Friday, May 1st, 2009

Guerlain’s Summer Splash Collection is the latest offering from the ultra luxe brand. It features several products from waterproof mascara to eyeshadows to a quad to loose powder kohl. I wasn’t able to try everything out, but I did get to try several items, and likely the more “hot ticket” items, so hopefully it’ll help you when you’re trying to make your hauling decisions! :)

Perles des Mers Eyeshadow Palette ($58.00) is the item that caught my attention the most when I first learned about the collection. It’s not quite as head-turning in person (it’s just not quite as bright), but it’s still a good interpretation of what it is. I’d say the only color that wasn’t quite as bright as I expected was the teal shade. The lightest shade is a soft white with a pink undertone. The second lightest color is a frosty, white-peach shade. The third lightest color is a dirty bronzy-gold shade, kind of like a light antique gold. The final shade is the teal color, which is a teal-blue with green sheen/overlay. It’s an interesting mix of teal and noticeable green. I think these shades work well together, and I like that there are some lighter shades to mix with the teal. I’m not 100% sold on the quad yet, but I think it’s definitely worth taking a peek at.

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Nacre des Mers (Pressed) Meteorites ($65.00) is sheer, lightly shimmery warm-toned white-beige. It’s extremely sheer, but it does show up as a soft powder on me. Meteorites always amuse me, if only because their scent reminds me of Mr. Bubble (the bubble bath)–which isn’t a bad thing–but it brings back interesting memories. If you’re looking for a Meteorite with more color, this isn’t your best bet. For me, this is definitely a highlighter, though a glorious one at that. This is sophisticated shimmer at its best, because it ends up looking a lot like a gentle glowy sheen than anything else.

Terracotta Pearly Shell Illuminating Sun Powder ($65.00) is a slightly warm, almost neutral dirty brown-orange bronzing color. It actually goes on my skin (NC20/NC25) really well. I thought it would be too dark, but applied with a light hand, it gives my cheeks just the faintest bronzed look. The shimmer seems like mostly an overlay with very little shimmer in the actual powder.

Lagon Bleu Terracotta Loose Powder Khol ($34.00) is a blue-green with yellow-green sheen powder khol. It’s an interesting product, and I’m curious to see how I end up using it. The color isn’t quite as blue as I was thinking it would be, but I like the shade nonetheless. Bleu Cruise LE2 Waterproof Mascara ($35.00) I haven’t tried on lashes yet (I keep forgetting!) but I did swatch it, at least, and it is a nice shade of subdued blue with just a faint green tone.

Corail des mers KissKiss Stick Gloss Extreme Shine ($30.00) is an absolutely STUNNING shade of summery coral-pink. I can see myself wearing this alone for everyday wear, when I want some color on my lips. It goes on fairly pigmented; it isn’t sheer, but it feels sheer. It has that glossy finish and light texture. Really quite lovely, so I hope I can check out the other two shades available soon (Rose des Sables and Grenade des Iles).

Sun Powder

Sun Powder

Nacre des Mers

Nacre des Mers

Corail des Mers

Lagun Bleu

Shell Illuminating Sun Powder, Nacre des Mers

Nacre des Mers; Blue Cerise (mascara), Lagun Bleu kohl, Corail des Mers
Perles des Mers Quad

Perles des Mers Quad

Nacre des Mers; Blue Cerise (mascara), Lagun Bleu kohl, Corail des Mers

Corail des Mers

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56 thoughts on “Guerlain’s Summer Splash Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Loving the lipstick!

  2. Jennifer

    Love the eyeshadow palette swatches!! the colors are so versatile IMO

  3. Anitacska

    Thanks a lot for this Christine! :) I’ve already bought the eyeshadows, and will definitely get the Meteorites powder (although I didn’t realise it was a pressed powder, but still, I like it), and the lipstick looks lovely too. :)

    • No problem, Anitacska! Do you prefer the original Meteorites compared to the pressed ones?

    • AbbyL

      Hey Anitacska! Where did you buy your eyeshadow from? I can’t seem to find anything available yet online… i’m being totally impatient lol. Thanks for the swatches Christine!!

