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Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Instant Photoshop for Your Skin

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder ($55.00/$170.00 for 0.26 oz.) consists of a “blend of matte and pearly shades … mixture of six correcting or light-enhancing colors to deliver the purest radiance.” When blended and applied together, they create a pale pink powder with subtle shimmer/sparkle. Chantecaille Les Petales de Rose is more shimmery with a warmer golden sheen. MAC Lightscapade is more shimmery. MAC Light Sunshine has a bit more of a sheen and powderiness to it.

So, after discovering the majesty of Wulong over the holiday season, I knew I had to see whether the always-available Mythic was similar/comparable (because Wulong is limited edition, and while you can refill the compact, it would have to be with Mythic). One of the reasons I wanted to find out about their similarities is because you can purchase the pan without the compact–the pan will run you $55, whereas the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle with cost you $170.

Initially, I thought, “This is going to be different,” but as is the nature of the product, no, not really (and that’s not a bad thing). What I noticed more with Mythic is that it’ll be a better mattifying product, because it has more of a matte, powdered base color with a very subtle sheen and a dusting of delicate micro-shimmer. Wulong reads slightly more as a barely-there sheen with less of a mattifying texture. In the pan, Mythic appears cooler-toned, but on, I don’t notice any coolness at all, because it is designed to be a transparent finishing powder over all else. For those who couldn’t bear the price of Wulong, if you have an existing compact or an empty palette to store it in, Mythic is something worth checking out instead. I measured, and the diameter of the pan appears to be 55mm.

Guerlain’s Meteorites Voyage Powders are really a pressed version of their famous Meteorite with less emphasis on shimmer, more on radiance, brightening, and creating an illusion of better skin.  That’s really what these powders do for me:  give me the effect of Photoshop in real life. They’re a subtle something-rather that no one can point to and say, “Oh, nice highlighter!’ but instead say, “Hey, are you doing something different with your skin today?”  As a finishing powder, it’s the very last step in the routine, right after setting powder, but honestly, I regularly use this (and Wulong) as both my setting and finishing powder–I have normal-to-dry skin, so I imagine that’s part of why I can get away with it–but I have noticed it still extends the wear of my base makeup by about an hour.

This is the kind of product that either makes it into your everyday routine or you’ll never understand how anyone on earth could shell out money for something they can’t (or barely) see. It’s okay to feel either way; what’s most important is that you enjoy your makeup. I’ve used either this or Wulong since getting Wulong (and prior to that, I was using Guerlain’s Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder, which is also a worthwhile alternative), but I have been using this specifically for the past two weeks.  For me, it is absolutely part of my everyday routine.  If you asked me to choose, I would say Wulong–but that is because it is limited edition, because I like the look of the compact, and I’m just a little warm.

The Glossover



This is the kind of product that either makes it into your everyday routine or you'll never understand how anyone on earth could shell out money for something they can't (or barely) see. It's okay to feel either way; what's most important is that you enjoy your makeup.











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Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder (Really blended, to show softening of texture)

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic (left) / Wulong (right) Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder (right half of face)

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder
Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $55.00 (pan), $170.00 for compact.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Chantecaille Les Petales de Rose is more shimmery with a warmer golden sheen. MAC Lightscapade is more shimmery. MAC Light Sunshine has a bit more of a sheen and powderiness to it. All of these have more shimmer in them.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Dior Iconic Mascara. On lips: Chanel Attirance Extrait de Gloss

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131 thoughts on “Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Elle

    I have the same question but keep forgetting to post it EVERY TIME I see a Guerlain product. Would this work on NC50 skin? I have realized that I don’t really put on much eye make up or color. I just like that subtle glow, that sheen of “adult make up”. Would LOVE this. But have dark yellow toned skin and don’t want this to look powdery.

    • Hi Elle,

      I would worry a bit more with Mythic over Wulong, because it does have more of a matte, powdery base – it should be transparent and should work, as other transparent powders do even on darker skin (like MAC P+P, MUFE HD, Laura Mercier, which seem to work for NC50 skin based on some Googling I did).

  2. szlamizita

    How big is the pan compared to a Mac one?

  3. I love how these just make the skin look photoshopped – lovely!

  4. Mirian

    It just kills me that the compact is so expensive. If there was a cheaper alternative to the packaging i would get it. I bought the meteorites illuminating and mattifying pressed powder. Why can’t they make something similar like that?

  5. Veronica

    this looks so gorgeous on you! just a quick question: what is the difference between these and the pearls other than this is much more travel friendly? :) thanks!

