Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: MAC Guilty Passions
  • Weekend plans:  Get caught up on posts! (yep, still the same to-do list!)
  • Can you do your makeup without a mirror?:  No, it’d probably end up looking horrific, LOL!

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Trick or treat?

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84 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #156

  1. Laura

    Haul: From MAC’s holiday collections: Stolen Moment eyeshadow, Dramatic Encounter lipstick, Orpheus and Mystery eye kohls, Lavish Rose lipgloss set, and the hanging travel bag. I also picked up a few Nails Inc polishes from their sale.

    Weekend plans: Building lots of IKEA furniture!

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: Hahaha, not a chance!

    • Ooh, what’d you get from Ikea? I swear half of our furniture is from there!

      • Laura

        We got a Malm chest of drawers and four Pax wardrobes (2 double, 2 single)! We’ve been in our house for a year and a half with clothes EVERYWHERE because I can’t decide what kind of wardrobes I want, so eventually my husband had enough and basically said “for the love of god just get ANYTHING and I promise I’ll buy you new ones if you change your mind!” So…yeah. That’s probably going to be my next few weekends, lol!

  2. I actually just tried the no-mirror challenge a few days ago. Bottomline: It’s plausible, as long as I use subtler colors and ditch my usual flicked liquid liner. I imagine if you’re someone who has to fill in your brows it would be really hard, though!

  3. Mellan’s too cute with that shark fin!

    Haul: Some skincare products from Pai Skincare and Sophyto (a cleanser, an eye cream, a dry oil…)!

    Weekend plans: Hanging out with a friend in Brussels tomorrow, working and writing some blog posts on Sunday!

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror? Nope. Never tried and never will!

  4. Mirian

    haul: my boyfriend surprised me and got me GUERLAIN TURANDOT and the DU DRAGON PERLES METEORITES AHHHH. I was so excited!!! i can’t used it yet because my power is out and i don’t want to dive in without decent lighting. i also hauled OPI animal-istic, gone gonzo, and goldeneye. Two more essie shine of the times and sparitual wipeout.

    weekend plans: no idea. my power will be out until november 9th aparently and i’m miserable and cold so i might go stay at my parents.

    make up without mirror?: probably not, but my skills were definitely tested. this week i did my make up by candlelight and flashlight so maybe one day.

  5. Abbey

    Haul: Nothing! I’m pretty proud of myself :)
    Weekend plans: Sleep and laundry. I lead an exciting life!
    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I could do the basics, but I would never attempt eyeshadow, liner, contouring, etc. without a mirror!

  6. Haul: MAC Divine Desire Paramour Pink and Quite Coral, A natural flirt came in as well (but had to re pot it. >_<). Lime Crime Alchemy collection which is ordered on the 13th but shipped on the 19th so I didn't get it till Monday. 😉 Also Quo by ORLY mini set for fall/winter with 18 shades… duochromes…… 😉

    Weekend plans: Hand Sewing 8 different doll shirts…

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: No, maybe my day wear lipstick but just no…..

  7. Helloooo Mellan! Still disguised as a land shark, I see 😀

    Haul: Finally, my UD Vice palette is here. Burberry lippies showed up.. Wow! and yet another polish haul.

    Weekend Plans: Clean. Other priorities have kept me away, but now it’s time.

    Makeup without a Mirror: Hell no..

  8. Haul: L’Oreal Project Runway goodies: The Mystic’s Kiss lipstick, two nail polishes in The Mystic’s Future and The Muse’s Attitude. I also picked up a Salma Hayek Nuance lipstick in My Favorite and I got a travel sized Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer on Ebay.

    Weekend plans: Studying for two exams. :( I also want to swatch all these polishes I have backlogged.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: Eh, I sort of can, but I would experience a lot of anxiety about getting it right. If it were just eyeshadow and lipstick, I would do an okay job.

  9. Yellowlantern

    Haul: Loreal Legloss lipgloss in Golden Splash.

    Weekend Plans: Hang out with the SO and marathon season one of Game of Thrones together.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror? I don’t think I’ve ever tried except for sheer lipsticks and gloss which I’m okay at. Maybe I could do a simple wash of eyeshadow in a neutral color without a mirror, but I really don’t think I could curl or mascara my eyelashes without some kind of reflective surface!

