Friday, July 6th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  A few products from the fall releases — I don’t want to say because I’m not sure what I’ll review (well, more like photograph, test, and review before it’s sold out)
  • Weekend plans: Try to relax for a little bit, at least :)  Farmer’s market on Saturday, brunch on Sunday!
  • What’s your favorite type of clothing?:  Jackets–they really do complete and transform any outfit.

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Lazy days on the grass…

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107 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #139

  1. fireinthehead

    Haul: Giant bottle of 20 vol. developer, China Glaze For Audrey, MAC Mineralize ES in Sky, Magnetic Attraction & MSF in Light Year. And MAC Electric Cool eyeshadow in Blacklit (my pic on instagram because most people haven’t seen these yet )
    Weekend Plans: Grocery shopping and helping my Mom get ready for her road trip.
    Favourite type of clothing: Dresses – put on one thing and you’re all done! 😉

  2. Haul: MAC Light Year MSF. Love the finish on this one but the shade just doesn’t work for me. Found Santee nail polish at a local store. Picked up 4 of their Magnetic Nail one and I’m super impressed with them for $3 each…. Why am i paying $16 for Magnetic Nail polishes. Although the Nails inc one are worth it.
    Also pick up a nail art image plates (the as seen on TV set) and 10 Konad plates recently at half off. It’s like silk screening for your nails, so much fun! I ended up getting most texture/pattern Konad plates for the whole nail. But i was bad and order 3 more from the Konad site along with a plastic scrapper to try out. Currently only have a few designs on a big toes. lol
    Weekend plans: Try to not melt in the heat and high humidity like this week. It been really hot in Ontario but the killer is our 60% – 80% humidity on top of that just zaps everyone even people that were born to hotter climates. Add to that i have yet to find and air conditioner that fit the tiny windows of the old Victorian stone house apartment I’m renting …. It just traps the heat after a certain point with the fans going. Looking forward to the 28C range weather again! O__o
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?:  Work casual… I don’t know really, I’d be the type to rock jeans and a nice top all the time if I could.

    •  @Ani_BEE I always wanted to do Konad, but then I’m like, “I’ll never do it!”

      •  @Christine (Temptalia) It was like that too but there so easy to do and you have to move quickly with the colour anyway so it a fast process once you get the hang of it.

    • fireinthehead

       @Ani_BEE I couldn’t even breathe when I went outside for one minute earlier, just awful! Ontario needs some refreshing wind and a bit of rain to clear out the air. I will stand over the A/C vent in your honor!  

      •  @fireinthehead  I almost passed out in the heat yesterday weeding the damn garden..  I haven’t ventured out today, but I have to go feed some animals shortly who are also hating this weather!  Stay cool :)

    • xamyx

      A@Ani_BEE I’m sure living in an old building doesn’t help, either, as there is typically a lack of adequate insulation. Several years ago, I lived in a 1910’s, Spanish-style apartment, in Los Angeles, and in the Summer months, we had to leave all the windows and interior doors open, and *hope* to catch a breeze (we had large windows that were too big for AC), but in the Winter, we froze.

      •  @xamyx  @Ani_BEE Last year i Froze because the heating was on it’s lat legs so i for a portable heater. This past winter was so nice with the new one.
        Because my apartment faces only the one size  I made my own breeze but setting the fan in the kitchenette to blow air out and this allows air to come in the living/bedroom area. After a sertain point if it too hot outside I’m only pulling in hot air. lol

    •  @Ani_BEE So sad that MAC light year didn’t work for you :(   You are cool toned, correct?  I can’t freaking stand this heat and I’m cowering inside today with the dogs who are not happy.

  3. Nelza

    Haul: A couple of Missha BB creams, Kate Somerville Exfolikate, Some body butters from The Body Shop, OPI Spotted A Lizard nail polish and an eyeshadow palette from Inglot.
    Weekend Plans: I’ve been slacking on my work out routine, so I’m going to focus on that until I’m back on track.What’s your favorite type of clothing? Its the middle of winter here in Australia, so coats.


    Haul: laura mercier invisible powder and fan brush, a few glass nail files, illamasqua naked strangers nail polish and narcisco rodriguez for her edt.

    Weekend plans: nursing my boyfriend back to health

    Favorite clothing: sundresses! I love wearing them.

    • Kafka

       @MIRIANV  Totally OT, Mirian, but I *love* your new icon photo! 😀  On topic, how funny, I got one of the nail varnishes from the Naked Strangers Collection this week too!! I got Swinger which is the silvery, pale gold one. From comparison photos I’ve seen and blogs I’ve read, it seems to be an exact dupe for the new Chanel Diwali nail varnish! Which one did you get or did you get all 3?

      • MIRIANV

         I got “monogamous” which is a rubbery matte peach nude and i was thinking of getting ‘faithful’ as well! I love their formula so much.

        • Kafka

           @MIRIANV  Faithful caught my eye, too! I’ve never used a matte polish before. Do you use a top coat on Monogamous or do you like it totally matte? I love the breadth and intensity of Illamasqua’s colours. Their formula seems generally great as well, though I’ve had repeated problems with one colour (Caress, a cornflower blue) cracking on me with weird lines. (And I always use a top coat!) So weird. Anyway, I have 4 or 5 of their polishes and definitely plan to get more. Scarab is probably next!  

        • MIRIANV

           I love the matte on this one because its ‘rubbery’ and not just dry…reminds me of barbie doll texture. i really like it so no top coat. office and beach appropriate! you should see my sephora shopping list. i have at least 6-8 colors in there for now. i had the ‘cracking’ too but that’s because i mess with my nails throughout the day (old habits die hard) so they chip, crack, and peel. if a nail polish is too thick, like how some of the illamasqua colors tend to be, i wont always use a top coat.

        • Kafka

           @MIRIANV  I would love to see your Sephora list of colours!  Well, not see see, but you know what I mean. LOL. My list is as long as yours with Scarab, Spartan, Smash (a green) and Jo’mima (? the lilac purple one) at the top of the list. I keep being drawn to that crazy, neon orange Gamma one too! Those are all more super bright summer shades, generally, with the exception of Scarab. For non-summery colours, I stick with my usual NARS polishes.  As for the cracking, I tried *not* using a top coat when I put on the Caress but it still had those lines all over. It looks like fault lines near an earthquake center! I’ve concluded it’s just the rare dud out of the Illamasqua shades because the others don’t do that.  Stance & Viridian are probably my two favorite shades thus far! What about you?

