Thursday, January 26th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Best Matte Black Eyeshadow…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Emily for today’s topic!

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99 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Matte Black Eyeshadow

  1. Urban Decay “Blackout” from Naked2. I used to be a huge MAC “Carbon” fan, but this one has won me over.

  2. Elysia

    UD Perversion!!

  3. Parisa

    Sugarpill – Bulletproof! You even said it was and I totally agree! Incredibly smooth, true matte black. Puts MAC Carbon/Black Tied to shame!

  4. Too Faced Stiletto from their Naked Eye Soft and Sexy Eyeshadow Collection is excellent.

  5. It will definitely be bulletproof by Sugarpill. Super pigmented and very blendable!

  6. Flavia

    Urban Decay or Stila

  7. Lorac single e/s in Black.

    • Kathy S.

      Thank you, Chris! LORAC’s matte eyeshadows are incredible! Also Graftobian’s and Ben Nye’s mattes are amazingly easy to blend. They have to be because they can be used for character makeup as well as beauty makeup.

    • Betsy

      I love my lorac e/s I agree it’s a great matte black

  8. Simone Ferreira

    Blackout,from Urban Decay 15 Th!

  9. Martyisblue

    Make Up For Ever #4

  10. Rachel

    Urban Decay’s Blackout!

  11. makeupfan141

    MUG – corrupt very affordable

  12. sunny

    i don’t use black that much but i absolutely adore Kat Von D’s lucifer.

  13. I love NYX Black, though mine broke and I didn’t replace it :( I also like the matte black in the WnW Blue Had me at Hello palette

  14. Mel

    UD Blackout it’s so deep and intense. it does not go on grey like some shades I could mention *looking at you KVD Lucifer*

  15. It hast to be “blackout” from the Naked2 palette. Super pigmented and workable.

  16. alexia

    mac carbon or urban decay blackout

  17. Urban Decay – Blackout (from Naked 2 Palette)

  18. Brian McD aka Roulette

    I love the darkness of Bulletproof by Sugarpill but does anyone else find it fades? Just wondering…I can get it to pack on over black liner and it comes off intense, but it seems to disappear over time or if I blend over it.

    • cherry

      hmm i’ll try to pay attention tomorrow but i really don’t think i’ve experienced any noticable fading? i also use a setting spray (skindinavia no shine spray) so that might also help lock in the powder, but i’ll try an experiment out tomorrow to see if i experience the same. do you have oily lids, or do your eyes tear up a lot? i do, also what kind of liner are you using

    • Kimberly

      I’ve never had a fading problem with any of the sugarpill shadows. :( That is weird that yours does it…

    • Gloria

      I have oily skin, if I don’t use a primer then the colors fade.

  19. Matte black shade in Sleek palettes!

  20. stephanietp

    i love the one in the naked2 palette by urban decay! but i also like macs typographic, i actually prefer it over carbon because it doesnt look as good on my super fair skin

  21. Kristabelle

    Sugarpill Bulletproof, with Urban Decay Blackout as a close second.

  22. Sugarpill Bulletproof!

  23. ebony by stila! its my go to matte black

  24. brenda

    Yaby’s black e/s. SOOOOOOOOOO pigmented I’m scared to use it!

  25. Surprisingly, I actually LOVE the matte black from the Wet n Wild Greed palette. It’s really dark, blendable, and pigmented.

  26. Tommy

    Black out Urban Decay is amazing, also I have an ingloy matte black which is amazing!! X

  27. Lerina

    For $5, can’t be NYX “black”. Amazingly pigmented

  28. Lauren

    Urban Decay’s Black Dog from the Black Palette. Nothing compares.

  29. jasmine

    UD blackout from the 15th anniversary and naked2

  30. INGLOT pigment eyeshadow #87 and MAC’s black black pigment. Although these are not pressed eyeshadows, they can be used as such and they are BLACK!!!

  31. Makeup Geek in Corrupt. Blacker than MAC’s Carbon, excellent pigmentation.

  32. Urban Decay “Blackout” and Sugarpills Bulletproof.

  33. dana

    I like Mac Carbon, only because it’s not the blackest black. I find it much easier to work with then ultra-black shades.

  34. Lisa

    The best matte black I have found so far is the black in the Sleek Sunset palette… (its better than the black in the other palettes for some reason).

  35. Carrie Ann

    The one in the UD Naked 2 palette. It’s so pigmented!

  36. Aisha L

    Rock and Republic Fatalistic is the deepest matte black I have ever ran across

  37. Kara

    Makeup Geek’s Corrupt!!

  38. Cyntha

    I really love MAC Carbon. I love the fact that MAC eye shadows tend to be harder so it doesn’t kick up a lot of powder dust.

  39. Sara

    Makeup geek’s corrupt… This is so black it’s ridiculous, MAC Carbon doesn’t even come close.

  40. Adelita

    You should try the matte black eyeshadow that’s always included in any Sleek’s palettes, they’re insane! M·A·C & UD black matte shadows are nothing compared to this. They’re super pigmented, very soft & buttery without any fall-out issue.
    And this is coming from an avid UD’s eyeshadow fans! 😉

  41. Sugarpill Bulletproof for a matte black :)

    My favorite metallic black is Fyrinnae Kuroneko. It blends out effortlessly.

