Thursday, January 24th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best Brow Bone Highlighter you’ve tried?

Share your favorite!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Amy for this week’s topic!

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59 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Brow Bone Highlighter

  1. GUSnail

    I don’t use a brow bone color on a regular basis. When I do, I like MAC Brule.

  2. orel

    Sleek’s Bow (from the Oh So Special palette)

  3. Sharon

    I use MAC Grain eyeshadow or MAC Paintpots in Painterly or Soft Ochre

  4. Geneva Dell

    Mac Arena for me

  5. Mariella

    Oh, this is a tough one. For something with a bit of shimmer, I love Stila Starlight or MAC Phloof or Dazzlelight. For something more matte, MAC Brule (or WnW Brulee) or TooFaced Heaven or In the Buff (not sure the latter is still available; I got it in Enchanted Glamourland).

    • Rachel

      WNW’s Brulee is my go-to highlight. I tend to opt for a matte highlight under my brow bone and a shimmery highlight on my inner corner.

      • Mariella

        It is amazing and so inexpensive. The only reason I have the MAC version is that it came in a quad I purchased, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.

  6. Kate

    I like Chanel Lotus.

  7. Eileen

    I don’t think there really is a “best” highlighter. I use what will best express the look I’m going for. Sometimes that might be a soft glow, other times it might be a gleam, sometimes it might be a sparkle, etc. I also think the highlighter needs to coordinate with the rest of my makeup. For example, I’d never wear a cool pink highlighter with a warm amber look. For women who only use one highlighter all the time, I think the color should be similar to the natural skin tone but lighter and it should just create a soft glow. MAC makes a huge variety at the lower end from and Chantecaille at the higher end has some beauties with various different undertones.

  8. Kristine

    I swear by Topshop’s Glow! Its a great all-around highlighter, but I love it the most on the brow bone.

  9. Isa

    I like the Highlighter from Benefit =)

  10. Genevieve

    I use MAC Ricepaper a lot, but it depends on what the rest of my look is like.

  11. Amanda Coleman

    I really like Foxy from Urban Decay as well as the first shade on the left of the Wet n Wild comfort zone palette.

  12. I use MAC Brule all the time! In the winter though, I prefer MAC Blanc Type because my skin is lighter.

  13. Jan

    I typically just want a natural glow and since I have dry skin most stuff settles in around my eyes and looks crappy. Instead of makeup, I carefully apply a light layer of petroleum jelly just above my blush on my cheek bones. Doesn’t interfere with my blush and lasts most of the day while moisturizing my skin. Of course if you’re a petroleum jelly hater, this wouldn’t work. One of the few things that doesn’t irritate my very sensitive lips and face.

  14. Omta

    I usually grab MAC’s ricepaper or nylon.

  15. Rachel

    MAC Dazzlelight or MAC Blanc Type

  16. Clare Herickhoff

    I always use MAC Dazzlelight! The sheen is neutral in tone, which I greatly prefer to anything warmer.

  17. I love Sleek Makeup’s contour kit (light) and I use the lighter shade as a brow highligher too. It’s a great colour for my skin tone (NW30)

  18. lily

    urban decay eyeshadow in sin

  19. Ellie

    UD Virgin… i’ll oftentimes reach for the Naked 1 palette just for that

  20. ZG


  21. teri

    I like Mac- naked lunch or vanilla pigment for a go to highlighter. I will use other highlighters from pallets, if they go with the look I’m going for.

  22. I use MAC Vanilla, it leaves the right gap between the eyeshadow and the brow bone making it look nice, clean and lifted.

  23. Krista

    UD Virgin (if I want a sheen) or Too Faced In the Buff (Matte)

  24. Veronica

    I actually use a matte on my brow, since I have hooded eyes and that keeps it from distracting from the main eye. I usually wear Matt Smith from the theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) palette or a similar beige tone.

  25. Marian

    Bobbi Brown Bone

  26. t_zwiggy

    It really depends on whether I’m doing a warm or cool toned look and if the other shadows I use are matte or shimmery/frosted. My go-to is MAC Blanc Type, which comes off as pretty neutral on me, so it basically goes with every look. If I want a bit more of a sheen I’ll use MAC Mylar, for even more sheen I’ll usually go for NARS Abyssinia. Some other favorites are UD Virgin, MAC Creamy Bisque, MAC Femme-Fi and the lighter shade in the Chanel Nymphea quad. For reference I’m light-medium (NW20-25).

  27. Kirsten Sessinger

    I felt exactly like Eileen shared in wearing a brow highlighter that coordinated with my look. In bareMinerals I used Luminous Topaz-white, Enlightened-gold, King-peach, Starlight-pink [or purple looks], Winter White or Cream Soda-ivory….that is until I tried Turn On. TO was a new color to the line xmas of ’11. What an amazing multi-tasker!!! She’s seriously become my holy grail – go to.