        • MIRIANV

           @Kafka Im really into pastels or lighter shades, i have jo’mima, scorch, milf, loella, caress, swinger, purity (and i secretly am lusting after radium) on my list. I took the risk and picked up SCARAB today!! i love it and i think you will too. super rich and pigmented color. two coats completely opaque. my favorite shades from illamasqua are definitely lament and monogamous.
          i love nail polish, but i’m a bit particular. i will sit and sit staring at a shade on my shopping list and then just remove it after months or only buy one.

        • Kafka

          @MIRIANV I hope this reply goes through because I’m doing it from my phone; Livefyre’s “50 more posts” button has vanished again, so I can’t get to your post to reply.  You got Scarab, even though you generally prefer pastels or pale colours?!  YOU GO, girl!!!  Yay! And an even bigger Yay that you love it. I can’t *wait* to get it!  We have a lot of overlap in our lists or colours that we love. Apart from the Jo’mima I mentioned up above, Radium and Scorch are on my lists too! I’ll let you know how Swinger turns out when I get it. :) Ok, if you have Caress too, does it cause you the same problems it does me?

  5. Mariella

    It’s been quite the week for makeup shopping! We were in the US overnight last week so I picked up a lot of stuff: from Real Techniques, the new Expert Face Brush and the Shader brush (eyeshadow); Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty, some Spin pins, another Sonia Kashuk crease brush and a Eucerin daily moisturizer with SPF and at a CCO, I got MAC Rosemary and Thyme liner. Back home again, I picked up from Nars the Nars Habanera eye shadow duo and Damage lipstick, a Sephora Jumbo Liner/Shadow pencil in Khaki, some Caudalie facial spray stuff (want to see what all the fuss is about) and Bare Escentuals Queen Tiffany shadow (the original formula loose powder) WHEW, but what fun!
    Weekend plans: clearing up the house and garden for a guest saying this coming week and also for a post-golfing bbq I’m having on Thursday.  A bit of planting to do but it is SO hot here that we’ll try to spend most of our time indoors
    Favourite type of clothing:  EVERYTHING!  And I sew a lot which is nice as it gives me a lot of options, such as my favourite skirt (Christine Jonson from her Basewear Two pattern) in a lot of different colours, fabrics, lengths, etc.

  6. IlariaDiva

    HAUL: Rimmel Wake Me Up :) I love it!
    WEEKEND PLANS: Sales start tomorrow, so sjopping 😀 also family dinner tomorrow night and going to Florence on Sunday.
    Have an amazing weekend Christine! ♥

  7. xamyx

    Haul: NARS Zen (blush), Caravaggio & Iceland (eyeshdow duos), L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshdow in Burning Black (which is said to be a match for the recently released Smoldering Plum). I haven’t received any of the eyeshadows yet, but I should either today or tomorrow. I also won a Minerals Mate palette in a blog giveaway, so I’m *really* looking forward to receiving that & playing with it.

    Plans: Nothing special, as usual. It’s hard to really plan things out with an almost 6 year old, especially with autism.

    Favorite type of clothing: Because it gets pretty hot here in Los Angeles, I’ve been finding myself drawn to “Boho”-style clothing, which I put my own personal touch on. I like both the look & feel of long, flowy skirts paired with a peasant-style blouse with a pair of sandals.

    •  @xamyx Really wish L’Oreal had a single naming system… so odd to have multiple names for the same shade!

      • xamyx

        @Christine (Temptalia) I agree! I ordered Burning Black off eBay, but yesterday at CVS I saw all the new shades. I stood in the middle of the aisle looking up BB & SP, because I didn’t want to buy a dupe. I just find it amusing that after waiting all this time to have BB released in the US, and finally just ordering off eBay (I was lucky I found it for a total of less than $10 USD), and a few days later it’s released here. I also wish L’Oreal would release the shades worldwide, along with the same name/numbering system, at the same time.

      • Mariella

         @Christine (Temptalia)  @xamyx   I so agree, ladies. I cannot understand why there are the differences (and even the numbering seems to vary from country to country…I think…because, of course, with different names, one can only guess if the numbers for the same shadow are different or if, by some fluke, they refer to a slightly different eye shadow.

  8. RALEE

    what fall items do you think will get sold out?

  9. Haul: Le Metier de Beaute Coral Nymph, Becca Damselfly, Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow 20E, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #25!
    Weekend plans: Chilling. I’ve had a LONG week… 
    What’s your favorite type of clothing: Dresses! They’re just so easy to wear, and it’s possible to dress them up as well a down!

  10. Kafka

    Haul:  Um…. <blush> I took the theory of retail *THERAPY* and really ran with it. <blush>   Chloé’s Eau de Chloé, Illamasqua’s Swinger nail varnish (pewter/silver/gold supposed to be an exact dupe for the new Chanel Diwali nail varnish! Yay!), NARS Sheer Glow foundation, NARS Gilda blush, NARS Paramaribo eyeshadow duo, another set of 1500 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, 2 La Perla bras, some Slatkin candles, and a number of books.  And yeah, all that *did* make me feel better! <grin>   
    Weekend plans: Recuperating with The HairLESS German. It’s been a stressful week, to put it mildly. I plan to stay in bed as much as possible and read, even though I really should clean up my house.
    Favorite type of clothing: Don’t really have one since I moved here, since the weather consists of Hot, Hotter and HELL. Before, it used to be turtlenecks and blazers, both in dark colours (black/grey).

    •  @Kafka I love those Egyptian cotton sheets!!! Good job 😀

      • Kafka

         @Lulle  Thank you! Sleeping on 1500 thread count is really unreal. Like being in a soft cocoon!  My bed is my haven and sanctuary, so things like sheets or duvets make me really happy. Are you obsessed with bed linens, too? :)   

        •  @Kafka I don’t know if I’m obsessed, but sheets are never soft enough for me… or they were, until I discovered the Egyptian cotton!

        • Kafka

           @Lulle  I hear that Bamboo cotton is even softer than Egyptian cotton! It’s a new thing and I don’t know how if a low-thread count Bamboo cotton sheet is softer than an ultra-high thread-count in Egyptian cotton, but it seems like it would be from what I read. I’ve never tried it myself, but if you ever see Bamboo cotton going for a good price, you may want to give it a feel or a go. You might may like it even more than Egyptian cotton!

        • Kafka

           @Lulle I hear that Bamboo cotton is even softer than Egyptian cotton! It’s a new thing and I don’t know if a low-thread count Bamboo cotton sheet is softer than an ultra-high thread-count in Egyptian cotton, but it seems like it would be from what I read. I’ve never tried it myself, but if you ever see Bamboo cotton going for a good price, you may want to give it a feel or a go. You might like it even more than Egyptian cotton!

        •  @Kafka  @Lulle I have bought bamboo sheets and they suck!  I actually prefer the crispness of Egyptian cotton.

