Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  No makeup — far too many earrings!
  • Weekend plans: Celebrating Father’s Day!  Last weekend, my sister graduated, so rather than try to have a halfway Father’s Day (since we were helping her move back home), we decided to postpone it by a week.
  • What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: Fettuccine alfredo!

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This week’s Mellan photo…

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67 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #137

  1. Mariella

    Haul:  Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter; Maybelline Tastefully Taupe eyeshadow
    Weekend plans: clear out some of the old furniture from older son’s room so we can continue on our slowly moving plans to turn it into a guest room-cum-sitting room for our daughter to use as her living room now that she’s moved home
    One thing I can cook superbly: actually, just about anything EXCEPT pie crust (it’s still a challenge to me) but I guess my “specialties” are flank steak and trifle.  Oh, and artichoke bites (people always ask me to bring that to “get togethers”).

  2. Icequeen81ma

    no haul , but he loooks sooo cute Mellan

  3. Haul: I got 10 more Inglot pans all pearl and shimmer shades.
    Weekend plans: I’m packing bento tonight for a picnic tomorrow. Also celebrating Father’s Day dinner this Sunday. Because of the hecticness last weekend we gave him the Sunday off to relax.
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly: I bake better then I cock… >_< most of the time a saute a lot of things up. haha


    Haul: not necessarily a haul, but a purchase…i just signed up for my first glossybox!
    weekend plans: try to not die from this heat whilst eating popsicles and also see my boyfriends parents at some point while they’re in town
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: A lot of things! I wanted to be a chef at some point so there are a lot. My boyfriend does love my Bolognese, Burgers, and Steak tacos though. I love my whole grilled snapper and my pesto with fresh fettucine and roasted veggies and mushrooms.

  5. mpca66

    Haul: Plan to look for a pair of cute black flats (no makeup!) ______

    Weekend plans: Weather pending, would like to clean up the back yard.____

    Cook: baked good … I am a good baker :-)

  6. Cat G

    Haul: Nothing!! I didn’t really go out this week.
    Weekend plans: Haven’t even thought about it! So unlike me…
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: Umm… egg in a basket? Does that count?? haha. I can also make really yummy hummus.

  7. xamyx

    Haul: Nothing!
    Plans: Cleaning.
    What I can cook superbly? Honestly, just about *anything*. Unfortunately, everyone in my family likes bland, boring food, so I don’t get to play in the kitchen as much as I would like.

  8. Haul: Some stuff coming to me in the mail!
    Weekend plans: Trip to Target, unpacking my things (my boyfriend and I broke up, so I moved out and am now staying with family).
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: I can cook many things superbly.

  9. simone lymbery

    Haul: a small angled makeup brush and vital radiance brow fill in powder in dark brown by revlon (which I brought from cheaper on there and i refused to pay £23 for benefit brow zings just yet!)

    Weekend plans: husbands friend (who is elderly) is saying over again for his birthday this weekend

    One thing I can cook superbly: shortbread biscuits & chewy chocolate chip cookies

  10. InkedAngel78

    *Haul:  Lots of baby stuff… The nursery is getting ready! :)
    *Weekend plans: A trip to the beach with a one night stay in a hotel, enjoying some quality time with my hubby.
    *What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: Pasta Carbonara!

  11. Lidalgirl

    Haul: Z palette!
    Weekend plans: celebrating my uncle and my cousing birthday, and keep on writing my dissertation.
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly? loads of things, actually. I learned how to cook at 16 so I can cook many easy meals and less easy ones. the thing is I don’t like cooking if I am the only one who’s gonna eat. there must be the Italian mum in me, lol.

  12. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: MAC eyeshadow in Woodwinked and Blackheart nail polishes in Party Action and Jealous Type.
    Plans: Gardening, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with my hubby, and hang out with family. 
    Cooking: There’s definitely more than one item! Breakfast fare, Beer Brats and German Potatoes, Persian, Mexican, etc. I just can’t choose one item when there’s so much yumminess I can concoct in my kitchen! 
    If you ask my husband, though, he’d say Ghormeh Sabzi. He begs me to make some every month, then eats the whole double pot in two days, and complains it’s all gone. Men.

