Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Have you found a makeup palette that you’ve loved everything in it? What palette was it?

Temptalia's AnswerUrban Decay’s Naked palette comes pretty close for me!

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147 thoughts on “Have you found a makeup palette that you’ve loved everything in it

  1. Probably Naked for me too. I love a lot of other palettes, but every color in Naked is wearable and gorgeous.

  2. Kelly

    I agree, I LOOOVE the Naked palette!

  3. Urban Decay Naked and Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful! I have backups of both :) All my other palettes have at least 1 or 2 things in it that haven’t even been touched!

  4. Ditto! The Naked Palette is awesome!

  5. Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  6. amelia

    Not quite. I have the Nars essential eye palette, and I love everything except for the cream shadow in it.

  7. Sugarpill’s Coldheart Palette is one where I’ve loved all the colors :)

    • Ani_BEE

      I recently got the burning heart one. Not an everyday palette that’s for sure but it is well balanced.

  8. Dara

    Urban Decay BOS III. I love this palette so much its perfect and I use it daily. =)

    • Ani_BEE

      I really liked the Alice in wonderland palette. There are no exciting new shades in that one but you can achieve a lot of nice looks with it.

      Urban Decay’s Naked palette as well, but I have to agree with Wayne Goss’s review on it, that it need more matte or stain shades to be a universal palettes. But then again UD is not really know for their mattes but the virgin satin finish shade in this one, makes me wish they produce more satin shades as well. The texture on that on is diving as well as the mattes and I would love to see another palette with just satin and matte shade from them. *_*

  9. Denise F.

    I like all Urban Decay palettes. They are so awesome!!!!

  10. Chelsea

    I would have to say the UD Naked palette as well!

  11. I didn’t think it was possible to have a pre-made palette that you loved everything in, but I also think it depends on the definition of “palette.” I could see liking everything in a quad, if that counts as a palette, but I usually think of palettes as being much bigger with many more products.
    If you make your own magnetized, or other DIY-type, palette, then I can’t really think of a reason to actually keep products in it for which you don’t care, unless you’ve got some serious storage issues.

  12. Macaddict

    Kat von D True Romance Eyeshadow palette in “Love & Fury”

  13. Definitely my Kat Von D True Romance palette in LUDWIG! I pretty much use it every day 😉

  14. Mo

    the balm’s Shady Lady. It’s my go-to travel palette, perfect for any occasion

    • PixelMoxie

      I second that! I can’t believe this palette isn’t getting more love- it definitely deserves it:)))

      • anon

        third that, only the shady lady palettes. my go to for daily and special. so glad I found them and they def deserve the worship I’ve seen. can’t believe they aren’t better known.

  15. Roza

    Naked palette for me too!!:)

  16. Alyx

    I really love the Enchanted Glamourland by TooFaced. Its really got everything from a full size Shadow Insurance and lipgloss and a blush and bronzer plus 15 eyeshadows. Other than the brushes and mascara I don’t really have to pull out anything else. Best part it was a gift! =)

  17. Sue

    Naked Palette. Hands down!!

  18. Ana Lucia

    her name was glowla by benefit(:

    • Lilastar

      I completely agree. Absolutely love everything in it. Weird, when I first read the question it didn’t come to mind, but after reading your reply I couldn’t agree more.

  19. kass

    Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette!

  20. Naked Palette for sure, and UD loves NYC is a close second. Otherwise, I use about 97% of the products in UD palettes, but there’s always at least one or two that will never get worn.

  21. Lulee

    laura mercier silk road palette. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  22. Mz Kat

    My favorite at the moment is Too Faced Naked eye palette.

  23. Jenny

    MAC’s Smoke & Mirrors Eyeshadow Palette, i find its really versatile, i love neutrals, theyre not too shimmery and you can make subtle or bold looks <3

  24. Kathy

    A few for me, actually!

    UD’s Naked Palette, Too Faced’s Natural and Naked Eye palettes, and Kat Von D’s Ludwig palette.

  25. Kim

    NARS only for your eyes palette (the one with the black zipped case). All the eyeshadows are great quality, hyper pigmented, the blush duo hungry heart/orgasm is really nice and easy to wear. Plus, it is in a zipped case, so it is easy to travel with and the big mirroir is super useful! LOVE IT :)

  26. angie

    MACs holiday 2008 fascinating ruby smokey eyes palette! it had carbon, satin taupe, and a few other neutrals + a nice mix of textures and finishes. =)

  27. Rosie

    Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is my favorite right now! I just love it! And I also really dig the colors in the Deluxe Shadow Box because I love the formulation.