  6. Trish

    I did the same as you, and bought just the pan. It fits perfectly in the Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bamboo Refill Compact Mirror & Brush Case. It is not as glamourous as the Guerlain Compact but helps a lot 😉

  7. Monica!

    Tose aerrings are so cute Christine!

  8. beka

    I’m so glad you have reviewed this. I’ve been on the fence about getting it, but, seeing how beautiful it makes your skin look, this will be my next purchase. What foundation are you wearing. your skin looks perfect?!

  9. Victoria

    How do you apply it? Like a blush to your cheeks or just about everywhere?

  10. Anne

    I’ll remember this for the day when I can affort it, but damn, your review is really compelling!
    I saw Wulong a week ago and my, it does look gorgeous in real life (the product but especially the packaging. THAT is what I call quality work. For the performance itself, I trust your word!). Too bad it’s so crazily expensive, but I was smitten.

    (On a side-note: I’ve tried Perles du Dragon and boy, you didn’t lie: I LOVE it! I do perceive the difference- my skin but better indeed. And it decorates my desk quite effectively on top of that!)

  11. baby in a corner

    Thanks for this review! I have wulong too but haven’t really been using it as i got sisley foundation which doesn’t really need powdering!

  12. Alexandra

    Do you apply this powder after foundation (and concealer, if needed) and then follow with bronzer, blush, etc? Just wondering about your application sequence when using this powder..

  13. abigailOD

    So glad you reviewed this one! Christine, would you wear this more, everyday, than the Chantecaille Les Petals de Rose? Would this work on NC40 you think?

  14. I own the Mythic shade of Météorites in their original loose pearl form (I think it has been discontinued?) and they are my HG skin beautifier!

    Definitely not a highlighter, but just a finishing powder that makes my skin look smoother, more even, softer, and reduces redness and dullness.

    I’ve had them for at least 6 years, and they’re far from finished, so if someone out there is wondering if the pearls are worth their price, I’d say YES, they last forever!

    • abigailOD

      How do we know when the Perles *get bad? (It hurts just thinking about it!)

      Six years is pretty good!

      • I don’t think they can get bad. They’re hard pearls of powder, in a little box with a velvety puff on top. Hard to spoil!
        Humidity could ruin them but I always stored them safely.
        They look and smell the same as the first time I opened them, so I guess they’re alright!

  15. Lyn

    Think I’m in the latter camp, seems pointless and I’d rather spend the money on a lipstick :/

  16. blueraccoon

    I really, really want this, but shelling out $170 for a finishing powder makes me choke a bit. If I had something else to put the compact in I’d totally get it…alas, I don’t.

  17. I have been SO so curious about this powder because I didn’t want to shell out the money for the LE Wulong. I only wish that Guerlain released a permanent warm shade. I know it’s not meant to be warm or cool but “brightening” and “correcting”, but I still feel like I can see the slightest tint of cool color on the skin

    • Alison

      I agree. If someone with similar skin to mine like Temptalia says that she would choose Wulong, at this price, I’d rather have it absolutely PERFECT!

  18. Nesita

    Your skin looks absolutely flawless in these pictures =)


    Wait… so that thing you’re holding is $170?!?!? Or is there a fancy compact version? i’m confused.

  20. wow, this is absolutely gorgeous. your skin looks perfect. but soooooo expensive!

  21. Joanna

    Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful review. You answered all the questions I had!

  22. Jaimee

    I purchased a $10 empty Stila compact and the refill fit perfectly! Love this powered!!

  23. t_zwiggy

    $115 packaging. That’s just ridiculous!

  24. Francesca


    • Cat G

      That’s what I’m wondering!! Then I’ll go get it!!

    • I’ve used up an Illuminating & Mattifying powder (love it, hit pan on my second one) so I have an empty Guerlain compact this would [probably] fit it, which makes me quite tempted to buy it. But, I’ve swatched this in store, and it’s just SO sparkly, and I don’t like sparkles all over my face. Yet in the blended out swatch I don’t see sparkle . . . maybe I should ask a Guerlain MUA to apply it on my face for me, go out in the sunlight, and see what I think.

    • Diana

      I purchased the gold compact, which is absolutely gorgeous on it’s own, on a popular auction site. It’s in perfect condition and was over 50% off. Then I hopped on over to our local Dillard’s and purchased the refill. They only had two refills, so I felt lucky to have gotten one. Saved me a considerable amount, just be careful on auction stuff. It’s beautiful and I love it. It makes me happy and I do truly do look better! Hope this helps.

