Friday, October 11th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Chanel nail polishes from the last two collections!
  • Weekend plans:  We might see my family sometime, but otherwise it should be a fairly laid back weekend. Football on Sunday!
  • Favorite TV show?:  I don’t have any real favorites right now (that are current), but I love Beverly Hills 90210, Buffy, and Daria.

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

More belly rubs, please!

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68 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #205

  1. KaseyCannuck

    Haul: Mad Minerals. I’m loving the mineral eye shadow these days!

    Weekend plans: Family dinner and working around the house.

    Favourite TV shows: Mad Men, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, pretty much anything on AMC, Greys Anatomy, and Game Of Thrones.

    • Having never tried Mad Minerals, what are your must-haves?

      • KaseyCannuck

        Duochromes are my kryptonite and I grabbed some pretty awesome ones…Whisper Opal, 7200, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Grape, and Emerald Green to name a few.
        For $3.00 you can order mystery colours, from small batches of colour formulations that didn’t make it into regular production, and I ordered 3 of them. I got a shimmery light taupe, a dusty rose that makes an excellent blush, and a greyed teal that turns iridescent green when applied wet. Can you say score??!! I think that teal surprise colour might be my favourite of the bunch!!
        I also got a couple of cream eyeshadows. These are supposed to be comparable to paint pots, and they tell you which ones have MAC dupes. They are smaller, like the size of most gel eyeliners, but a tiny bit goes a long way, and stays put all day. I got Forest Green and Waltz and it was hard not to order every colour they had. They have a great selection of wearable colours. I had been eyeing their site for a while and I’m glad I finally took the plunge!

  2. Haul: not much as I kept striking out. I wanted to at least see (and no doubt BUY) the new Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette but Sephora didn’t have it (yet…). So I figured I would look at the Lorac Pro Palette and to my amazement, the Sephora I was at doesn’t have Lorac at all. So I figured I’d take a look at Nars Melusine. Well, they didn’t have that either! Then I went to MAC to get Constructivist Paint Pot – SOLD OUT!!! The SA did give me a minuscule sample (she’s new – the other girls are far more generous) and will call me when it comes in again. Can you believe this? In my frustration, I went to Chanel and bought Pirate lipstick and, to be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed in it. I keep having to reapply and at that price, I was expecting something far more long-lasting! Anyway, I sure do love the Constructivist paint pot and can’t wait for the full size to arrive.

    Weekend plans: A birthday dinner for my sister in law and her husband, both of whom turn 60 this month. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and my youngest son will be home and we’re having the big family dinner on Monday. Also, I have a lot of yoga to attend because I began a “30 day challenge” that my studio runs 3 times a year and I’ve really committed myself to it.

  3. Haul: Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette & Bracelet, Tarte The Tarte of Giving Collector’s Set & Travel Bag, MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Shadow in 311 Burgundy and 309 Purple, MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyeshadow in 92 Purple, Urban Decay Lipstick in Lovelight, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Laced, LORAC PRO Palette, Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo, Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Secret Affair, Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Raindrops, Zoya Nail Polish in Payton, Dream and Aurora, Color Club Nail Polish in Cosmic Fate, Kismet, Eternal Beauty, Angel Kiss and Cherubic.

    Weekend plans: I was going to set up and play with my new Raspberry Pi, but unfortunately some of the parts I need are stuck in customs :( I’ll probably just stay at home watching TV and do some boring organizing and cleaning.

    Favorite TV show?: I watch A LOT of TV! I probably follow about 25 of them each week. Current favorites: Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, CSI (although the last couple of seasons haven’t been that great), Orphan Black. Old favorites: Twin Peaks!, The X-Files, Eureka, Fringe, The L Word, Dirty Sexy Money, Friends, Veronica Mars, Passions!, Desperate Housewives, Ally McBeal, LOST (but the ending ruined the entire show).

  4. Haul: La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo and a veritable shitton of house things. Bless my boyfriend’s parents and their willingness to buy us furniture.

    Weekend Plans: It’s the end of the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart so tomorrow we’re going to dive through town and head over. Aside from that – just boring work stuff and cleaning up.

    Favourite TV Show: Boston Legal and The Thick of It are my ultimate favourites, I’d say!

    • Are you big on home decorating? I wish I had the talent. I love looking at other people’s spaces and how they arrange their furniture!

      • I love it. I’ve never had the chance to decorate before – so now that we’ve got our own place I may… have gone a little crazy. IDK if I’m any good at it but I’m having fun so! >_>

        Me too. Bedroom Tours and Makeup Storage videos take up way too much of my time haha.

  5. Although I was not allowedddddd to spend …. aahh my restrictions only
    I picked 2 ysl rouge volupte , one glossy stain n one nail paint from ysl
    my becca blush arrived n m happyyyyy

    plansss …. sat is busy day as the fasts are ending n we have small celebration …

    TV show …. bigg boss ( indian version ) … at the moment :)

  6. Mellan is loving that belly rub 😀

    Haul: Some glitter nail polish, and a new BVLGARI perfume.

