Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Hey, Sailor — It’s Coming!

I’m working through some products and their accompanying photos, swatches, and reviews tonight and am anticipating having several posts up tomorrow! I will not have everything done until Friday, because I only received half of the products I bought today (there was a major mix-up) with the other half–supposedly–arriving tomorrow. I also received several press samples pieces, but there was some overlap with the half I received so I’m missing several items but hopefully will have them tomorrow. The good news is I already purchased one of everything prior to receiving press samples, so I swatched and photographed the press samples so I can do some giveaways with the products I bought instead over the next couple of weeks :)

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40 thoughts on “Hey, Sailor — It’s Coming!

  1. RockyHadadi

    so kind of you! thanks christine! 

  2. Marina

    Phew- it’s coming! I am so grateful Christine but I was freakin out a little bit because if you go through site map on the MAC website, you can buy the Hey Sailor! products. I’m so excited now! I’m gonna watch that cute little video you posted!

  3. Marjolaine AzGui

    can’t wait !!!!! thx a lot !!!

  4. Melody

    Oh gourd what a cutey!  Well, if the bag is Mellan approved, that’s a plus for me :)

  5. Mabbott

    So mean! Nothing yummy for poor Mellan in there… :(

  6. Caitlin Mary

    OMG I HAVE WAITED SO LONG!!!!! I have such a soft spot for sailor things 😀

  7. Miss J

    OMG… That was just too much cuteness from Mellan. His nose stuck in there like, “Mom, there’s nothing in here for me! Where’s the treat?!” Adorable. Looking forward to the posts on Hey, Sailor! Thanks as always for all the effort you put into this site!

  8. ebarr

    thanks christine!! can’t wait, need your reviews before i purchase anything!

  9. Kafka

    I’m completely smitten with Mellan! He’s so calm, dainty and well-mannered while investigating the contents of the bag. And from prior videos, he seems to be like that around his toys as well! In contrast, The Hairy German would be shoving his curious nose into the bag like a bull on steroids, then giving it a few hearty gnaws before tossing it around the room like a lasso!!  And look at Mellan’s long legs and the beauty spot on his ear. So gorgeous.  Mellan, come play with The Hairy German. You’d be the handsomest boys at the dog park. Well, at least until Zola taught you the joys of the mud pits….  : 

  10. f0rtunefaded

    he seems so sweet! what a cutie

  11. Aiman

    Thanks! I’ve been waiting for you to do its review so I can purchase it! :)

  12. coldvault

    Aww, reminds me of when he got his butt into the To the Beach tote! ha ha.

  13. Miss J

    They upped the price a dollar for special packaging??? I just went to look at Sail La Vie, and noticed it was $15.50…

  14. Sylvia Ama Ayisi

    Up on the mac website already. Both Pro and regular.

  15. Kellie Baldonado

    love the video!

  16. Temptalia

    I’m sorry Sylvia Ama Ayisi! I bought it as soon as I could :(

  17. Kristine Ayala

    I was wondering what happened to your review! I wanted to see it before I made the plunge into brokeness. Haha. I will wait to see what you think. I’ll just have to get up early and hit my nearby MAC store :)

  18. Jill Dellibovi

    Thanks, Christine! I’m looking forward to seeing your swatches and reading through your product feedback. I picked up Jaunty eyeshadow and Au Rosė lip balm tonight, but I’m still on the fence about a few other pieces from the collection. Hopefully, your swatches will help me decide! :)

  19. Alyssa Earnshaw

    I didnt see it on the mac website

  20. Sylvia Ama Ayisi

    Hahah! Not you Christine Temptalia. I still can’t wait for your swatches. ( the most accurate to me) i was just letting others know since it gets sold out fast and its released early.

  21. Maria Ortiz-Shin

    I cna’t see it on the website. Can someone post a link?

  22. Jill Dellibovi

    @Maria, the only way I think you can find them right now is by sifting through each individual category. They’re not listed as a collection yet and the search doesn’t seem to bring them up, either.

  23. Shayna Moon

    What an adorable video.

  24. AmyHe

    Thank you so much for always being right on it and so productive for us

  25. Michal Ben Sason

    Hey Sailor is allready in Israel since May 3rd. 

    • Caitlin Mary

       @Michal Ben Sason They sometimes do that in Canada too.  I remember a few collections like last years cinematic or whatever popping up a month earlier than scheduled.  I don’t mind :3  I like how MAC sometimes does that, it is a cute surprise and makes customers feels lucky being the first to get it 😀

  26. Heaven2qt

    can’t wait! waaahooooo 😀

  27. Hanny Kim

    cant wait to buy

  28. Lauren Kinder

    Thanks Christine :) Mellan is gorgeous!
    Could you please tell us which product reviews will be up tomorrow?

  29. I don’t know where I’m at with this collection.  I admire the marketing photos and absolutely love the 50’s pinup girl look.  But, on the other hand, I think I’m a bit Mac’d out at the moment.

  30. MELLAN!!! I can totally imagine what would happen if I got that bag into the house. My cats would take turns sitting in there, and very soon it’d be all gross and covered with their fur… Maybe it’s a good idea I didn’t get it!

  31. I think I’m a on MAC no buy till the fall really. Love the packaging but the product do nothing for me (rather get some permanent products or more Inglot pans. lol)

  32. Alejandra

    Too excited for this.I have been anticipating my trip to MAC just for this collection.

  33. Ana Herlop

    Wow! Surprisingly this collection came out in Mexico about 2 or 3 weeks ago! ( can’t believe it came first than in the US) I picked up “fleet fast” blush, “sail la vie” lipstick and “throw me a line” lip liner :) I’m in love! And the packaging is gorgeous!!!

  34. Caitlin Mary

    I am more than excited for this.  Since it was mentioned I have been counting down the days 😀  I am probably not going to buy too much because it is expensive but I reaaaalllyyyy want to get the bag <3  I lovelovelove sailor themed things and I lovelovelove neat packaging <3
    I have to say thank your for all the hard work that is to come and I think it is super nice of you to buy some products to use in give-aways.  Not many bloggers dedicate so much time, effort and their own money to this.  Thank you for being so awesome 😀

  35. Myriad

    Oh my gosh!!!! He is so adorable!

  36. Sandy Lessingham

    Hey, Sailor is up online now!

  37. Angie Rivera

    Red Racer is sold out already…wow1

  38. Angie Rivera

    Christine, Mellan is adorable!!

  39. Danielle Harmon Edmiston

    Can’t wait to see the eyeshadow swatches! :)