  10. Anne

    Haul: I’ve been very bad this week. I picked up a Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Samsara (that was planned, and weeks in advance. I wanted to buy myself a symbolic red lipstick for my 20th birthday, but one I would not be to shy to wear, and I fell in love with Samsara), and a Chanel Ombres Contrastes Duo in Sable Emouvant (that wasn’t planned. I had 15% off on both products, so I caved in). I also got an Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow… the number 14. That was even less planned, but I mean, COME ON, it’s number 14! It truly is amazing. The poor thing lay alone abandoned in a drawer at my local Sephora.

    Weekend plans: Work, I guess? I’d like to read a bit for the pleasure of it, too.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: No, but seriously, who can? I did do my make up with only artificial light, no sunlight, for months when my shutters were broken (not even my fault, but the people in charge wouldn’t have it fixed. That’s residence halls for you), so I was half in the dark. Does that count?

    • Happy 20th, Anne! :) #14 IS amazing. AMAZING.

      • Anne

        Thanks, Christine! It really is, I’m so glad I read your review! I wasn’t even hoping to find it. There was a tester but I couldn’t find it in the drawer. I asked a SA nonetheless, just for the sake of it; she turned out to be really nice, and pointed out another drawer well hidden underneath. I got the last one! I feel a bit guilty but mostly thrilled, the color is just so magnificent. And BOY, it wears like iron.

        Do you think I could ask for 24 for Christmas? There were quite a few left (but no tester). Or would that be to close to 14? (Especially when worn together)

        I also forgot to say: I love seeing photos and videos of Mellan. I always cheer up when I see him, he’s adorable!

        • I think #24 and #14 aren’t the same, but they might not be very contrast-y when worn together, since #24 is just a few shades darker but very similar in tone!

          • Anne

            Thanks! I think I’ll look somewhere else then (I’m also tempted by #25… The ETK eyeshadows are a great discovery for me! I blame you for that :))

    • Miss J

      Happy 20th!!

  11. Barbie

    Haul; 2 ecotools brushes, posh blush brush, 4 nailpolishes for my mommy, and nyc bronzer in sunny for me

    Plans; hanging out with my friend today, but procrastinating homework lol

    Heck no, i can’t do my makeup without a mirror! i’m still a newbie haha

    mellan is such a sweetie! love his shark getup

  12. Sarah

    awww, sharkdog. I don’t know if he has quite enough toys 😀

    Haul: nothing
    Weekend plans: B-day party for Hubby
    Makeup with out a mirror: no. just no.

  13. AnGeLwInGz

    Haha Mellan and his fin again! So cute!
    Haul: nothing
    Weekend plans: Work, if I can even get there with so many roads closed, and wait on gas lines. Drove around til midnight looking for gas stations and when we finally found one that was open I waited in line on the side of the highway for an hour and right before it was my turn the gas station ran out :( Sandy really did a number on NJ!
    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: To a certain degree I can! That’s not to say it wouldn’t look better with a mirror, but I’ve mastered pretty much everything except the water line. Afraid to attempt it.

    • That’s awesome! What made you master it?

      • AnGeLwInGz

        It wasn’t an overnight thing. But I have to wake up at 4:30 am for work so 1) I can’t have too many bright lights on in the house because it would be rude and 2) a lot of times I have to do it in the car or when I first get to my office, which has no wall mirror now that we’re in a new location and my vision isn’t so good with a compact mirror alone.

    • Mirian

      people are starting to trickle down to south jersey area to get gas. i saw people at the gas station across from my neighborhood loading up big containers and putting it in their trunks. i hear that the ports will open back up soon though and gas will be redistributed.

  14. xyxl

    Hey Cristine… Are you going to be reviewing the holiday brush sets?