        •  @Kafka  @Lulle Oh, and they do not stay on any mattress.  I have tried them on two totally different beds.. one is a big mattress with memory foam pillow top and the other is a much harder lower profile orthopedic number.  The fitted sheet comes off the corners all the freaking time.  Did, I mention I hate bamboo sheets??  I hate them!

    •  @Kafka Have a lazy a$$ed weekend and fergettabout the house cleaning :)  Sounds like heaven and congrats on the retail therapy, it always works wonders for me too. xoxo

    • Leticia

       @Kafka I wish The Hairless German a prompt and full recovery!! And I wish you a relaxing weekend – you´ve gone through a lot these days. Take care and enjoy your haul!!

      • Kafka

         @Leticia  Thank you, sweet Leticia. Alas, he hasn’t had his operation yet. It was scheduled, then postponed due to possible skin “lesions” and a skin infection. After prescribing some topical stuff, the surgery (all SIX hours of it!) was rescheduled for this past Tuesday. Then, it was postponed once AGAIN! This time for 5 weeks. They stopped right on the operating table, while he was under anaesthesia, after shaving off most of his back/bottom.  The lesions were widespread and, worse, there were “pustules” right on the surgical area where they would cutting. It would increase the risk of infection in the prosthesis by something crazy, like 40%. So they cancelled it. In the course of 10 days, it’s been a lot of ups-and-downs, a lot of stress, and a lot of long, *long* drives all the way to the veterinary center (which is in another part of the state) but they’re one of the best in the country, so I trust they made the best decision in the long run. We’re both just wiped out. Me more than The Plucked Chicken! (And he really *does* look like a plucked chicken right now. LOL.)  Anyway, thank you so much for caring.  **hugs**    

        •  @Kafka hey .. i was just reading your comments and am so impressed at your take on beauty products .. be it NARS blush in Gilda or Desire … now apart from “C”‘s reviews am going to closely read your take 😀
          thank you so much for some really good insight dear

        • Kafka

           @rashmidev  Wow. That is so lovely and unexpected. I am completely taken aback, in the best way possible! I always expect someone to respond to one of my posts with a “TL;DR” comment. (Seriously, I was thinking that just yesterday!.) So, I’m incredibly touched to read your kind words. In fact, I think they just made my day!!!  Thank you so much!

        • Kafka

           @rashmidev  Wow. That is so lovely and unexpected. I am completely taken aback, in the best way possible! I always expect someone to respond to one of my posts with a “TL;DR” comment. (Seriously, I was thinking that just yesterday!) So, I’m incredibly touched to read your kind words. In fact, I think they just made my day!!!  Thank you so much!

        •  @Kafka thank you so much for replying … 😀 😀 does makes me feel special … even i repeat the same .. you made my day by replying XOXO 😀 and now i need to catch all the post where you shared your opinions 😀 i am from India , NC 40 and complete MAC and NARS lover so it will be great to know more about the colors and texture … I am hardcore “C” fan and now yours too  …. suddenly a women in me is lusting after 1500 count Egyptian cotton sheet which i use to see in USA but not in India :( :( …. see am following you ahhaha

        • Kafka

           @rashmidev  India is one of my favorite places on earth and some of the most beautiful women I have known or seen have been Indian. In fact, some of my dearest friends are Indian. :)   As for NARS, like you, I’m a hardcore fan — from their (matte/semi-matte) lipsticks to nail varnishes to blushes and eyeshadows, I love it all. If you want to know one of my absolute favorite NARS blushes, it’s Cactus Flower, a coral-poppy pink- gold cream blush that looks red (red, red, RED!) in the pan. But it’s definitely not when you wear it. My colouring is olive but an Indian blogger reviewed it and loved it, so it may work for you too. If you’re interested, I can find you the link because it may be a while before Christine gets to NARS’ cream blushes with all the powder ones coming up first. Actually, here is the link with a photo of it on her, though it doesn’t have to be as sheer as she has put it:  

        • Leticia

           @Kafka I am so sorry all this has been so difficult for both the Hairless German and you…..he is so lucky to have a loving, responsible owner to look after him. I am sure all this is happening for the best, the doctors would not have recommended postponing the surgery if it wasn´t the right thing to do. I hope the adorable “Plucked Chicken”‘s lesions heal as soon as possible! I wish you both the best and please keep us posted! Hugs to both of you!!

        •  @Kafka i am going to pick it soon then 😀 😀 .. already own NARS Exhibit A , Taj Mahal and so love the brights … 😀 thank you so much once again for lovely words dear 😀 have you seen any place in India ??

        • Kafka

           @rashmidev Rashmidev, please know that Cactus Flower is *NOWHERE* as intense as Taj Mahal  or Exhibit A. Not at all. Like all NARS’ blushes it can be built up but, even so, I think there are a lot of NARS powder blushes (in addition to the ones you mentioned) which are more intensely pigmented and bolder right off the bat. On your NC40 skin, Cactus Flower should give a lot softer, a lot more subtle look than something like Exhibit A.
                  For an intense colour in a cream, you might want to look into NARS’ Montenegro. In a powder form, I love (*love*) Mounia, which is discontinued but which I found on eBay just 3 weeks ago. (I think it shows up once a week if you’re interested) It’s a wonderfully soft, super blendable, lovely raspberry-cranberry-cinnamon shade with a faint shimmer. It would be stunning on your skin. I also love Lokoum which is another cream but much more natural-looking than Montenegro. In fact, on me, I’m pretty sure it is what Orgasm should have been. It’s a lovely plum-rose that is intensely pigmented but yet, much more sheer than it appears just by looking at it in the pan. (I think, with the possible exception of Montenegro, most of NARS’ creams are generally more sheer than their more intense powder counterparts, unless you really build them up). But going back to Lokoum, my mother who would be about an NC 35 loved it so much, she bought it the next day after seeing it on me.
              IMO, if you’re looking as something as *POW,* intense as Exhibit A or Taj Mahal, you should absolutely look for Mounia or consider some of the other ones I mentioned. On your NC40 skin, I don’t know if Cactus Flower, while one of my absolute favorite blushes, would have that immediate, instant, “in your face” impact. But, again, you can obviously build it up a lot. 
              As for India, yes, I’ve been to your lovely, gorgeous, stunning country.  :) A number of years ago, I spent about 3 weeks going all over and I really fell in love with it. India holds my heart like few places do.  Friends of mine in Mumbai and Chennai keep inviting me back, so I need to take them up on their offer but, to be honest, I kinda dread the plane ride. It would be totally worth it though, that I know for a fact!  :)  

        •  @Kafka awww :) thank you soooo much for such a wonderful description 😀 …. i have mounia dear 😀
          i dont want to leave a link here ..
          pls google ” nars blush under one roof”
          😀 am gonna pick cream blushes as you said .. i can buy them from easily 😀 .. little costly but worth i guess … thank you soooooo much once again for all the effort honey XOXO 😀 truly appreciate 😀

        • Kafka

           @rashmidev  Hahahaha, I’ve seen & read your blog in the past when searching for NARS information! In fact, I had your post on Mounia bookmarked! ROFL. I’m serious. It was one of the few that had super lighting and great swatches, so that I could accurately tell the blush’s real colour! How funny. And what a small world. Well, thank you, my dear, for your help in the past with NARS blushes. And I’m so glad to meet you here!  xoxox

        •  @Kafka hhahah now i runnnnnnnnnnnnnn from here … my best identity is that I am a “C” Fan … 😀 😀
          sorry if i sounded stupid in above comment dear :( :( … i am feeling so shameful :( …..