    I’ve recently played going back to some of these other colors I’d once used, added in new colors from UD, Too Faced, Lorac, to name a few companies and I keep going back to Turn On. Hands down I just LOVE her!

    QVC, just this past week, had her as a set with a brush. Jessica Foust lives in it so she’d requested BE to bring this back into open stock [so to speak] must be nice, eh?! TO is also on the bay.;) Any place one would want to highlight she’d do the work and beautifully may I say.

  28. Keen Janine

    MAC Naked pigment, MAC Arena e/s, and MAC Ricepaper are my go to highlighters.

  29. Mel

    Urban Decay – Virgin
    MAC Pigment – Vanilla

  30. blueraccoon

    I don’t typically wear eyeshadow, but I got a makeover at the Burberry counter yesterday and the MUA used Porcelain White as a highlight, and it looked fantastic. Enough that I’m tempted to go back and get it, along with the other eyeshadows she used on me 😉

  31. Kelley Baker Brows Highlighter Pencil

  32. matildaben

    Morning Dew by Laura Mercier or Trench by Burberry are my favorites, both mattes. Sometimes I use Nars Abyssinia, which has more shimmer.

  33. Jasmine

    NARS Night Star–hands down!

  34. Jade

    I’ve been using Mineralize Skinfinish Natural recently, in Light. I’m NC15 in winter but as it’s summer at the moment, I’m a bit too warm to use it all over my face at the moment. So I used it as a brow bone shade and it’s REALLY nice! It’s powdery, compared to an eyeshadow, but still pretty.

  35. Lizzi

    Lancôme Gaze.

  36. marg

    Typically, MAC Mylar. Sometimes MAC Nylon or MAC Grand Entrance.

  37. Cat G

    I don’t think they have it any more, but Prescriptive’s white eyeshadow!

  38. I prefer a matte brow highlight so Ill use NYX I have a headache, or if I want a satin finish Makeuo Geek Vanilla Bean which is nearly matte its just ever so sligtly satin. if I want even more of a satiny finish Urban Decay Skimp.

  39. Megan

    I have a whole bunch, from white to shimmers to all different neutrals; it changes with my main eyeshadow. Sometimes I just use this liquid highlighter I have.

  40. Urban Decay’s Virgin is my most favorite and go-to highlighter. 😀

  41. I sometimes use shades like Wet-N-Wild Brule or MAC Blanc Type to blend out or soften a look, but because I am uber fair, it seems like most people’s go-to highlight colours match my skin tone so closely they can’t be seen at all on me. If I go with something that has shimmer (i.e. MAC Silver Dusk powder, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer or Benefit High Beam), I can get a better visible result, yet without looking like a disco ball.

  42. Marie

    Wet-N-Wild Brulee or the corresponding one in Vanity pallet (not sure if it technically is Brulee or not. I like a natural highlight that I can blend in.

  43. Illamasqua’s Illuminator in Odyssey which I have sadly only discovered just before it got discontinued… :( I love it. It’s my brow bone and cheek and anywhere else highlight. You can buff it out to subtlety, and even use a damp brush to buff it out even further, or leave it to dry and have it more intense. I’m so sad it’s DCed!

  44. Bee

    My favorite is Nectar by Stila, from the In the Garden palette. It’s a matte shade slightly lighter than my skintone, and I love it because it provides a nice highlight without being overly frosty or stark white.

  45. amanda

    Urban Decay’s Virgin and The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer are both great, I tend to alternate between those two.

  46. Olivia

    Thebalm’s Jet Setting Jennifer is hands-down the best browbone highlighter I’ve ever tried. It’s in their Shady Lady vol. 1 palette. They have an extremely similar (identical, really) shade in the Balm Jovi palette called Iron Maid-in (lol) so I will never run out of this beautiful golden sheen eyeshadow : )

    There is a Mary-Lou manizer in the balm jovi that is extremely similar to the two as well. I think thebalm has my highlighters covered for me for a couple years : )

    Besides that, I use Vanilla and Flow from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. Vanilla is a less pretty (more SHINY) Jet Setting Jennifer IMO. I don’t like any of the highlighting shades in the 2 naked palettes (bootycall, virgin, verve, etc.) and the only one i’ll use from time to time on the brow bone from those palettes is Sin.

  47. Anna

    My favorite is Bootycall from Naked2.

  48. Samantha

    Urban Decay Virgin

  49. Carissa J

    MAC Vanilla, Shroom, and Ricepaper

  50. Krystal Best-Pickup

    I usually use The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. I’m very pale and it looks beautiful on my skin.

  51. Vanilla pigment have been my favorite! as I have a fair skin it matches perfectly 😉
    on people with a bronZe ski I preffer do the highlight with tones as melon pigment bt MAC too
    kisses =**

  52. Trinity

    NARS eyeshadow in edie