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Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Rouge Automatique

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick ($35.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a raspberry pink-red with a naturally semi-glossy finish and soft fuchsia micro-shimmer. Rouge Automatique is a new lipstick range slated for an April release with 25 shades (all permanent), and each shade is named after various Guerlain creations and places.

I wanted to try a deeper/darker shade first to test out the wear (and also to get started off on the right foot–with a more decadent color). I put Champs-Elysees through an all-day test that included drinking Starbucks and an Italian dinner of calamari fritti and fettuccine alfredo (oil + cream = known enemies of long-wearing lip color). It held up spectacularly! By the time I got home from dinner, I had been wearing it for six hours and didn’t feel the need to reapply. Some of the glossiness wore off, but there was still some reflective sheen, and the color was semi-opaque around the inner area of the lower lip, but overall, it looked remarkably well.

It does not have any of the usual hallmarks of a long-wearing lip color–it’s not clingy, drying, or matte. Instead, it is creamy (but thin, not thick at all), and feels a bit like lip balm when initially applied. It’s moisturizing, too, which is something one wouldn’t expect from a long-wearing lip color. It is amazing how lip color technology has improved so much in the past few years that clingy, drying, and painful-to-wear long-wearing products are being phased out. Deeper/richer shades like Champs-Elysees last six to eight hours, while lighter shades last four to five hours.

Rouge Automatique is really comfortable to wear, and the color range is definitely reminiscent (will be reviewing more shades soon) of the higher priced Rouge G line-up. The Rouge Gs wear a touch better and are slightly more moisturizing than the four shades I’ve tried from the Rouge Automatique line, but the formulas are certainly similar. Guerlain lipsticks are violet-scented but I found the scent rather subtle with these.

To open Rouge Automatique, one slides down a square pull, and the lid pulls down and the lipstick pushes out. I beat up mine quite a bit, probably sliding it down fifty times or more, to test the durability of the mechanism. It didn’t show any signs of catching or wear. It’s solid enough that it shouldn’t slide down on its own–it requires enough pressure and push from a third party that I wouldn’t expect it to open up in your bag. The slider also needs to pushed own about a quarter of the way before the lid pulls downwards enough to reveal the lipstick, and it’s quite difficult to exert enough pressure to push the lid (without pushing the slider) to open the lipstick.

If you’ve had issues with lipstick caps coming off and exposing tubes in your bag, these might remedy that problem! After opening and closing the tube so often, I feel good saying that I also don’t see the lipstick catching on the lid accidentally or smooshing on the lid if you closed it too quickly. I did this many, many times and the lipstick stayed in perfect condition.

The only downsides to the packaging are the lack of the product name (just number) on the tube itself and lack of heft. It is lighter than the KissKiss Lipsticks (by about 5-7 grams), and the tube feels like plastic (and sounds like it). I tried to catch a magnet on the Rouge Automatique casing, but I had no luck–but I was able to feel the magnetic pull when I slid it against both the KissKiss and Rouge G lipstick cases.

It launches later this April at select Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman stores.

The Glossover



It’s an excellent alternative to the luxury Rouge G lipstick–the formulas are comparable (and certainly so with a $11 price difference!), while the packaging gives up the luxury heft of Rouge G, it makes up for in the practicality. It’s a creamy, moisturizing, long-wearing formula with the subtle nuances and finishes I expect from Guerlain.











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Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick
Guerlain Champs-Elysees (165) Rouge Automatique Lipstick after 6 hours + Italian meal

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Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

Where can I purchase these? How much are they?

Retailers like Saks and Nordstrom in April 2011, $35 each.

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Estee Lauder Wild Violet is similar but not quite as dark and has more shimmer.

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95 thoughts on “Guerlain Rouge Automatique Swatches, Photos, Review (Champs Elysees 165)

  1. Shayna Marie

    oh my! this color is absolutely gorgeous on you! Love it! Do you think this would fair well on very pale-pink skin tones or is it just too intense for that shade! It looks gorgeous with your skin tone!

  2. baby in a corner

    WOW I’m so excited by these! This is a beautiful colour! I’m not sure whether to get an everyday useful colour although Rouge G gemma kinda ticks that box for me or a more unusual one. MMMMMmm Decisions!!

  3. Lucie

    Oh man. That is the most glorious colour ever. So intense! I was worried these would be too sheer, great to see this one is not! Can’t wait to see more rouge automatique reviews!

  4. Jennifer

    Holy Moly I need this in my life.

  5. Eva

    Reminds me a little bit of MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense in shade 36. The texture looks stellar–I might have to have it! :3

  6. Mariella

    What a stunning colour, Christine! It looks lovely on you. I’m waiting to see if they come out with one named Jicky (my first Guerlain fragrance – I think I was in grade 8!!! I read that Patty Boyd wore it!) Lovely as this is, I may pass on it because of the price – if it’s 35 bucks US, it’s going to be close to 50 CDN, I’m thinking (even though our dollar is stronger than the US one). If it’s the same price here, though, I might spring for it!