  42. Amanda

    Repetition but Blackout is just amazing, best matte black in existence.

  43. Kris

    Makeup Geek Corrupt is by far the most pigmented black I have ever seen.

  44. Victoria

    Carbon by Mac is blackish grey. I love nyx Black is my fav

  45. anger

    sleek loose powder in matt black is amazing is black gray,no fair black..loveit

  46. NYX “black” 5 dollars. super dark with buildable intensity. I use it all the time as an eyeliner too.

  47. Linda

    MUG Corrupt . Cheap and blackiest black

  48. Aishlin

    The inglot matte black eyeshadow, super pigmented and i haven’t noticed any fading even after a long day of wear!

  49. I cand aggree about UD Blackout . Its BAD .
    I have that in UD 15 palette . It isnt pigmented at all, hard to work with .
    blacks from Wet n wild and sleek palettes are much more pigmented . But MUG Corrupt is my favorite . :)

  50. Maria Dias

    Blackout (Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette) is the best one.
    The worse is Carbon (MAC).

  51. Beckie.

    Carbon from MAC… no other is so black lasts all day without fading. including all of the urban decays which turn gray as the day progresses

  52. Basma Masud

    Try MUA’s shade 20. Its wonderful black. I m in love with it

    • Basma Masud

      This Black is so pigmented. I have not tried MAC but I am sure that MUA has the best Black in town. and its only for GBP 1….. Its worth trying! I live in Pakistan and MUA is not available here. but I managed to get hold of it from UK :)

  53. Ursula

    I LOVE NARS eyeshadow duo in Pandora. It has a frosty white that is great as a highlighter and the blackest matte black ever that is perfect as a cake liner AND a shadow. My fav by far

  54. Becca

    Too Faced Stiletto :)

  55. My boyfriend wears a large amount of black eyeshadow on a daily basis. He has used L’oreal Lush Raven, MAC’s Carbon, NYX’s Black & Madd Style Cosmetix’s Shade Black. His favorite is “probably the MAC. I don’t know yet.”

    I have used lots of matte blacks, from MAC to NYX to Madd Style Cosmetix to UD to Tokidoki to Sephora brand. For the price point, I would have to say the Wet n Wild matte black is my favorite. Pigmented, smooth and black as night; and cheap.

  56. cherry

    HANDS DOWN bulletproof by sugarpill <3 i use it either alone as eyeliner, or on top of pencil liner, especially on my water line, spilling slightly over onto my lash line to keep my liner in place no lie, i would die without my bulletproof eyeshadow <3

  57. heidi

    The matte black in the sleek acid palette makes carbon look gray!its way better than ud perversion, zero, or blackout.I have not tried sugarpill or MUG’s corrupt to compare, I”kve heard those ones are pretty good but its hard to imagine it being much better.

  58. Brenda

    Great topic! I was so curious about this too that I tested all 6 of my matte black shadows: WnW Black (in the I love matte palette), NYX Black, Mac Carbon, UD Blackout, Kat Von D Lucifer, and Inglot AMC #63. The richest, truest matte black went to UD Blackout!

    Now if only I had the Sugarpill and MUFE matte black shadows as candidates….

  59. Giovanna

    Urban Decay Blackout FTW!

  60. Mommie Queerest

    UD’s Black Dog from the Black Palette is insanely dark. One of the best ever (however, I returned the palette because EVERY shadow appeared black black black! All were ridiculously similar!)

    Why is no one mentioning Bare Escentuals’ Onyx?!?! It’s easily on par with Black Dog. Horrifically intense matte black. Dangerous actually, because if you forget to tap your brush (it’s loose powder) and you get any fallout or crumbs anywhere, you’re soooo screwed.

    I’m still hoping to try Bulletproof soon 😀

  61. Nina

    I love the matte black in the sleek palettes. And in one of the elf quads. So pigmented!

  62. Sumer Mohammad

    Bourjois intense eyeshadow no.10 ( blackest black ) ,, it so amazing

  63. Sarah M

    I think there are lots of great black eye shadows out there but some of my favourites have been Laura Mercier’s Noir, MAC’s Carbon, and Urban Decay’s Blackout.

  64. Sandra

    another vote for Blackout from the UD Naked2 palette!

  65. Courtney

    Inglot’s square matte black!

  66. antonia

    urban decay blackout!

  67. pappetee

    UD Blackout 😉

  68. Julia

    UD Blackout or Inglot #391.

  69. liz

    nyx black i love it

  70. Sarah

    MAC Black pigment. The original DC’ed one. Sugarpill’s black is excellent too though

  71. DeAnna McINtosh

    I seen Liz Taylor make up her eyes and she did not use a pencil to darken her eyes she put one of those things you use for eye shadow and she dipped it into some black stuff and then rubbed it all around the eye and it was real black and looked better than eye liner because it was kind of smudgy looking in a way, so I was wondering if there is any black eye shadow I can get to use for eyeliner like that.

  72. diamond_8806

    NYX Single Eyeshadow in Black…love, love, love it! 

  73. ale chavez

    the naked 2 is blackout is great… but that was before i tried LORAC BLACK OMG amazing!!!