Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Couleurs Collection for Fall 2010

Ecrin 6 Couleurs / Precious Eyeshadows – Tailored Harmonies

For the first time at Guerlain, the Ecrin 6 Couleurs offers a range of three different textures, in each of its harmonies: Iridescent formula (miniscule particles of mother-of-pearl play with the light for intense, coloured radiance and a subtly metallic finish), matt formula (skin-effect matt finish and softness that elegently contrast with the iridescence of mother-of-pearl), and satiny (its velvety, glide-on feinish leaves the eyelids soft and delicate). It uses Moonstone, a precious stone, for its silvery or blue reflections, with adularescence phenomenon, which occurs when the stone moves.

  • 68 Champs-Elysees Universal and legendary, because all women are one woman: the Guerlain woman; precious brown, gradations of brown, beige, intense and vibrant violet
  • 2 Place Vendome Iridescent ivory, verdigris, intense indigo, navy blue
  • 29 Rue de Sevres Verdigris, cement, turquoise
  • 10 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois Beige, golden bronze, brown
  • 93 Rue de Passy Pink, smoky pink, grey, taupe

KissKiss Essence de Gloss / Sublime Elixir – Absolute Colour

  • Vermillion (420) Red
  • Grenat (421) Darkened red
  • Myrrhe (440) Beige
  • Tonka (441) Medium beige
  • Cuir (442) Dark beige
  • Ambre (460) Rose
  • Baie Rose (461) Pink rose
  • Violine (462) Deep rose

Rouge G de Guerlain / Jewel Lipstick Compact

  • Giny (13) Deep, sumptuous brown
  • Gilian (14) Subtle, nude brown
  • Gigi (68) Triumphant fuchsia
  • Gwen (69) Intense and vibrant red

KissKiss Gloss / Extreme Shine Radiant Colours

  • Poppy Star (823) Joyful and sparkling red
  • Peche Charnelle (847) Soft and magnetic gold
  • Brown Sugar (848) Delicate and poetic beige

Blush 4 Eclat / Sculpting Blush

  • Caresse de l’Aube (07) Rosy brown, pale pink, bright coral, beige; a fresh and modern harmony that recalls the sunrise

Availability: July/August 2010

See more photos!

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

Guerlain Fall

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134 thoughts on “Guerlain Fall 2010 Colors/Couleurs Collection

  1. Tiffany

    I love hearing about what’s new to come, no matter how far in advance!

  2. Wilcoa

    Ugh fall already?! I love seeing the new information, no matter how preliminary it is…. but I agree it is a little too early. I’ve even seen a smattering of prelim information for holiday collections (I think it was a nail polish collection) and was shocked. Just want to enjoy the summer first and roll around in some new summer treats before I have to think about the fall ones. Though it is nice to see that it’s looking like a great start for the fall collections! πŸ˜€

    • That’s exactly how I feel! I just want to enjoy summer before I’m like, “OMG, I have to save up for X Y Z in fall!” I love seeing everything early, but maybe not three months early πŸ˜›

  3. Ada

    i love the packaging but Gerlain’s eyeshadows don’t always have the best colour payoff…

    • Macaddict

      I agree! πŸ˜€
      Same with Chanel. However, the blue indigo quint seems to be talking to me…

  4. Sara :)

    I do believe it’s too early. I know people want to know in advance, but I believe that it’s way too early. Like you said, it’s not even summer. And for some reason ( I could be wrong ), I feel as if it’s almost an inconvienence to you. But like I said I could be wrong. I think it’s better to be shown a bit later :)

  5. OMG,the packaging of the eyeshadow quad looks so stunning,would it soung silly if I would say I want to buy it just to have it for the packaging? :D:D:D:D

  6. The packaging looks STUNNING!

  7. victoria

    i hate guerlain, their beautiful packaging always catches my attention.

  8. Esperanza Brazdaluz

    I love love the palette packaging. Guerlain is one of my favorite cosmetic brands and 1 of the reasons is because of its packaging. I love luxurious femenine packaging in my cosmetics and perfums.

