Friday, September 25th, 2009

Hard Candy Launches @ Walmart Next Week!

In just one week, Hard Candy, a colorful, tempting and addictive cosmetic brand will be hitting the mass market shelve at the largest retailer in the world – Walmart. It’s the first time a prestige cosmetics collection has gone mass and features unique, specialty products.

Hard Candy products have formulas that are worthy of the prestige market and ahead of the trends with star products like Painted Lady Manic Shine Intense lip color, Eye Tattoo and Balm Girls Tinted Lip Balms. There is a nod to the company’s storied heritage featuring Just Nails polish (yes, the rings are there!), Eye Candy shadows and Fortune Gloss – complete with a tiny Magic 8 ball.

Unique components and stellar merchandising clearly sets the brand apart from its mass brand neighbors. Hard Candy looks like it belongs in Sephora but the pricing totally defies the product offering. Hard Candy is a collaboration between NuWorld Beauty and Walmart insuring that mass market consumers will have access to an out of the box, forward thinking, fun, affordable, quality cosmetics brand. Walmart’s commitment to beauty has been matched with Hard Candy’s drive toward innovative break though style.

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48 thoughts on “Hard Candy Launches @ Walmart Next Week!

  1. Jollene

    Those eye tattoos are hideous but I would love to take a look at almost everything else.

    • Lara

      Totally agree with you. =D

      Everything else looks pretty nice, especially the nail polish. The packaging the so cute!

  2. I remember when Hard Candy first came out with their sexy nail color names. I was OBSESSED with the brand and would have begged my Mom to buy me something, anything but I didn’t even know where to get it from. …now they’re selling it at Walmart?! Hmmm.

  3. dim

    Wow, they got majorly demoted!

  4. Crystal

    I’m so ready for this collection to come out, I cant believe it’s at Wal-Mart that makes it even better/affordable!

  5. Kell

    Please review the goodies you got!

  6. Maggie

    Do you have the exact launch date?

  7. Christy

    Aww, I hope these are available in Canada. Otherwise, I’m heading down to Seattle to grab some of these. I loved Hard Candy so much. I still have some of their lip liners and nail polish in my stash.

  8. sprut6

    Aw memories…hard candy was the it brand when I was in jr. high. Ill probably check these out in person but dont know if Ill purchase anything.

  9. Those nailpolishes look adorbz! Too bad I dont shop Walmart…boo.

  10. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Alannah Alannah

    Theyd better have this stuff all sealed up on the shelves or its just all going to get opened and tested. I will never buy makeup at Target or Walmart that isnt sealed… EVERYTHING gets used at those places! Gross.

  11. amy

    I loved loved loved Hard Candy when I was in high school and back then it was very expensive for the normal high school girl. Once or twice when I saved enough money I would be able to buy one nailpolish or lipstick from them. I remember getting a nailpolish called Mermaid as a gift years ago and I still have it! I am glad they are back though and that they are more affordable. I hope they have this at the Walmart in Vancouver.

  12. Lauren

    I wonder if theres anyway to find out which Walmarts are getting Hard Candy cosmetics…hmm.

  13. Sara N.

    Everything looks sadly low-quality, even in the promo pics. Reminds me of the Mary-Kate and Ashley makeup line. I think Ill be sticking to LOreal, Max Factor, and the like when I look for cosmetics at Wal-Mart.

  14. ok

    Yeah I agree with Sara N. I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be like their original nail polishes, and walmart who would’ve thought? they had some of my favorite nail shades, kind of embarrassed for them.

  15. I was never keen on Eye Tattoos X_X but I do like the nail polishes, lip products, and glitter

  16. I’m a little underwhelmed by this Hard Candy at Walmart collection… I was hoping for some eyeshadows and more pigmented glosses.

    • Gina

      Tons of other products, other than pictured here – concealer palettes, baked bronzers & blush. Tons of mascara choices,eye shadows… I can’t wait. Someone posted in-store pics on MUA.

  17. Mariko

    I remember they use to sell Hard Candy @ Nordstrom! I’m usually against Walmart but this tempting me to make a trip.

  18. Lorna

    can’t wait for the nail polish

  19. K

    Very interesting!! I’m curious to know if this will be in Canada as well!

  20. Rosie

    Thanks for the update, Christine. I’m gonna give it a whirl when it comes out.

  21. NaNa


    I’ve been pestering my local Wal-Mart about the release date and they told me just today that its being put out next week. I’m saving judgment for when I actually see the product but I can’t deny how excited I am for this launch. <3

  22. Elysia


    • Rosie

      I agree with you Elysia. If they couldnt keep at the higher end level but they were able to bounce back and launch themselves at Walmart, then really its a success. They didnt go under.

  23. These nail polishes look so cute and amazing !!

  24. Pff, Walmart should open international LOL.

  25. totally agree with Elysia!