  7. Maya

    Wow, I really want to try these!

  8. Jill

    I have been dying for this review ever since I saw your fb post about the wear! thanks so much! so it wears long, is there a lot of transfer? to a cup or if you were to kiss someone? thanks!

  9. bbabitaly


  10. kasiaj85

    That is amazing! both the color and the lasting power!!! A-MAZ-ING!

  11. Polly

    Breathtaking texture and color! Looks dramatic but not overly.

    Looking forward to seeing other ones! Ty for the swatch <3

  12. I will admit to not caring about high end lipsticks most of the time… but I have to say that this shade is beautiful! I may have to save up for one.

  13. Polly

    Ps. Be sure to rest sufficiently – you eyes looked red – not a complain – just to show how I care :3

    w/ love

    • It’s allergy season, sorry! :(

      • Amanda H

        Zyrtec is my lifesaver during allergy season (which is year round for me) They also make eyedrops :) You can get generic zyrtec very cheap. not sure if they make a generic on the eyedrops but they dont cost much and the effectiveness is worth the price :)

        • I use Opcon-A for eye drops <3 I also have an allergy pill I take but nothing takes care of it 100%

          • I totally get that Christine, allergy medication really doesn’t work very well on me, certainly not 100%. If you haven’t tried them, Bausch and Lamb allergy eye drops are incredible! They take any kind of irritation out literally 100% in about 5-10 minutes at most.

      • Polly

        Oh… sorry! Just becoz here is no Spring season so I barely recognize that! (All we have are Hot, Hotter, Way too hot)

        Anyway, take care of yourself and your beautiful eyes >.o //wink

  14. Victoria

    I love this! How does it compare to YSL Rouge Volupte?

  15. Denise F.

    Gorgeous on you!! Christine!!!!

  16. Hannah

    The packaging is gorgeous!! Want! :)

  17. DawnaldC

    Oh my ……. Nordies, here I come!!!!!

  18. That color is AMAZING. I’m always attracted to colors like this, though. <3

  19. dana

    This shade looks simply gorgeous on you, girl. :)

  20. rizzo


  21. Jan

    do you have any dupes in mind for this color? I looove the color but guerlain is out of my budget :(

  22. Wow, the wear on that is amazing! I’m so glad you posted the after-dinner pic, I would never have expected it to last that well. I might have to shell out for one of these in a good out-for-dinner color myself! I look forward to seeing other colors. (This one is gorgeous but I’m pretty conservative so I wouldn’t have the guts…)

  23. I need these lipsticks in my life!

  24. Kat

    That is so pretty!
    Christine, did the lipstick come off n the Starbucks cup? I always find my lipsticks leave marks on them.

  25. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more of these!

  26. Oh my god. That shade is AMAZING. When I saw the pics of the tube I was like “oh yeah looks like Girl About Town or any other deep fuchsia” but on the lips it’s sooooooooo much more amazing.

    This is going to be mine.

  27. lazeny

    I’m so excited to get these when I saw your post my face split in huge a grin! I can’t wait to purchase this on our local Guerlain stores but it seems it might take months before it arrives here. Boo! I love the shade of Champ Elysees and it’s gorgeous on you! I’m going to add that on my wish list. What other shades did you get??

  28. Kathrina

    Oh Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about buying Gigi but I like this one a lot more. And it’s cheaper! (Or let’s say not as expensive…)

  29. AnGeLwInGz

    That is freakin’ gorgeous!

  30. CeeBee

    Holy Wow and Amazing, Batman!!!

    That is absolutely freaking gorgeous!

    I’m astounded (pleasantly so!) at how Guerlain can keep coming up with SUCH good lipstick – can’t wait to see the other colours!

    Thanks Christine, hope that Italian meal was as good as your lips look afterwards, LOL! :)

    • Haha, it was delish!!

      Guerlain knows how to do lips… I’m so glad it worked out. If I could change anything, I’d add a little more heft to the packaging – maybe just in line with the KissKiss line. Guerlain Rouge G, as decadent as the packaging is, weighs a ton.

      • CeeBee

        I know what you mean! I always have to “make space” for the Gouge G’s whenever I carry them in my makeup purse…
        Does Automatique hold fingerprints at all?

        And I love the pop up display with the hearts and lip balloons you phographed the case with – where did you get that? It’s super cute!

        • They hold some, not as bad as Rouge Gs, though!

          Press kit – which was impressive, since as a blogger, you usually don’t get fancy press kits like those!

  31. kfm

    You make these sound so good I thought it must be an April Fools joke. I was excited before, but this just makes the wait unbearable. I’ll have to find out when they’re launching in Canada! Thanks for the review!

    • Really like ’em! I think they’re a really competitive alternative to the Rouge G line even if I do like it a touch more but at $11 difference… few would notice!

  32. These are a little pricey for me personally but I’m seriously tempted anyways because of the shades and the fact that the formula sounds like exactly what I want from a lipstick.