  25. Kat

    Is it as heavily scented as the Meteorite Pearls?

  26. Mietta

    I’m definitely going to give this a try, but I will be buying the refill and chucking it into a Z-palette! I wish you showed the difference on your face between not having it powdered and using this. Like a side-by side, its hard to tell the ‘photoshop’ effect without a before! But having said that, I’m already convinced! Also, can you just walk into any Guerlain counter and ask for the refill?

    • Hi Mietta!

      I did! Half of my face (left side) is without, half is with :)

    • Mietta

      HOLY CRAP I just looked up how much this is in Australia (with the packaging) – about $275!!! ::faints::

      • Mariam Shah

        Buy it on ebay. I won the auction for wulong at $140 and this mythic compact is sold by a seller “germ1123″ from Singapore for $105. I bought it. And he sells the refills for about $48. Btw this is $280 in Australia, not $275. Atleast on Myer website, it is.

  27. Angie

    Hi what brush do you normally use for this powder?

  28. K.C.

    I don’t know why, but the colors of the powder (the pastels) make me so happy!

  29. divinem (Melissa)

    I got this over the holidays — just the refill because I have a compact I can put it in. It works great for my MUFE 117 or Illamasqua 104.5 skin base complexion. The subtle sheen it provides recaptures the luminosity I had in my early 20s when my skin was translucent and was always marveled at for looking like a porcelain doll. I love it!

  30. Tweakweasel

    This might sound a bit weird, but is there a way we could see a sort of half and half photo? One where you’ve done everything but apply the Meteorites powder and the other where you have? Just so we can see what effect it has on the complexion. I know you said it’s subtle but just to satisfy curiosity.

    • Tweakweasel

      …and I’m a bit of a twit. Sorry, just saw where the caption clearly points out that it was only applied to the right side of the face. Thanks for thinking of these things before silly people like me. 😛

  31. Alicia

    This might be a silly question but if this is supposed to cancel out some redness and you apply after blush would this lessen the appearance of blush?

    • It’s not a full-blown color-correcting powder, so you’re not going to cancel out your blush with something this!

    • Ari

      While I can’t imagine this one doing so, I have successfully used the ‘ Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder’ to tone down the flush of an over-applied blush.

      However, I have a very, very pale complexion, and certainly can’t speak for how it would work on anyone with some actual colour in their skin.

  32. Dee

    I’ve used this for some time now and I love it. I also have the refill version and keep it in my z palette. Imo it’s totally worth the price, I’ve never found anything that comes close to it.

  33. Veronica

    AGH, this is a tough one for me. On one hand, the more I use Guerlain’s Meterorites, the more I fall in love with the effect. On the other hand, $170 for the full compact is just outrageous by my current income standards…but $55 for a refill compact isn’t bad at all. I have a few drugstore compacts sitting around that are cheap enough that I wouldn’t mind gouging out the product to fit this in. I’ll have to measure them to see if it’s worth trying.

    • Depending on how it’s in there, you might be able to pop out the existing pan if it’s a separate pan vs. poured directly into the compact!

      • Veronica

        Well, it’ll probably start out as an attempt to remove the pan to switch them out. It’ll probably end in me gouging it out due to my clumsiness. 😛

  34. I’m intrigued. I never would’ve given these Guerlain powders a second thought had it not been for their high ratings. It’s always hard for me to reconcile these sorts of prices with the fact that, at the end of the day, these products have the same ingredients as ones half their price (or less) but I’m definitely intrigued. They’re products I’d love to try at some point. Not purchase, but try haha

  35. I have a slight experience with that! Tried it on at one of my friend home, she keeps a great deal of those! I can say that it deserve at least your attention if not a musthave thing!

  36. Precious

    Oh, how pretty! I was able to get my hands on Wulong, but I use it sparingly because it’s limited edition. Now, I don’t have to worry. I’ll definitely pick this one up! Plus, Guerlain’s one of the cosmetic brands that are having an end of season sale (in my country, at least), that’s 30% off! :)

  37. Jennifer

    I am having a hard time seeing the value in this powder. No matter how hard I look, your skin looks just as great to me without the powder. How would you stack this against Cargo Blue-Ray pressed powder in terms of color correction and giving that photoshop look.

  38. Caroline

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering how is this compared to Beauty Powder Play it Proper by Mac?

  39. Layla

    Beautiful! Both the pan and you. My Wulong’s starting to get little dips, esp in the pink sections – has that happened to you? I guess I’ll have to get Mythic to replace Wulong once it finishes. Ungggh, you’ve done it again. Great review = bye bye money.

