Friday, January 11th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: The rest of Guerlain’s spring color collection that I bought
  • Weekend plans:  Figure out what to put in the living/family room now that the tree is gone… looks so barren!
  • How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?:  Well, my mini-goals aren’t going so well. I’m not getting nearly enough work done! Hopefully will be better next week!

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

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61 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #166

  1. Haha Mellan looks like a puppy here!

    Haul: My Aesop order arrived! I got the Reverence Hand Cream, a shampoo, and a dry oil for scalp!

    Weekend plans: Working on the blog!

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Pretty well! I’ve managed to stay energetic and productive!

  2. Nadia

    That has got to be the cutest picture of Mellan I’ve seen!

    Haul: I went a little Dior crazy this week. I bought their eyebrow pencil, dior addict lipstick in charmante from the new collection, skinflash highlighting pen and their blackout mascara.

    Weekend plans: Spend some time with my dad who is in town for a couple of days.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Not that great :( haven’t been to the gym this year yet!

  3. Laura

    Haul: I ordered a coupld of polishes in the A-England sale, but that’s it! I’m being very restrained at the moment.

    Weekend plans: Zumba, tidy the house, play Assassin’s Creed 3, figure out some practical/legal/admin stuff about self-employment.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Exercise is going well (I’ve been to the gym every day this week) but the diet’s awful. People keep bringing snacks in to work so I’ve spent the whole week scoffing doughnuts and chocolate! I’ve also had a glass of wine every night this week so I’ve failed there too.

  4. Nicoco Chanel

    Haul: Illamasqua Cream Blush in Betray and Cream Foundation in 120. I had to grab *something* from their sale, and I’ve been lemming Betray for a long ass time. The Cream Foundation was an impulse grab, because I’ve been wanting a cream foundation – hope it matches though. But for £10 instead of £23, I guess it’s not the worst!

    Weekend Plans: Finish tidying up, job hunt, and date night! Finally get to go to this Indian restaurant that is the highest rated around here. Mmmm. 😀

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Well, since it was a no buy… yeah. Excellently! >>;’

    • LOL! I was so tempted by Illamasqua’s sale!

      • Nicoco Chanel

        I get angst at sales, because if I see something I like I end up going OH GOD DID I MISS A DISCONTINUATION NOTICE. But yeah, the sale has some amazing things in it. I had to resist getting sangers as well.

    • Abbey

      I love Betray. It looks really intimidating in the pan, but it’s gorgeous and easy to wear. You can also build it to be really intense. It’s my favorite thing I’ve gotten from Illamasqua so far.

      • Nicoco Chanel

        I had it applied ages ago when their counter was still in Fenwicks (sobbbb) and ughhhh. It’s GORGEOUS. I was too broke to buy it at the time, and then they left my neighbourhood so I kept forgetting. Blah.

        But yes. Very, very excited to have it finally!

  5. Elizabeth

    I just recently started following your blog and I am already hooked! Thanks for sharing such unique and thorough reviews, especially of the Guerlain products. I have slowly been adding Guerlain to my makeup collection, and your advice has been invaluable in deciding which shades to buy. I just bought the Rouge Automatique lip color in Ballade based on your review, and I already love it. Thanks for being an enabler!

  6. Abbey

    Mellan has the sweetest concentration face! I’m excited to see what you think of all the spring collections! Starting today I’m on a no-buy until March so hopefully they last that long :)

    Haul: Stereo Rose (over-rated–should have read your review first), the QVC Tarte daily special that had their full-coverage foundation, airbrush foundation brush (awesome, by the way), a blush, eyebrow filler, Lights, Camera, Flashes!, and a lipstick, and a few drug-store odds and ends.

    Weekend plans: Bake my husband a cake for his birthday, clean, clean, clean, and enjoy one of the last football weekends of the year.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: So far so good (but it’s early, yet!).

  7. Sarah

    Haul: Need to get a new MUFE Aqua Liner… the formula is absolutely my HG liquid eyeliner formula (I have the oiliest, migration-prone eyelids but it doesn’t budge and inch) but it drives me CRAZY that the applicator always breaks about 2/3 into use :(

    May also splurge on the spring Chanel highlighting powder… although I kinda want to try Guerlain since you say they are the masters of highlighters… but my Sephora doesn’t carry Guerlain and I don’t like ordering makeup online if I haven’t tried it in person!

    Weekend plans: Sleep… low key. Still recovering from all the holiday activity.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: I don’t believe in them :)

    • Which Aqua Liner do you have your eye on?