    • Miss J

       @Kafka Sounds like you got some great goodies! I swoon just reading the words “NARS Gilda.” ;P I hope you have a relaxing weekend with all the stress your under. Sending lots of love and smooches for you and your boy!!

      • Kafka

        @Miss J,  Awww, thank you!  As for Gilda, I actually rather dreaded telling you this but… um…. I’m not in love. :'(  It’s pretty but I think it brings out the yellowness or sallowness in my skin.  I feel jaundiced right now as I wear it. I also think that the colour does not makes my skin look fresh, if that makes any sense. It probably has a touch too much orange for me and not enough pink for me. Not nearly enough! I’m going to keep at it, in hopes that I start to love it, but thus far, I’d rate it as a B- in terms of how its colour looks on me. It’s one of the few, rare disappointments I’ve had with NARS blushes. It absolutely killed me to write all that, btw. Killed me! Maybe it will grow on me. 

        • Miss J

           @Kafka  @Miss Aw, I’m terribly sorry I gave you a bad recommendation. :( If you feel this way about Gilda, I’d stay away from Gina, too.

        • Kafka

          @Miss J — Darling woman, please don’t worry at all! I would have bought Gilda regardless. I swear! You merely confirmed all that I had thought & read previously about the colour. I didn’t want to tell you not because of your recommendation, but because you love it so much. Neither of us had any way of knowing how Gilda would appear *on me* when worn. I think perhaps I have a more greenish yellow tint to my olive skin that turns it more orange-y than it would on others? It’s the damn Mediterranean/Persian skin tone. Gilda *is* a lovely colour and I think it would be great if I were ever tanned. Probably perfect then. So you see, I just need to go on vacation to some lovely, remote beach somewhere A vacation, the solution to all of my problems. <grin>  xoxoxox  

        • xamyx

          @Kafka Have you tried “layering” it with another blush or bronzer? A bright pink like Desire may perk it up.

        • Miss J

           @xamyx  @Kafka Great suggestion, Amy! I was just going to suggest layering with Desire, as well. It may add the additional pinkness she would like to see in Gilda. It may show up pinker on me since I do have some pink/redness that comes through on my cheeks because I just swatched Gilda on my arm, and I noticed it looked considerably more orange there.

        • Miss J

           @Kafka  @Miss I’m pretty damn green, too, but like Kermit says, “It’s not easy being green.” I definitely don’t think I’m particularly tanned, but it may appear pinker on me since I do have a bit of redness that comes through on the cheeks. I just swatched it on my arm, and it was considerably more orange on my arm. I would try Amy’s suggestion to combine it with Desire! Otherwise, you could return or maybe swap with someone? 
          XO, and love to the hairless German!

        • Kafka

          @Miss J –  Aaah, the pinkness in your cheeks may be the cause. I suspect how it is on your arm may be closer to how it is on my face.  I will try Amy’s suggestion of combining it with Desire, though Angelika’s paler/cooler tones might work better.  I’m afraid I don’t know how to go about doing one of the MUA type of swaps, but I’d definitely be interested in it. Especially if I could someone to swap Gilda for Sin. I want Sin badly! Lately though, I got partially distracted by a Maui/Rivera Multiple Duo. That said, I’ve been contemplating getting the Albatross/Sin Duo as that would give me two.  Then again, there is that new Sephora palette so…..  decisions, decisions.  Or is that, “addiction, addiction”??  😉   When exactly IS that next meeting of NARS addicts anyway?  <grin> 

        • xamyx

          @Kafka I’ve been contemplating the Nordstrom palette myself. Sin is a color I’ve been thinking of, as I read L’Oreal’s Mauvelous is almost an exact dupe, only matte (Mauvelous has been my HG blush for *years*), and I wouldn’t mind a backup Albatross, as I use it for *everything*. It costs a little more than the one from Sephora, but I think the price difference is worth it.

        • xamyx

          @Kafka I’ve been contemplating the Nordstrom palette myself. Sin is a color I’ve been thinking of, as I read L’Oreal’s Mauvelous is almost an exact dupe, only matte (Mauvelous has been my HG blush for *years*), and I wouldn’t mind a backup Albatross, as I use it for *everything*. It costs a little more than the one from Sephora, but I think the price difference is worth it. I’ve also been thinking of getting one of the bright pinks to layer with Zen, for something different. It seems I replied to the wrong comment in this thread, but I’m too lazy to redo it.

        • Miss J

             @Kafka Blussshhh. Francois NARS’ sweet, sweet blush. *drools* I’m just counting down the days til Outlaw makes its reappearance! Although, I’ve also been looking at Sex Appeal and Douceur. I’ve also considered Gaiety, but it might be a little too pale/cool for my personal taste. I haven’t been able to test that one out enough to get a good grasp on it. Also, I’ve been debating between NARS 413 Bleecker LTL or YSL Rouge Gouache Glossy Stain. They are both gorgeous red shades.
          Btw, you do own Torrid, correct? Does that one not come off too orange on you?
          I’m not sure how the whole MUA style stuff works, but Christine or someone else here may be able to offer some info. I wish I was more of a swapper because instead I seem to purchase things then fail to return them, lol.
          The NARS addicts will flock to Christine’s post on Dolce Vita, which is coming up next. 😉

        • Miss J

           @xamyx   Mauvelous is very similar to Sin. I really do think you’ll like Sin. You might also like Dolce Vita, which is the next one up for review by Christine. It looks dark in the pan, but it’s quite a nice, natural rosy flush. It comes off matte on the skin despite that DV kind of looks like it might have some sort of shimmer in the pan.

