Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Collection for Fall 2011

Love, fear, fascination, curiosity; all these emotions it brings out, don’t they just make you want it, with all the superstitions and fantasies? Poets’ escape to an imaginary world fevered by its mysterious face of many messages. It influences nature and sentiments and exerts a magnetic disturbance on our will… I love the Moon for the femininity and softness that it suggests, for its light and shadows, for the adorning veil that it delicately places over our lives. To want the Moon is to want what seems unattainable; that is exciting! But technological advances have now made fanciful lunar voyage possible as well as the mastery of light in this collection.

Les Ombres de Lune, illuminating powder and intense shadow, are the coalescence of this fantasy source light and contrasted moon. The desire to create shadow where there is none inspired me to a great extent; deflected moonlight that gives a different angle to reality. I wanted to take a cinema makeup technique that has always intrigued me and apply it to beauty. The “American night” demands a different way of working with light; complexion must radiate in bold contrasts, like for a black and white image. I wanted the Moon…For you. — Nicolas Degennes

Les Ombres de Lune ($58.00)

An illuminating powder for cheeks, eyes, complexion and an intense eye shadow for a twilight effect.

  • Lune Mysterieuse No. 1 Black moon in a creamy white sky (Limited Edition)
  • Lune Mordoree No. 2 Night blue moon in a golden sky (Limited Edition)

Le Prisme Blush-Glow

  • Lune Rosee No. 41 Dainty sculpting blush with fun pearly colours (Limited Edition)

Rouge Interdit

  • Lune Carmin No. 52 Dark sensual red (Limited Edition)

Gloss Interdit

  • Lune Carmin No. 31 Dark sensual red (Limited Edition)

Gelee d’Interdit

  • Lune Argentee No. 15 Opalescent veil (Limited Edition)

Magic Khol

  • Marine Blue No. 16 Black with bold blue reflections

availability: Fall 2011, prices TBA

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67 thoughts on “Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Collection for Fall 2011

  1. eashanna

    OMG!! Fall!! How exciting!

  2. WOW! I want this collection.

  3. Marie

    What a stunning promo picture! I *love* it!
    This bordeaux color for the lips is amazing.

  4. Steph

    Oh my goodness, I understand that brands have to stay ahead, but I haven’t even unpacked my summer clothes yet.

  5. That promo pic is ZOMG sexy. So my style. <3

  6. Christel

    Is that Jacqueline Jablonski? Stunningly beautiful look set off by the perfect model! Products seem amazing! Please swatch when possible, Christine!

  7. lena

    WANT! That moon powder looks great!

  8. Oh wow, I think I want everything in this collection! Without seeing them in person, my top picks are Lune Mordoree No. 2 and the dark lipgloss and lipstick. Such a gorgeous collection!

  9. Aracely

    Death By Givenchy Je Veux la lune. This is beautifully breath taking

  10. Definitely getting that lipstick and lipgloss- it looks amazing!

  11. Probably too gothic for my style,but I can ignore that since I love the lipstick.

  12. Jilliterate

    Oh good lord…it’s still months away from SUMMER where I live. I’m not ready to prepare for fall yet.

  13. Wow. Thanks for reminding me that it’s almost always in the Fall that I really get in trouble with makeup collections. This all looks right up my alley!!

  14. equalitystreet

    Marilyn Manson is making a comeback!

  15. Mariella

    It’s weird – women will look at that and say “Wow, how beautiful.” But I bet 90% of men looking at her would say “She’d look okay if she took off the makeup!” She’s a beautiful girl and the look is certainly captivating but rather “extreme”. To be honest, I’ve got most of those colours in other brands – champagne and black shadows, a deep plummy red lipstick. Knowing what Givenchy’s prices are, I’ll pass on this one.

    • Marie

      I think only a tiny portion of the women who say this is a beautiful *promo* picture would actually wear this in their everyday life. I wear very minimal make-up and I think the look in the picture is breathtaking.
      I also showed this to a male friend (who’s a photographer), and he thinks it’s a stunning picture with a beautiful model.

      Basically, this is a piece of make-up art, so it’s to be regarded as such, not as an example of everyday make-up look.

      • Ms. Jimmi

        It’s an Editorial Look. It isn’t meant to be worn everyday. It is to sell the make-up, the image of a Fall Glamour–darker colors.

        • Marie

          I agree completely. That’s what I was trying to say, except I was vague, and used a lot more words, lol. ^^

  16. snm

    it is nice to see a fall collection when we are all surrounded by the bronze hype.the promo pic is breathtaking!

  17. Vi

    Somehow this look reminds me of Black Swan promo page.

  18. Debs

    I want the kohl pencil so bad…

  19. rowan

    ooh i want the lune mysterieuse no. 1, & i love the concept.

  20. Amadia

    Ohhh that lip color! Not sure I could pull it off in real life without looking like I tried to go goth and stopped halfway… but the shade is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. ak

    This models makeup is so beautiful and so stunning, taht it makes me what to hate ‘natural’ beauty and ‘no makeup’ makeup even more than I do. Long live artifice!

    ‘I like un-natural beauty. What does ‘natural beauty’ mean anyway? I’m a freckled blond from Michigan.’ – Dita Von Teese

    • Emily O.

      Vive L’Artifice! I,too, carry the torch for the cultivated hot house beauty. Daisies are cute, but I belong to the House of Orchid.

  22. Rayanna

    I love the promo picture!!