  9. Ringo

    omg!! guerlain is my favorite so of course i would love to see the fall even if it’s way tooo early!

    however, i don’t know about the palette. i like the usual version better, this one, although the packaging is stunning the eyeshadow looks kind of meh…..just my personal opinion though. after all it’s just in the promo picture.

    Natalia is still as stunning as usual. i am interested in the new lipstick though…wonder what those are?

    • You know what surprised me? The little bee shape on it… I was totally digging it and then noticed the bee, so I was like, “Hmm.”

      • Wilcoa

        Wow I never even noticed the bee shape… you’re right Christine, it really does take a way from the filigree pattern.

        • It seems odd to me, I think… I’m not even sure why there’d be a bee in the fall, period. But totally weird. Didn’t see it at first myself!

          • seton

            The bee is not there to indicate fall. The bee is one of the symbols of the House of Guerlain going back to the 1850s when they were the perfumers of Napoleon III.

          • Ryan

            Wait isnt the bee always on some of there packagin? I know some of the perfumes have a bee so I thought it was like there symbol or somthing…

      • Ringo

        i think what’s bugging me it’s the purple shade in the middle. sorry i am kind of a consistency person…it’s probably intended to be used as an eyeliner but it kind of ruins the neutral shades lay out (tears).

      • hopflower

        I don’t think it is really a bee. It is the initial “G” for Guerlain, with its mirror image.

      • hopflower

        Ahh You meant the bee on the filigree case. Yes; it is rather pretty, though.

  10. Carrie

    ah Fall is my favorite season for fashion and beauty, so it’s never too early!

    Summer, though, I could gladly skip… πŸ˜› give me cold weather!

  11. This collection is so cool ! The products look amazing even if it’s a bit early to start thinking about fall.
    I want summer first, please !!

  12. Haley

    Definitely too early! Its not even summer yet, lol… Let’s focus on the gorgeous collections for that season right now! Beautiful photos nonetheless!

  13. Wendy

    OMG the Rouge G lipstick looks amazing – thanks so much for showing us these pictures Christine!!! My birthday’s in September – now I know what I’ll be asking for :)

  14. Andrea

    chic really chic

  15. It’s never too early for stunning pictures like this! Oh my days, hope the products are as good as the packaging <3

  16. Wow, so pretty! I think I’d get the palette just for the packaging. They look quite wearable so it wouldn’t go to waste πŸ˜‰ Yes, I agree, its a bit early for Fall info. I just worry that I may not want it by the time it gets released because I’ll be looking forward to other collections instead.

  17. Kim L

    I think I may have to guy it just for the compact!!!! Arggghhhhhh!

  18. Jo

    Might have to make that palette my first Guerlain purchase! Never too early- at least this will give me a chance to save up for it!!

  19. amy

    I love Guerlain’s packaging. They are always so gorgeous.

  20. Rawrzellers

    I really do not like their packaging πŸ˜› They have gorgeous colors but man their packaging just ruins it for me.

  21. Martyna

    OGM!!!! Looks like they’re repromoting my ALL TIME FAVORITE Lipgloss/Color πŸ˜€ OMG!! OMG!!! Jipie…..

  22. I’m always happy to see details of upcoming Guerlain collections! :)

  23. Dianna

    Yes, way too early! These products look sooo beautiful, though.. I might actually have to purchase something from this collection.


    But yea when I first saw the headline I was like “haha.. guerlain is freaking out…” but of course every designer has its fall collerction ready, I guess. It’s just not published.

  25. CeeBee

    I like the bee. He’s cute!

    Natalia looks lovely as always but there seems to be something “cold” about that picture of her. Maybe she needs some fur. Or a pie.