    • Kafka

       @EvilPinkRobot  Bah, bah, bah, Ghormeh Sabzi!  Manam yezareh meekham!!  😉 

      • EvilPinkRobot

         @Kafka My husband read your comment, shoveled the last bowl into his mouth, then laughed. >_<

        • Kafka

           @EvilPinkRobot  Ha! Did it come with freshly-made Tadik? If so, I don’t blame him. :) Do you also make Fesenjoon? *THAT* one, I would fight him for it!  I sometimes make Khoresht but I lack the time or inclination for a true Fesenjoon from scratch, so I cheat and use Sadaf’s pre-bottled ones. They’re surprisingly good khoreshts!

        • EvilPinkRobot

           @Kafka My hubby knows NOT to touch my tadig! I’d lay off on homemade Persian if he did. 😉 Yup, I make Fesenjoon. I was hesitant on it at first, thought I’d mess it up by burning the walnuts or something, but my first time came out awesome. Maybe the next time the hubby begs for something, I’ll try the Sadaf bottles. Happy husband means more makeup hauls for me! 😀

        • Kafka

           @EvilPinkRobot  You should definitely try the Sadaf pre-made stuff. I’ve tried the Ghaimeh, Fesenjoon and the Gormeh Sabzi, and all 3 are great and require little addition to make the taste dead on.  Perhaps more of the Anar for the Fesenjoon, or dried Limoo for the Gormeh Sabzi. The Ghaimeh may be my favorite, esp. when you add in the eggplants. I really don’t think they’re particularly expensive either and it makes life so much easier! For the Gormeh Sabzi, I estimate you can make a big pot of it in 4-6 hrs, depending on the size of the beef and how soft you like it.  3 smallish jars or one big giant one, and you should easily have enough even for your husband’s appetite. LOL.  And, think how happy he’d be if he didn’t have to wait a full month before he could eat it again!

  13. StephanieT

    Haul: Mac warehouse sale haul in markham: I spent 289 for nearly 600 worth of stuff! My favorites were my semi precious msf, in the abstract highlighter (both were 15 CDN) and Lilicent cream blush (also 15).
    Weekend plans: spend time with my boyfriend, possibly work at Victoria’s secret tomorrow, depending on if the need extra help, and going to see my dad play baseball on Sunday :)
    Food I can cook well: ugh this will sound lame.. But Kraft Dinner.. Honestly I make it amazing, like no one else can :P. that and any sort of chicken :)

  14. HAUL:  MUFE HD foundation, Guerlain Terra Cotta light sheer bronzing and Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder.  In my question for my grail foundation, MUFE HD was recommended to me and I have recently also received Illamasqua Skin Base.  The products are very similar and I was able to find a decent match with both.  The Illamasqua product is probably a touch more pigmented as I only need a very tiny amount to do my entire face.  Here’s the weird part about these foundations:  They do not look so hot when you first apply them and I use a MAC 188 small duo fibre brush and buff into my skin predominantly in spots where I need it more and lightly in those I don’t.  In any event, something magic seems to happen–little microscopic buffing elves perhaps– in the span of about 1/2 an hour and all of a sudden the application looks supremely smooth and your skins looks immaculate!!!  This is the girl who used to prefer the look of a TM over foundation, but now I find myself strangely obsessed with this flawless look.  After applying my make-up, I top up with a light dusting of Guerlain meterorites and the finish is just superb.  I like both of these products, but I haven’t tested the MUFE in extremely hot weather conditions yet.  The Guerlain bronzing products are really excellent as well.  I tend to buy very light colours of bronzer to affect a small hint of colour and both of these products apply ‘invisibly’, but give that lovely hint of tan and neither produces obnoxious orangey fake tan looks.  The sheer bronzing power item has a bit of sparkle and pink which is lovely and not overdone.
    WEEKEND PLANS:  Yesterday marked the births of our very first in-house purebred Suffolk lambs.  We bred these two girls 100% on our farm with our own stud ram.  The rest of the flock will be giving birth over the next 45 to 60 days.  We call this time of year Lamb-a-thon since we survive on very little sleep.  The issue is to be in attendence with the ewes during their delivery time in the event something goes wrong and we need to intervene.  Consequently, this dictates middle of the night checks, early morning checks..etc..  around the clock supervision essentially.  I am the wet nurse if the female ewes decide they do not want to feed their babies or are incapable of producing sufficient milk.  They are fed by bottle with a milk replacer in these cases.  Anyhow, I have posted a couple of pictures of the newborn twins shortly after they were born (less than an hour old) on the Temptalia Pets Flickr board if anyone is interested.  No, they are not pets, but for me they might as well be.
    THE ONE THING I CAN COOK SUPERBLY:  I’m a pretty good cook and also very good with desserts/pastry.  But the one thing that people rave about all the time and ask me how I do it..  Roasted baby potatoes.  Mine are crisy golden on the outside and tender on the inside without being mushy.  I do a two step process and it’s worth it!!!  