  33. snm

    omg,long wearing lipstick are my weakness,since I really suck at keeping my lippie on.but why you are so expensive guerlain:(
    btw,how does the formula compare to mac pro longwear line Christine? in terms of wear time and the way it feels on the lips?

  34. Marie

    It’s such a pretty color! Thanks for the review. :)

  35. Cleo

    Is MAC’s Girl About Town a dupe for this? Thank you!

  36. xiao

    amazing! first color i’m gonna try as soon as it hits my counter

  37. Rachael

    I LOVE the Guerlain products, so seeing this lipstick come out is exciting. Also, that’s an amazing color so I’m looking forward to saving up some money.

  38. maryelle

    i’ve always wanted to try guerlain’s lipsticks… would you recommend starting with the rouge automatique?

  39. Liv

    Tiny question, it looks like the lid doesn’t seal 100%, so do you think dust and small particles of dirt will be able to get into the packaging?

  40. They do not make enough colors like this…fuschias and magentas tend to be more purple based as a whole which is a shame because colors like this are AWESOME.

  41. Angelcat47

    Even with the reduction in heft,that tube looks amazing.I’m not a high end lipstick girl,but that formula looks amazing!!(and it looks fab on you,Christine).

  42. Ruth

    I’m chomping at the bit Christine, Guerlain is my favorite cosmetic company, especially for lipsticks. They won’t be in Vancouver until May though !

  43. Bernice

    Wow these are gorgeous. And you look gorgeous as usual ! =)

  44. lovelyd

    How does this compare to MAC’s Rebel compare to this? Do I need both?

  45. ak

    This number 165 color is very tempting to say the least. It looks great on you Christine, and pinkish-red/raspberry lipsticks always fetch me compliments from guys, and sometimes the girls, when I’m out in public!

  46. Ringo

    Hi Christine, thanks for swathcing this! I was wondering how does this lipstick smell…does it have a scent like the KissKiss line or like the Rouge Gs? Or does it have a different scent? Because as much as I love guerlain lipsticks…I don’t like the KissKiss scent…:/

  47. Melissa

    Wow that looks absolutely lovely. The color and the actual lipstick/case. After a devout Chanel lipstick user, I literally JUST bought my first Guerlain lipstick (Rouge G in Gracia) and am in love. I will definitely have to give these new ones a look!

  48. Ashley D.

    This looks like heaven.

  49. Stef

    Wow!! Christine…would you consider this a must-buy? And could you please show a swatch without the flash??

    • I only take swatches with flash because I feel that it best represents the accuracy of the color! Sorry! If I felt I could produce images that were color accurate without flash, I would do so, but it’s important to me that every photo reflects color accuracy.

      • Stef

        Ahhh ok…was just curious to know what they would look like in normal indoors light..wether they would be darker or pinker or something..

        Thanks anyways :)

  50. how is the lasting power and formula compare to Armani Rouge d’Armanis? I’m curious to know :)

    • Comparable, definitely! These seem to hold up a little longer in terms of wear, but only by an hour or so. They both have that thinner consistency that’s still creamy and glides on easily.

  51. You are amazing with this color!!! Love it!

  52. Gorgeous! Does Guerlain ever have sales? Probably not… =(

  53. Kim

    This shade is absolutely FANTASTIC! Christine, would you mind posting links to where we can purchase online once it’s available? *squeal*

  54. Vale

    Avon released something like this few years ago…

  55. Mikey

    i wear an nc30, do you think this would look okay on me?

  56. Ivory

    hi, Christine, if I don’t apply lip balm beforehand, does it dry lip after application? Thanks

  57. Christine – THANK YOU!!! As we all know, not all colors like good on everyone because of the different undertones. Because of your blog and because we have a similar shade/tone, I confidently rely on your reviews and pictures for lipstick colors. For example, I purchased the Chanel Lip Lacquer in Dragon because it looked amazing on you and it worked out well for me! It’s the only red I’ve found to look good! :) I’m definitely picking up the Guerlain lipstick because I’ve been looking for a hot pink/fuchsia lip color that would look good with my skintone. I trust that if it looks good on you, it should work out for me. Thank you, thank you! 😀

  58. Ivory

    Thank you for your reply. I have bought my rouge automatique of Nahema & Shalimar. They work amazingly well. Thank you so much for your informative review. And I like to add that you look extremely gorgeous with this color.

  59. May

    goodness! just got mine and the color is marvelous, even on my pale asian skin tone! am really excited about wearing it! thank you so much for your review!

  60. Wendy

    Are they any neutral colors? It’s so pretty on you. But i think it won’t be inappropriate for everyday use :) for me at least, since I am a teenager.

  61. Yianna

    waaay to bright for me!! im pale but I dont think i can pull this off. what about the shades 162, 163, 164?? the look nice in swatches but i like seeing things on ur lips :) plus 143 looks like a nice coral!!!

  62. DonnaLamento

    This lipstick is amazing *_* I love the colour!