Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

How do you handle makeup touch-ups during the day or night? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerI very rarely powder or the like, but if I really needed to look 100% all day long, I would take a pressed powder and pat on every six hours or so to keep everything in place. For lips, I usually opt for something longer-wearing, and then just use a gloss to touch-up!

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29 thoughts on “How do you handle makeup touch-ups during the day or night?

  1. Emily

    I really only touch up my powder to keep shine away, but sometimes i reapply my concealer too :)

    • xamyx

      I carry a large bag/purse, so carrying a makeup bag with everything I need is never an issue. The only thing I won’t always carry is a large eyeshadow palette for an evening out, but I will carry a smaller one with similar shades, and my highlight shade, which is a single shadow.

  2. KaseyCannuck

    I just blot oil from my forehead and nose and keep a lip balm within reach at all times. My eye makeup doesn’t budge so there’s no need to touch it at all.

  3. Kaylan

    Eyeliner is a staple that I keep in my bag. That and qtips to prevent raccoon eyes!!

  4. i usually just have a powder and lip balm or gloss with me. usually my eye makeup stays alright. i bring my favorite powder with me to school, especially if i know we are photographing classmates that day. if i forget powder at school, i just blot my face with toilet paper or paper towels.

  5. Kat

    I tend to just powder my nose and forehead. I work at sephora so I need to be on my A game at all times! Here and there I reapply eyeliner and check if my eyebrows are on point. But, I rarely to do all that process. 😉

  6. Caroline

    As my job keeps me very busy, with no time for touching up my makeup, I find OCC Lip Tars are an absolute godsend as they really do stay put for hours on end. As for the rest of my makeup, well … if it fades, it fades.

  7. I almost never do touchups. on extremely humid days maybe a powder touchup if i get some me time :-)
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  8. I definitely like to powder my face every 4-5 hours and touch up my lipstick after a meal :)
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  9. StrangeOne

    I don’t wear a lot of face powder either but I went to a MUA for my cousin’s wedding yesterday. I don’t know what she did, other than patting down the powder with a wet sponge, but the makeup didn’t even move an inch. My makeup rarely stays on my face during weddings so I was very surprised.

  10. I carry blotting power and my lipstick of the night. Mostly, I wear a matte lipstick because the lasting power is good, but it can sometimes feel a bit too dry and cakey, and hence, the reapplication.

  11. The only thing I really need to touch up, would be my lipstick. If I wear liner on my waterline (which is not that often), it may wear down a bit. So I always make sure to travel with both of those items.

  12. I can’t remember the last time I touched up my makeup, but maturing skin is drier and my makeup tends to hold. I will reapply lipstick…usually in the truck with the stupid little mirror, but def not while driving (⊙.☉)

    A Goss recommendation that works to help hold makeup even longer. Separate a tissue and use one layer and press softly over your base layers after applying. It removes excess oil and helps to prevent oxidation. I need a blow torch if I use primer and this tip..

  13. I never really need to touch up my eye make-up, except for maybe eye pencil. So after like 8 hours, I might touch up my eyeliner if I still need to go somewhere. And then for my face I will use blotting powder to remove sebum, and after 5 hours or so I will reapply powder. Lipstick is easy to touch up, so I just do that on the go.

  14. Liz

    I usually touch up my lipstick and blush during my lunch break (which is about 6 hours after the initial application). I usually only touch up with powder if I have something to do after work. Then I’ll blot my face then apply pressed powder. I’ll then redo my blush and lipstick.

  15. I remove most of my lipstick before I eat lunch at work, and then reapply all the lip products just after. I usually end up bringing balm, whatever lipcolor I’m wearing, maybe a liner, and a concealer pencil with me, as well as whatever I’m wearing on my waterline …because nothing stays there long, not even the waterproof stuff. Work’s the only place I go, so that’s that!

  16. I don’t like to reapply powder because on me, it always looks weird and powdery around my nose if I apply again later (maybe because I’m oily?). I will apply UD Allnighter if I need everything to stay in place(although on humid days, even that doesn’t work very well.) I always keep a bag of eyeliners in my purse and a bag of lippies for reapplication because those wear off constantly on me.

  17. I definitely touch up my lipstick a couple of times a day, as I’ve been loving wearing a bold, dark look. Sometimes, not often, I’ll touch up with powder as well, if I’m shiny at all. Otherwise, I don’t tend to do too much… unless I’m at home and I’m just “playing” with more makeup. 😉

  18. t_violet

    I really only reapply lipstick during the day; everything else seems to wear ok. (I’ve noticed as I get older, I don’t get nearly as greasy as I used to) I do carry a eyeshadow brush to reblend if I need to but I don’t bother reapplying more eyeshadow.

  19. Kate

    Just touch-up on lippie for me!

  20. Jaye

    All depends on how hectic a day it is and how much running around I am doing. Carry a oil blotting powder from MAC it’s been a staple of mine for over 15 years!!! Never builds up or looks cakey. Sometimes concealer needs a re pat down or just a lil eye cream on top so I carry those sample sizes of eye cream with me. Lipstick is the most I reapply throughout the day which I knew what these others do that get to their lipstick to wear for hours I have used a lip liner, I have tried Guerlains Kiss Kiss Lip Lift and while it’s good it tends to really dry my lips out.

  21. calimom

    A thin layer of long-wearing foundation can last all day. I touch up lipstick every few hours and use blotting papers or blot with a tissue during the day. If I’m going out in the evening, I apply a light layer of powder.

  22. Sarah

    I only tend to touch up my makeup during evening occasions i.e. late nights out or if I’m going to a club. This usually consists of reapplying concealer under my eyes, white eyeliner on lower lash line, blush, re-curling eyelashes and adding more mascara, and lipstick/lip gloss.

  23. I typically just use pressed powder if I really need a refresh. If I’m transitioning from day to night at home or a hotel, I sometimes just start over and wash my face and begin from scratch. It makes me feel better! I’m constantly glopping on lip gloss…I’m pretty sure I’m an addict 😉
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  24. Mostly with powder, or I blend out my eyeshadow with my finger if it gets creasy. If I’m actually wearing lipstick, I will reapply that as needed.

  25. Nikki

    The only makeup I touch up throughout the day is my gloss. I don’t like to carry any other types of makeup with me once I leave home, so I typically use setting spray (MUFE Mist & Fix) to set my face, and it keeps my makeup in place all day so there’s no need for touch ups.

  26. Sarah

    I take my Mac Skinfinish Natural and apply it with a makeup pad usually.

  27. Joyce Galugbo

    My eyeshadow usually stays on all day, due to primer; so I don’t need to reapply throughout the day. I like it when my blush fades a little, so I don’t reapply.

    So I only touch up powder, concealer, lipstick, mascara and a couple sprits of UD All Nighter.