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Sam, 14, Georgia | Sam is 14-years old, lives near Atlanta, Georgia with her mom and two (of three!) older brothers. She was born and raised in Georgia, but her family originally hailed from Illinois. You will find her busy meeting new people and enjoying teen soap operas/dramas (like Vampire Diaries)–and of course, she’s madly in love with all things beauty. When she’s not playing around with makeup, you’ll find her with headphones on listening to everything; from classical to rap, pop to heavy metal, and almost everything in between (though she favors rock!).

Halloween Makeup:  Leopard
Halloween Makeup: Leopard

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: ย Leopard

I have a quick Halloween makeup tutorial for you, and I promise it’s easier than it sounds. This was my first time doing Halloween makeup! My cousin, Nicole, was crazy enough to let me experiment with my makeup on her, so she will be modeling for us today.

What You Will Need:

  • Your Foundation/Skin Toned Eyeshadow
  • Matte Light Brown Eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s Naked, from the Naked Palette)
  • Matte Medium Brown Eyeshadow (Buck, also from the Naked Palette)
  • Matte Light Taupe Eyeshadow (Velvet Revolver by Too Faced)
  • Satin Grey/Brown Eyeshadow (NYX Charcoal Brown)
  • Matte Black Eyeshadow (NYX Black)
  • Black Eyeliner Pen (NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker)
  • Creamy Brown Eyeliner Pencil (NYX Brown Slim Eye Pencil)
  • Warm Light Brown Lip Liner (NYX Nutmeg Slim Lip Pencil)
  • Beige/Brown Lipstick (NYX Tea Round Lipstick)

These are just the colors that worked for Nicole and her skin tone. You can use whatever works best for you!

Get the step-by-step guide & see more photos!ย 

Prior to her arrival, Nicole had already applied her concealer and foundation. I focused on the eyes first, but you can apply this in whatever sequence you like. I started off with an eyeshadow base, then applied Naked with a paddle brush. It’s just barely darker than Nicole’s skin tone, so again, use whatever works. After, I simply applied Velvet Revolver in the crease with an angled blending brush, winging the shape out slightly.

For the eyeliner, I first traced the shape with the black eyeshadow and an angled liner brush. At the end of her eye, I followed the curl of her lashes for the wing. In the inner corner, I followed the shape of her tear duct and contour of her nose. Take your time on this part, because the eyeliner makes all the difference! Just to make the lines look sharper, I then went over it with the eyeliner pen. Add a few coats of you’re favorite mascara and the eyes are finished!

For the spots, I mixed Buck and Naked together and applied generously. The larger spots were placed with the angled blending brush, and the smaller spots were placed with a dense smudging brush or pencil brush. On a leopard, the spots normally decrease in size as they reach the center of the face. And they don’t have to be shaped into perfect circles, so don’t worry if they aren’t exactly what you envisioned!

After you’re finished applying the base of the spots and it looks like you have broke out into a terrible rash, you’ll want to trace each spot with the eyeliner pen. Make shapes and Cs around the spots at random–just go with it! It turns out best that way. :) Once I was finished with the black eyeliner, I found that I wanted more definition. To do this, I used the brown eyeliner pencil and traced areas on both the inside and outside of the black circles. ย Next, set it with the shimmery grey/brown eyeshadow. Now you have a leopard print on your face!

For the nose, I went straight across the top and followed the shape of Nicole’s nostrils with the black eyeshadow; have each side of your nose dip down and make a point in the cleft of your upper lip. After, fill in with the eyeliner pen for sharper edges and add some dots along your upper lip for the whisker roots. Lastly, line your lips to make the lip color last longer and apply a nude-ish/brown lipstick.