      • Sarah

        Hi! I just get the black one (#13 I think)! I’ve gone through probably 10 of them since I started using them, and EVERY time, about 2/3 into use, the part of the applicator that “squeezes” product off the applicator as you take it out of the tube (so you don’t get too much), breaks either while taking it out or putting it back in :( It’s still usable but the broken squeezer part means the liquid gets really clumpy and gloppy and squeezes out the sides as you close it.

        It sucks because it’s my favorite eyeliner formula! I wish they would improve the packaging! Oh well.

  8. Haul: Two tins of German Nivea Creme and Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Tan.

    Weekend plans: Sadly, a memorial service for my friend’s girlfriend :( and a dance performance later that evening (my friend is in it).

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going?: So so. I resolved to stop thinking about my ex and to stop dwelling on the past. I have been thinking about my ex a little, but I am learning to push the thoughts away. I have a bad habit of dwelling on the past, and I sometimes think about all that negativity. It’s really not good for me. I want to be a happy person, but it’s hard when I’m surrounded by miserable people. :/

  9. Haul: Bought some L’Oreal spring products. Got the Naked Basics.

    Weekend plans: Taking down parents tree. Reno product for my victor home apparent, aka I have mice trying to break into my kitchen O_o slept all of 3 hour last knight try to catch them basters. Need to make a new wall under the sink.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: So soon to pat myself on my back (take time to see change) but figured what I will buy each week at the grocery store for food.

    • OH NO! I hope you can take care of the mice problem!

      • Add this issue two summers ago. managed to atch the one and the land lord barded uo the hole with chikem wire.

        Now we have a to listen to them this time around scratch/chewing at the chicken wire. >_<

        Also playing chemical warfare with them with peppermint oil. But know they seem to be in a panic, thus the lack of sleep last night as they where making a constant racket.

        They will leave once they are finally cut off the small of food but there is now way to tell where they are coming in from in the first place.

    • Kelly B.

      Hi, you probably already know about these…don’t know brand name but my apartment maintenance put fairly large round discs plugged into electrical outlets in each room (putty colored, size of orange cut in half, mesh look in center and red light towards bottom). I swear they really work! I thought it was a joke until mice stopped coming inside for the past 9 months!
      They tried all kinds of traps for years – so I would come into kitchen and find multiple live mice stuck to different types of traps….horrid! The infestation lasts for months every year for the entire area. The mice pooped all over my pots & pans for months, buggers took an entire box of D-CON pellets and stashed them in my snow boots, which I found out about in the winter when getting ready to put boots on (apparently were making a nest but must have died outside before ruining my boots) and worse, yes it gets worse, was when I was sitting on my tiny apartment deck and a mouse came from under the deck (where they live under the apartment building) and WALKED OVER MY TOES WHILE BAREFOOT. Ewwwh. I live in the Teton’s – Rocky Mountains – to see wildlife but don’t like mice on my toes & pooping on my pans. Those plug in discs are the ONLY thing that has worked in over 7 years. Just FYI in case it helps!

  10. Haul: the 3 zoya polishes I got from the promo have arrived! LOVE THEM! Kissy, Charla, and Carly.
    Weekend plans: get healthy! got a little cold to kick
    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: I never make any…I have so many goals through the year anyway that one day doesn’t really make a difference.

  11. ms

    i picked up outre, moleskin, and mac cork at my local cco. they all look practically identical. i don’t know why i bought them.

  12. Icequeen81

    waiting 4 the friday post as always

  13. Caitlin

    Haul – Radium, succubus and sangers from Illamaasqua. Sephora is discontinuing the line (I think becase a lot has been removed from the site) so I jumped on their sale an ordered those. Have been wanting them for awhile! Also picked up a LOT from Zoya with the sale – Caitlin (my name, couldn’t help it), Arizona, Song, Faye, Aurora, Holly, Trixie, and Anchor & Armor.

    Weekend Plans – deep clean the house! Little things, like dust on blinds, is building up. Also toss stuff we don’t need!
    Didn’t make any new years resolutions :)

  14. Haul: Too Faced Romantic Eyes palette, Buxom waterproof mascara, and Smashbox color wheel highlighter.
    Weekend plans: Football playoffs!
    New Year’s Resolutions: Going decently thus far (I think). It’s only been a week, so I’m trying to stay positive!

  15. Mellan <3

    Haul: Zero, nada, nothing this week! I have been a good girl.

    Weekend plans: Movie with the boyfriend tonight, day out in Louvain tomorrow (again with the boyfriend) and lazing around on Sunday. The good life!