    Anyway, packing = LOVELY. E/s quints from Guerlain? (faints dead away)

  26. Melissa (divinem)

    Due to the exquisite packaging, it’s probably so expensive that consumers need several months advance notice to save for it. :) I am a SUCKER for great packaging. The eyeshadow palette will be mine. :)

  27. The packaging is stunning, and so is Natalia, with blonde hair too surprisingly. Well at least this gives me PLENTY of time to save up lol

  28. Sally

    I’m torn… before I saw the pics, I definitely thought it was too early. But they look so, so pretty :]
    I think I would rather just enjoy summer first, though!

  29. I agree with some of the others, I think announcing the collections this early just doesn’t make sense. I can understand talking about fall in the middle of summer, but we haven’t even hit summer yet! When I first saw the pictures on another site, before I saw that it was the fall collection, I thought “wow, they are releasing two summer collections?” Seriously, the trend that companies are doing where they announce collections way ahead of time is kinda off-putting to me. Soon it feels like we’re going to know about summer collections a good year ahead of time.

  30. julie

    Yes, it is early, but I love the new packaging! I’ll probably forget it next month LOL

  31. vinna

    Its fall over here in Aus so i’m in the mood for beautiful fall colors lol The palette is definitely on my list! I purchased last years Volga Princess palette and ugh.. just looking at the beautiful packaging makes me happy :)
    Thanks for the heads up Christine! i’m gonna start saving!

  32. Ceriene

    This is so early, but fff, I want that eye palette. Just the packaging alone is gorgeous. I’ll wait for your review though, Christine, if you do intend to review it.

    I still can’t believe they’re releasing photos for a Fall collection in Spring! I mean, I’m not even on summer vacation yet, what is this?

    • I know that for me, being a U.S. short lead media (aka a blog), Guerlain hasn’t sent me any info on fall yet – so it’s coming out to international blogs and the like. It’s hard to tell when a company is disseminating it themselves or it’s being leaked out — e.g. MAC doesn’t actually send me official info until much, much closer (like weeks, not months!) before the launch date.

  33. I love Guerlain’s red lipsticks, I wish they’re affordable though

  34. demosthenesval7

    OMG this is why I love fall makeup!!! i like to know as far in advance as possible so that I can budget accordingly! thanks for the scoop :)

  35. Lee

    Thank you for the information! I am totally in love with this collection! This is different from the previous few years, and they kinda changed the packaging slightly.

    I will definitely dig into this although I don’t see myself using it much!

  36. Linh Pham

    Who cares? I’m in love… *drool*

  37. ViVi

    It’s nice to know whats ahead but I find that I don’t enjoy current collections as much if I already know whats coming… if that makes any sense. I just want to play with my new stuff instead of worrying/budgeting for the future already.

  38. Helena

    Gorgeous makeup…but I’m kinda worried by how fragile Natalia looks in the promo.

  39. RAE

    Christine –

    I just saw one of my very dear friends the other day and she, a make-up artist currently with YSL, informed me that both YSL and Guerlain are planning to release their Fall Collections much earlier this year, mid-summer or so! I’ll update you once I hear more ^^

    • I know that Guerlain and Chanel tend to be the first to release, so I’d expect August-ish for them. YSL tends to release on the later side, so I’d definitely be surprised if they were early this fall!

  40. Hend

    what a beautiful packaging ..
    and this red lipstick is a must have for me πŸ˜€

  41. Heather

    Never too early to show product detail, builds up anticipation. Maybe, review with swatches, and such, closer to release date.

  42. I looove the images but i don’t want to worry about fall yet, spring summer is different, in the cold winter i cannot wait to see spring images that make me want springtime even more….
    China glaze is really being ridiculous have you seen the holiday collection 2010? wayyyyyy to early.

    • Keep in mind that just because you see information out there, doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand put it out there (or even wants it out there)! China Glaze sent me information about their fall collection on Friday.

  43. Michelle M

    God, this is goregous!!! But I agree- too early. I love fall, but it’s a little depressing to be thinking about already. I want to enjoy spring!

  44. jaspreet

    i fall in love with package

  45. freewing78

    oh my god~the packages are stunning~!!!but its fall already? summer is not even here yet~!(at least in where i live…)

  46. Jennifer

    It’s too early! I love seeing the new releases, but I’ve waited so long for summer. (which even isn’t here yet) I want to enjoy the summertime right now.