  28. the urban decay I love nyc book of shadows 3!!! it’s awesome, i love it

  29. xMissxAndristx

    Naked is the only one for me.

  30. I love my Tarte Jewelry Box. I have the one from 2009, with the blushes, highlighter/bronzer, lip glosses, and eyeshadows. All the colours are great, the ingredients are good, and the combinations of looks are endless! I especially love how half of the eyeshadows are matte.

    • Rachel K

      I wondered if Tarte was going to get any love here…I love Tarte palettes too. My current fav is the Femme Natural. I didn’t think the baby pink or shimmery peach colors were going to work on me, but they’re gorgeous.

  31. Hend

    Chanel Mystic eyes quad, every single shade is beautiful :)

  32. Rosanna

    Neutral palettes are easy to love for me and more exciting than buying one neutral at a time, hence my list.
    I liked:
    MAC Colour Quad 4 from the Spring Colour Forecast Collection
    Shu Uemura Sunset Gold Palette (I don’t have this yet but I have seen this in real life!)
    NARS Duos (such as Isolde, Kalahari, etc) and Trios (especially Calanque, I have to wait for Feb 1st to buy at my counter T_T)

  33. rosa

    Golden eyes and sequoia eye shadow quads that have both been discontinued by Chanel

  34. I recently got the NYX Nude ond Nude palette, and I love pretty much every colour in it! I’d love to have the Naked palette, but I can’t get it here in Switzerland.

  35. Patty

    Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent “Petal hine”(809)

    • I love Petal Shine! Actually I like a lot of my Dior quints, because the shades work well together and all the shades are very wearable.

      I also love Mac Caviar Dreams quad, every shade is gorgeous in it!

  36. Natasha

    Yes Naked!!!!!! Have used and love every color in it :)

  37. Amanda Dubs

    Naked Palette, I really haven’t even used it all that much, but I love it a lot

  38. Anita

    Yes, the Stila Breathtaking Beauty palette (one of the current ones from the E! Live from the Red Carpet Series)

  39. Amanda

    I think my answer will be the same as 90% of the responses – the Urban Decay Naked Palette! 😀

  40. Donna Cooper

    I am totally loving the new Laura Mercier Silk Road eyes and cheek palette. Not one unusable colour in it. Also her First Blush Palette from I think two years ago.

  41. Nunuiviet

    I never buy palettes because there’s always a colour that I don’t like

  42. eve

    suedette was a holiday palette from mac(named formal black). i liked some of the colours but when i got it and started using it i found that all the colours were amazing and made incredible combinations.i love it till this day and when i am going on a trip and packing light its the only one i take with me.

  43. ioanna

    yes! a couple of months ago i bought a dior eyeshadow palette (no809) and i love and use all five shadows! it’s very annoying when i buy a palette and when i use up the colors i like i’m stuck with the ones i don’t like

  44. Sexy Sadie

    UD Naked Palette.

  45. Jean

    Second you on Naked Palette! Hmm, I’ve had a couple of Stila palletes–the Golden Charm or something like that palette and another one with 8 jewel toned e/s. I hated almost everything in the Stila Travel Palettes though, good thing I got them for free as GWP with the ones that I love! Another one that I didn’t really like overall was the Tokidoki Robbery Palette, although it was versatile enough that there were enough products I liked. It just wasn’t worth the trouble of searching through three mini palettes to find the right ones to create a look though so it’s going back to Sephora!

  46. Angeline

    I have lots of love for combination palettes and its my my Too Faced Glamour to Go Fairy Edition palette.

  47. Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette! That palette is a treasure.

    • Christina

      Ooo, I’ve been thinking about getting that! I saw it at Sephora the other day and had to talk myself out of it

  48. Val

    I love Dior’s Misty Mauve eyeshadow quad. It’s perfect for work and day time makeup. Unfortunately, this is limited time item.