  23. Ashley

    this is FIRECE. I probably wont EVER wear that lip colour, but I want the products anyways!! and definitly that blush…. ohmygod.

  24. Lilac

    haha…. they overlooked something I think: The blush is described as “Dainty sculpting blush with fun pearly colours”. “Fun colours” with this promo image and the rest of colours, does not seem to match =D Probably the description was originally meant to belong to another colour set?
    I do like the promo image though, and I like it that such as look is shown, very beautiful pale, but for sure I could replicate this with make-up I already own.

  25. Ashley

    sorry for the second comment but for Vancouver, BC, Canada readers – ANY OF YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN EVEN FIND GIVENCHY PRODUCTS IN STORE? I don’t want to purchase online. THANKS IN ADVANCE =]

  26. I love that lipstick!!!

  27. Lauren

    Givenchy Fall ’11 “The Pretty PANDA” or “The Pretty Raccoon” lol or “The Pretty Spotted Dog”

  28. telle

    WOW what an amazing collection! this is a definite indulge!!!

  29. This looks very Black Swan’esque to me!

  30. Adele


    /pauses to note that the Rouge Interdit looks *gorgeous*

  31. Adriana

    WOW! I loved this collection

  32. Hannah

    Finally, a Givenchy makeup collection that has the same dark, romantic, gothic aesthetic of the Givenchy clothing line! Love it!

  33. Rachael

    WOW! They photoshopped the heck out of her. So sad. I wish advertisers weren’t allowed to do more than 10% photoshop on an image.

    • The Beauty Queen from Mars

      Just what I thought. You can tell by the picture where the model gets her make-up done that you cannot create the look shown in the photoshop picture with the products – the eyeshadow lacks the blue you see in the promo picture.
      As many of the comments say, the picture is beautiful as a piece of make-up art. But these pictures never make me buy the products because I can tell I will never look like the model who, if you take the picture seriously, does not have any pores in her skin or veins in her eyes.

  34. Gina

    Fall?! It’s still Spring!

  35. Regina

    Love dark lips and dark eyes but this promo pic reminds me of Morticia Addams too much.

  36. nana

    do you know how much the magic kohl will be? it sounds beautiful

  37. MichelleChefNYC

    I absolutely LOVE this promotional image, it is insanely fabulous…

  38. Oh Givenchy! How you empty my pockets but bring me so much joy. Now you’ve gone and found my moon weakness. I will have you; if not all of you, at least that lipstick with its plummy goodness!

  39. Emily O.

    The first time I saw this promo picture, my jaw dropped. I adored the glossy blacked red lip and unapologetic dramatic eye. I’m a sucker for dark hair, blue eyes and white skin as well. Girl crush!

  40. Dana

    I am in love with that promo pic! That lip color is to die for!

  41. Mabeline

    I don’t know about this collection. The promo pic scares me!

  42. Ooh, and it’s not even summer yet. xD
    This is interesting, I think, but at the same still typical of F/W.

  43. Vale


  44. Despina

    it’s unbeleivable!!!!

  45. Whoa… that is a crazy promo pic! Reminds me Black Swan! lol That blush mosaic looks really pretty!

  46. Lioness

    Too make-up in one face!

  47. cghipp

    The model’s lips remind me of a pair of Cole Haan pumps I’ve been wanting for ages… I think I need both! I like the “Lune Mordoree” combo as well. The nerd in me gets a kick out of the name similarity with “Mordor.” Perhaps I would make myself up like the model if I was heading into Mordor to pick a fight with Sauron!

  48. I absolutely adore the promo image, very striking. It gives off a brooding, aristocratic feel.. LOL. <3

  49. I can’t wait to see your swatches! I’ve been looking for a lipstick like that and those palettes are so gorgeous.

  50. Judy

    That dark red lipstick is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. Can’t wait until it comes out.

  51. Can’t wait for the entire Givenchy fall collection. I use all of the
    Givenchy products. What a beautiful collection for fall. I want the
    entire collection. Please keep me notified of everything. Just love
    your website. Many thanks,

  52. Lilly

    I have always been a HUGE fan of Givenchy and I adore the brand. I think I have, at least, one piece of makeup from all of their collections, but I definately think that this collection is a bit boring from what I’ve seen by givenchy and what they usually create. I think I am very tired of the smoky eye being a constant in Degenne’s work and artistry, and I think that, even if the Ombres de Lune are a fun innovation (talking not only about the product itself, but also about how it has been designed and created), they seem kinda boring to me, ’cause you’re forced to create a monochrome look with only two options: black or indigo. Unfair!. I miss the Prismissime Eyes palettes for autumn that gave super playful looks to mess up with (Les Poetiques, of course, and what about Acid Summer, it has been FUN!!). I find the look extremely elegant, wonderful for a night out, but… Way too dark. Might get one of the shadows to investigate what the heck was going on with Degennes and the blush, because it is calling my name…

  53. GORGEOUS promo pics, I’m in love! Givenchy is sadly out of this girl’s league. =(

  54. amy

    those lips will be mine!

  55. amy

    those lips….and maybe the eye liner…..will be mine!

  56. May be you’ll be interested to see some live make-up with these products. Just got a chance to touch everything and to wear – I love this collection.

    Sorry, for it’s not in English. Still some good pics with the results.

  57. lala

    WHO WANTS TO LOOK LIKE A DRAGGG way too jerseylicious ! crazy