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Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection: Acid Summer

Travelling all over the world nourishes me with discoveries. Diversity is the richness that comes from such wanderings. And yet, in certain ways, the places where people live their lives all seem to follow the same rhythm. No matter the geographic location, no matter the culture, there are always meeting points where the barriers of solitude are broken down. Places for rambling, for celebrating or for dreaming, like guiding beacons drawing us to their light. Sparkling and seductive, the neon lights call out in every language to join the life of the community, to share. Their glow brightens the darkest corners and beautifies the eyes with a tangy multicoloured brilliance.

It mutes the volumes and makes the materials come alive. Like veins of light, pulsing with a unifying electrified energy that sweeps away all inertia, the neon colours resonate and amplify each other, stirring up a rebellious atmosphere in a world that knows no inhibition. Bridging the gap between day and night, neon is the vital force of summer 2011. A season that’s a call to enjoyment, to enjoy greater freedom. And we dare to answer that call, fearing no other consequence than a moment of happiness… to be shared.

Happy new Acid Summer! — Nicholas Degennes

Le Prismissime Yeux ($53.00) (Limited Edition)

Turquoise Blues, Anise Green, Golden Yellow, Coral Orange, Mauvish Pink, Frappe Coffee, Sparkling White

With its orange colour, the unique packaging highlights the acidic character of an eccentric, varying intensity palette. Like a mirror ball for the third millennium, its textures, matte or glittery, enliven the eyes with a hypnotic “electrical field”. Offering interplays of layers or contrasts, it lends itself to all desires and flights of fancy.

Like the reflections of a neon tube, the palette of Le Prismissime Yeux comprises shades that look sharp and vibrant in the case, but produce a softened result on the skin. Spherical polymers and micronised pigments make the colour easy to smooth onto the eyelids, while three esters with emollient properties ensure long hold.

Mister Radiant ($TBA)

It’s a veritable revolution in material — or more precisely in non-material. It’s life in suspension in an ethereal fluid. Three different kinds of microbeads trapped in a gel texture with a high water content. Brown and light yellow microbeads containing pigments and illuminating pearlescent particles. Dark yellow microbeads saturated with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Diluted by the gel, the microbeads are instantly diffused on the skin by the fingertips, for a transparency of material and a genuine sensation of freshness. The result is an instant healthy glow, buildable depending on the desired result.

Gelee d’Interdit – Balm Smoothing Gloss – Crystal Shine ($26.50)

This newcomer joins the Interdit family, which already includes Rouge Interdit, Rouge Interdit Shine and Gloss Interdit. A colourful, sparkling transparency in a balm with multiple beneficial properties: Immediately upon application, moi s tur i s ing and replumping properties through microspheres of hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally present in the skin). Taking action instantly, they slip into the fine lines on the lips and, like tiny sponges, fill up with water from the skin’s surface, trapping it and swelling to smooth the lips.

Over the longer term, revitalising and smoothing properties through the action of a botanical extract that stimulates cellular renewal in the epidermis to help prevent the accumulation of dead cells. Hydration is boosted by camelina oil, an ingredient found in all products of the Interdit line, to give the lips a final touch of comfort. For the first time, the clear formula that allows the pigments to shine through is wax-free. Its non-sticky texture offers an all-new sensation on the lips: the feel of a balm with a delicate scent of lychee.

Of the 13 different shades* of the Gelee d’Interdit line, three vivid, tangy colours were chosen by Nicolas Degennes to echo the concept of ACID SUMMER. The vibrant, feminine fuchsia of Explosive Raspberry; the magnetic, voluptuous violet of Electric Purple; and tart, luminous Neon Orange.

Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Acid Blue Klein blue

Vernis Please! ($TBA) (Limited Edition)

  • Acid Orange Orange

Availability: April 2011

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Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection

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36 thoughts on “Givenchy Summer 2011 Collection: Acid Summer

  1. I really like the look of the bright colors. I think I need that palette.

  2. OMG! OMG! everything looks sooo pretty!

  3. Natalia

    Ohhhhhh. So many lovely orange shades AND another black lipgloss?! I’m sold. The man is positively a genius.

  4. Heather

    Love love love it! I love that ES palette!

  5. Rossella


  6. tehteh

    I would love that palette but…I think I’ll pass

  7. Katie

    Wow, Givenchy has never appealed to me before, but I want all of this.

  8. Evelina

    Love, Love, Love IT!

  9. Kim

    i have no idea what i just read.

  10. Marian

    This collection looks fun!

  11. oh god!! i love the color of the palette, the nailacquer and the blush!!

  12. Linnea

    I need that nail polish!

  13. I’d be more enthused about the palette if the packaging didn’t look like Nightmare Before Christmas!

  14. Can’t wait to see swatches of some of those glosses! Everything else is a pass for me though

  15. OMG, I’m in love! This will be my first Givenchy palette! Love it!

  16. Ryan

    So much colour. I love it.

  17. Gina G

    Wow it all looks so pretty!

  18. daisy

    where can we buy givency’s summer 2011 collection in california?

  19. Jill

    I really like the looks of the medium-coral, purple, and black lip glosses!

  20. Wow- this looks exciting and not typical for the brand.

  21. callie

    I love the concept but I have never been overly impressed by Givenchy. So I have to pass.

  22. The whole collection looks really cute! The mascara looks a lot like that Loreal mascara I think it was?

  23. Renee

    I think I need something from this collection just because it’s called Acid Summer! Ok, well the glosses, mascara, and polish look awesome!

  24. yvette

    Mister Radiant? Oh boy.

  25. So crazy beautiful, and I’m glad orange got so popular this season. It’s my favorite color and i can wear it without looking ridiculous anymore.


    Have to say I’m intrigued by the glow illuminator thingy and the black gloss. but would i really wear a black gloss?

  27. Katherine

    This is a bit of a departure by Givenchy. I adore this brand and this collection looks fun and playful and exciting. I can’t wait to see swatches. I’m really interested in the illuminator/brightner called Mr. Radiant. How cute and unexpected.

  28. Deb

    Oooh, loving it! I doubt I’ll invest in Givenchy any time soon, but you never know, I could get a promotion by the time this comes out…

  29. amazon_fashion

    I’m so happy I’m a girl.

  30. Norlite

    I have mixed feeling on the collection, but I would love the promo picture blown up, framed and hanging somewhere in my bathroom or bedroom. I just think it’s gorgeous.

  31. Vale

    Please, tell me you’re going to swatch them!

  32. I love the palette and the black/multiglitter glosss *__* too bad there’s no Givenchy here anymore

  33. Jen

    So much of this looks so nice but I can’t swing the price tag… Not even by April.

  34. kelly

    mister radiant? intrigued.

  35. Anna

    9, 10, 11 glosses will be mine! Nice colors.