

  15. Christina Major

    Maybelline Falsies. Gives me a natural look…

  16. Marianne Bekebrede

    DiorShow… Drags my lashes down and makes them look like I plastered a tarantula on my eyes.

  17. Michelle Young

    YSL faux cils. Consistency dry, does nothing for me at all.

  18. Susannah Kent

    Yup diorshow blows dont get the hype

  19. Haley Jurkiewicz

    The Maybelline great lash, it’s way too wet for my lashes and they always clump together. Boo!

  20. Ashley Wilson

    L’oreal voluminous million lashes… Doesn’t really do anything lol. Crap mascara.

  21. Amanda Kay

    Covergirl lashblast is horrible! Clumpy lashes and same goes for Mac zoomlash.. I love the brush and formula of max factors lash extension effect…

  22. Amanda Kay

    Covergirl lashblast is horrible! Clumpy lashes and same goes for Mac zoomlash.. I love the brush and formula of max factors lash extension effect…

  23. Isabela Gerhard

    L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes and Smashbox Dna are both disappointing

  24. Nicola

    I’d have to agree with those who are saying Maybelline Falsies or any Maybelline Mascaras in the first place. As far as drugstore brand mascaras go, I’m a big fan of the L’Oreal ones, especially the million lashes.

  25. kellie

    Maybelline Great Lash and Rimmel Sexy Curves.  Both were a big bore.  Had to let both of them turn ancient before they gave my lashes even a little bit of drama.  I would also add Maybelline’s One By One because of the horrible smell but, the stuff is great for bold lashes.

  26. EmiliaJaneNavazio

    Although there are many M.A.C i love, I really don’t care for their mascara. In my opinion, the worst mascara they make by far is Haute & Naughty Lash, one coat just the smaller brush completely clumps my lashes. The thing I hate the most about this product is how the brush picks up way too much product  thus putting way too much mascara on my lashes. Also the second brush included is too big and long, making it impossible to use precisely. all around bad product 
    Also , agree with the notion that Maybelline mascara’s are worthless. I have yet to understand, why they are always featured in the beauty section of women’s magazine. In my opinion they are the worst drug store mascaras by far. The Mascara always clumps my lashes and thee “Great Lash” mascara wand does noting for my lashes.  

    • Samuelmorgan

      @EmiliaJaneNavazio May I recommend something? Use the purple sparkly side first. That has the most product. Then let your lashes dry a little and pull the pink tip through the smaller swiper. That is what is cleaning off the brush. With the pink side come through to get definition. That’s the best, most effective way to use it.

  27. Marian57

    Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara. Where’s the party?

  28. I agree with those that said Maybelline Falsies–I recently tried this one and not only was the wand very large and difficult to wield, but the formula *sucked*. It dried super super fast so that everything turned all goopey and flakey. Gross. Also Diorshow was a major letdown for me. That mascara was SO gunky and they need to do something about the tube–there was always WAAAAY too much product on the brush

  29. AnGeLwInGz

    Dior Extase. Probably the clumpiest mascara I’ve ever used. I purchased it at Sephora before it was released in department stores so I brought it to the Dior counter when I had my makeup done there for one of their events (with a real makeup artist, not a sales associate) and he couldn’t figure out how to use it either.

  30. Chanel Inimitable Intense: I could’ve thrown my money out the window, my lashes would still look better than with this mascara! It did nothing in terms of definition and separation (in fact, it made my lashes clumpy and spider-like), it didn’t add any length at all, but worst part, it made my lashes super straight, and it wouldn’t hold the curl created by my eyelash curler for a single second. My lashes were actually pointing down on the outer corner….

  31. StephanieT

    All of the smashbox ones are awful! Especial the bionic mascara it’s awful awful awful! My favorite drama mascara is clairins instant definition you just have to take your time !

  32. TMBJessxox

    For me, it’s either eld elf waterproof and regular mascara duo, or Maybelline great lash. I have to admit that great lash works fantastic for my mother’s short, sparse lashes. Whenever I do her makeup she always demands that I use her great lash. It really didn’t do much for me, just gave kind of a natural look, but thats kind of useless. For that I could just mix Vaseline with black eyeshadow and run it along my lashes for much cheaper.

  33. Diorshow!  Yuck!  I don’t like mascara that gunks up into chunky bits.. it’s really quite disgusting!!!  Really, I think that a nice set of false lashes looks far classier than walking around with giant clumped up eyelashes.  Additional fallout dusting your cheeks whilst wearing gooey lashes is another visual turn off.   

  34. Ashley Moffett

    L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes is the worst.

  35. Ashley Moffett

    L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes is the worst.

  36. Antonella Anger Bua

    Mac zoom lash…. An average mascara good for natural …. Effect


    Maybelline Plush Lash the wand was awful,, and Great Lash. What is up with mascaras Maybelline! U used to be great at em

  38. Victoria Ditrich

    Maybelline Falsies! Yuck!

  39. I hated the original Lancome Hypnose and the diorshow iconic ….. Totally clumped my lashes together and turned them into one big lash. I even spent time to do it properly butno luck. For those saying that the maybelline falsies sucks, try the flared version. Its my favourite mascara out there, i like it better than my theyre real by benefit.

  40. Siti Chairunnissa

    so true L’oreal voluminous million lashes and Maybelline Falsies are the worst..

  41. Haley

    Maybelline has the WORST mascara I have ever tried!!!  They all end up getting extremely dry, hard, and they smell bad.  Falsies, Colossal, etc all of their mascaras are just terrible!!!!!!

  42. ebonyamberjade

    I didn’t like that Maybelline Colossal lashes (yellow tube) the product came out very wet and gave me spider lashes

    • Liz9969

       @ebonyamberjade I hate it too.  It is one of the worst mascaras I’ve tried in a while.  I know someone who swears by it, but for me it does nothing.  And the “glam black” looks almost greyish.  

  43. Ellie

    Diorshow… SO clumpy, and I hated the uselessly massive brush. Also, Maybelline Great Lash drifts all over my face more so than anything else i’ve tried. Gives be raccoon-eyes. 

  44. Alison Cole

    MAC False lashes! Its a terrible mascara all-round. 

  45. KS

    Maybelline the falsies is the worst mascara I’ve ever tried.  It clumps my lashes together so badly.  I agree with everyone that most maybelline mascaras stink.  However, I did like the maybelline one by one.  A while ago I bought a bunch of maybelline mascaras to compare them all and the one by one was the only ok one out of the bunch.  I’ll just stick with my covergirl lashblast.  It’s the best I’ve found so far.