        • Kafka

           @xamyx  @Kafka  I can’t pull up your other, latest comment to reply to it (bloody Livefyre and its stupid vanishing buttons) but I got email notification of what you said, so I’ll try here. I think the Nordstrom palette would be great for you; you know how much I’ve raved to you about Laguna. I think you’d like Luster too. But know that Sin isn’t in any of the palettes, Nordstrom or Sephora.  There is though a Sin/Albatross Duo but if you got that *in addition* to the palette, you’d have *three* Albatross and that would be silly. So, I’m assuming your comment meant a Sin in solo form and then the palette, right?  Would you be into any of the pinks in the palettes though? Regarding the Sephora palette, I still don’t understand how the shades are different from existing blushes. To my eye, they look very close, if not identical.  Since NARS has never created a product totally from scratch *just* for Sephora (as opposed to combining existing shades into some sort of palette), I have difficulty believing the blushes in Sephora palette are something totally new.  I think I’m going to email NARS about it.

        • xamyx

          @Kafka I got it mixed up with the Danmari palette, which *does* have Sin, but the Joie de Vivre palette has a couple of pinks in it that may work for me, but at $65 USD for 6 pans is a great price, even if I don’t like them all. I’ll probably pick up Sin on its own at some point, especially if I pick up the Nordstrom palette.

        • Kafka

          @Miss J   It’s now somewhat hilarious how little I can reply in the right place to things, thanks to stupid Livefyre’s vanishing “more posts” button. So, I’m just going to continue replying to email notifications in whatever random place is available to me. LOL.  Yes, I have Torrid. I was thinking about Torrid vs Gilda yesterday in fact. I *think* (but I’m not sure) that Torrid is just a touch less intense on me than Gilda. Less pigmented perhaps. What’s odd is that the two look virtually identical in the pain except that Torrid has faint shimmer. Perhaps Torrid was given shimmer to compensate for the slightly less intense pigmentation the way Orgasm’s glitter makes it less intense than other colours? I honestly don’t know. But having seen JUST how identical they are, speaking purely colour wise, I want to swap it even more than before.
              Speaking of Outlaw, I was surprised that Mounia was not for you given how intense Outlaw can be in some photos. For example, look at this:  The photo almost made me wonder if Mounia made Outlaw redundant for me. Gaiety would be far too cool for me, I think, so I’ve never considered it even once but I’m going to be really interested to see what Christine thinks of it in her review. And yes, like you, I’m excited for the upcoming Dolce Vita review. 
                Totally OT, I want to get a Maldives/Riveria Multiple Duo and am barely controlling myself from buying it *right* this minute. Christine’s review is the only thing giving me pause as she said the texture of the Multiple Duos was a bit diff. than the regular Multiples. Then again, she didn’t like to use her fingers, which is what NARS suggests in order to warm up the product. I don’t have a problems using my fingers. She also said Maldives was quite sheer but if it’s intended as a highlighter, the way Copacabana is, that’s perfect for me. What do you think?  God, I hope there are enough random places left for me to reply to you again…. somewhere! LOL.

        • Miss J

          @Kafka Torrid is less intense on me, as well. I can’t remember what Torrid looks like in pan in person, but AFAIR, Torrid seems more orange. At least on me! Hm, I’m going to put Torrid on one cheek and Gilda on another later to see how they compare on me, lol. I was going to buy Torrid on a whim several months ago, but it was sold out, and the SA gave me such a heaping sample that I still have some left. It’s probably better I didn’t pick it up considering how much I love Gilda. Every other coral gets neglected.
          IIRC, Mounia came off a touch too orange/brown. Something about the intensity + tone just didn’t work for me. However, at the time, I tended to stray away from anything too deep with any sort of pink/rose/red tones at all. With Outlaw, it does look intense in some pictures, like the one you linked, but it’s not anymore intense than Taos or Dolce Vita. I can work with it. It’s such a lovely berry shade that I will love it in fall and in winter, especially. I have had 2nd thoughts, though, mainly because I don’t opt for cool tones or rose/pink shades much at all. *sigh* I don’t know. I’ve been trying to push out of my comfort zone and get more shades for fall/winter since the majority of my favorite blushes are all warm, which look a bit out of place on my super pale winter skin.
          I never quite know if a cool toned pink is too cool toned for me or if I just see it as too cool because of my personal taste. I’m not much of a pink blush girl, so it’s hard for me to venture out from the peaches and corals. Peachy-pink seems to be about as pink as I can go without flinching a bit, lol. I’m interested to hear C’s thoughts on it along with Douceur and Sex Appeal.
          I’ve never tried the duo versions of the Multiples, so I can’t help ya there. I do remember trying Maldives in it’s stick form and thinking it was patchy, though. By the time I had it blended out perfectly, there was little color, and mostly just sparkle. Have you tried the the Illuminator version of Copacabana? I ask because when I tried the Multiple, it came off very ashy on my skin, but the Illuminator seemed to have more pink, and didn’t come off quite as silver/ashy. I wondered if it was in my mind, or if there really was a difference!

        • Miss J

          @Kafka I am wearing Torrid on one cheek and Gilda on the other right this moment, lol. I definitely get more pink/red out of Gilda. They are very similar colors, yet different on me. Gilda is definitely a bit more pigmented whereas I’m getting more sheerness/glow from Torrid. Frankly, now I kind of want Torrid, too. NOOO! The addiction never ends. 
          I’m going to go check out swatches of Mounia! I remember being sad when that one went, not for myself, but I knew a lot of deeper skinned girls loved that one.

      • Kafka

        @Miss J  — I got notification of your replies but Livefyre won’t let me pull up your posts. I’m working with them (right down to screenshots) but in the meantime, I’m going to try to post this on my phone and then, if it’s okay with Christine, post a detailed reply right at the top of this thread so we can continue the discussion there. With the new NARS palettes and Outlaw available for special advance purchase starting *TODAY* on the NARS website, there is a lot to discuss. LOL.  So look at the beginning of the Friday Haul thread, ok?

  11. eyeheartit

    Haul: Just some music. There have been some great mp3 sales lately!
    Weekend plans: Soak up some sun and relax. Books are involved. It’s wild.
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?: I also am a fan of jackets for the versatility they lend. But I am also a fan of a great-fitting pair of jeans! So comfy!

  12. Kristabelle

    Haul:  another Sinful Colors Hazard (perfect summer color), kat von d setting spray, manic panic vampire red dye, replacement maybelline dream matte powder.
    Weekend plans: work til sunday, then a date.
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?:  dresses. i honestly hate wearing pants lol.

  13. Alison Cole

    Haul:  Nothing!
    Weekend plans: Get some proper rest and lots of sleep. 
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?: My favourite type of clothing has always been coats. I love classic, beautiful trench coats in deep colours with a touch of military and an elongated, slim fit. They’re elegant, practical, and complete on their own without needing embellishment. Plus, I find them terribly flattering. I could wear them every day and still love them. 
    As a side note, does anyone know what palette this is? 