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Didn't make any, so yeah, doing googd! 😉

  16. Anna

    Haul: I picked up some products from a drugstore brand (don’t think brand exists in US). That is rare for me because I normally splurge on cosmetics but it was 50% off and with already cheap prices and the fact that it said “caring for skin in nordic climates” next to brand name, I figured I can’t go wrong. Actually it turns out to be quite good. Very moisturizing lipsticks. Unfortunately color don’t last long but lips seem to be in good condition since I started using it. Also got some luminizer that kind of looked like Nars Orgasm and I have no complaint at all with that. It gives a sheen to face and feels moisturizing.

    No weekend plans! Might need to take down christmas decorations but I don’t want to! It is still too dark outside.
    I didn’t make any new years resolutions. Just thought to myself that I shall try to be the best I can be at my work. I always try to be that though. But one can try to be even better.

  17. Lacey J.

    1. Avon Smooth Minerals in Nude
    2. Avon Smooth Minerals in Sand Beige
    3. Mark Act Normal Face Wash x 2
    4. Mac Hot Chocolate
    5. Mac Viva Glam II lipstick
    6. Mac Viva Glam V lipstick
    7. Freeman facial mask in mint and lemon
    8. Freeman facial mask in pineapple
    9. Dickinson’s witch hazel – daily facial toner
    10. Olay pro-x cleansing system
    11. BareMinerals Ready foundation in light
    12. Manic Panic Hair Color in Shocking Blue
    13. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara x 2
    14. Loreal true match healthy luminous makeup in classic ivory / soft ivory
    15. Garnier Nutrisse Gel Creme for Face x 2
    16. Garnier Nutrisse Face wash

    Only plan is lots of leisure reading. stephen king :)

    I didnt make any this year.

  18. xamyx

    Haul: Some more Sinful Colors polishes… I managed to come across Amethyst & Cinderella, and I also found UFO, which has been DC’d for a while, and it was 75% off. I also happened to be at CVS, and after I paid at the register (non-beauty stuff, LOL), I got $7.50 CVS Bucks; since all Physician’s Formula was $5.00 off, I “splurged” on a bronzer (less than $3.00, total).

    Plans: The usual household stuff. I’m also in the process of purging my face product stash; so far, I’ve tossed about 20 bottles of foundation (some *really* old, some just wrong), but I think I can do better. I just tossed the obvious stuff, and now I have to open & swatch a few others.

    On the upside, while doing this, I came across a Lancôme blush palette I must have picked up 4-5 years ago, but never opened… Ooops!

    Resolutions: So far, pretty good. No impulse buys, besides the PF bronzer, but at that price…

  19. Haul: Zoya 3 nail polishes, Romy Jordana Juliette,
    2 dresses from ASOS and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (which I heard is a great drugstore foundation and wanted to try it out)

    Weekend plans: Snowboarding with my girlfriends! and studying…

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Pretty good so far, or so I would like to believe!

  20. Kristabelle

    Haul: going to the mall today to get some replacement mac shadows- brule, yogurt, naked lunch, and satin taupe. Also gonna look for a longwearing nude color for work. And my Zoya order of Jules, Shay, and Cynthia should be here soon.

    Weekend plans: starting my new job and spending time with cousins that are visiting from the east coast.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: I’m doing ‘stackable resolutions’. This month was supposed to be becoming more self-sufficient/ more of a responsible adult. Did manage to get a new, better job, but the car I bought ended up having to be returned (too many problems and didn’t pass smog) so I’m back to begging for rides and walking everywhere. blah :(

  21. Nes

    Haul: I didn’t buy anything for myself, but I bought some presents for my family. Haven’t seen them yet this year! :-)

    Weekend plans: Studying :-( Got exams till the 2nd of February.

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Haven’t made any! But I want to get my driver license! That’s a sort of resolution, right? :-) I want to get lessons aaaand I already contacted the driving school. 😀 (Yes I’m overexcited. 😀 )

  22. Jennifer

    Haul: Inglot 10 neutral matte eyeshadow palette, 3 free Zoya polishes (Elodie, Pandora, & Wednesday), Mac Syrup, and Too Faced Full Bloom Blush in Cocoa Rose. I’m still waiting on the Inglot palette to be delivered, but I am so glad you had the 10% off offer! I’ve been wanting a 10 palette for a long time and the discount gave me enough of a push to call my nearest shop.

    Weekend plans: Reading

    Resolution: I don’t make those in accordance with the New Year.