  15. Haul: nothing

    Weekend plans: Continuing to recover from my Halloween dinner at the Mandarin!(it’s a Chinese/Canadian buffet)The servers were wearing costumes, it was cute LOL They asked if I was 19 when I ordered a cocktail. So you heard it here, folks- MAC Easy Manner blush takes off nearly 10 years! 😉
    More playing with my makeup from last week, I didn’t get as much of a chance as I would have liked last weekend. We Had to haul a bunch of things inside so they wouldn’t blow away. Thankfully the maximum wind gusts weren’t too high(just under 80 km/ph) because I couldn’t get the table inside. I hope everyone gets their power and water back on and has some good things to eat, and in the case of even worse things, the insurance money they’ll need in a timely manner. Some of these storm pictures are just devastating- I saw some before and after satellite images… so sad.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror? I’m lucky if I don’t get stuff everywhere with a mirror LOL

  16. xamyx

    Haul: 4 Sinful Colors polishes (75% off at Rite Aid), N.Y.C. eyeliners in Nightmare (red & black) & Fairy Tale (silver & gold), NARS Nepal, 3 Kat von D liners in Homie, Rhi-venge, & Eyegasm ($3.50 each on clearance).

    Plans: Nothing, as usual (besides weekly household chores).

    Makeup without a mirror? No; aside from the occasional lipgloss or blotting powder application, I’ve never even tried.

  17. Aw… Mellan makes such a cute shark, I’d be a goner for sure if he came after me, because I’d just be trying to hug him.

    Haul: Went on a bit of a nail polish bender and picked up two from OPI and two from Butter London, but nothing else in the cosmetic department. Holiday collections are starting to filter up here…

    Weekend plans: Ugh. CLEANING. I have a lot to do in that department. I might also do some baking, once I’m satisfied that the kitchen is clean.

    Makeup without a mirror… If it were really simple, yes, I think I could. I already apply lipstick without a mirror and I think I could do something very basic with my eyes as well. The trickiest part for me would be getting foundation on evenly. Can’t promise it would be one of my best looks ever, but I could get the job done.

  18. Courtney

    Haul: Nada! Saving money now and nothing really interests me.

    Weekend plans: The usual – party, theater show, video games, and groceries

    Makeup with no mirror?: Nope. I can put in my contacts without a mirror, but that’s about it.

  19. Angie

    ■Haul: I don’t know of this counts, but my man got me a Michael Kors bag!! an even better one than I had in mind :) i is lucky
    ■Weekend plans: Nothing, just basically make it throught the weekend…
    ■Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I havent tried, but my guess is no lol

  20. blueraccoon

    Haul: Burberry Blossom blush and Rose Pink lip velvet, a couple Stila convertible colors and a couple Tarte blushes. Tarte lipsurgence set. Bare Minerals 100% natural lip glosses in Pomegranate and Sugar Plum.

    Weekend Plans: I actually don’t know. It’s a weird weekend off.

    Mirror: Oh god no. About the only thing I can do without a mirror is lip balm 😛 and the occasional lipstick, but I always check in the mirror after to make sure it’s okay.

  21. Miss J

    Haul: I haven’t picked up anything, yet. BE/BM Cool As Ice and Hot To Trot Marvelous Moxie sets, MAC PRO Lip Palette in Editorial Reds, MAC Show Orchid and Violetta, and LORAC PRO Palette are some of the items on my wishlist, though. I hate shopping for myself around this time of the year, so it’s unlikely I will purchase until I do my Christmas shopping.

    Weekend plans: The usual, which means nothing other than chores/errands and watching the football game on Saturday.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I’ve put foundation, powder, balm/gloss, and liner on my waterline all without a mirror successfully, but I could never do my full makeup without a mirror. While I don’t film videos for YT, I always think about doing the “No Makeup Mirror Challenge” just for fun to see what it would turn out like.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!! My thoughts are with anyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy!

  22. Amber Chesterton

    So far this weeks haul has only been Lippman Collection Across The Universe, a long time lemming for me! I won a 100$ Visa GC so I plan on hauling some Guerlain lippies Rouge G Gigolo and Rouge G L’Extrait in Orgueil. I also want Tom Ford’s l/s in Black Orchid!

    weekend plans – not sure yet. It’s been a tough week and I may be working overtime to help.

  23. Dinitchka

    Haul: L’Oreal Holiday collection nail polishes. I didn’t see any lippes or e/s :( I spotted them at Wam-Lart last night plus a London LE mixed in.