  14. Lidalgirl

    Haul: some Badger Balms and two Illamasqua nail varnishes (which are on sale on their website!)
    Weekend plans: studying for my final exam!
    Fav type of clothing: t-shirts. and mini-skirts, also!

  15. Laurence.

    Haul : MAC Cut a Caper lipstick and Revlon Lip Butter Pink Truffle
    Weekend : Going out tonight with some friends, probably relaxing on Saturday and working on Sunday !
    Clothing : Sheer tops ! I <3 them :)

  16. Haul: MAC Solar Ray blush (I tried Supernova on, and it was really not complementing my complexion well. It looked pretty terrible… sad!), which doesn’t look like Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot at all when I wear it, I actually love it! And Meteoric Cremesheen Glass, for my Cremesheen collection :)
    Plans: nothing planned yet. Beach maybe?
    Clothing: I love jeans. A nice pair of jeans that fit well look awesome on anybody. But dresses can be both super comfy and very feminine.

  17. Haul: nothing really…but I’m going shopping tomorrow! Watch out world! 
    Plans: My two best friends from college are driving up to the Bay Area to hang out with me, and we’re hitting the shopping in San Francisco tomorrow! 
    Clothing: hmm…I’d say shorts. Since I go to school in LA, it seems like that’s all I ever wear! Runner-ups: jackets and dresses.

  18. Del

    Haul : Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, Fairydrops Candybar BB Cream (heard this was good for NC30), Avene Moisture Mask, Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer
    Weekend plans : Finish up my Legend of Korra costume for Comic Con
    Favorite type of clothing : Anything casual and stretchy and comfortable.

  19. Haul:Milani blushes in Terra Sole & Berry Amore, NYX Lipstick in Sunflower, MIlani Powder e/s in Shock & Sun Goddess, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London, Jordana Metal Rocks Eyeliner in Purple Prism.
    Weekend Plans: it’s my father’s birthday tomorrow. I am going to cook vegetable lasagna and make garlic bread (I’m even making the bread itself) and bake a two layer chocolate cake. 
    Favorite type of clothing: Comfortable black slacks.

  20. blueraccoon

    Haul: Shady Lady 2 (mine broke when my husband stepped on it), Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Naked Plum, Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Lucky, glass nail file, Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser (sample), Fresh lip treatment in coral. 
    Weekend plans: board game day tomorrow with friends, and Sunday work and then waxing :)
    Fave clothing: Jeans and t-shirts. I’m a casual girl. (Eddie Bauer favorite t-shirts are awesome, for the record. I have a ton.)

    • Kafka

       @blueraccoon  He stepped on it? LOL. Did you send him to the dog house? 😉  I have to tell you, you talk so much about these Fresh lip treatments, you’ve really got me intrigued. It was because of you that I almost ordered Sugar Plum from Sephora the other day but the price tag frightened me off. I really like tinted lip balms but TerraTints’s $4 price tag doesn’t raise such mental block in my mind as Fresh’s $22.50. Is it *so* much better than lip balms like Jack Black? And have you experienced the melting issues that so many talk about?   

      • blueraccoon

         @Kafka Well, in his defense it had fallen on the floor and he didn’t see it. The eyeshadows were fine, the mirror not so much, so it went out. 
        As for the Fresh – I adore them. I think that Jack Black may be a touch more moisturizing, but I like the way the Fresh feels on my lips better – it’s very smooth and creamy and soft. Mine haven’t melted however I’ve had two of the minis break off at the bottom when I got down far enough, so they *are* soft and you have to watch where you keep them. But I absolutely love them.

    • Veronica

       @blueraccoon For a second, my brain misread “Eddie Bauer” as “Ed Hardy,” and I was all, “noooooo blueraccoon, nooooo turn from the dark side!”

      • Kafka

         @Veronica   LOL!  That made me choke on my tea. Dark side indeed! I’m now imagining BlueRacoon with her Burberry blush and her Gossimers (or Bobbi Brown lip gloss) wearing an Ed Hardy graphic T and I’m grinning away.

      • xamyx

        @Veronica @blueraccoon I kind of like Ed Hardy tees. I’m not a “t-shirt person”, but I like the graphics. Then again, I do have a thing for tattoos.

        • Veronica

          I don’t absolutely hate them – when he first started out, I rather liked the intricacy of the designs.  It’s just that he’s everywhere now and endlessly knocked off, and I’ve just grown weary of the roses and skulls look on everything.  (A good tattoo, on the other hand, never grows old!  :D)

        • xamyx

          @Veronica I can see your point. It’s weird though, because although I live in such a large metropolitan city, and the only time I see them nowadays is at TJMaxx or something. In 2008, it seems they were more prominent, I even saw a “knockoff” at the L.A. Zoo souvenir shop, LOL. After that, they’ve pretyy much all but disappeared. Although I like them, I don’t really wear t-shirts unless they’re fitted, and all the ones I’ve seen in stores have been regular tees, so I don’t have any.

  21. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing.
    Weekend plans: I recieved my kitchen yesterday, so today – after work – I was unpacking 6 (!) boxes with all kitchen stuff and inventories. Tomorrow I drive home to meet friends and on Sunday I like to just relax and do nothing, maybe a bit reading.
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?:  I like jeans and polo shirts most. The ideal look for me.

  22. t_violet

    Haul:  Nothing, there hasn’t been a release I’ve been excited about in forever. 
    Weekend plans: Rowing practice, breakfast with the team, napping :).  Maybe mowing the yard (but would it really hurt if the grass was just a little longer?)
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?:  Skirts!  A well cut skirt can make even inexpensive tops look awesome and they’re so much comfier than jeans or pants.

  23. Happy Weekend to everybody! 
    Haul:  Shipment came in today and this was a lippie week with a number of lipsticks arriving that have been on my wish list for awhile:  Tom Ford Spanish Pink which is perfect with the TF Frantic Pink blush, TF Casablanca, TF Flamingo and Guerlain G Garconne.  I also received the Cle de Peau concealer and just tried it out today and it’s fabulous with perfect texture for me.  I will have to wait until later to see how it holds out, but so far it’s a ringer.
    Weekend Plans:  Working on my creative endeavours making beautiful things, taking photographs, etc..
    Favourite type of clothing:  Does footwear count??  Because if it does, it’s a slam dunk.  I tend to spend far too much on footwear.  If it means an article of clothing it’s sooo tough to pick, but I would have to say sweaters.  I love finding great layering pieces that are differing weights and lengths.  It’s pretty much my goto look.  I typically prefer fall and winter fashions and since I am Canadian, this is perhaps a good thing.  

