Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring/Summer 2010

The ever lovely Muse told me about Hard Candy’s latest, and of course, I had to share with you as well!

1,000 Lashes Mascara and Primer ($6.00)

Fiber extension formula for lusciously long lashes. 1,000 Lashes is infused with volume-building fibers that thicken, separate and lengthen lashes dramatically! The lash fibers adhere to your own eyelashes, acting like instant lash extensions. The result is super voluptuous, clump free, incredibly long lashes. The 1,000 Lashes Primer preps lashes for use with any mascara and adds extraordinary length and volume.

Hot Smudge ($6.00)

Duo Cream eyeliner/smudge shadow is housed in a long, sexy case—complete with brush and smudger. It’s everything you want in cream eyeliner with more precision than a pencil and more forgiving than a liquid. This ultra-creamy, formula offers more control, playtime, and buildable coverage than typical liners. Create razor-sharp lines or smokey bedroom eyes with the double-ended angled liner brush and smudger. This creamy eyeliner is available in a wide variety of sexy shades that stay put all day long. $6

See more products & photos!

Meteor-Eyes ($6.00)

Meteor- eyes are a high-pigment, baked eye shadow that is a buildable and versatile eye shadow that creates endless incredible looks. The swirl of rich colors creates multi-dimensional results for a stare that smolders. These highly pigmented baked eye shadows highlight your eyes and make them twinkle. Designed to be applied either wet or dry, this eye shadow is baked on a terra cotta disk for ultra rich, long-lasting application. Use “dry” for sheer color or use “wet” for intense dramatic color.

Powder Keg ($6.00)

You’ll have a blast experimenting with the Hard Candy colors. Choose from an array of electric, loose eye shadow pigments. These powdery-fine, silky-soft shadows deliver more intense color than pressed or cream eye shadows. The loose pigment formula is made from pearlized powders. Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues. With everything from bold brights to pretty neutrals, there’s something for everyone! The coolest advantage over other brands’ loose pigments? No messy pots! The spill-proof tube uses a special internal funnel to keep pigment inside until you’re ready to use it. The wand features an ergonomic flared handle and a built-in sponge tip applicator. Dip the sponge into the color to apply, or tap out a little color and use your own brushes.

Welcome Matte ($8.00)

Roll out the Welcome Matte – and foundation will stay all day. A micro-pigmented pressed powder that eliminates unwanted shine, evens the skin and sets foundation for all day wear. Micronized pigments “float” on the skin to even out skin tone. Mirror and sponge included.

Moon Glow ($8.00)

Because skin touched by moonlight makes the complexion glow. A multi-tasking translucent powder infused with illuminating gold powder. Inspired by the beauty of the skin in the moonlight, this product is formulated to set makeup while imparting a soft-focused glow. Mirror and sponge included.

Take me Out Liner (Glitter) ($5.00)

A swipe of controlled glitter yields loads of sparkle and color with these micro glitter-infused eyeliner pencil. Add depth and definition to your lids with these creamy pencils in matte formulations. Each contains a sparkling hint of super tiny glitter particles that reflect the light. Steal the spotlight at your special occasion or simply flaunt a little shimmery flair for the fun of it!

Take Me Out Liner (Molten Metal) ($5.00)

Intense metallic liners glide on, blend in, and last until you’re ready to remove. Dynamic, molten metal eye pencil in a rainbow of shades glide on color that stays put! These cushiony, creamy eye pencils deliver powerful, vibrant color that slides on smooth and stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries to a long-lasting finish that won’t budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for an intense, liquid metal look!

Cosmetic Bags Train Case ($9.00)

A great way to store and carry all of your Hard Candy cosmetics! Perfectly sized, this train case is made from 100% nylon, wipeable fabric. Interior mesh zippered pocket helps keep smaller items well within reach. Accented with signature Hard Candy art and custom zipper pulls. Perfect for day trips, weekend getaways or that long vacation.

Purse Kit ($4.00)

Never leave home without your hard Candy essentials! Stylist inside and out, this cosmetic bags is the perfect size for glamour on the go. Features signature Hard Candy styling, right down to the zipper pulls. 100% nylon for easy cleaning.

