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Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls ($60.00 for 0.88 oz.) is described as a “harmony of green … white … and champagne pearls.” Clair (02) contains “green pearls for extra redness correction,” along with “white pearls to reflect the light” and “champagne pearls to adapt to the skin and gently illuminate it.” It also contains three colors that are the base of all the Meteorites (mauve, pink, and yellow). In general, this combination of colors and the way the powder swatches and applies to the skin, it seemed rather brightening. It softened the look of skin (primarily by smoothing out pores), brightened, and added a very, very subtle radiance.

The effect is lovely, and I’ve been a long-time fan of the Meteorites range; as they always improve the look of the skin and making skin appear healthier, more radiant, smoother, and lovelier.  It works best as a finishing powder–it’s not a traditional highlighter, and it’s not a setting powder.  If you use a setting powder or more matte foundation, finishing powders help to add back some of the luminosity that gets lost by a more matte finish without leaving the skin looking too dewy.  If you go on in wanting something to highlight cheek bones and high planes of the face, you’ll be disappointed. This gets dusted all-over the face.  I would say skip the Meteorites brush; I will do a review of the revamped brush released for spring later on, but in short, it’s unnecessary for applying Meteorites, and I thought it was a little rough/scratchy.

Guerlain has re-released their famous Meteorites Pearls with their Meteorites Blossom Collection. The formula and packaging have both undergone a revamp. The tin has the same size, shape, and feel as the last iteration released in 2010–the embellishments and patterns are different. The formula is supposed to have “softer” pearls that “allow for an even easier application and a more visible effect with every brush stroke.” There are three shades, this one, along with Medium (03) and Dore (04). I only have Clair (02), but I wasn’t able to find any noticeable or visible differences (for better or worse).

This seems to replace Teint Rose. Worth noting is that they were previously priced at $58 and contained 1.05 oz. and now are $60 a pop and only 0.88 oz., which is a squeeze on both ends. I didn’t notice any difference between Clair (02) and Teint Rose; the texture, feel, appearance–all the same. In general, Meteorites, once applied, tend to look more similar than not. On very fair skin, any differences may be more amplified but still quite subtle, and on deeper skin tones, any of the more brightening shades may have a tendency to look chalky or ashy.

The Glossover


Clair (02)












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Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls (VERY heavily on left, more moderately on right)

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
(Guerlain Les Tendres on eyes, Guerlain Stardust on lips)

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls
Guerlain Parure de Lumiere / With Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls

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56 thoughts on “Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Pearls Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Regina

    So very tempting…

  2. The finish does look beautiful but if the other shades are the same I’m pretty disappointed. I want to try the Meteorite Pearls so badly! They’re so dang pretty lol
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC Magnetic Appeal Extra Dimension Skinfinish Review + NYE Face of the Night!

  3. Chupi

    I thought the meteorites in 03 would add a nice golden glow to the skin (like Hourglass ambient lighting powder in radiant). It’s kind of disappointing to hear that there’s not much difference between the different shades.
    By the way, in the picture these meteorites seem a bit more ashy then the teint rose…

    • I have a completely different lighting set-up now than I did four years ago, Chupi :) I compared them in person, as I have both, when I wrote this post.

  4. Greta

    A little disappointed, since I had heard that these pearls were going to be a huge formula improvement. If they are basically the same as teint rose, and the price per ounce has been fairly dramatically changed, maybe I should pick up the old ones while I still can…

    • I’ve always loved the formula, so it didn’t seem any better to me? Just as nice and as lovely – have no complaints regarding quality – though I’m sure they did something somewhere. From the descriptions and from looking at the promo pics vs. my photos of the Teint Dore and Teint Beige, I don’t know if those two compare one for one with the new shades. Teint Rose and Clair seemed to be the same to me when I looked at them (in person).

      • Alia

        Christine will you be reviewing the new pressed powder? I went to buy the Meteorites Pressed Illuminating and Mattifying Powder in Beige and was told they had been discontinued and replaced with the new ‘Les Voilettes’ Evanescent Pressed Powder Compact – Would love to see your review on that!!!

      • Greta

        Oh yes, the formula is lovely! I had just heard a rumor that even if you loved the formula, this one was going to blow you out of the water…either way, it’s too bad that they are making the product more expensive

  5. Michelle

    The new packaging is pretty, but that seems like a big decrease in quantity. Disappointed.

  6. Jessica

    In the review, you mentioned skipping the brush, what would you use to apply the meteorites? I love les tendres on you! I can’t wait for your review on les tendres:)

  7. Jessica

    Hi Christine, do you know if the new formula has bismuth oxychloride? Thanks for the review! I was curious how these compared to the previous version.

  8. Noga

    Why, why, why do they insist putting fragrance in these, especially known allergens? I keep checking them in the hope one day they’ll release one I can actually use… :(

  9. As always, a beautiful luxury product, in a gorgeous tin (eye roll for the price/quantity juggling though)

    I’ve always wanted to try the Meteorites ( even my husband thinks they look like a pretty thing to have! 😀 ) but I’m always left a bit doubtful over how ‘correcting’ any colour can be in such a sheerly intended application…

    Still so pretty though :-)
    Sylirael Recently Posted: A Fun Quiz for New Year’s Day – What’s your Makeup and Beauty Adventuring Class?