  49. The Naked palette is the only palette that I’ve ever been 100% happy with. It was worth every cent and I even bought a backup! Although, I do like Too Faced’s Bronzed and Beautiful palette too. Typically, I don’t like palettes so it’s gotta be pretty worthwhile for me to buy it.

  50. VeroJo

    UD’s naked palette and Kat Von D’s Beethoven palette.

    • Sara

      I second that!! It’s a tough choice between Urban Decay Naked palette & the Kat Von D True Romance Beethoven palette. I used my Naked palette non stop since I got it, but the last month I often reach for the Beethoven palette instead. Perhaps that’s because we are in the dead of winter here in Chicago and I like the more rich, dark colors. I will probably go back to Naked palette come Spring/Summer. I can’t choose between the two!!
      PS: I do get the most compliments when I wear the eyeshadows from the Beethoven palette. The colors just really work and are eye-catching…no pun intended!

  51. Nayeli

    Naked palette!!!!

  52. luna

    UD Naked palette

  53. I own a lot of palettes, and I can safely say that the only one that I absolutely adore and is my “go-to” no matter what look I’m going to create is the LORAC: Private Affair Palette.
    Lorac’s shadows are silky, pigmented, and blendable. They are my absolute favorite

  54. Nadia

    Without a doubt, the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  55. heidi

    I have to agree. Naked is perfection

  56. Cynthia

    UD’s Naked Palette. Totally lovely!!

  57. ChristineD

    Yeah I would have to say the Naked Pallette is the first one that I have found I dont usually buy pallettes evere actually but I loved the look of it and it got such rave reviews so I bought and I use it alll the time now..I just purchased the Starchild Oddessy pallette by Tara Tarantino, and I am hoping i love it just as much :)

  58. joolz

    I love my Bobbi Brown Modern Classic palette – I use all 10 e/s and the 4 lip glosses are really pretty!

  59. I love MAC Devil May Dare and NYX I dream of St. Marteen :)

  60. Patricia

    Dior’s 743 Coquette

  61. VJNS

    Yes! Kat Von D’s pallettes are excellent, especially Ludwig. It fits my skin tone and age perfectly. I also like UD’s Naked pallette. Hoping to get a hold of it soon.

  62. Nichole

    Absolutely not, which is why I shy away from palettes. Having brown skin (NC45), there is no guarantee all the colors will be pigmented enough. For example, a lot of the Naked palette would be highlight colors. Pointless.

    • Charm

      I completely disagree….Everything in the naked palette shows up very well on my nw45/nc40 skin tone….It’s all about application.

      With that being said I love this palette.

      • Charm

        oopsie…nw45/nc50 skin.

      • Nichole

        The question was for palettes in general and I answered it in general terms. I didn’t comment on UD Naked’s pigmentation in particular. I stated it had too many of the similar shade to peak my interest (it also has colors I have no interest in at all).

  63. Jeanne

    I love my NARS Everlasting Love Palette! I keep it with me when I travel so I can do my makeup on the go but only bring one thing.

  64. Ann

    Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy. Ohmylord how I love it. Only six shades, but each one is a win. Huge thumbs up.

  65. Christina

    Before I even read your answer, Christine, I immediately yelled “NAKED!” Every color is perfect, all the colors are beautiful alone or in combination with one another. I literally can’t think of anything I’d change or want different in it. It’s definitely worth the hype!

  66. Dana B

    Yes…UD Naked palette for me as well…there’s usually at least one color i absolutely hate in a palette and I honestly love every color in the Naked palette! Definately my fav palette i own!!!!!!!

  67. Kajsa/Monticka

    Urban decay Deluxe palette! Enough shadows too love and not too many so you can forget some of them for too long.

  68. UD Naked palette ftw! UD NYC palette is probably second on the list.

  69. Karen

    MAC’s Devil May Dare palette from holiday 2009 – great colors, very versatile. Benefit’s “Her Name Was Glowla” is another goodie for me.

  70. Zoe

    the naked palette :)

  71. ellen

    Urban Decay Naked Pallet and Kat Von D Memento Mori Pallet comes close…

  72. Ursula

    Urban Decay Naked

  73. Paige

    Too Faced naked eye palette and also Too Faced romantic eye palette.

  74. Yelena

    UD NAKED! its all ive been reaching for these past two 1/2 weeks. even when i go out! ugh i love it so much.

