Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Guerlain introduces its exclusive Fall 2013 Voilette de Madame collection, composed to make every woman irresistible, expressing her seduction and personality with style and femininity. Madame’s ultimate accessory, the veil, is the inspiration for this season’s collection. Like Madame herself, the veil gives only small glimpses into a woman’s mysterious world. And as Madame unveils herself, her secrets come to light.

Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine ($30.00)

Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine glosses guarantee lips a shimmering, radiant and plumping finish. Lightweight and instantly eye-catching, Maxi Shine offers tailor-made effects for a devastatingly angelic smile.

  • Madame Batifole (860) Electric sparkling fuchsia (Limited Edition)
  • Madame Flirte (861) Gourmand sparkling red (Limited Edition)
  • Madame Fascine (863) Sparkling deep purple (Limited Edition)

Rouge G ($49.50)

Rouge G de Guerlain captures the quintessence of luxury. With a simple click, the case reveals a mirror and a lipstick nestled within. An exceptional, fabulously chic accessory, Rouge G surpasses mere beauty. The ruby formula gives lips a vibrant luminosity with highly concentrated pigmentation for intense color. Perfectly paired with Guerlain’s matching Gloss d’Enfer counterpart, Rouge G’s new Fall shades are enclosed in a limited-edition case adorned in a screen-printed dotted Swiss veil.

  • Madame Batifole (860) Vibrant fuchsia (Limited Edition)
  • Madame Flirte (861) Fruity red (Limited Edition)
  • Madame Reve (862) Voluptuous pink (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis ($23.00)

Guerlain’s nail lacquers are indispensable allies for accomplished femininity. These ultra-vibrant shades incorporate adhesive resins to offer a perfectly even sheen that lasts for days.

  • Madame Batifole (860) Deep and intense fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Madame Rougit ($67.00) (Limited Edition)

Guerlain’s newest blush encompasses 4 luminous colors: raspberry, pale pink, beige and coral, which work together to illuminate and highlight, leaving a velvety finish. Madame Rougit comes enclosed in a lacquered black box with a magnetic closure, and slips into an elegant suedette pouch with coral topstitching.

Ecrin 2 Couleurs ($44.00) (New and Permanent)

Guerlain’s new duo eye shadows are the perfect accessory for creating statement looks. Inside the slender gold case are 2 stunning colors—one a pure color and one a luminous veil. The pure color shadows are matte and intense, gliding on to create instant effect. The other serves as a veil, a sparkly or metallic texture that can add a layer of dazzling radiance.

  • Two Rock (01) Dazzling green and black
  • Two Stylish (02) Deep blue and metallic grey
  • Two Extravagant (03) Chocolate brown and zesty green
  • Two Gossip (04) Plum and baroque gold
  • Two Candy (05) Soft white and sparkling pink
  • Two Parisian (06) Intense black and powder pink
  • Two Lovely (07) Soft grey and aquamarine
  • Two Spicy (08) Ebony brown and spicy coral

Eye Pencil ($30.00) (New and Permanent)

Guerlain’s new retractable eye pencils transform eyes in an instant. The pencil’s clever combination of smooth waxes, luminous polymers and intense pigmentation allow it to create the perfect eye contour. Long-lasting, non-transferable and water-resistant, Guerlain’s eye pencil is amendable to every occasion.

  • Black Jack (01) Black
  • Jackie Brown (02) Brown
  • Deep Purple (03) Purple
  • Katy Navy (04) Navy
  • Amber Silver (05) Silver

Availability: August 2013 at select locations of Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and Bergdorf Goodman

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48 thoughts on “Guerlain Voilette de Madame Collection for Fall 2013

  1. Oooh, I want that blush!

  2. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, this beautiful. My poor wallet is going to take such a beating.

  3. Seriously, how amazing is that Madame Rougit blusher. Can’t wait for the swatches! 😀

  4. 18thCenturyFox

    Oh. Wow. Guerlain may have finally made a convert out of me.

    • Jan

      If it isn’t scented this time around, I fear they may have made a convert out of me as well.