  24. Veronica

    Haul:  Urban Decay liquid liner in Sabbath, Urban Decay lip pencil in Ozone, Jack Black balm in Black Tea, Maybelline FIT Me concealer in 115, MAC Electric Cool eyeshadow in Pure Flash! (Looking at the press release for these, I just realized that the MUA misspoke, and it’s part of the reformulated Big Bounce collection and not a mineralized shadow like she stated.  Oh dear.  Let’s hope this is a more successful attempt!)
    Weekend Plans:  Working, and going to visit a friend and her new baby!
    Favorite type of clothing:  SKIRTS 4 LYFE.  The only time of year you’ll catch me in pants or jeans is the winter.

  25. Leticia

    Haul: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Orchid and Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown. I also got a Maybelline Color Tatoo Eyeshadow; the shade is called Permanent Taupe and it´s a different shade from the ones released in the US. It has a number 40 in it and the number 40 one in the US is the teal one! I bought the “taupe” one because I didn´t remember the exact name and it was only later that I realized it´s a different shade. It actually looks more like Audacious Asphalt.
    Weekend plans: Housework :( and playing with our Black Lab puppy :)!
    Favorite type of clothing: I love blouses with pretty prints!

    • Kafka

       @Leticia  Puppy??  <perk>  I didn’t know you had a puppy! And a black Lab, no less! How old is he/she? If she’s a female, she can be Mellan’s girlfriend when she grows up. They will be a chic, monochromatic, colour-blocked pair. LOL. Are photos up in the Temptalia Pet Group?  God, I miss puppy breath. 

      • Leticia

         @Kafka Hi there!! Yes, a black Lab puppy!! Her name is Kasumi and she´s four months old. I am sure she could give Luna some competition as Mellan´s girlfriend when she grows up :) ! I agree the would make a cute colour-blocked pair! I will be sure to post some photos in the Temptalia Pet Group very soon so you can see her!

  26. Belén Ortiz

    Christine, did you see this? UD Decides Not to Sell in China,default,pg.html

  27. Belén Ortiz

    Christine, did you see this? UD Decides Not to Sell in China,default,pg.html

  28. Maya

    Haul: NARS Galapagos eyeshadow, Josie Maran Argan Oil SPF 40 Moisturizer
    Weekend plans: Job stuff, maybe shopping!
    What’s your favorite type of clothing?: Anything that is comfortable and cute at the same time – that’s all I look for

  29. Haul: Makeup Geek products, including Corrupt (because I want to compare it to Sugarpill Bulletproof and Milani Pitch Black)Weekend Plans: My friend is having his birthday party and the theme is come as your favorite sin.Favorite type of clothing? Hmm, probably shirts! I have a ton. I like comfy and cute.

  30. Joannie

    Haul: MAC Heavenly Creature; All 4 MSFs, Eye Shadows in Aurora & Earthly, Mineralize blushes in Stratus & Supernova, Lipsticks in Cusp of Dawn & Cut a Caper and finally, the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.

    Weekend Plans: My birthday is Sat 7/7 for which hubby planned a surprise outing but will reschedule due to excessive heat…103. We’ll relax & keep cool indoors which I much prefer. Hope to read for a bit in the hammock early in the morning before it gets too hot. Usual Sunday family dinner.

    Favorite Type of Clothing: timeless, classic pieces ( dresses, slacks, blazers, skirts, etc) that are versatile enough to pair & update with trendy accessories, especially shoes.

  31. Kafka

    Posting my reply to @Miss J here, if that’s okay.  (Bloody Livefyre and its vanishing button!)   Miss J, I’m so glad you too found Gilda more pigmented and intense than Torrid. So, it wasn’t just my imagination! I’ve thought about it a lot and I wonder if some of it (on my end) wasn’t heightened expectations?  By that, I mean that I expected something that was PINK-coral, not orange-coral-with-just-some-pink. So, when I tried it on, obviously, it was a shock and let-down.  But, still, on my cheeks that lack any of your pinkness, it comes off as a more intense version of Torrid.  I had read that Gilda was Torrid without the shimmer, but I had forgotten that.  I love Torrid in summer but I still don’t know what to do with Gilda.  All the swapping sites have people posting that they live in pet/smoke free houses.  Er…. I most definitely have a pet.  And sometimes, I have friends or family who come over and who do smoke, even if it’s not near my makeup. I’ve kept Gilda hidden away in a box just in case but, I guess a swap is out and I’m stuck with it.  
    As for Outlaw vs. Mounia, I really hope you get one of them. Personally, I can’t decide between them. I’m not sure if Outlaw is too similar to Mounia, such that I shouldn’t get it. I wonder if the differences are like those between Gilda and Torrid where Gilda (Mounia) is more pigmented and Torrid (Outlaw) is more sheer and with shimmer? I personally adore Mounia but if you’re going to get Outlaw for certain, then perhaps you can forego the other. I know you’re more comfortable with your corals but if you’re into warmer colours, then actually Mounia is the one. At least according to MUA where people have said Mounia is warmer than Outlaw. I think you should read the reviews of it on MUA because you may be surprised by what they say about the colour, even fair or PPP pale. Still, if Outlaw makes you feel more comfortable, go with that! There’s always time to buy Mounia, discontinued though it may be.
    You know, I signed up with NARS a while back and it has given me special advanced access to buying the Fall Collection via their website. Complete with free shipping and some sort of complimentary 6-piece NARS skincare!! Do you have the same? If so, you can buy Outlaw as of TODAY!!!  I’m still trying to decide what to do, though I am pretty sure I want the nail varnish, Storm Bird. 
    I thought of you nonstop yesterday in Sephora. Do you know they did *NOT* have the new Foreplay palette??! Hadn’t even *heard* of it until I mentioned it and they checked their own website!! I can’t decide if I should buy it.  I contacted NARS and they said the colours were totally new ones, created just for Sephora, and without a name. So, they’re definitely not Amour or Desire.  Only the Orgasm is the same.  I can’t find enough swatches to make up my mind, esp. as I worry that the gold highlighter may be glittery or too sparkly.  (Like the Hungry Heart highlighting Duo which…. yikes!). Until that email and the NARS email this morning about buying the Fall Collection as of today, I’d settled on getting the Albatross/Sin Blush Duo in lieu of the Maldives/Riviera Multiple Duo.  What you said was a big help because it confirmed what I’d read elsewhere (and not just from Christine) that the texture was much more sheer than the regular Multiple and that it wasn’t really great. 
    But now, I don’t know if I should order Outlaw from NARS, then wait on the Albatross/Sin *AND* wait on the Foreplay palette until I can swatch it in person (assuming that it actually does arrive at my Sephora at some point).  I have a new Sephora VIB 10% off that expires August 6th, so that adds to the complications too. Maybe I’ll just wait until the beginning of Aug. and hope that my local Sephora gets the palette by then.  Anyway, what do you think about the Sephora Foreplay palette and the 3 new colours? Are you interested in getting it at all?