    • Kafka

       @wwendalynne  Wendy, I’m so glad you found a foundation that works for you, esp. colour wise. Which one is a closer colour match for you? BTW, the transformation you describe is exactly what happened to me with the NARS Sheer Glow: from heinous and just lying on the skin to magical, “my skin but better” 30 minutes onwards.  Definitely getting it when my sample runs out!   And your lambs are *adorable*!!! So sweet and I laughed out loud at the “Who are you and *what* are you??” photo! Heh. Of course, with a handsome papa like Big Gus (that’s his name, right?), I’m not surprised that they’re gorgeous. 
             One thing: your post transitioned from baby lambs into roasted baby potatoes…..  Ouch!  <grin>

      •  @Kafka Doh!  Colour I like better = MUFE 120,  Foundation I like better = Illamasqua.  HG Undetectable by me colour match = 50% MUFE 120 and 50% Illamasqua #6.  The MUFE is very slightly too dark and also too yellow.  The Illamasqua #8 is  too dark and too pink..I purchased #6 and #8.  I have a wicked eye for colour differences so when I make these comments, I’m being over-the-top exacting.  I judge match in two ways 1.  standing in direct light and looking into my makeup mirror and 2.  it’s painful, but the mirror in my truck.  It’s not kind at ALL and If I want to feel particularly sh*tty about myself, I just need to lower the visor to be confronted with everything that is bad.  Through this mirror, I can see infinitesimal differences and small differences appear glaringly wrong.  Is this freaking message anal retentive enough to annoy you? apologies :)Hey, good luck with the surgery!!!  You already know all about our Digger having emerg neck surgery just this past November.  He was cooped up in Doggy jail for 4 months in a pen/crate as well because he was not allowed ANY movement while he recovered.  He’s doing very well now and it is incredible what they can do.  Of course, it costs the MOON!!!  So big hugs and best wishes and take plenty of valium because they are not happy campers when otherwise super active dogs are confined :(.  They eventually figure it out though.  xoxo Wendy

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne I laughed so hard about the truck mirror! Several years ago, I had my now ex had a convertible, and I remember being in the car one afternoon, wearing a new foundation. Although we had (what I *thought* was) amazing light in the bathroom, I thought my foundation looked really good, until I looked over into the rearview mirror. It was absolutely *horrifying*! I couldn’t believe I had gone the entire day like that. He finally convinced me it didn’t look bad, but yes, car/truck mirrors are absolutely unforgiving, LOL. Lesson learned; when riding in a car, there is no reason to look at the mirror.

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne I laughed so hard about the truck mirror! Several years ago, my now ex had a convertible, and I remember being in the car one afternoon, wearing a new foundation. Although we had (what I *thought* was) amazing light in the bathroom, I thought my foundation looked really good, until I looked over into the rearview mirror. It was absolutely *horrifying*! I couldn’t believe I had gone the entire day like that. He finally convinced me it didn’t look bad, but yes, car/truck mirrors are absolutely unforgiving, LOL. Lesson learned; when riding in a car, there is no reason to look at the mirror.

        • Kafka

           @wwendalynne  You know how anal-retentive/OCD  *I* can be, so I liked it! What made you go with MUFE #120 as opposed to something like the 117? It’s paler but still yellow, though not as much as 120. Check some swatches and see what you think.  
               As for the surgery, I think I’ll be better on Friday when I bring him back home. Wednesday morning, I’m driving a few hours out to the godforsaken place where Texas A&M is located. It’s one of the top 3 vet centers in the country, kinda like a Johns Hopkins for dogs/horses/etc.. I will drop him off and leave him for their extensive battery of tests and x-rays. He has to be in perfect health for the operation and they won’t do it if they find even the smallest something wrong with him.  Then, Thursday morning, they will do the actual surgery. It’s been suggested to me by more than one person (from breeders to vet techs to human nurses) that I should leave him there overnight for them to assess his pain levels. So, Friday, I will drive back out and pick him up.  I plan to sedate myself with endless amounts of Nutella, wine and bread from Wed. afternoon until I have him in my arms again Friday.  <grin>  My big concern is the blasted infection that German Shepherds in particular are prone to post-op; they have to use a totally diff. bone/ball-socket for GSDs than they have to do for all other dogs. There is a serious risk of infection from that that other dogs don’t usually face. So, I figure I will be a nervous wreck for about a month. LOL. Paw kisses to Digger and Bernice.