    • It corrects subtly but not a lot – if you feel like you need a lot of correction, I would go for something else, but even some of the correcting primers on the market work well and those end up looking translucent when applied, so there must be something in it that manages to do it 😉

  10. I’m quite disappointed that Guerlain has diminished the amount of product while amping up the price. I’ve always liked that, even though their prices tended to be painfully high, their products usually contained a hefty amount. I’m also unimpressed by the new packaging, but that’s just down to personal preferences.
    I find that it Clair looks somewhat chalky on you, Christine, but that might just be my computer screen? Anyway, it’s a lovely look you’re wearing!

  11. Alia

    I saw these at Dillards the other day and the Sales Associate had no idea what was NEW about them at all…so not helpful! She could have sold me the product if she knew or at least tried lol…ah well…i have several Meteorites Pearls now and probably don’t need another. My favorite is the Du Dragon version!

  12. I think I need some pearls in my life…so darn pretty.

  13. I’m glad you didn’t notice any difference between the old and new formula because I just bought Teint Rose…I’m also glad you mentioned that the new formula actually has less product for more money. I’ll stick with the old formula!

  14. Mimi

    I think this powder is an improvement over the old Meteorites. This is more refined, less sparkly but gives the skin a beautiful finish, a glow that is very natural but better! I thought it seemed like there was less in the container and I guess I was correct. This powder is also softer, less dry, and it is easier to pick up on your brush so you don’t have to scrub and wreck the bristles of your brush. I use only Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo Blue Squirrel haired brushes due to very sensitive and rosacea skin.

    • I’m glad you like it more than previous version! I never had any trouble with picking up powder with a brush with the previous version, so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice that improvement. I put two of the pearls in my hand last night (one from each version), and they felt equally soft and diffused similarly.

  15. Indeed it makes you skin looks smooth… wat about the shimmer compared to the previous formula?

  16. I have always been attracted to the Meteorites products because of the unique product form and the gorgeous packaging, but I’m not sure I would know how to use it effectively. I’m not a matte foundation user, and I have RiRi illuminating powder, so the high price point has kept me from taking the plunge.
    Allison Recently Posted: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer, Aurora and Big Bang

    • I don’t usually use matte foundation, but I do use setting powder, which generally mattifies a good deal!

      Do you use your RiRi powder often?

  17. Jen

    These look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    I own this e.l.f. Tone correcting powder that reminds me of this color combination:
    Now, the elf product doesn’t do anything like the pearls, so it cannot be a dupe. But for someone who is thinking these look so gloriously beautiful but can’t afford them, this powder might satisfy a little bit. At least to look at, if not use. I have never found this powder to be really useful but I am going to try again after seeing this!

  18. Jenn H.

    Isn’t Dore supposed to be the darkest one of the bunch and didn’t have a dupe? I’m usually pretty tan in summers (Guerlain 04 normal, Guerlain 23 summer). Not sure if I want to get this since I have to renew my VIB status… Or should I wait on it when it’s on sale? (You know, the VIB 15% off coupons, the $20 off $50… etc.)

    • Hi Jenn!

      I only have Clair (02), so I really don’t know what the other two look like and if they’re similar to the previous permanent shades of Meteorites! Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  19. Christine, you should put the new powder on one side of your face, and the old powder on the other side of your face and then put up a poll for us to vote on and then have a big reveal 😀

  20. The packaging is gorgeous!

  21. courtney

    the packaging though…its beautiful!

  22. Amanda

    Do these have more or less sparkles than the pressed version (Mythic, wulong?) I have the Hourglass Powder in the shade Diffused, and even though many reviews claim that it has no sparkles I see quite a bit in direct sunlight. I’m wondering what would be a better alternative with the least amount of sparkle.

    • More sparkles than the pressed – that’s one of the bigger differences between pressed vs. pearls. The pearls tend to have more visible sparkle, though sparse and fine to a degree, whereas the pressed is just a sheen.

  23. Bonnie

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering how these compare to the Hourglass ambient lighting powders. Do you have a preference of one over the other? I have the hourglass palette that came out for the holiday and I’ve never tried the pearls and I’m wondering if its worth the splurge since I already use the hourglass powders as a finishing powder.

  24. Huong

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for the comment. I would like to ask, my nose tends to be red when I go out in winter, is it effective in correcting redness? Thanks a lot!

  25. Lex

    Great post! What’s the difference between setting powder and finishing powder? How I put this on?

    • Setting is more to set your makeup in place – make it last longer – whereas finishing powders tend to add “life” back to the face, as many setting powders are more mattifying, finishing powders are a little luminous and give skin a more life-like finish (instead of 100% matte).

      • Lex

        Thanks Christine! I loveeee your blog – i learn more and more everytime i read a new article. Do you put a finishing powder on top of a setting powder or just replace one with another depending on the look you want? It just seems like a lot of product to put on my face…Btw Have you tried Eshiko? I keep hearing alot about it and how it compares to guerlain.

        • I haven’t tried Eshiko before!

          I usually do a setting powder, and then I dust on a finishing powder! Finishing powders like Guerlain are really sheer and translucent, so they don’t add a lot of actual powder to the skin. If I use something like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, I’ll just use that instead of setting powder, because it is a little more powdery.

  26. Hi Christine!
    I’m wondering which Guerlain Meteorites I should pick up for highlighting on extremely cool toned skin?
    I am looking for a silvery toned (not gold etc) powder product I could use to highlight cheekbones, nose and cupids bow, that is shimmery and light reflecting but has no obvious glitter particles, if that makes any sense. I like the “my skin but better”-look, on the extreme side, without it being obvious that it is make up, as with glitters, like the mac silver dusk as it makes it just way too obvious that it has been applied!

    Thanks, and love your site, I check out every product on here before I buy it