Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

We’ll probably start seeing Givenchy on-counter in mid-to-late April, possibly early May. (I always find Givenchy releases later in each season–the earliest of the summer launches are due out for early April!) Thanks to Debbie for the deets.

Fleur de Frangipanier (Limited Edition)

  • Island Sun (No. 2)
  • Island Tan (No. 3)

Le Preisme Yeux Island Camaieu (Limited Edition)

  • Island Lagoon (No. 17)
  • Island Sand (No. 18)

Phenomen’Eyes (Waterproof)

  • Black (No. 1)
  • Brown (No. 2)
  • Turquoise (No. 3)

Acti’Mine Sun (Limited Edition)

  • Island Honey (No. 9)
  • Island Macadamia (No. 10)

Pop Gloss Crystal Sun (Limited Edition)

  • Sun Guava (No. 472)
  • Sun Papaya (No. 473)
  • Sun Cocoa (No. 474)

Rouge Interdit (Limited Edition)

  • Island Hibiscus (No. 47)

Vernis Please! (Limited Edition) (Not available in the U.S.)

  • Island Lagoon (No. 169)
  • Island Palm (No. 170)

Availability: April/May 2010

See more photos!

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

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32 thoughts on “Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection

  1. Liz W

    looks like i’m going to need a few of these things!

  2. JustMe


  3. Wow, these colors are so fun. I need to get myself some of the limited editions and definitely the waterproof stuff! Hope they roll them out to Sephora!

  4. Shannon


  5. Alexis

    Ooooh – I’m looking forward to acquiring my first Givenchy items! I want both bronzing blushes and eye shadows!

  6. Irene

    I only have a lip gloss try me size and think I’ll have to buy one of those lippies! The powder with the flower is so pretty, I’d love to make a print of it to hang on a wall

  7. DonnaN

    Turquoise PhenomEyes will be MINE!!!

  8. abril

    I N-E-E-D a flower whatever! LOL

  9. Wow… so gorgeous! I want one of those face powders!

  10. Meg

    I was hoping they would bring out another one of the gel compact lipglosses like the Rose Interdit for the summer collection. It was so expensive but I just love it and will be sad when I run out! This collection is very beautiful but I think the only thing I will splurge on is the top bronzing blush.

  11. everything looks so pretty…so much thought must be going in designing all these stuff…

  12. Venessa

    Do you have that intro picture in a larger size? I think it would look so nice as a desktop background

  13. This collection is really beautiful!

  14. amy

    Gorgeous colours and packaging and as usual, Givenchy never disappoints. I want the nailpolishes!

  15. Oh my goddd this collection is such a piece of art !!!! So in loveeeeee

  16. leinti nti

    nice mascara colour and nail varnishes. apart from that, givenchy eyeshadows are a disappointment IMHO in texture and quality.

  17. Lu

    really beautiful..

  18. Kristina


  19. Connie

    must. buy. bronzing. blushes. What a gorgeous collection! I’m so glad it’s coming out in april. the earlier the better =P

  20. Ashley

    ooo…frangipanis! And those nailpolishes are incredible looking! I doubt I’ll indulge in any of it though, Givenchy is above my limit!

  21. KP&7

    Oh my gosh!!! I want it all!!! I keep saying i won’t buy anymore make-up but gezzzz, when pretty colors like this come out, it’s so hard to avoid them! Can’t wait to see the swatches! =)

  22. Brittany

    the packaging is beautiful!!! so unique

  23. Brandi

    OMG…Frangipanis…my favourite flower of all time. Island Tan no 3 is mine…if it’s dark enough to contour! I was born with an island tan so we’ll see! I have a feeling it will be $40 CDN…I hope I’m wrong. Can’t wait to find out what the price is!

  24. kat

    Hmm I kind of want to try that Mascara, but I find that my mascaras dry up so fast its not worth buying expensive ones… :(

  25. Vale

    Love the nail enamels!!!

  26. Brenda

    this may sound silly but I’m not quite getting how the eyeshadows work..i thought a couple squares looked like they may be darker but I also tried to make out if they were like the ones released this winter where they were all slight variations of the same colours…is that what the idea is???

  27. DonnaN

    Any more news on a release date? I’m ITCHIN’ for some Turquoise mascara!!