  75. MAC graphic garden palette – but I love brights!

  76. Cynthia M.

    i’ll go out on a limb since i don’t have the Naked Palette (yet) and say i really like the Stila Travel palettes in Blooming Beauty (?) and Moscow. they’re dirt cheap but work so well together and are very pigmented.

  77. Wendy M.

    Haven’t bought the Naked palette, so it would probably have to be Book of Shadows III. :)

  78. PixelMoxie

    The Balm “Shady Lady”- both editions!!! Not only are ALL of the colors gorgeous, but the QUALITY of the eye shadows far surpasses that of MAC and many other high end brands.
    Also the new Smashbox “In Bloom” has absolutely lovely everyday colors!!!

    • anonymous

      it’s am amazing huh!

      always laugh at Naked mania. 2 yrs ago kept begging UD for a palette of neutrals with more mattes and not heavy glitter. they basically said wouldn’t sell, didn’t work with UD image of non-mainstream and anti-pinkness and there was plenty of those from reg shadow companies. tone condescending and fans were very rude about not “understanding” UD.

      now they can’t keep up with demand.

  79. jen

    I would be redundant in saying the Naked Palette but who I am kidding, it’s a freaking great palette for anyone! Blendable and WEARABLE colors!

    But for a long time I love MAC’s Spiced Chocolate Quad from one of my favorite collections: CULT OF CHERRY!! Please MAC, come out with So Scarlet lipstick again!

  80. Katie

    Like everyone else…UD Naked. I hope they come out with a 2.0 version that has more mattes. I would be in heaven.

  81. Shavonne

    Definitely Urban Decay Naked palette. its wearable for day and night looks, absolutely love it!

  82. Sophie

    My Dior Quint in Incognito and Benefit’s Her Name Was Glowla palette. Love everything!!

  83. Nicole

    Smoking Quad from the Smoke Signals LE (2007). I just love the colors.

  84. Air

    Stila it girl pallette. 3 great eyeshadows for 10 dollars is amazing!

  85. Chiara

    Chanel Enigma quad, very chic

  86. I absolutely adore Ud BOS2 and Guerlain Jeu d’Ombrelles eyeshadow quad (if the quads count as a palette)

  87. Mamavalveeta03

    Bobbi Brown’s “Shimmering Nudes” eye palette. I think I’ll cry when it runs out!! (I use the colors VERY sparingly!)

    • anonymous

      wow really? I got that thinking it would be amazing but wish I’d gotten almost anything else– I never seem to use it. Any use suggestions? It really doesn’t seem to flatter me.

  88. Amanda Enn

    I really like the Urban Decay Naked Palette also, but I’m not in love with Sidecar and Toasted. I haven’t really found a way to use gunmetal yet too, and I don’t really know how to incorporate a metallic silver without it looking as awful as I’ve been seeing it used around my school.

  89. ShelleywithanE

    A few years ago Trish McEvoy was notorious for the credit card sized palettes and I loved them all. They were very popular and had very wearable colors. The one I loved most had 4 shadows and 4 lip colors and it was under 25 bucks and I bought one everytime I found it somewhere because it was discontinued. It was my fave go to palette. I miss it still today. I wish I could remember what it was called.

  90. Emily

    lol Naked Palette. Before the Naked palette I had never tried UD before….I’M A UD CONVERT!!! I loved everythinggggggggggggg no joke!

  91. Laura

    NARS Bridal palette! Love everything in it

  92. Paula

    Kat Von D’s Beethoven

  93. I would have to agree and go with the Naked palette. I love every shadow in the set. You can make so many different looks with it. If I only could have 1 palette it would be that one!

  94. Christine

    Urban Decay Naked! :)

  95. Gisele

    Bobbi Brown’s Stonewashed Nudes and Chanel Enigma. I can mix these shades with lots of other palettes too.

  96. FlutistEmeritus

    I’ve been saving up for the NARS palettes. But I actually Jen, being a MAC girl,and say The Spiced Chocolate Quad and Shadowy Lady quad was 98% satisfying to me. But I haven’t found one yet! I have MAC colors that would match UD Naked so I think it’d be best for me to pass on that one!

  97. Joanna

    If it counts as a palette, Guerlain Place Vendome!

  98. Lady Di.

    SMASHBOX Masquerade palette for me! It has such a beautiful variety of deep shades!