        • Susan Dowman Nevling

           @xamyx  @wwendalynne
           Great solution. Love it. Don’t look!!!  I think we have all done it!

  15. Kafka

    What a super photo with all the bright colours. You can tell from his body language how happy he is! Does Mellan always swim with a life vest at your parents’ place?
    Haul:  NARS Rajasthan and Melusine eyeshadow duos. They may be my favorite NARS eyeshadows yet!
    Weekend Plans:  Prepare for The Hairy German’s total hip replacement Wednesday. Rearrange the furniture to best accommodate his massive, new crate (48L x 30W x33H) in the main downstairs area of the house and to minimise distances to the grassy area outside. Also, one last hurrah at the dog park since he won’t be going for the next 8 months.  And lots of Valium for me. ;P
    Cooking:  Food is one of my big passions in life and I’m a pretty gourmet cook, so a lot of things.  A friend once offered to back me to the tune of 6 figures to start my own place, so it’s not all in my imagination. LOL.  I can’t bake for the life of me though. Far too much math involved, and math & I don’t get along.

    •  @Kafka He’s supposed to! Someone is always out there watching him, but I feel better if he has his vest on. He’s a strong swimmer, and aside from the very first time he swam as a puppy, he’s never had a single problem swimming!  He went a little vertical but righted himself as a wee pup!  

    • mpca66

      @Kafka … keep us updated about your dog :-) My cocker spaniel just got diagnoised with arthritis in his elbows .. so sad, he’s only 1 yr old. We have an appt with a vet surgeon to see if anything can/can’t be done for him.

      • Kafka

         @mpca66  @Kafka  Your poor baby…. he’s so young. :(  I think it’s always so much worse when furry children are diagnosed with something serious as they’re just starting life. My Zola was 5 months old when they said he had bilateral Hip Dysplasia.  What things (medications, supplements) is your boy on to help him until the surgical consult? I highly recommend Grizzly’s Salmon oil but, most of all, N’Zymes granules.  It’s a super-food or live-food supplement and I was urged to use it by a number of my breeder friends who swear by it for joint, elbow, ligament and HD problems. One of them managed to avoid an elbow operation on her champion Mastiff thanks to it, while another’s Westminster-awarded champion Shar Pei survived for years with serious arthritis and no pain/mobility issues because of it. I truly believe that N’Zymes is the sole reason I’ve managed to put Zola’s operation off for 3 years.  None of us know how or why it works (it confounds my vet, lol, who is actually looking into it for his own dogs) but it seems to work wonders on everything from allergies and skin conditions to musko-skeletal and joint problems. I think it may help your boy.  The website with info: ( ).

    • Leticia

       @Kafka Best of luck for you and Zola next Wednesday!!

      • Kafka

         @Leticia  You’re very sweet! Thank you, I’m really touched.  He’s my son, pure and simple; he just happens to wear a very thick fur coat. 😉     

        • Leticia

           @Kafka I understand – you just can´t love more an adorable creature like a dog! I’ll be sending positive and supportive vibes to you and Zoya; you´ll see everything will turn out great!!

    • Miss J

       @Kafka The Hairy German will be in my thoughts! Hope his surgery goes well!

      • Kafka

        @MissJ, thank you, sweetie. I appreciate it.  If I can get through Wed., then the actual surgery on Thursday morning & his return on Friday with my sanity relatively intact, I figure I will deserve AT LEAST one NARS blush as a reward. I’m not holding my breath though; I’m nutty on the best of days.  <grin>  Give some belly rubs to Bubba from me, will ya?  

    • blueraccoon

       @Kafka Luck to The Hairy German and to you – here’s hoping all goes well and he has an easy recovery!

    •  @Kafka Best wishes for an uneventful, speedy recovery!  I know you’ll do just fine!