  23. Nicole

    Haul: I reoranized my stuff and realised that I don’t need to buy more right now.
    Weekend plans:
    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: I just worked out once, i planned about working out 2-3 times a week (mix od zumba, yoga and back gymnastics). But I haven’t bought any makeup since new year – that’s good – and try to use up some samples and lip products.

    • Nicole

      I forgot my weekend plans. Tomorrow night I go to a ballet performance, tomorrow morning I pick up my new glasses. And I think I will relax on Sunday.

  24. Mariella

    Haul: just back from Sephora where I got (no big surprise) Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Escape (I nearly broke down and got another one – the greenish one but I didn’t), a Sephora Chroma-whatever it’s called eyeshadow in Taupe (gorgeous), a Bare Minerals loose shadow in Drama, a tube of Exfolikate (I wish I hated the stuff; it’s so expensive but I find it good for my particular skin) and Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder (which also happened to be in the 100 point perk, along with tiny samples of their BB cream in 4 shades)

    Weekend plans: take down the tree, go to the gym and to yoga and get some cooking done

    New Year’s Resolutions: I keep ’em simple (no overdue library books, floss my teeth every day, no excuses) and so far, they’re going okay!

  25. Haul: UD Naked Basics palette, Bare Minerals The Love Affair Luminizer (marked down at my Ulta!), Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense lipstick in Pirate
    Weekend plans: relaxing! It’s been a busy week
    Resolutions: Tried to eat healthy on Monday, but that backfired when the healthy lunch I bought gave me the most awful food poisoning later that night :(

  26. fireinthehead - Bunny

    Haul: My new glasses! and nail polish: Ozotic 528 & 505, piCture pOlish jade & pshiiit, China Glaze Smoke & Ashes, OPI the impossible, Spa Ritual Slate(such a different colour!) and Revlon Celestial FX which I picked up today at the grocery store LOL

    Weekend plans: sleeping & eating – after the flu and yesterday’s migraine I’m looking a bit drawn, more food and sleep for me!

    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)? I totally had more zucchini. 😛 haha

  27. Anne

    Haul: A friend of mine just got back from her holidays in the UD, AND she bought me the Chanel Prelude quad I’ve been lusting after for months, wooo! (The baked version on the other hand looks terrible) But she forgot to bring it when she came to visit earlier, so I should receive it this week! I also bought a YSL nailpolish (the first in my collection) on sale; it’s
    called Violet baroque (I noticed it before) and it seems quite similar to Chanel Provocation, which is what I wanted.

    Weekend Plans: Worrrk.

    New Year Resolutions: I don’t really have anything specific, but I’m more determined and energetic right now, so that will do!

  28. Hazel

    Haul: Kiehl’s Lipgloss 4 pack in the clear zip pouch from Saks (x2). Probably added about $400 worth of stuff to my Nordstrom’s “cart” /wishlist.

    Weekend: Still got some Christmas stuff to get put away properly, clean and get inspired for a spring theme.

    Resolutions: I’m still picking eye shadows inspired the colors I wear, so I guess that’s a fail. Am resuming the exercise and having a talk to my self about diet. Bought a Nutribullet, but haven’t unpacked it yet.

  29. charlotte

    The only thing I picked up this week was a quad from the new Loreal color riche line.. in Rose for Romance. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about them, but the colors were so gorgeous I had to give it a try. I haven’t had a chance to actually wear them.. but I did swatch and the shadows are lovely- buttery, smooth, and pigmented. The highlight shade was slightly more sheer, but I prefer that. Don’t know if I got a good one, or if people are just being picky in other reviews.

  30. blueraccoon

    Haul: A lot of drugstore items – Olay Fresh BB cream/tinted moisturizer (it’s labeled as both, which is just weird), Neutrogena TM, Revlon Nearly Naked powder and foundation, Luminoso blush from Milani and one of their new eyeliners, and a couple other things. I keep collecting the Maybelline Color Whispers but I don’t know why; I don’t actually like them all that much!

    Weekend plans: Working Sunday as per usual, but no plans for tomorrow that I know of–the husband is gaming with friends, so I have a day to myself. I might actually go to the mall and see if my local Burberry counter has anything new.

    New Year’s resolutions: I didn’t make any, so they’re just fine. I do have a goal of getting back to the gym a few times a week, even if all I do is walk on a treadmill for half an hour, but I’ve been sick since NYE with a really obnoxious cold so it hasn’t been happening. But maybe this week.

    • Miss J

      I would love to hear your thoughts on the Olay BB Cream and the Revlon Nearly Naked Powder once you get a chance to test them!