    • Miss J

      @Kafka Haha, no definitely not imagining Gilda being more pigmented. It is more pigmented/opaque, whereas Torrid most definitely comes off as more sheer on me. I get more of a slight tint of color rather than a flush of color, I suppose. I’m not sure you can’t still swap. I think the whole pet free/smoke free environment is for those who care. I never really got that cuz it’s not like your dog is running around with your blush in his mouth or rolling all over it, and people aren’t opening the compact and blowing smoke on it. *shrugs*
      I looked at Mounia over and over and over, and I still think it would be too much on me. Outlaw is definitely more cool toned. It’s generally described as a cool toned berry rose type color. It intrigues me. I am hoping it will be like Sin, but with less mauve in addition to being a little brighter. You have no idea how bad I spazzed when you said Outlaw was available early, but apparently I do not have the same privilege. WAAAH! Haha. I hope I won’t be disappointed with it, though. I think the only way I will be upset is if it’s too similar to something I already own. I think the color will be gorgeous. I’m just always wary of cooler toned shades. I find it frustrating picking shades because I have extremely warm skin, but I have cool toned hair and eyes (medium ash brown and blue-green-gold eyes).
      You know, it always seems to take Sephora stores about 2-4 weeks to get new stuff in stock. If it ever comes in stock, that is. I’m very familiar with mine never knowing about anything, lol. They just blink and look at me like I’m obsessed. As for Foreplay, no, I’m not interested. ;P IDK…I already have Orgasm, and hardly wear it because it’s SO glittery. I don’t even particularly mind that it’s sheer, but it’s the damn glittery flecks that I just can’t deal with. I love the sparkles in Luster, but the ones in Orgasm just seem so chunky/rough. I look at the “new” colors in Foreplay, and I just feel “meh.” I really don’t like the gold portion because all the swatches of it look yellow. The other two colors just don’t do anything for me. I’m totally passing without even giving it a thought. I’m also passing on the Nordies palette because the only two shades from that I don’t have are ones I don’t think I’d want (Angelika and Gaiety).
      Do we know if Outlaw is just sticking around for this collection, or is it coming back permanently again? If it’s not limited, I’d say wait on Outlaw to compare it next to Mounia. I’d get Sin possibly over the duo. Are you okay with the yellow/gold of Albatross? Copacabana looks great w Sin. I find it looks better than Albatross with it.

      • Kafka

         @Miss J,  Outlaw is going to be permanent from what I hear. BTW, you terrible influence you, I ordered Outlaw! I got that and the Storm Bird grey nail varnish from the new Fall Collection this afternoon.  You spoke so lovingly about it, I went to a lot more sites and looked at swatches. In the end, I couldn’t resist. 
        I wouldn’t wear Sin with Albatross. But I think you nailed it as a combination with Copacabana. Albatross…. I don’t know why I want it. I figure, if I can get the Multiple Duo for just a bit more than the plain old Sin by itself, why not?
        Re. the advanced access, that’s one of the advantages of FB, I guess. <hint hint>  NARS’ FB page provided links for one to sign up for a 48-hr special preview. The deal ended up having free shipping.  AND, even better, I got a complimentary set of 6 deluxed sized NARS skincare products, from serums to moisturiser to cleanser, etc.  Woman, you may hate email, but at least consider FB for the makeup deals! LOL.  (BTW, do you know that, every day, theBalm gives away any one of its products that a chosen person lists/writes on their FB page?!)  
        Re. the new Foreplay palette, a YouTube woman had a video and the gold highlighter looked pretty sheer to me. But the lighting was terrible, so it’s impossible to know how glittery or yellow it was. I don’t think Christine is going to review it, so I’ll definitely have to see it in person before I decide. The matte pink and peach tempt me.
        So, are you still interested in Torrid? I hope you let me know what you think of it, along with Outlaw, if/when you get it. And I totally understand why you’d pass on Mounia.  I still want you to try Cactus Flower and see what you think. Oh, and Lokoum. I luuuurrrrvve Lokoum. I think it’s like Dolce Vita but prettier. 
        Back to the fall collection, swatches are already available online if you’re interested. The matte lipstick looks interesting and since you love colours like Fire Down Below, it may appeal to you.  Me, I’m intrigued by the new Multiple, Undress Me. Between the swatches and my mother’s ravings over it after seeing it at Nordstrom yesterday, I almost got it today.  My mother said it was creamier than my Copacabana and that the MUA said it’s more “natural looking,” so that’s intriguing. But I think it looks a lot like Luxor. Worse, I hear it’s more glittery than that too, which I’m not keen on. (I think I would prefer Luxor. Or Riviera, which I still want). I’ll have to see more swatches and wait for Christine’s review.    

        • Miss J

          @Kafka Hooray! We are both the proud new owners of NARS’ Outlaw!!!! I was going nuts wanting to purchase it, and figured there had to be somehow I could. I think I just sat there and stared at the site for like a half hour til it came to me to enter the product name into the search tool, lol. It had an add button, said it was in stock, and let me finalize, so I figured it was meant to be. Sorry, NARS, I didn’t want to wait til the 15th! Hopefully neither of us will be disappointed with our purchase; I know that as long as it’s the same as when it was previously released then I’ll love it. I’m very picky with cool tones, but Sin and Outlaw are exceptions.
          As for the rest of the fall collection, I’m curious about the LTL gloss (even though I am not much of a gloss fan) and Undress Me. What’s mental is that I think I want Undress Me just cuz I like the cheeky name and that it’s a ballerina pink color, but I noticed in a pic I saw that it had noticeable flecks of sparkle, which is hard to determine how much/how large from the image.
          As for Torrid, yes, despite that I already have Gilda…still kind of want Torrid, too! I’ll wait on this one, though. I definitely plan on trying the cream blushes. I also want to try Illamasqua’s cream blushes, too. 
          BUT…I can’t wait for OUTLAW!!!! :)

    • Miss J

      @Kafka APPARENTLY…lol…all I had to do was search for “Outlaw” in the search box. *SQUEEL* I’m so excited!! I’ll let you know what I think once it arrives. 😀 😀 😀 HAHA.
      Give love to the hairless pooch. Mine got all shaved over this last weekend, so he’s a naked little one now. I think he feels much less inhibited and just wildly spunky when he gets his hair shaved. It’s like he channels the schnauzer attitude when he looks more like one, lol.