  47. Valerie

    IT never too early… Guerlain could launch a collection every month and I will never grow tired of it! I LOVE GUERLAIN and for 2 years now I always tried to purchase one product from their limited Collection.

  48. nicci

    I agree – we are not even in summer yet so I think it is too early for fall collections! The packaging is really pretty though, I like the little bee :)

  49. Erin

    This is WAY too early – let me enjoy the season, Guerlain!

  50. Michelle

    I just bought myself another Guerlain lipcolor today at Neiman’s and I have to say, I don’t care how early, I’ll simply jot it down on my planner at my desk at home and keep my eyes peeled! The collection looks beautiful!

  51. Ruth

    I want to know what that first product is ?

  52. Fiona

    really loved this look…stunning colours!!! even if it is still spring, i prefer to know this much in advance what will be in for the next season so that i will save up and know what to get. Guerlain is one of my favorite brands, but Chanel is still my no. 1 favorite, i would really like to see that collection :)

  53. Toukie

    wow love it.

  54. Vanessa

    I’d say it’s too early. It’s hard to get hyped into shades for fall when everything else is screaming summer. Right now I’m lemming for bright colours/bronze shades, so I have no interest to look into this.

  55. Lisa

    Oh that lipstick looks gorgeous on the model!

  56. Kai

    good god this is freakin STUNNING. I love the promo pic, she’s gorgeous! and the e/s palette is very very drool worthy. damn, i never bought any Guerlain stuff but i might have to start!

  57. Sh

    I agree… still getting excited about exploring the spring colors, expecting eagerly the summer collections… and I am really not thinking about the fall… (yet πŸ˜€ )…

  58. Scientific Housewife

    I love that last palette, what great colors!

  59. Hend

    did u see these eyeshadows packaging and colours !
    they’re breath taking
    and I prefer silver packagaing rather than the golden one
    can’t wait to get my hands on them

  60. Kate

    It’s never too early for new Guerlain – I love their eyeshadows!
    Do you know if all of them are going to be limited eddition, or are some going to be permanent? I want them all, so I sure hope at least a couple will be permanent, otherwise I’ll go broke in September :)

  61. Sabrina

    The second last eyeshadow pallet and the fuscia lipsticks will most definitely be mine!! SO glad I get a 30% discount on these! Lol!

  62. Kathryn

    I love Guerlain. Great quality products and the packaging is always beautiful.

  63. Josiane

    I looooove the brown palette and the packaging is amazing as always

  64. Andrea

    OMG can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!

  65. I love the design for the palette, but I can’t say that any of the colors hit me. I’ll probably pass on this, though that filigree detailing is LOVELY.

  66. Amanda

    I don’t care how early the pictures are being shown! I love these images, and I am going to have to buy it all! I love these colors. I hate it when brands put out colors that aren’t wearable in real life and these are all classic colors! Fall collections are always my favorites. Ahh so excited!

  67. Too many brown shades for my liking to be honest, but I might pick up Champs Elysees because of the purple, but I’m more interested in the lipsticks and glosses right now.

  68. Alexis (SF)

    The palette itself is just stunning. So far, I’ve got my eye on the one with the dark, saphire blue shadow.

  69. Dini

    Love the packaging and I love that I’m seeing blues and navy in the palettes! I can enjoy my summer makeup and look forward to this for the fall.

  70. JC

    MUST.BUY.VENDOME *faints from too much gorgeousess*

  71. The new Estee Lauder e/s quads have the same layout as these Guerlain e/s palettes. Hmmmm. Curious.

  72. Rawrzellers

    Words can’t describe how much their lipstick packaging bugs me πŸ˜› It’s like a suitcase D:

  73. Astrid

    I think Guerlain might be fased out in Denmark, everything is 50% off atm…nooooooo!

    This is so gorgeous, I could die.

  74. LNU

    I’m really not into these palettes. I only like the first one.