    By the way, something’s different with your face (in a good way) – have you been doing your make-up slightly differently, your eyes look brighter, less eyeliner maybe?

  40. Jade

    SIGH I really want this! If only the markup wasn’t ridiculous in Australia… I think I will bite the bullet and order this from the US, but I’m concerned that if I just buy the refill it may break during transit. Did you order this online, Chirstine, as if so how did it come packaged?

    • Came in a cardboard box with a plastic insert, so it seemed secure to me. I ordered online, and I believe it shipped from the east coast (so a 3,000 mile journey).

      • Jade

        Thanks for the response 😀 I was at a Guerlain counter yesterday and was having a proper look at everything, no sales assistant either so could really look haha! Was great!

  41. Melissa C

    I would love, love, love to get this – mostly because it’s so pretty in the pan. Putting it on it the morning would just make me happy. But – I have the PF Happy Booster Translucent Powder and I kind of feel that maybe it does the same thing for right now and I’ve barely used it. So until I make a dent there this is on my wish list.

  42. Michelle

    Hi Christine – haven’t posted before, but I’ve been reading your blog forever. :-) I use MAC Mineralize loose foundsation, which is a powder format – would this work on top of that? I kind of get the feeling this is just to be used over a liquid foundation – or am I wrong? Thanks!

  43. cel

    So random, but your earrings are so beautiful!

    Urgh, it does make you look shopped, I’ll have to check this out

  44. Hannah

    I bought the chantecaille after seeing your review, I do love it but notice some fine glitter when in sunlight. Not a deal breaker but wondering, would you say this is more of a pressed powder rather than skin highlighter?

  45. GUSnail

    I’m confused. What is the difference between this product and the Meteorites Compact Powder (the one that comes in Teint Rose, Teint Beige or Teint Dore)? I’m about an NC37 in winter, NC42 in summer. I was thinking of getting the Teint Beige, but now I saw this one, and I’d like to know the difference before shopping, but I don’t have a counter nearby. Help! :)

  46. furandlace

    Was Wulong available as a refill? Or was there no choice but to get the compact in all its $170 glory? Just wondering how they normally handle the limited edition versions of this powder! Thanks.

  47. Mietta

    Ohhh Christine! Why WHY must you tempt me with these beautiful products! I have made the decision to purchase the refill on ebay and pop it into my Z-palette. The things you do to my bank balance!!! ^o^

    • Mietta

      I did it! I bought it! Well, I bought the ball-version of this. I thought in the long run it might last a bit longer and is more affordable for me atm than the compact one. It’s on one side of my face at the moment from when I dusted it over in the store with the Guerlain lady and ooomg. It really has to be seen to be believed. I also think I’d like the more shimmery one than the more matte compact version – my skin (which is very pale) can look a bit lifeless sometimes. Thanks Christine for reviewing this – otherwise I would have just kept walking past the Guerlain counter not knowing how good they are!!!! xoxo

  48. Lark

    Check with Geurlain, but the compact should be a standard size that fits all the powders. And a well made compact is a life investment. You pop it out after lunch to check lipstick (no powder at the table!). And it’s the reason why the women’s head is called the powder room. That’s where the status compacts come out in all their glory. That’s what all that money is for- or should be- its like a good purse. And how do you carry your powder with no case? Z compacts don’t fit in evening bags.

    Lauder makes stunning compacts too; I have my granny’s. The compact game is fun, and it intrigues men done right. Buy the refills, but save up for the fancy case. Get a spare change piggy bank. If its a good one your grand daughters will fight over it, lol.

  49. Estie

    Hi Christine,

    I’m a long time reader of your blog. I’m planning to buy the Voyage powder or the Illuminating and Mattifying powder. I’d like to use it to touch up my makeup during the day. I have combination skin. My t-zone gets oily bt midday. Which one will you recommend?

  50. Jocelyn

    If you happen to travel, I saw a voyage palette on a plane to Hawaii for around $60 and I think it comes with a blush and bronzer too. The package is a pink zip around wallet-like thing but it seems like a good deal.

  51. Gaby


  52. Jade

    Hi Christine, out of curiosity, would there be any reason to wear the normal meteorites pearls and the pressed at the same time? What effect would that yield?

    • Hi Jade!

      I’ve worn them both together – the pearls are going to have more of a luminous effect than the powder. I don’t think you really need to wear both at once since then I’m really just using the pearls as a highlighter and you may want a more obvious highlighter.