  31. Can you do a Giveaway for the Puppy?

    : )

  32. Sabriel

    Haul: I did the Zoya sale! I got Cheryl, Valerie, Liz, Gaia, and 32 spoons. I think I’m cycling back into a nail polish phase, and away from face makeup.

    I haven’t bought it, but I tested the UD Naked nail polish set at Sephora. I wish I had hated it, but I LOVE Hustle, and I quite like Toasted and Smog.

    There are a few reviews of the set online, and people seem to think Toasted is boring. *tragic sigh* No, it’s just misunderstood.

    Weekend Plans: Nothing exciting.

    Resolutions: Good. One of the most effective ways to improve sleep is to get exercise early in the day, so I have dragged myself to the gym a few mornings this week. I wouldn’t say the habit has stuck, but it’s a start.

  33. although i hardly post here but this time i am so excited … hubby is in USA for 20 days for official work so I will be getting some goodies from Sephora – UD smoked palette , NARS lipstick in jungle red , red lizard , Hourglass lipgloss , OCC lip tar , Crabtree and evelyn 60 fix for hands , Givenchy perfume and some moreeee …

    and in quest to pick favorite of my mentor I was able to get my hands on “GUERLAIN GEMS” from direct office of Guerlain in India .
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it to bits and for the fact that you also love it dear .
    I even picked Gigolo dear and allll because of you .
    Now the main thing which is left and is your ultimate fav is the # 2 gloss by Cle de peau .
    I loveeeeee you C madlyyyyy and crazilyyyyyy for all the hard work and humble person you are .

  34. Miss J

    Haul: I was at the drugstore tonight because I had to pick up razors and shaving cream, so I decided to pick up a few extra items to try out. I was going to repurchase my L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, which was my drugstore mascara pick for all of last year along with the Rimmel one with the green lid/writing, but I decided I wanted to try the Maybelline Cat Eyes. I also picked up the Ardell Double Lashes 205, which I haven’t tried before; they look full and dramatic for a night out, but not too crazy. Also, I had to try one of the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains because I keep hearing about them, so I picked up the one in “Honey.” So far, so good with it…I like it better than the Lip Butters. I wanted to try the Revlon BB Cream and the Nearly Naked Powder as well as the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded, but I couldn’t find any of the new stuff. :(

    Weekend plans: I don’t have anything planned, really. Just the usual stuff. I’m trying to clean out my stash of products, so that’ll probably continue during the weekend.

    As for resolutions, I don’t really make specific ones for the new year. I strive for improvement all throughout the year. I did make a beauty resolution to try to cut out too much makeup buying; I’d like to save some money and just learn to appreciate the items I already have. Despite purchasing tonight, I feel like that goal is going well. I’m mainly just trying to cut out purchases where I buy something because it’s pretty or someone else has it and it’s the best new thing, but deep down know I won’t use it much. I think that makes sense, lol.

  35. Veronica

    Haul: Burt’s Bees lip gloss in Sunny Day, Covergirl Jumbo Gloss balm in Ballet Twist

    Weekend Plans: I actually have a free weekend, so I have no idea what to do with it. Go out with friends? Read? Write? Clean? Sleep in? The possibilities are endless.

    How are your New Year’s Resolutions going: The writing one is moving slowly along. The weight loss one is a touch better, as I’m getting back into the habit of hitting the gym more frequently. \o/

  36. Cat G

    Haul: Nothing! Wondering how long this no-buy plan will last 😛
    Weekend plans: Organizing my schedule for the new semester, carefully reviewing all the syllabi and homework.
    How are your new year’s resolutions going (if you made any)?: Plans to eat healthier are going pretty well overall, but of course there’s been some minor slips. Still, already feeling better and my skin looks better too!

  37. Jade

    Haha I love Mellan 😀

    I only hauled skincare this week, a Nivea Young toner for acne prone skin (it’s so hard to find toners that are alcohol free!), and a Nivea Young gel-creme moisturiser. I’m thinking I will only use it on my t zone under makeup, as it’s NOT alcohol free. I also got a matte finish SPF 30+ sunscreen for face and an SPF 30+ sunscreen milk for body. Expensive but I won’t run out for a while!

    Plans – didn’t really have any! I ended up grocery shopping, watching cricket, and hanging out with friends.

    I also don’t really do New Years resolutions, however I have wanted to start exercising more, and eating better, but that’s been an ongoing thing since I returned to work after breaking my arm 😛 it’s happening slowly!