That completes the leopard look! I hope you enjoyed it and everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

Halloween Makeup:  Leopard
Halloween Makeup: Leopard

Halloween Makeup:  Leopard
Halloween Makeup: Leopard

Halloween Makeup:  Leopard
Halloween Makeup: Leopard

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48 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Leopard

  1. Noga

    Sam, this is gorg! To think you’re only 14… you have a bright future ahead, that for sure :)

    • Sam

      Thanks Noga! That’s really sweet of you :)
      This was my first time doing halloween makeup. I was soooo nervous. Lol I kept asking my cousin “how’s it look?! Do you like it?”

  2. Ashley Sarah

    That came out very nice!

  3. Janet

    Wow, it looks amazing! I’m happy to see you used products that most of us have or are easily dupable. I’m going to have to try this out. Thanks for a great look!!!

    • Sam

      Thanks, Janet! :) That’s what I’m going for. Lol i don’t want to use many things that other people can’t– especially teens my age!

  4. Joyce

    very cool! Too bad i’m not gonna go for a leopard look cause i would totally rock this ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Beautifully executed,I love the leopard spots, they’re perfect

  6. Ana G.

    Awww…meow!!!Really nice!!

  7. Amalia

    Very cute!

  8. Super cute. I love how you did the eyeliner.

  9. Ally

    Nicole is so pretty! This came out really well, I’m impressed!

  10. This is so pretty! Just wondering, how did you get to be the teen contributor for temptalia? I am 15 and I would love the opportunity to do things like this or reviews. Seems like such a great opportunity. Btw, I love the tear duct detail.

    • Sam Schweinsberg

      Hi Lucy! I appreciate the feedback!

      Back in June, Christine put out a post asking for applicants who are interested in being a contributor for Temptalia. There are 43 chosen contributors on the team, and *from what I understand* she’s isn’t accepting any more applications at this time. :( sorry!

  11. Meredith

    This is really great :) I think the lines/detailing on the inner corners of the eyes and down the side of the nose really makes this look!

    • Sam

      I agree! I think the eyeliner pulls it all together. I don’t think it would’ve looked the same with just a normal cat eye.

  12. Neree

    Wow! This is beautiful.

  13. romina

    Very Lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Lucie

    Very cool! Like how complex the spots are, they look like real leopard spots!

  15. lteefaw

    So this will be my Halloween look. Thanks for sharing

  16. Lacy H.

    Love this! Great job!

  17. Maya

    You are so talented and I loved this post! I was a cheetah for Halloween a couple years ago…if only I’d seen this then, haha

  18. cydoniac

    really beautiful!!great job indeed!!!

  19. I love it! Good job!

  20. Devi

    Wow, are you planning on pursuing a career that’s makeup-oriented? I could really see you going somewhere with it if you did. Like doing theatre makeup for a cat-inspired musical on Broadway or something, heehee. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Aly

    At first I wasn’t so sure about these “contributors” but you guys have really gone beyond what I expected(: This is so cute! (:

  22. Wow, great job!! I really love the lippie on you!

  23. breeoxd

    ok, now I want to be a leopard for halloween! You can do my makeup ANYTIME! :) fab tutorial!

  24. Anne

    I think I’ll try to do a tiger version of this for Halloween. Thanks!

  25. kasiaj85

    Brilliant look!! :))

  26. Zozolina

    Great job girl! So young, yet so talented… Wish you luck!

  27. Amy

    Amazingly beautiful and amazingly creative. That looks great with your gorgeous hair color.

  28. tm

    Good job, Sam! Your makeup looks just as good as some of those actors that played in Cats on Broadway!

  29. The spots are adorable, I love them!

  30. Laura R

    So cute! I have done leopard-print eyeshadow designs before but not a full face. I love this.

  31. Sooo frigging cute! Love it :)

  32. Jazz

    Beautiful. You did a really good job. Im seriously considering doing leopard eyes for halloween, even though I dont celebrate halloween. I really just want to walk around with crazy eyeshadow lol

  33. Inuchan

    Congratulations Sam, this is so cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Lexy

    Sam, This is SO AWESOME!!!! Great job and what talent!!!!!! Very impressive :)

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