    Weekend plans: Catch up on emails, cook for the week and SLEEP!

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: Just powder, mascara and lips. Full on make-up I’d like like a hot mess x 100!

  24. VickyM

    Haul: I finally bought my adored Dior Devilish pink (Rose Diabolique) lipstick! from the Haute couleur line, by far the most moisturizing lipstick I had ever tried 😀 and I´m comparing it to other high end lipsticks. Lovely colour and it´s so moisturizing I don´t need lip balm at all. I used it last night to the mall and slept with no balm or anything at all on my lips, and today they are in perfect condition, while normally they would have been chaped. I´m going to pick another color from the haute couleur line for sure :) .

    Weekend: College, going out and going to explore a new mall that is far away from where I live just because I love new places.

    Mirror: I can´t apply any makeup without a mirror that woul be mission impossible for me lol, not even gloss or mascara or any kind of makeup…only balm while I´m in my house.

    • So glad you are enjoying your new Dior lipstick 😀

    • blueraccoon

      Is the Haute Couleur line the same as the Rouge Dior? Or is it a different line? I’m not familiar with the Haute Couleur, but I have a few Rouge Diors.

      • VickyM

        Yes it´s a rouge Dior 😀 but I don´t know if it´s a separate line from the regular rouge Dior one, however I do know that every shade is inspired by a dress from the hause of Dior, meaning that every shade has a equivalent dress that inspired the color of the shades.

        Here is a link to a russian site with all the dresses, names and lipsticks. I hope this link is permited, if not I deeply apologize to you, Christine.

        • blueraccoon

          I think it’s the same as the regular Rouge Dior line. I love those lipsticks, I have four of them, and two of the Rouge Dior Blush Nude line. They are so comfortable to wear, I put them on instead of lip balm sometimes!

          • VickyM

            They are better than my lip balms lol I only have one but plan to pick up 551 Cocotte, this lipsticks are awesome but so underrated. I have never heard of them before that Russian link…honestly everyone talks about the Addicts which I don´t like and this ones are ignored. I had to go to three counters to find Devilish pink…hope I have better luck with Cocotte 😀 .

  25. Mariella

    Haul: from Clarins, another Gloss Prodige in Grenadine, Blue Orchid Oil and Super Restorative Night Cream. I also picked up some hair care products from L’Oreal last week – the masque in a jar and conditioner in a tube from the EverCreme line. Me like very much!

  26. Mariella

    DUH – forgot the other 2 questions!
    Weekend plans: friend visiting to take me out for a belated birthday lunch AND dinner and go with me to yoga; I have to do some baking for my daughter’s engagement party next weekend and buy 2 baby gifts, pick up a gift for daughter and her fiance for the engagement party….just a whack of stuff and I have the feeling I’m going to forget something
    Can you do your makeup without a mirror? I maybe could but not in any way that I could actually show my face in public!

  27. Icequeen81

    aaahhhh he looks so adorable with his shark vin.

    No haul :( or maybe I should say No haul 😀 wich mean im being stable in not spending money till I finist the rest of my make up

  28. t_zwiggy

    Haul: I haven’t bought any makeup in 2 months! I’m not on a no-buy, but I haven’t found anything tempting enough (a sign that I have too much makeup maybe?)

    Weekend plans: Study! I also have to cook and bake. Alot. I accidentally bought too much pumpkin, I have no idea what to do with it all. I cut into it today and realized the amount of puree I’ll get is equal to 10 15 oz cans! I’m thinking maybe soup, pie, cheesecake and muffins. Lol.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: Is that even possible? I’m sure some light wash of eyeshadow and a light, sheer lip product would be okay, but definitely not a full face of makeup. Imagine doing a smokey eye or bold lip without the ability to make sure it’s even.