  26. I HATE Walmart. Every time I go to one it is dirty, a mess, and the worst people seem to shop there- rude, letting their kids run loose like monkeys, pootr hygine, etc…
    But I will make a trip to Walmart to try these.

  27. Alma

    I totally agree with Elysia as well! Rarely have do I ever go in to Nordstrom or Sephora because of how inconvenient they can be as well as the obvious prices, while Walmart, though not the best store, is almost in every city, 5 or 10 minutes away. It is not anywhere near a demotion because now people with maybe not enough money as the ritzy high class woman can get the better products with an affordable price.

  28. Hannah

    so I bought the FORTUNE GLOSS and I absolutely loooove it ! hard candy might just be my new favo lip brand !

  29. Sandy

    Hi Ladies,

    Well, I purchased 6 polishes and two of their mascaras at Wal-Mart over the weekend! What a beautiful display and colors too! Can anyone tell me about their mascaras. Thanks.

  30. Sandy

    BTW, you may already know this, but I just found out that Max Factor will no longer be sold in the U.S. beginning January, 2010! So stock up now if you want any of their products!

  31. Rachel

    I just bought several products at Wal Mart by hard Candy and I have to say I am impressed with the quality. I love the concealer, foundation, and eyeliners. The eyeshadows dont usually last that long, but they have such a pretty pigment, and there Mascaras flake pretty easily if you use to much.

  32. Soooooooo psyched for the hard candy launch in Walmart,but i’ve been to two Walmarts in the last two days and haven’t been able to find it yet,not cool!Does anyone know if it’s only available in select Walmarts??

  33. Tattoo Girl

    Not sure, I know my Walmart has it but I haven’t found anything I am in love with yet :(

  34. Rachel

    A little disappointed in the new products :(
    Although I love the new low prices…I think they are a reflection of the quality.

    Lash Tinsel in spellbound- Nothing special a little sparkle. The Sephora Brand had a glitter lash product last Dec. and it works much better.

    Lash Call(lengthening mascara) in punk-The lengthening effect is small and five mins. after I put it on I have to look really close to notice it! How does that pass testing? I tried it with a primer and then coated the color on and that worked better.

    Cream Eye shadow with mini liner in queenie-I expected the sparkle eye shadow to be more dramatic. The mini liner does not work as well as my sephora Hard Candy glitter pencils. It did not go on as easily and you are going to need to keep it in your purse to reapply.

    Glitz stick in hottie- Decent..I would like to try it in a different color because mine is the clear shade.

    I would still like to try some other there other new products because I loved Hard Candy when it was at Sephora.

  35. Lindsey

    im actually really excited for this! been hearing a lot of great things about the lipsticks and mineralized blushes, so i suggest those!

    going there in a few minutes, hoping to pick up a few products(:

  36. I got 3 of those eye shadow sticks & absolutely love them! There is so much more at the store than is pictured here. Heaven.

  37. janie

    Saw the line @ Wal-mart tonight. It completely took me by surprise. It looks pretty amazing…great colors, unique products. Some very cool mascara and eyeliner shades. It may even be worth it for some people to break their Wal-Mart fast! I haven’t been there for about a year but I’m going back this weekend to stock up when I have more time to browse.

  38. I am returning my Ginormous Lash mascara in ‘mudslide.’ When they named it they were spot on — it’s a real basic, gooey brown. Mine might just be bad, I’m not sure. I adore the Blush Crush in ‘bombshell’ though! I remember when Hard Candy was my favorite eyeshadow — I owned almost every quad they sold =)

  39. dolface7

    I have bought 3 eye shadows, 3 of the plumping lipglosses, primer, and two of the baked blushes. I have to say the primer is the best ever, hands down 5*****! It is way better than $80 ones. The plumper is good, doesn’t plump at all, but gives lips a cool feeling, isn’t sticky, and the are huge in size 5*****. I really like them. The blushes work well and are great sizes (same size as mac mineralized blushes and work just as good and way cheaper)for the price 5*****. They show up with very little on the brush. The eye shadows are ahh bland. You have to cake it on to get any colour. I am very pale skinned and had to foil the heck out of them after caking didn’t help. Overall some of the hard candy products are just as good as before and way cheaper. The glosses, eye shadows, and lipsticks are $6. The blushes are $7-8 I think and the primer is $8. The tinted lipbalms are $5 I think. They have a lot of fun colours, but the lip coulours are pretty mild in colour once applied. I have the plumper in girl nextdoor and it gives me a little creamy pink sparkle. It is a good gloss. My fave as well as the primer.

  40. s

    OMG ni just luuuuuuv hard candy my mom hates its which makes it even cooler dont ya think i sooooooooooooo luv this site toooooooo,
    Peace and Luv and of course Choc Chip COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV YA,