  53. Cate

    Hi Christine!
    I have a question for you. I have normal to dry skin, neutral undertone, 26 yo. I do not like mattifing powders (never used them).They dry my skin, and they take away the beautiful glow/ dewy finish to my foundation. Still, I am looking for something to “perfect” my make up, i.e. to use as a final step, to enhance lasting power of my foundation, as well as adding an extra (but subtle and natural!) light and radiance to my skin.
    For those requirements, online I found Guerlain as popping up the most as product suggestion. Still, I am not able to detect the proper Guerlain product that best suits my requirements. After reading this review, Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder seems quite suitable for the purpose. Still, since the product is very costly, I’d like to understand a bit better the difference btw Regular Perles by Guerlain, and ask your very appreciated and trusted opinion about it. What would you suggest to me? Cheers, Cate

  54. Wow, I am late to the party!

    This looks so flattering on you that I feel compelled to try it the next time I go to Nordstrom.

    But until then, I know that you’ve gotten the new Hourglass Ambient Powders. If you’ve tried those yet, do you think any of the shades compare? I read that the yellow one has the last amount of pearls and the most “brightening” rather than “highlighting” effect as you noted in this review.

    Can you comment on this Christine? Or do I have to wait until you publish the actual reviews on these? Thanks!

  55. Ann

    Hi Christine. Do you think we can apply this powder using powder puff? its more portable than bringing my powder brush when im on the go. Btw, Im from the Philippines. And my sister and I always watch out for your reviews before we purchase the product. We trust your swatches especially for UD eye palettes and MAC lipsticks.

  56. Maria

    What is the difference between the effect of Meteorites Voyage Powder and the Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder? I have NC40 combination skin. I’m just looking for a nice finish, not necessarily something that will completely stop my t-zone from getting oily. Thanks for the help!

    • The mattifying one is slightly more… powdery? in a way. I want to say “more coverage” because more product comes away in a single stroke, but it seems to absorb a bit better.

      • Maria

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it and all of your reviews. Your site is the first place I go when I want to read about a new product.

        By the way, I called a local Nordstrom tonight, and was able to purchase (probably the very last) Guerlain Wulong. The Guerlain counter manager is amazing; she has a reputation for being able to locate products that haven’t been on the market for a while. I feel extremely lucky!

  57. deb

    Hey Christine, I was all set to buy the Laura Mercier translucent powder and then happened to see this! Now I don’t know what to get! I have combination/oily skin. I wear giorgio armani designer shaping cream but need something to set my foundation and make it stay on longer. I like the idea of this if it can make me look better than me too!!! Haha! Does it set into wrinkles at all? Not that you have any but would you think it’s likely?

    Should I get this or this and something else? I don’t want to overdo it iykwim!!

    • I don’t think it settles into wrinkles – this is very sheer, more finishing than a full-on setting powder. If you have oily skin, I’d go with a translucent powder for setting, because it is more “powdery” and will do more for absorbing oil. Hope that helps, Deb!

      • deb

        Yes it does! Thank you SO much! I think I’ll get the LM translucent powder and see how that goes. May still get this for winter. It just looks lovely and really makes your already perfect skin even more so! :) thanks again lovely girl! xx

  58. Heather

    What is the Diameter of the refill pan?…I have a ton of vintage compacts much prettier than the Guerlain one and think it be great to put it in one of those.

  59. Alison

    I’m absolutely getting this! I love a beautiful, barely there glow!

  60. Kaz

    First of all, thank you so very much for your extremely detailed and helpful reviews of Mythic and Wulong. Based on your reviews, I decided to order Wulong on Ebay. Were it not for your review, I would never think to use Wulong as a setting powder. Well, I did, and it does work like a charm. Thank you! Having paid the price for Wulong in a compact, I could not, in good conscience, pay the full price again for mythic. Instead, I ordered the refill only, and I have placed it in a Jane Iredale compact. It is not a true fit, and the compact is larger than the refill, but it will do for my purposes. I will use the mythic as a touch up powder only in my purse. My dilemma is to find the perfect powder puff for application. I have been using the sponge puff that came with my meteorites perles to apply the Wulong. Any suggestions for powder puff? On balance, I do love the girl on products. I would never have thought to purchase them at their retail prices but for your reviews. Thank you again so much.

  61. lulu

    hi christine – how does this compare to the hourglass ambient lighting powders? which one do you think gives the closest effect on the skin? thanks! :)

    • Amber Lighting powders are more powdery (so they’re better for oily skin types), and whether they’re like this just depends on the particular shade – some are more shimmery, some are more comparable.