  4. Dominique

    I love the sun powder, looks great!

  5. JennXOXO

    The lipstick is beautiful! Thanks, Christine!

  6. Taj

    Wow that lipstick is hot!

  7. Jenn

    Thx for the preview, this collection is so tempting.

  8. Amy

    Which stores have this now? I must get some of these items! :)

  9. KyaLyn

    I love the lipstick and the sun powder! Have you tried on the mascara, yet? Does it show up very teal? I’d love to see the mascara on.

  10. Amy

    Oh–and are there single eyeshadows with the collection too? Were they duplicative of the quad? thanks!!

  11. Love the lipstick, might have to track it down.
    I would pass on everything else not very unique imo

    • I like the mix of browns in the quad, surprisingly, though I am sure you could dupe it with less expensive brands if you were so inclined :)

  12. cloudburst

    The e/s palette is nice but I wish there was a greater range in how deep the colours are – the first 3 are very light.

    • They weren’t super sheer, at least, though. I found them all to be pigmented! I do wish the two lighter shades had more differences, as you say :(

  13. Heather

    Oh my god, that sun powder looks amazing I love the packaging.

  14. Skyler

    $65?! Yikes! I personally do not like the colour payoff of the quad. I mean, they’re pretty colours but the pigmentation could certainly be better for $58. The Sun Power is so pretty!

    • Pigmentation is really just fine, but I think the colors themselves are just running lighter rather than darker/deeper, which might be why they look light :)

  15. that lipstick is beautiful!!!

  16. Ruth

    I may have to check out the stick glosses, I have quite a few and although I really love everything about them, I don’t reach for them too often. I’ll just have to wait and see, the swatches look amazing though. Right now I’m all into the new Rouge G lipstick, what a masterpiece !

    • Miss QQ

      I saw those Rouge G l/s yesterday. They are stunning. I didn’t try any colours on my lips but there seem to be a good range of colours. Which did you get?

    • I like this one, in particular, just because it IS pigmented. I want to try the new Rouge Gs so bad!

  17. Miss QQ

    Christine, Corail des Mers looks gorgeous on you!

  18. CeeBee

    I love the lipstick shade! Unfortunately there is something in the Guerlain lipsticks (well, the KissKiss ones anyway) and the scent drives me bonkers. It smells nice and sort of like raspberries in the tube and then I put it on and ARRRRRGGGGHHH! Can’t stand it (for whatever bizarre reason that is so).
    I like the shadows too, but I think I already have dupes (or pretty close anyway) – I always find teal hard to wear unless I use it as a liner.

  19. KP

    I MUST have that mascara! Beautiful!

  20. Rose

    I love the powders!

  21. mara

    did anybody get it yet? if yes can you pkease tell me where cause i so want to have that collection

  22. InĂªs Mariano

    Thanks so much for all the photos :)

    I’m dying to see this products on Portugal’s Sephora! but i am already in love with the sun powder đŸ˜€

  23. KP

    I just received the mascara and lip color. Both are beaultiful! The lip is a “your lip but better” shade and the mascara is a beautiful dark-ish teal. Love em!

  24. sprut6

    Have you done a look with the quad? I can’t decide if I want to buy it or not. I absolutely love the teal color but I don’t know if I want to spend that much. Can you think of any dupes for it?

  25. Ioanna-Ameerah

    Hi everyone! should i put nacre de mers in my wish list, as a highlighter? my skin is nc35-40, do you think the powder will show nicely or it is too shimmery?? Thanks :-)

  26. Hi there, I got a question: Could I use that Nacre de Mers powder all over or is it really only a highlighter? I don’t wanna sparkle like a christmas tree but if it’s really only that subtle glow, I might wanna get that. I’m an NC15, btw. TIA! =)

  27. Stephanie

    Which mac eyeshadow is close to the Guerlain Lagun Bleu khol or the Guerlain’s Summer Splash Collection (the Perles des Mers Eyeshadow Paletteteal color) which is a teal-blue with green sheen/overlay?