Availability: May 2010 at Walmart

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

Hard Candy for Spring 2010

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49 thoughts on “Hard Candy for Spring/Summer 2010

  1. Moon Glow looks very pretty! I wonder how the texture will be :)

    • KrissKross

      I purchesed moonglow and was fairly impressed. It did what it said, Highlited and luminized my face… The TINY downside is it does appear ashy on dark dark skin tones. I usually use it as my highlight

  2. Cass Martinez

    I’m very interested to try the hot smudge and moon glow.

  3. Rachael

    I will be very interested to see swatches of meteor eyes! I thought Hard Candy had dissapeared my local Debenhams (UK) stopped stocking it

    • Kristen

      Hard Candy used to be sold at Sephora too, but it is sold exclusively at Walmart now… so maybe they’ll end up at ASDA in the UK since their owned by them? I know that we got George stuff from ASDA here in the US.

  4. temptalia I luv your blog. You seem to get the scoop on all the latest and greatest (like this fun collection from Hard Candy) before anyone else. I’m so envious! And curious: How do you do it? DO you review from samples, or do you get these gorgeous photos and all this great information from press releases?

  5. Cherie

    hahha I love the name Welcome Matte

  6. Kate

    I am really, REALLY excited for this! I’m normally not a drugstore girl, but I was a fan of the stuff they recently released at Walmart, especially the nail polish (hope they add more colors soon).

  7. Cathy

    Hi Christine! Do you know if these launched yet..i guess at walmart since thats where they are selling hard candy?? I want to try the moon glow and baked shadows!!

  8. Laura

    I find it frustrating how many “moonlight” products are based on gold. I would be incredibly happy if someone could show me a highlight that is more silvery or… well, anything other than gold.

  9. Ooh, I may have to run to Walmart for this :)

  10. Sixx

    I wonder, is this the same higher quality formula back when it was sold at Sephora? Or did they downgrade the quality…

  11. Alannah

    From the packaging it seems like they’re really trying to copy Urban Decay. I wonder how the quality has changed if the prices are so much cheaper? This line is in Walmarts only now, right?

    • Lauren

      I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Urban Decay and Hard Candy are owned by the same company – I always thought Hard Candy was marketed as a ‘younger’ UD.

    • Teggy

      Yeah! I thought this was Urban Decay then was like “Wow those prices are low…?” Took me a few minutes to figure it out.

  12. pretty but, where are the new lacquers?!!
    you know that is all I care about!

  13. I don’t shop at Walmart usually, but I made a special trip when they first got Hard Candy products in. Everything I tried was terrible. THe packaging is cute but that’s about it, they weren’t even worth the low prices I paid for them.

    • Mira

      Yess totally agreed. I’ve purchased a few things vaguely recently and they’ve all since been donated to my preschooler’s play makeup stash.

      • Jami

        Their eyeshadows were horrible. Not pigmented at all!! But their face primer and tinted moisterizer is great!!! It works amazingly for me and you can’t beat the price.

  14. ash

    Oh my, that shadow looks like young punk. I missed it and have been beating myself up over it.

  15. Teggy

    Hot Smudge and Moon Glow interest me. I’ve been wanting a highlighter…but at Wal-mart? Boo! I hope it comes to other places too. :(

  16. Zoe

    i want to try the Moon Glow!
    and I wonder if their mascaras are any good

  17. Casey

    Moon Glow looks really pretty…I may give it a try when it comes out. I’ve tried several of the other new HC products and I was disappointed but I hear they have nice blushes….maybe the Moon Glow will be nice as well.

  18. Me too! If this is only in wal-mart, it looks like I’m going to have to pass on the whole thing :(

    I can’t ethically bring myself to shop there

  19. Michelle M

    I’m excited about this collection! I really like the Hard Candy for Walmart line, but then I did a fair amount of research before actually buying anything. Seems like it’s very hit and miss, but some of the products are really nice. The tinted moisturizer is my new go-to foundation, and I bought that on a whim.

  20. Nicole

    I tried there mascara and I hated it, it went on to climpy and looked very cakey

  21. Vanessa

    I’ll be on the look-out for Meteor eyes and Moon glow!!