    Weekend plans: The weather is too awful to go do anything, but I am totally fine with just staying in! :-)

    Favorite TV show?: Right now? X-factor UK maybe.

  7. Veronica

    Haul: Covergirl Tapestry Taupe eyeshadow, Maybelline Silken Taupe and Tastefully taupe eyeshadow. There may be a theme here…

    Weekend Plans: Currently in NYC for Comic Con! :)

    Favorite TV show: I stopped watching television about three years ago, but I’ve heard Hannibal and Breaking Bad were very good, so I might Netflix them.

  8. Haul: Nothing this week.

    Weekend plans: Canadian Thanks Giving!

    Favorite TV show?: Right now Once Upon a Time and Doctor Who. Also loving The Blacklist.

  9. Haul: Mehron green and gold lipsticks, rigid collodion, barrier spray and lipstick sealer, China Glaze polish in Boo-gie Down, NYX Wonder Pencil in Light, gel liner in Teal and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green, Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop mirror, Sephora X polish in Out of Sight, OPI Rock Goddess set, and two Steve Madden bags.

    Plans: Not sure. Hope it doesn’t rain this weekend so we can finish putting out our Halloween decorations.

    Fave TV Show: If I HAD to whittle it down, my all-time faves would be Xena, X-Files, Buffy, Doctor Who and Animaniacs. Currently it’s American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

  10. Icequeen81

    he looks so funny, our lil one seems to be half black retriever, her mom is a Rottweiler. Is 9 weeks old and still does not like belli rubs, she likes to nib only

  11. Haul: Chanel Joues Contraste 84 Accent; Jordana mascara; I pre-ordered Dior’s Marilyn nail polish from Le Grand Bal collection (I happened to spot it on Nordstrom’s website).

    Weekend plans: hiking

    Favorite TV show?: The Newsroom; House of Cards; The Walking Dead; Face Off; The Big Bang Theory.

  12. A. Mar

    Haul: Picked up the Sephora Ariel mirror since it was back in stock. NARS Disco Inferno.

    Weekend plans: I have an item I need to return and one to exchange. Spoiling the kids tonight. EVE Online.

    Favorite TV show?: Firefly, West Wing. I also lack a favorite show that is currently airing. Though I never did watch a lot of television.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Jenn H.

    Haul: I never got mine last week :( Also I need to get Take a Deep Breath by Philosophy. Out of moisturizer. And pick up my VIB welcome kit at Sephora. And all those H&M, Hollister coupons and deals are getting to me.
    Weekend plans: Swim meet again? Probably shopping.
    TV shows: WWE Monday Night Raw, Law and Order: SVU and Graceland (which is done for now)

  14. keG

    haul- lorac lip gloss set-a pretty good buy!
    weekend- shopping
    tv show- Even though they are finished, I really enjoyed Lost and Breaking Bad. I am looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead

  15. Rachel

    First haul in a long time, so excited!!

    Dyptique Philosykos Perfume, Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis

    Weekend Plans: Gravity in the Atmos theater on Saturday night, a friend’s bday party Sunday night, and lots of homework in between (can’t wait to be out of grad school!)

    Favorite TV Show: I think Walking Dead is the best show on television at the moment. I also love my guilty pleasure shows – Scandal, Nashville, Downton Abbey

  16. Vanessa V

    Haul- MAC 217,239 and 242 brushes and back2mac for Dare You lipstick and Blackberry eyeshadows. Heading tothe mall after work today in search of medium coverage foundation for night’s out or formal events. Suggestions welcomed!

    Weekend Plans- after 34yrs of service my dad is retiring from the US Army so wehave the Army Ball to attend. Other than that enjoying the long weekend (Thank You Christopher Columbus).

    Favorit TV show- right now it has to be Scandal

  17. Haul: Nada. I haven’t bought a thing in weeks! I haven’t even looked! I’ve been busy but also kind of proud of myself 😉 LOL! Though I think this weekend will involve a beauty-related purchase…

    Weekend plans: I need to get another fridge for storage of my foundations and other liquid products. My old one broke and there’s no room for my makeup AND food in the fridge in the kitchen 😉 LOL Otherwise I don’t know… been sick with a HORRIBLE cold for the past week and I just want to feel better.

    Favorite TV show?: MOST of the shows I watch are on the pay cable channels (Californication, Dexter and True Blood are some of my favorites). I also watch Supernatural, American Horror Story and Days of Our Lives pretty religiously and THEN there are those shows I enjoy but I don’t watch every single episode of (Once Upon a Time, Law & Order SVU, etc.) Years ago when I started working from the house I watched a lot of movies (as background noise) but I’ve found TV shows are easier and require less planning 😉 LOL I don’t like quiet while I’m working but I’ve never been one to listen to music while I’m working either.

