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Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush ($42.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “cheerful fuchsia.” It’s a cool-toned, blue-based fuchsia magenta with a satin finish. Urban Decay Quickie (LE) is lighter, powder. NARS Desire (P, $29.00) is brighter, powder. NARS Angelika (P, $29.00) is similar but powder. MAC Peony Petal (LE, $21.00) is lighter, bluer-based, powder. MAC I’m the One (LE, $21.00) is lighter, powder. MAC Florida (LE, $21.00) is slightly more magenta. See comparison swatches.

It’s a new–but limited edition–formula in Guerlain’s Meteorites Blossom Collection. It’s described as having a “satiny finish with a delicate violet scent.” It’s supposed to “instantly melt into [the] skin.” It’s housed in a small “bubble” with a rounded top but flat bottom. The first thing I noticed about it was actually the packaging, as it felt a somewhat cheap–it’s definitely not as luxe or as fancy as Guerlain’s palettes and lipsticks. It almost looks like a lip balm. I was able to use a small stippling brush (MAC 188) to grab color to apply to the cheeks, even though the whole blush is on the small side.

The pigmentation is more on the intense side, though it is blendable and buildable, so a little tap of product can go a long way, depending on how you like to wear your blush. It applied best over bare skin, though lightly patted and blended over not-quite-dry liquid foundation (I used Guerlain’s Parure de Lumiere) worked fairly well. The blush feels and looks more like a powder once applied, as there is no dewiness, and it sets and stays in place shortly after application. When I wore this, it lasted well for almost eight hours before showing signs of fading.

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Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush
(Guerlain Les Tendres on eyes, Guerlain Stardust on lips)

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50 thoughts on “Guerlain Cherry (02) Meteorites Bubble Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. it looks nice on you Christine :) i would love to try this out just for the cuteness and the packaging which is not greattt but looks so interesting :)
    Rashmi Recently Posted: Happy New Year !

  2. This blush definitely seems gimmicky for Guerlain! It looks more like something that’d be made by a Korean or Japanese brand.

    • shelley

      I was thinking the same thing! Don’t get me wrong I love my drugstore brands but the packaging on this does not look LUXURY to me.

  3. this is cute but really not the kind of packaging I would expect from Guerlain.

  4. This looks so cute and juicy, and I love that they called it ‘cheerful’…but I must admit that even when I saw the packaging in the promo materials you posted earlier, I was kind of like…that’s it? I don’t think Guerlain sells anything for less than about $100 here, so their packaging better have some serious weight to it! 😉

  5. zainab

    The colour is pretty (and you look gorgeous in the full face photo), but the packaging is soooo crummy looking.

  6. The result seems to be pretty good and it’s just my type of shade but I agree it looks kind of cheap. Cool product though.

  7. How does this compare to Chanel’s Le Blush Creme, Christine? Which do you think is better? :)

    On another note, I like how Les Tendres is looking on you. Fingers crossed it gets a good review/rating, because it just went into my list. 😀

  8. Man, I am not really looking forward to trying this one! Guerlain usually does the BEST packaging, so I’m not sure what went wrong here. I’d ideally like a blush that works on different surfaces, and not one that picks and chooses which foundation it likes best!

  9. “Bubble blush.” Okay, I am obsessed with this name.
    Rikki Recently Posted: REVIEW: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer – Aurora

  10. OMY! I love the colour! I feel like a teen again! Hehehe….

  11. Jenni

    It looks so pretty on you! Sheered out, it’s such a nice pleasant spring pink. I really want this product but it’s hard to justify $42 for something so small in such blah packaging. Maybe I can convince myself that I will get a lot of use out of it. 😉

    • Or try Chanel’s – better :)

      • Jenni

        Okay so I went to Nordie’s and picked up Chanel’s blush crème in Chamade and HOLY PIGMENT, BATMAN! Honestly, I was pretty intimidated when I swatched it but blended in it was gorgeous! So pretty. I just wish it had a tiny bit more give. Even over liquid foundation, it takes a little work for me to blend out. Don’t know if it’s just me.

        • I usually pat a little color in a line (like three or four dots) and then blend away! It does dry down pretty fast, so you have to work fairly quickly.

  12. C

    It’s such a pretty pink, wow

  13. The color is so pretty! I have to agree with you about the packaging though. Very strange design. It looks like a cheap lip balm lol.
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC Magnetic Appeal Extra Dimension Skinfinish Review + NYE Face of the Night!

  14. Sara

    Sorry, but the packaging looks like something from the drugstore…..also looks easy to dupe…..pass for me…thank you:)

  15. Michelle

    It looks so pretty on you, Christine! Just a slight flush of color!

  16. AS1929

    The macro pics make me want to poke at it!

  17. Vivian

    The body shop was selling these blushes last year as part of the lily cole limited edition line. Those were 14 dollars and worked fine. This looks like the exact same thing, even the same color. This product really looks like something cover girl would promote, but it does have that whimsical thing going for it!

  18. this looks like it contains so little product. i’m really surprised this contains more product than the chanel cream blushes! what a difference packaging can make, i suppose. i haven’t tried chanel cream blushes, but i have a couple of kevyn aucoin’s creamy glows…i’ll stick with those. i don’t think i would give these a second look because of the ridiculous packaging…it would have to be a really stellar formula to overlook that at this price point.

    • Right? If Chanel’s blush wasn’t so ridiculously pigmented, I’d be more miffed about the quantity, but as is, it’ll probably expire before one finishes it.

  19. Barbie

    Awww, I like the packaging

  20. Kelsey

    That’s so strange about the packaging, whenever I’ve seen the Guerlain packaging I’ve always been impressed by how luxe it is. Although I guess at the end of the day all that matters is that the product performs, and considering how much I’m lusting over it, I’d say it’s doing its job!

  21. I was hoping the one I tested at work was merely a tester and that the “real” product would be housed in a more exclusive package. Guess my hopes were in vain, although the cheap packaging means I probably won’t purchase, and that’s money saved :)

  22. Lol, I just want to reach out and touch it :p

    On a different note…I absolutely love the look you put together Christine :)

  23. I just don’t understand why people still think that having a “violet scent” is a reasonable feature for a cosmetic product. Would you spray your perfume on your cheeks, or near your eyes? When will companies stop this ridiculousness?? (I don’t mean you, Christine, just this nuisance in general.)

    • My guess is that the average user likes it/doesn’t have an issue with it. Like with Guerlain, scent has a long history with the brand, and violets are everywhere. I don’t see it going anywhere short of it being banned from the industry.

    • Deb

      Yes, Veronica! I’m glad to hear this bugs some one else other than me. I just don’t see the point of fragrance in makeup and skin care. There is no scientific, performance related reason for makeup and skin care to be scented. Love the scent of violets? Then buy some perfume! I recently bought a luxury face oil from African Botanics and the scent is so strong it just makes me gag. The performance of the product is sublime, and because of what it cost I will use it up. But it’s a pretty big bottle and now I find myself trying to hurry through it just so I don’t have to smell it anymore. What a bummer because I would repurchase it over and over if it didn’t stink to high heaven. When will they learn? Unfortunately, I have to agree with Christine and say probably never.

  24. Very cute but there’s no way on earth I would spend $42.00 dollars on blush!

  25. I want it – just for the cuteness factor.
    Shivani Recently Posted: Unison Eye Renewal Mask | An easy, affordable treat for your eyes.

  26. Valerie C.

    Very cute! But for $42. I’m going to pass.

  27. This looks so cool! I love trying out innovative blushes!

  28. That is quite the interesting packaging. The product inside looks beautiful.