  16. Haul: No makeup this week.  Just costume items and books.
    Weekend Plans: Er….no clue.  Gonna try to relax if possible cause next week is super busy.
    Cooking: I make a thai-style curry that I call my “spicy orange goo of death” because it could kill some folks I know.

  17. Haul: I got some stuff last Sunday…does that count? :) MAC’s Bare Study, Lipglass in Pink Lemonade, and lipstick in Faux. I was going there to try out Creme Cup, which I thought looked HORRIBLE on me, and I tried Faux — looked so much better that I snapped it up! 
    Weekend plans: take my last golf lesson before I go out and play with my dad for the first time ever, get my nails done (usually I do my own, but my grandma wants me to come with her…now the question is, do I get a French manicure, or do I try the OPI Gel manicure?). 😉
    Cooking: I make a pretty mean sundried tomato pesto penne. Garlic toast is another thing people ask me to make. Hope they like garlic if they do, since I put a LOT on!

  18. Joanna

    haul: mac rebel lipstick, colour saturation cremesheen lipglass, studio finish concealer (yes, i know im late to the party on that one), mineralize concealer (for contouring), 109 brush, 188 brush, black swan pearlglide eyeliner. and not from mac, i FINALLY got guerlain meteorites in teint rose 01!!!! so excited! it’s my first guerlain product :)
    not makeup related, but i also purchased a pair of steve madden babylonn pumps from nordstrom online. they were 50% off and are this fabulous teal color :) can’t wait for those babies to arrive
    weekend plans: work on saturday and hanging out with the boyfriend, and sunday i’ll be doing homework and packing for my trip to NYC this week
    cooking: i make a mean chicken parmesan

  19. Reasoner_

    Haul: No makeup. Just hair stuff ( Color protein in Red Red, hair dye mixing bowl, and tint brush) and a robe.
    Weekend Plans: Health careers camp at one of my state’s colleges. Trying to get everything into one bag right now and failing at it since I have towels and bed sheets and a pillow I have to bring. Ugh. I think I’m going to accept having to bring two bags. 
    Cooking: Baked goods. Those were the first things I ever learned how to make so I better be good at them! Haha.

  20. Joannie

    Haul: MAC Casual Colour in Have A Lovely Day, Style Tip nail lacquer & more flowers to plant in the backyard.

    Weekend Plans: Grilling & Chilling with the family; reading & hammock time

    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly? Haira, Moroccan Stew

  21. Haul: a lot of Wet n Wild products (khol pencils, liner, shadow palette, lipbalm) because the whole brand was 40% off at my drugstore!
    Weekend plans: nothing special, probably a trip to the beach or the park, maybe a movie.
    Cooking: my ratatouille is pretty good! But my real specialty is mustard salad dressing…

  22. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Huge  orders from Sephora plus a seconf smaller one for things I forgot. I think they might be discontiuing DiorShow Blackout mascara so order an extra. (non-waterproof)
    Also had a nice haul from Ulta. Recd nicce freebees with all.
    My grandaughter is pregnant and is breaking out so had to fix her up with some safe, effective products. Don’t forget that products- liquid and cream are absorbed into the body.
    Last thing. I LOVE Temptalia.- fun and good info.

  23. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC bronzer in Nude on Board and MAC Prolongwear lipstick in Love Long Distance 
    Weekend Plans: hanging out with my best friend and church and cleaning
    Cooking: Baked goods, I love baking!

  24. Mara

    Haul: too bad…I had a 20% Sephora discount so I bought some MUFE stuff I had already tried and swatched long before (eyebrow gel corrector – wow, it really does stay put!, aqua lips in 1c – nice neutral; and something unexpected: lip perfector pencil to help with my incipient fine wrinkles around the lips which were starting to bother me when wearing lipstick!)
    Weekend plans: I have quite a bit of translating work to do, plus ironing, and I’d love to take my dog (a 7 year old golden retriever female) to the beach – she absolutely adores it and she loves going in to swim from one place to another, everyone stops to look at her. I am a big fan of Mellan and always look forward to his friday’s photo, he really reminds me of my dog!
    Cooking: Hmm….I’ll give this one a miss, ha ha ha !