  18. Nicole

    Haul: I ordered two more armani eyes to kill intense eyeshadows (24 & 26), supposed to arrive today. I got 28 & 30 a couple of months ago and LOVE them. I also picked up Deva Curl no-poo and one condition earlier this week, and I love them. My hair feels so soft and hydrated.

    Weekend plans: My husband and I hope to carve pumpkins together tomorrow. In general, I’m hoping for some rest and relaxation after a long work week.

    Favorite TV shows: I don’t really like to watch TV. I do love to read books, and my most recent favorites are the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child.

  19. Haul: Sleek i-Divine Sunset Palette. Got it yesterday in the mail, I ordered from the Amazon link here. It took about a week, not bad only $2.50 for international shipping. Love the palette, beautiful colors and the shadow stayed on all day! One of the reasons I love Temptalia, learning about great makeup lines I normally wouldn’t have run across.

    Weekend plans: Not much probably a nice dinner out with my hubby,

    Favorite TV shows: Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story,

    • Yay!! I ordered through the same seller (probably) for the Vintage Romance to test out the process and had the same results. So glad you are loving the palette!!

    • Same here – never would have known about Sleek if not for Temptalia! Eagerly awaiting my first Sleek palette (Ultra Mattes V2).

  20. Nicole

    Haul: Another week without a haul. My bank account loves that.
    Weekend plans: I meet friends tomorrow and maybe donsom trousers shopping on Sunday, when the shops have open in the afternoon. Usially they are closed on Sunday.
    Favorite tv show: I adore the big bang theory, and still love Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City (if that counts).

  21. Mrs. Douhy

    Haul just order Freeze 24/7 product and waiting to see if I will like it or not

    Weekend Plans: Watch sons play football tonight and tomorrow!

    TV Shows: The Goldbergs is so funny and a Tuesday night regular now. Walking Dead, Broadwalk Empire, Homeland and American Horror Story!

  22. Cat G

    Haul: Nothing! My birthday is next week and I’m saving up my own money for the VIB sale!
    Weekend Plans: Nothing
    Favorite TV Shows: Project Runway, Celebrity Apprentice

  23. Haul: Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, China Glaze polishes in Rendezvous with You, Strike Up a Cosmo, Goldie But Goodie, Gossip Over Gimlets.

    Weekend plans?: I have to research and write a paper for archaeology class. Anybody wanna help? 😛

    Favorite TV show?: All time faves are Buffy, Frasier and Star Trek DSN. For shows that are still running I do like Once Upon a Time.

  24. Haul: The UD friends & family sale!
    Weekend plans: Catching up on Once Upon A Time
    Favorite TV show?: Buffy and Daria are two of my all time favorites, too! I’ve been getting into Blacklist recently, and loving Once, of course.

  25. Haul: Chanel Mat Lumiere, Chanel Soleil bronze base, Illamasqua Raindrops(grey) nail varnish, REN AHA Concentrate, Loreal Greycian Goddess nail paint, Nars Bellisima, Smashbox Wondervision, Kat Von D Spellbinding palette (but I returned it because I didn’t like it, so I don’t think this counts as a haul.)Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit in #2.
    Weekend Plans: Going to a pumpkin patch with the kids and carving a pumpkin. Finishing my son’s Halloween costume. Basically Halloween preparation stuff in addition to basic stuff -fixing dinner, bedtime routines, laundry, all that fun mom stuff :)
    Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad (HATE that its over-good things must come to an end), Walking Dead, American Horror Story (all of them), Criminal Minds, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, Squidbillies

  26. Haul: Kat Von D eyeshadow in Love Letter, Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau lipstick in Cozy and LM flat eyeliner brush, Ardency Inn eyeshadow in Black Smoke. And some other bits and bobs: adorable Tony Moly cat mascara and lipstick, Missha BB Cream, Wet ‘n Wild eyeshadow in Nutty, Vasanti eyeshadow in Stockholm.
    Weekend plans: The usual, volunteering at the Humane Society with my husband, Zumba on Sunday, as well as cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry. I also just dyed my hair chocolate brown, so I might need to take it out on the town at some point. :-) I’m kind of jonesing for hot spiced cider!
    Favorite TV show: Of all times: Star Trek The Next Generation (nerd alert!) and Friends (both of which I will still watch in reruns). Currently: Castle, The Good Wife, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones

  27. Haul: went nail polish shopping 😀 I’m loving China Glaze’s Coral Star :)

    Weekend plans: Since my birthday is on Sunday, my parents want to take me to San Diego to go shopping 😀 (I’m from Mexico)

    Favorite TV show?: FRIENDS! forever & always!!!!