  22. Luisafer

    love the idea of a flexible mascara packing!!! so hard to get it all out when they are hard tubes

  23. Kalee

    loooooooove the bags

  24. Brenda

    I have missed Hard Candy!! When I was in high school the original pastels came out and I’ve since only owned one eyeshadow from them, when Sephora used to carry the line. I will be checking out Walmart!! (p.s…will it be in Canadian stores too??)

  25. Venessa

    Will these be available in Canada? I’ve been to my local walmart to look for any Hard Candy items and didn’t see any…

  26. Ooh la la! Those shadows are looking vaguely familiar to the MAC Style Black shadows!!!I can’t wait to try out that lash primer too!

  27. zoe77

    this stuff is straight JUNK. i wanted to love the new hard candy, as i loved the old hard candy for YEARS, but this cheap crap just wouldnt allow it. dont waste your money.

  28. Jae

    I really want the train case >_<

  29. I love eyelash primers so I might try this one out.

  30. Beck

    Oh cool! The glittery eyeshadows look awesome, I am afraid of terrible fall-out though so hopefully they will surprise me on a great some what fall out free formula.
    Another thing that sucks about the new Hard Candy WalMart collaboration, is that my Walmart is probably one of the highest producers in the country. The makeup isle is constantly in shambles and pillaged to the point of frustration. It’s like they let a pack of wild animals loose in there and they tear up the makeup section and you are lucky to find any thing left that has not been opened and tampered with,stolen, or sold out in a flash.

  31. Beck

    I was perusing Walmart’s Hard Candy collection today looking for the new stuff. They had the Meteor-Eyes glittery shadows. They were so cute looking I all most bought every one, but had a reality check and only bought three, the green, purple and blue shades. Supernova (purple) ,Asteroid (blue),and Space Cadet (green). They do not appear in person to be as deeply glittery and appealing as the promo photo portrays them to be. You can see more of the solid pigment in them in person not just a wash of glitter over the whole pan.
    The “Black Hole” shade looks very similar to MAC’s Cinderfella from Style Black. I think Hard Candy was copying MAC a little on these. Except Hard Candy is using straight up fine cosmetic grade craft glitter in their product.Where as with the Style Black mineralize shadows, the glitter was a fine micro-milled mica. These are glitter bombs for sure, I have only swatched them on my hand and the glitter is strewn through out the shadow and I can imagine this falling all over your face. I had to swatch them several times to get a good strong color to show up. At first swatch or two they were weak and disappointing. I will have to try them wet or with a mixing medium.
    Space Cadet is a beautiful dark shimmery forest green with a glowing quality. I had to really pile it on to get this effect though.
    Supernova the purple shade was less pigmented but does has potential as a beautiful royal purple. I have not tried Asteroid yet, the blue shade it remind me of July 4th, very patriotic and royal blue. I can imagine this would look great with Russian Red lipstick/Cult of Cherry Lipglass for an over the top 80’s vamp look. I want to try out Moon Glow powder but I will wait for reviews as it looked a little cheap. The other stuff such as the Powder Keg pigment vials did not interest me one bit, seems boring and messy plus I don’t like the name,haha. Has any one else tried anything?

  32. Beck

    I just wrote a long review I think it got deleted =(

  33. First and foremost, I just wanna say I.. LOVE.. YOUR BLOG!! So much info, reviews, feedback n references 😀

    But anywho, I was pleased to see your section on Hard Candy cosmetics, cuz I just felt not enough people give thorough reviews on this cosmetic line. Hard Candy (IMO) is actually pretty impressive, and ended up as one of my fav drugstore lines. Their lipsticks, however, I found to be a little soft! :( Gorgeous colors, but the ones I picked up either melted so easily or just simply broke off. The packaging of their lipsticks are also kinda… different lol. If u want them to stand, it might be a lil nerve-wrecking! (if you’ve seen them, you’ll probably understand why).

    Nonetheless, GREAT reviews on here!! <33

    • I totally agree with you about this. I think the fact that this line is sold exclusively only at Wal-Mart, people automatically think cheap, when that’s not the case. I’ve actually found a lot of my favorite go-to make-up products at drugstores, not just high-end. And this brand in particular I’ve been pretty impressed with!