  25. EstherKudron

    Haul: Clinique’s bottom lash mascara and some turquoise hair die
    Weekend plans: use said hair dye! gonna do some ombred tips to ring in the summer :]
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: hmm… I cook a lot, but I think butternut squash mac and cheese is what I do best

  26. oh my goodness, Mellon is so cute! I wish my Lady liked to play in the water, but I tried putting her in the tub with me once and she freaked out! 😛
    Haul: Milani baked blushes
    Weekend plans: go to see an art installation nearby, relax and catch up on more Breaking Bad!
    One thing I cook superbly: any kind of pasta or my potatoes au gratin

  27. Leticia

    Haul: MAC Fleet Fast Blush, Au Rose Lip Tint, Fix + and brush cleanser!
    Weekend plans: Hopefully, get my hair done!
    The one thing I can cook superbly: I don´t cook that much, but everyone in my family loves the chicken tacos I cook once in a while!
    Mellan looks so adorable with his vest……!

  28. Maya

    Haul: MAC Wedge, Espresso, Cork, Brule, and Era eyeshadows
    Weekend Plans: Not sure yet!
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: I make an amazing spinach and artichoke dip!

  29. Gee.  That dog is like “Find Waldo”.  His picture is taken everywhere.  They should have a book. “Find Mellon”. Very photogenic even if doesnt look straight at the camera.

  30. Gisele

    Haul: Benefit Hervana, Rimmel Stay Matte, Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey conditioner (20% Off at Ulta…YAY!)
    Weekend Plans: Late Dinner with friends. Mexican…yum!
    I think that I make great empanadas, it took me a very long time to perfect them. :)

  31. blueraccoon

    Haul: Burberry Peony blush and Blush lipgloss. Also a bunch of stuff I bought from a blog sale: Chanel Glossimer (Nakkar), Rouge Coco (Etoile), Burberry Lip Cover (Primrose Hill Pink), Fresh lip treatment (Passion), Diorskin Shimmer (Rose Diamond), Milani Liquif’Eye eyeliner (black), Burberry Beauty Brush. All of which made me ver’ happy and was bought at a significant discount *g*
    Weekend Plans: Sleep, game with friends, work on Sunday.
    Cooking: I make a fantastic dairy kugel, and my chicken soup is phenomenal.

    • Alison Cole

       @blueraccoon Was that Xiao’s blog sale? I can’t remember the exact items! 

      • blueraccoon

         @Alison Cole it was! I have my eye on some of the things that haven’t sold yet, for when I have money to spend again.

    • Kafka

       @blueraccoon  That Burberry blush is gorgeous!!  And there are few things better than a fantastic bargain!  😉  What are Burberry brushes like? I imagine the quality must be outstanding and that they must be much better than MAC.  

      • blueraccoon

         @Kafka I *love* the blush – it gives me that almost porcelain doll quality, you know? In a good way! The brush is also fantastic; it’s pony and goat hair, and the one I have is basically a small kabuki. I haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet but I love that it’s very soft, but also pretty dense so it’ll pick up powders well.

        • Kafka

           @blueraccoon  It all sounds lovely and gorgeous. How long does the blush last on you?  May I say, the best part of the whole thing is that you got everything for a bargain. That warms my cheapskate heart to no end!  <grin>  I think I need to investigate further this phenomenom of blog sales. How do you hear about them? Just by generally following a blog? 

        • blueraccoon

           @Kafka I haven’t tested the full wear of the blush yet so I’m not sure; I know Christine has reviewed it though, so she may have notes? This particular blog sale I found out about because it’s a makeup blog I read, and she announced a few days in advance that she was having a blog sale, so I lay in wait until she went live. I bought everything I listed, including shipping and all, for $130, and it was so worth it.

  32. Alison Cole

    SO cute! 

  33. Nicole

    Haul:I just bought nail polish remover
    Weekend plans:
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly?: Sounds a bit silly, but pancakes and waffles. My mom doesn’t have the right timing for them. Noodles with olive oil, herbs and tomatoes.

  34. TMBJessxox

    Haul: a beanbag, new earphones, a purse from the thrift store and a few candles. Girls night tonight.
    Plans: film a couple makeup tutorials for my YouTube channel, make a lot of lists, send a couple emails and try to get my camera fixed.
    What’s the one thing you can cook superbly? Probably 2 minute noodles LOL, or packet macaroni. I’m also good at making nachos with sour cream,cheese and Mexican chili beans. Yum!