Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Have you tried to make your own makeup? If so, how did it turn out? What did you use?

Temptalia's AnswerI’ve really only mixed the OCC Lip Tars!  They turned out well, I think :)

Thanks to Gala for today’s question!

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26 thoughts on “Have you tried to make your own makeup?

  1. Of course! I regularly make my own lip colours and blend up loose eyeshadow dusts. It’s fun to make a small batch of some totally wild colour and rock it for a few wears.

  2. The only cosmetic I’ve made so far is nail polish (frankens). I’ve made my own lotions, soaps, and lip balms, but I really want to buy some materials from TKB and make some eye shadows and lipsticks.

  3. I used to buy stuff from TKB trading and mix it ’til I got stuff I liked… then I realized I wasn’t writing down ratios, and will probably never get those awesomesauce colors to be exactly the same again. xP

  4. Rae

    Too many times to count! I’m ridiculously finicky, so I’m constantly blending together products, shades, and pigments >.<

    It's usually just lip products, which I like a little more muted than most people – I find that adding a tiny bit of a matte lavender pigment tends to produce the effect I'm looking for. I've created cream blushers and eyeshadows out of an assortment of pigments, micas, bases, and oxides, though, and it usually goes well!

  5. Court

    I mix stuff all the time! Generally foundations :)

  6. i made my own eyeshadow primer and setting/fixing spray mist.. 😀

  7. Jennifer McCandliss

    I have made lipgloss and lipbalm from scratch and loved them. Seriously the lipbalm was the best I ever used and like a dork I didn’t keep the exact recipe and never got it quite the same again. I’ve also made lotions, cold process soap and lots of toiletries from scratch. I’ve mixed several different lip items to get new colors as well as pigments. 😉

  8. fks

    If skincare qualifies, then I’ve found that adding the contents of 1 vitamin E capsule to 1 tsp. of body butter (Body shop’s Rose Maroc in my case) makes a really
    good night cream.

    I’ve also scraped out the residue from dried-up nailpolish bottles (by cracking the glass bottles really, really carefully), and used that to tint other nail polishes when I was bored of them. Adding bits of the residue to a bottle of clear nailpolish (I use Revlon’s base coat / top coat) produces jelly colors, or can even reproduce the original color if a sufficent amount is added.

    Foundations regularly get blended to produce the right tint.

    And finally, it is possible to collect the left-over bits of old lippies and mix
    them up to make a new shade. Use a steamer or a double boiler for this.

  9. Cindy Levesque

    I have microvaved some coconut body butter and revlon color stay to make an eye primer that I gave to my friend she said it worked really well :)

  10. Yes but not too involved… I haven’t gotten into mixing up mineral foundations and all that. Mostly I do what I call “custom blending” where you’re mixing one already finished product with another to make something new… But I DO make my own lipstick base (to mix with pigments, etc.), I have a matte and glossy formula :) I also have a pretty good recipe for homemade personal lubricant… Does that count too 😛 LOL!

  11. Lucie

    Not really! Unless you count mixing some pigments and a base as making your own makeup. I love pretty packaging, and just don’t have the ability to make things as lovely as I’d want them to be. So I skip the whole DIY thing.

  12. It would be really fun to make your own cosmetics… I guess you could customise your lip colors with the MAC pigments!

  13. condesa

    I mix foundations to get that exact shade I never find in jar… Other than that, I guess nothing.

  14. Leliforever

    My sister in pharmacy school has made her own fragrance… I think it’s a chanel one but he doesn’t use it cause she is so proud of year they are actually visiting the korres factory here in greece and they will be allowed to see up close how their makeup is made…cool hah?

  15. espresso

    Yeah I have! And I do so quite often as I really love it, the results of a tailor-made color just for you and also the messy, creative mixing process ^^
    I mix my own eyeshadows mainly and often press them, as well as facepowders, blushes and contouring powder, lipsticks (based on other original lipsticks I don’t like) and frankenpolishes.

    Most of my powders, beloved additives and micas I get from Coastal Scents – I’d have loved to try TKB but the shipping to EU is just plain ridiculous. Vaseline, beeswax etc and talcum I could buy myself in stores around here.

  16. cindi

    i have made my own toner, mixing witch hazel, tomato juice (for brightening effects) lemon oil and eucalyptus oil works amazing and keeps my skin looking good.

    i also made my own lip scrub with coarse raw sugar, olive oil, honey and rosebud salve, works better than the lush lip scrub.

    also i dont use foundation ever so i mix some baby powder and sunscreen and moisturizer and put it on my face each day, works for me because i dont get acne too much

  17. cindi

    ooh ive also pressed pigments and mixed pigment colors to get my own custom shades as well lol

  18. lacey

    so far ive made my own mineral foundation, face primer, and lip stains. my fav of all favs are my lip stains!!! just mixing different food coloring with half a tsp of water… experiment and go to town!!!

  19. Angelcat47

    No…only skincare and I’m not very talented at that,either!!

  20. Heidi S.

    I feel so uncreative now! I do make my own soap and body scrub, though, if that counts.

  21. Aha, basically everything save eyeliner, with very low success rates! 😛

  22. Sarah

    I actually just ordered some mica samples from TKB and got them in Friday. Other than putting them in a jar for use as loose color or making nail polish, I have no idea what to do with them!

  23. Adelita

    I always add magnesium stereate/magnesium myristate powder into my loose blushes to make it more stay-on. I also mix a bit of silica powder, calcium carbonate & kaolin clay into my loose mineral foundation for more mattifying effect (I have an extremely oily skin).
    I never made an eyeshadow nor blushes, but I pressed my pigments, loose e/s & loose blushes w/ pressing medium. I also mix some of my less-favorite lipstick together to create new colors by melting it, mix it and then pour it onto lip palette (sometimes I also add lip balm into the mixture for moisture boost if the lipstick a bit drying).
    FYI, I bought all of those things from TKB Trading & Coastal Scents.

  24. sedem

    I made my own tinted moisturizer with spf.