  29. Vanessa Marie

    Haul: well my birthday was about a week ago and I got myself a handful of things along with receiving as gifts. NARS- Love Joy Blush, Charade, Kaluhari, and Brousse eyeshadow duos, Orgasm illuminator, Benefit Dandelion, Too Faced Peach Leopard, Charlotte Ronson eyeliner set, Tarte Gift set was amazing with 24 full eyeshadows.. Along with some new fall clothes

    Weekend Plans: Volunteering my time to the clean up of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island NY.m we were hit harder than most think.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I think I’d be able to do some simple things.. Concealer, powder, mascara, gloss…

  30. Monet

    Haul: 20 nail polishes from Zoya, CG, and my first butter london polish! All from a blog sale for $3.75 each. :)

    Weekend plans: Working!!!! Urg.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: Only foundation, blush, and lip balm. Everything else requires a mirror, since I have shaky hands.

  31. Haul: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold; MUA Heaven and Earth Palette; Famous by Sue Moxley I’m Your Curl Mascara; S&G It’s About Prime Eye Primer.
    Oh, and Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami if we’re counting books.

    Yes, I have been naughty. I didn’t intend to do quite as much shopping, but apparently I really needed a bit of shopping! Besides, I felt my primer and mascaras needed throwing, so there was *some* necessity in it! (Though I then realised I had a primer in my stash already oops).

    Weekend plans: I don’t have any right now! Forgot it was Friday until this evening!

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I’ve never tried…

  32. Nicole

    Haul: I bought some Armani products last week, so there is no money left for a makeup haul this week. But I bought a pair of Brax Jeans, who fit perfect.
    Weekend plans: 30th birthday party of a friend and some organisation stuff.
    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?: I haven’t tried a complete makeup look, but I can apply lipstick without a mirror.

  33. Lisa

    Haul: I actually hauled a lot more than I was expecting this week. Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine and Sparkle ‘Til Morning palettes (I went to five different Walgreens and finally found them!); WnW Cherry Picking lipstick; WnW Silent Treatment trio; and Sonia Kashuk makeup remover. I also bought a $1 e.l.f. concealer brush to use to clean up my nails when I paint them.

    Weekend Plans: Going to a party tonight and a festival tomorrow. Sunday will probably be spent relaxing. 😉

    Can you do makeup without a mirror? No, except foundation which I regularly apply without a mirror. I have terrible eyesight so if I take my glasses off to do my makeup I have to have a mirror like two inches away from my face. I usually apply foundation with my fingers so I have to set the mirror down, but then of course I look and check to see if it’s applied evenly.

  34. Sarah

    Haul: I needed a new eyelash curler so I ordered Le Metier de Beaute’s Dualistic Eyelash Curler. Also ordered Cargo blu-ray hd pressed powder
    Weekend plans:Probably just be lazy all weekend. last day of work for the week. :)
    Can you do your makeup without a mirror?:Probably not it would look bad I’m sure.

  35. Rae

    omg I was gonna buy the same shark fin for my dog!!!!!

  36. Veronica

    Haul: Nothing other than some basic hair products and lip balm. Between work and Sandy mucking up the joint, I haven’t been able to get out much. (On that note, I hope everybody here made it through the storm safely!)

    Weekend Plans: Studying for o-chem and working. :( Our management had to fire somebody Wednesday, so in addition to preexisting shortages we had, everybody’s having to pull even more overtime to get things covered. C’est la hospitals.

    Can you do your makeup without a mirror? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – oh, you were serious. I can’t even apply that stuff straight with a mirror, I’d be terrified to see what I did without one. 😛 The most I trust myself with is maybe tinted lip balm, and that’s a big maybe.

  37. haul: Orly Rococo-a-gogo & Color Club Magnetic Force Shock Tactic for $4ea @ marshalls
    weekend: campaign volunteering for elizabeth warren here in MA, & grandma’s 88th bday party
    mirror: no way! I would make such a mess of myself, lol.

  38. Leticia

    Haul: Benefit Sugarbomb lipgloss and some Real Techniques brushes I found by chance and on sale!
    Weekend plans: It’s a long weekend in Mexico so I’m getting some rest and catching up reading!
    Can you do makeup without a mirror? I’ve never tried it, but I believe I would be a disaster at it…..I’d certainly not be able to fill in my eyebrows properly or apply the rest of the makeup evenly, so I would end up looking like an experiment that turned out very wrong :-)!
    Mellan is adorable as a shark!! Hope you had a fun Halloween ;-)!!