  5. Amanda

    Ohh so pretty! I have yet to try anything from Guerlain but since I know how much you love it Christine, I know I have to! I was thinking of starting with the Meteorites because they look so cool, but not sure which ones to get, any recommendations? I am medium/beige for most foundations.

    As far as this collection goes the Madame Rougit looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more swatches/review : )


  6. Angel

    Those lipstick bullets look SO devine! *drools*

  7. Wow this collection looks breathtaking. The eyeshadows look very well co-ordinated, I could actually see myself wearing most of those combinations, and that face powder just looks stunning!

  8. Jax

    Pity, there is nothing about this that interests me :-(

  9. These are so pretty that I think I actually want to eat them . . .

  10. Sarah

    Omg, I love that Madame Rougit!! So pretty. But I wish Guerlain would stop photoshopping Natalia V. in their ads. She is already the most gorgeous person on earth, lol!

  11. Amber

    Madame Rougit will be mine!

  12. Is it bad to say that I want everything that’s included in this collection? 😀 That blush is a definite must-have, and let’s not forget the new shades of Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine and Rouge G.

  13. OMG. That blush is gorgeous!

  14. baby in a corner

    I’m so excited for this!

  15. renu

    Oh my! Lovely.

  16. Annie MUA

    oh good Lord I want it all.

  17. that blush. need.it.in.my.life – so unique!

  18. Hana

    That blush looks beautiful! Hoping you will do a review eventually :)

  19. Arnta

    I’m not into packing but I’m getting one of those lipsticks just because of the tube!

  20. Kate

    Any info on international release date?

  21. Oh my goodness, I’m praying for a swatch fest at this point… I’m quickly becoming a Guerlain addict. Darn you Christine and your favorable reviews! Heheh.

  22. Will you be reviewing this blush? It looks fantastic, but the price tag is a little hefty.

  23. The Rouge G’s are killer!

  24. Making some serious moon-eyes at those lipsticks and the blush!

  25. I really like that blush! I can’t wait to see swatches!

  26. Avi

    Omg the duos! Swoooon. Hope you’ll tell us if they’re worth the price tag at some point :)

  27. Zainub

    OMG those eye shadows are gorgeous. I bet you could pull em of easy too. wow

  28. Bella

    Why do they keep making eyeshadows with those stupid applicators?!

  29. That blush is crazy!!

  30. VickyM

    I will definitely pick up Rouge G Madame Batifole or Madame Fascine, wish I could pick all three but they are so expensive I will have to pick just one, everything in this collection is lovely, but I think what I really want is one of those gorgeous Rouge G, the blush and nail posh look good too.

  31. abigailod

    Everything looks so gorgeous!

  32. Must have that blush!! Oh my it’s beautiful. I hope I find it before it sells out.

  33. Alison

    Talk about a sexy tube of lipstick!

  34. Luisafer

    Love it!!! Looks so pretty! And hate it… because I won’t be able to get it all lol 😉

  35. I’ve been waiting for this blush!!

  36. Those lipsticks!! If only I could afford them all…

  37. Little Red

    I’m about to faint because of the collection’s utter gorgeousness.

  38. Terri

    A little part of me just died inside as I realized I can’t buy the whole collection. Those colors!!! The packaging!!!! I love you Guerlain……

  39. Krystal

    That fuschia lipstick & the blush are absolutely gorgeous!

  40. OOoo wow! This collection is one of the most beautiful and elegant I think I’ve seen in ages. And from Guerlain! Quality at last with a beautiful looking collection! Those lippies with the lace print…squeal!

  41. Quinctia

    Love the lipstick cases, so I’m torn between hoping I love a color (so I can have one), and hoping I don’t care for any of them, to save the money.

  42. FKS

    I must be the only one going “meh!”, then. Packaging apart, practically all of the products look very, very dupable. Still, I’m sure the fans will snap it up, so no loss for Guerlain there.

  43. Barbara

    I got my eye on that dark purple gloss, since I love the formula so much.

  44. Lisa C

    Ok, so I just picked up the blush and I really want the lipstick in Madame Fascine but I’m not sure how pigmented it is. Can you tell me if it’s nicely pigmented?

  45. Shannon

    Do you have any info about the new Guerlain foundation that is launching this fall? I was expecting it (them?) to be announced with this collection.