Friday, July 5th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever rubbed your eyes and ruined your makeup? How do you prevent yourself from touching your eyes (or face) and messing your makeup?

Temptalia's AnswerThe more regularly I wore makeup, the less likely I was to do it. If I haven’t worn full makeup in a few days, then I’ll do it and go, “NOOOOOO!” The worst is if my allergies act up, and then I have to try to maneuver eye drops into my eye without disturbing my makeup!

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36 thoughts on “Have you ever rubbed your eyes and ruined your makeup?

  1. Not that I remember, although my very watery eyes can ruin my make-up without any help from my fingers. Does anyone have any advice for this? >:

    • Jax

      Depends on how watery and over what time frame but …
      1) an old make-up artist tip for crying with makeup is to lean all the way forward so the tears fall straight out of your eyes and onto the floor
      2) I find if I dab with a soft tissue right into the corner of my eyes and catch it before too much builds up then the damage is minimal

      I get hay-fever so I can sympathise, but I only have to deal with it till the antihistamines kick in thank goodness

    • Would love the magic answer here as well.

    • Susan Dowman Nevling

      There are medications for excessive tearing and/or allergies causing watery eyes. They must be prescribed by and optometrist or opthamologist.

  2. Too funny, I always go, “NOOOOOO!” too the second I touch my eyes and realize I could smear something (sometimes out loud!). Thankfully, most of my makeup is everything-proof so unless I give an intense smudge it stays intact!

  3. liz

    i do it almost every time i wear makeup, and every time i almost have a heart attack. usually some screeching “NOOOO” and staring at my hands like lady macbeth is involved.

  4. Oh, my… All too often! The only way to prevent it is from remembering I’m wearing makeup…;)

  5. Jan

    Rarely, but yes I have.
    What I don’t understand is how mascara (which I only apply to my top lashes) ends up under my eye in a raccoon like ring – even if I don’t rub my eyes and even with waterproof mascara. I am guessing the upper lashes get stuck to my lower lashes and brush down below my eyes. After that, the natural oiliness of my skin takes over.

  6. When I first started wearing makeup I would, but then I got lasic eye surgery. You absolutely could not rub your eyes or else you would risk pulling up the flap they made in your eye for surgery. That was enough of a deterrent for me that I just don’t really rub my eyes anymore.

  7. Ellen

    I’ve totally done it, but makeup has actually been helpful for my rubbing. I used to do it all the time (not great for my eyes) but now I don’t so score one for makeup!

  8. KaseyCannuck

    Oh yes! I usually wash my face the instant I walk in the door, but sometimes I get busy and forget to. Next thing I know it’s getting late and my eyes are tired and I rub them and remember that the makeup is still there. Ruining it isn’t the issue at this point so much as grinding it into my eyeballs is!!
    During allergy season I’m more mindful of touching my eyes if they’re feeling itchy, probably because they feel that way at various times during the day, and I don’t forget that I have makeup on.

  9. Allergies.. so YES!!! :(

  10. MakeupTray

    I had a question kind of related to this.
    Christine, Irecently found out I am alergic to pink and reddish eyeshadows. I got a rash from it on my eyelid. Do you know what cream I can put on it?
    Anyway, how it is related is that the shadow makes me rub my lid and everything gets all screwed up.

    • Hey!

      I would recommend checking in with your doctor about this, because I don’t have any medical background. You may also be able to consult your local pharmacist who can sometimes help!

  11. Christine

    Bah. Allergy season makes my eyes water and itch like crazy but I am vain enough that I would select vanity over comfort so I’d *mostly* keep my hands to myself. Smudge proof and water proof are my key words to look for when laying out the face of the day so if I do slip up, the damage isn’t too bad afterwards.

    I swear by Japanese eyeliners during this tumultuous time – they grab on like iron and don’t let go until I take my makeup off at the end of the day. Makes it easier to put in soothing eyedrops too, lol.

  12. If I stop wearing makeup for some time, I’ll get used to rubbing my eyes, but it doesn’t happen often. I wear makeup almost daily now, so I’m always hesitant about rubbing my eyes. I’ve done it a few times, though. :(

  13. I try not to, but I have really bad allergies so my eyes water a LOT. D;

  14. Aubri

    Wearing contacts trained me out of rubbing my eyes without considering the consequences first. It’s been years since I’ve been able to afford them but I still don’t do it even when I first wake up without thinking about it.

  15. Aimee

    I’m pretty good at not rubbing my eyes, except for when my allergies bother me in spring. My bad habit is resting my chin on my hand, rubbing off my foundation and concealer (my chin being my problem area).

  16. Yes! I am allergic to cats and my live-in boyfriend has a VERY long haired cat. If I forget to take my anti-histamine then my eyes will turn red, swell up, and itch like hell. I really haven’t found a solution for this except try to remember to take the pills every day-which you would think I would be better at remembering, right? I think pets are part of the family from the second you take them in, so I could never ask him to get rid of Macho. Besides, I actually love the cat despite allergy issues. I will be interested to see everyone else’s solutions, and maybe they will help me :)

    • FKS

      Thank you for not getting rid of the cat. You’re an absolute sweetie, just for that.
      To answer Christine’s question, whenever I feel the need to wipe my eyes, and I just dab them with my hanky (which I carry with me at all times). I stopped rubbing my eyes after I started wearing contact lens, since the action tends to displace them, and I hate fiddling around with them once I have applied them.

  17. I sometimes forget that I have make up and rub my eyes… often. Also when I wore pencil eyeliner my watery eyes ruined all of it including mascara.

  18. VickyM

    I did sometimes when I was a really young teen and ended up with raccoon eyes, but now if I rub my eyes I don´t ruin my makeup I´m careful about it.

  19. tiffy

    You can rub using just the tip or your finger! 😀 and yes, allergies are the worst

  20. Susan Dowman Nevling

    When I was much younger, I did occasionally rub my eyes and ruin my make up. I now wear glasses all the time and previously wore contact lenses. I believe both stopped me from rubbing my eyes. In addition, I think make up has gotten less irritating and more hypoallergenic. I also have a prescription for eye drops to use during allergy seasons to stop itching.

  21. xamyx

    I can’t remember ever rubbing my eyes after 5th grade, when I really became interested in makeup, but before I started wearing it. I read somewhere at the time that the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and rubbing, or applying pressure, could cause damage & premature aging. If my eyes, which tend to be dry, are itchy, I dab the corners with a tissue. I’ve made sure to *always* use a tissue instead of my bare fingers after a bout of conjuctivitis when I was 13.

  22. Oh yeah, definitely. But since I started using good primers, my makeup doesn’t smudge even if I rub. :)

  23. Cayla29s

    Oh Gosh….Never! I try to not even cry at events like weddings so I don’t ruin my makeup….haha

  24. artemis

    Mostly when I’m at home or when I haven’t worn it for a while, like you 😀 but usually I’m very self conscious about it so i avoid my eyes. On the other hand, I touch my face to check if it’s oily and if I need to powder again.

  25. Bee

    As recently as yesterday, but I didn’t rub too vigorously… and the NARS primer held onto the eyeshadow so well that not much of it came off on my finger.

  26. Denise

    Years of wearing contact lenses taught me to never rub my eyes. It also gave me lots of practice adding drops without ruining my makeup. I also never wear mascara on my lower lashes, and only the most bulletproof of liners (Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners work for me).

    As for my face, I always wear setting spray (UD All Nighter is my favorite).

  27. Jesica

    Honestly….knowing how much money is on my face at a time and knowing that I normally do not bring much “touch up gear” with me is a sure fire prevention.

  28. stef

    i never rub my eyes