  75. Sass

    Guerlain is just so damned beautiful. Gosh! I think I’ll splurge on one palette. Sheeeeesh!

  76. Michelle

    Will you be swatching the lip colors and glosses any time soon?
    I’d love to see them up close!


  77. oh em gee. those eyeshadow palates are GORG!!!!

  78. Luisafer

    beautiful!!! I think this are expensive because of the packing… so adorable!!!

  79. Natalia Vodianova, so beautiful <3 The colors seems very suitable for fall

  80. Kate B

    Those eyeshadow colors look amazing – so pretty!

  81. kiki

    I love the packaging!!!

  82. julie

    I have too many browns as it is, so that means I’m going for Rue de Passy (the last one)! I like that vibrant blue in the middle. This makes me re-think whether I want Chanel’s upcoming Enigma palette!

  83. Lin

    Hmm… not loving how bony Natalia Vodianova looks, and the fact that her skin tone on her face doesn’t match the rest of her body. But yeah, the packaging is gorgeous. I’m liking the bee!

  84. Millie

    Ahh, Guerlain always takes my breath away! Lovely packaging, colors and pics! :)

  85. Esther

    The packaging looks stunning! I actually stumbled upon this Taiwanese blog with swatches provided: http://haruhii.pixnet.net/blog/post/26347222

  86. Robella

    Shadows aren’t limited version as I understood from other blogs. I’ve seen swatches in beauty blog and I’m very disappointed :(
    They are too neutral, version for office and kind of smokeys.

  87. Hilana

    Beautiful collection and stunning packaging too. Lovely photo’s. Thanks for these, Christine.

  88. Jocelyn

    i know this is completely unrelated, but i LOVE the dress that the model is wearing.

  89. Malwina

    i’m wondering what the prices will look like.. but i’m definitely going to get vendome palette :)

    • Stacey

      From what I have read from other blogs, the palettes are priced at $84, but it’s guerlain… so the packaging may well be worth it lol

      • Laura

        The counter at Saks in NYC has the Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes for sale and they are definitely priced at $84. (I didn’t look to see if the other products from the collection were in or what their prices were…)

  90. Michou


    The collection itself has such stunning colors and the packaging is even more amazing.

  91. i have already number 69 Gwen of The Rouge G Lipstick and i looooooove it! ItΒ΄s perfect. ItΒ΄s a piece of luxury every woman deserves! Thanx for your good detailed and nice preview!!!!

  92. Sara :)

    I was just wondering if you knew how much the eyeshadow pallets were. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  93. Chau

    I heard some people already got their hands on these gorgeous palettes. Where will they be available? Keep my finger crossed for Sephora. I’m into Guerlain lately, thanks to you Christine!

  94. Joan

    Eagerly awaiting your reviews on this collection, Christine. I saw it at one counter here in Qatar (Middle East) yesterday, and I got the KissKiss Gloss in Poppy Star. I think this shade really rounds out the gloss collection, which I’ve previously noticed doesn’t have a red shade. I’m a fan of KissKiss Glosses which even my currently windburned lips can wear.

    I’m not keen on the eyeshadows. Considering that the colors aren’t so unique, I think these are grossly overpriced even for Guerlain. The packaging is awesome but that’s about it for me.

    Luxury makeup brands like Guerlain and Dior are quite popular here, particularly among Arab ladies who love makeup! Whenever a collection comes out and there is something I want, I have to get it right away because the stocks run out fast, especially limited editions.

  95. Olga

    I fell in love in Place Vendome palette. But if it’s so expensive in the US, I don’t have many hopes that I will afford to buy it:(. In my country cosmetics are so expensive because of the ridiculous taxes…

  96. Andrea

    I saw the eyeshadows at The Bay and Shoppers this week!!! I really like Place Vendome!!! It`s like $90CAD though so I`m not sure if I`m ready to shell out just yet :)

    I`m desperately waiting to see the blush!!!

  97. Amanda Enn

    The packaging is devine… and I’m interested in Rue de Passy but for $80 something dollars, I have no problem skipping out.