Friday, June 15th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Nothing!
  • Weekend plans: Take some photos/swatches, try to get a little ahead for the next week, farmer’s market, Sunday brunch. Can you tell I like routine?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?: Temptalia

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

“What do you want now?”

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48 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #136

  1. Avatar of Mirian Vermeulen MIRIANV

    Haul: smashbox shades of fame palette, a new crease brush, and a brand new AC compressor for my car!
    Weekend plans: Pho dinner tonight. tomorrow Princeton to get Boba Tea and have the puppy put her dirty paws on everyone and maybe some shopping :)
    Proudest accomplishment?: Probably hitting my one year sobriety mark. Anyone can check into rehab, but stay sober is the hardest part and I’m on 1 year 1 month!

  2. StephanieT

    Haul: MAC / clinique /Estée Lauder/ Bobbi brown warehouse sale :)
    Weekend plans: work!
    Proudest accomplishment: my scholarship offer in Pennsylvania/San Jose for lacrosse :)

  3. Avatar of Simone simone lymbery

    Haul:  my urban decay make your own palette kit with blackout and mildew eye shadows  to go along with it :)
    Weekend plans: going out to lunch on Saturday hopefully apart from that not much else.
    What is your proudest accomplishment?:  Moving from Australia to the United Kingdom to be with my husband :-)

  4. Haul: Jurlique Pick of the Bunch (Herbal Recovery Gel and Rosewater Balancing Mist), and the Sugar lip balm duo that I got with my Sephora order finally landed in my hands!
    Weekend plans: Sushi for tonight, a girls’ night in with a friend tomorrow night, some football (soccer) matches on TV, some housework, and writing posts!
    What is your proudest accomplishment: The fact that I am fluently trilingual despite the fact that I grew up in a very much monolingual environment!

  5. Haul: Some new Essence of Beauty brushes.
    Weekend plans: My boyfriend and I are breaking up, so I have to move this weekend. :(
    Your proudest accomplishment?: Getting accepted by Columbia University.

  6. OMG it’s Friday already..where did the week go??

    • Oh and..Haul:  2 Sleek palettes in matte dark and neutral – they rock and if I had these two palettes and my new Sugarpill palette, I’d be content for weeks..maybe even a month!Weekend plans: driving my tractor: raking, baling and hauling hay My greatest accomplishment:  giving the people around me a break and learning to let go of the little things (spoken from a former A type demanding perfectionist annoying bitch from hell)  

  7. happygeisha

    My urge to pet that dog is through the roof.

  8. Haul:  Nothing as well.
    Weekend plans: Grandma’s B-Day and Father’s day on Sunday.
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: I don’t have one as I’m always trying to get better at what I do. My GD teacher said that about me as well, that is always did excellent work but I’m always thinking I could have done better.

  9. Avatar of Elle letoya_mcclay

    Haul: 3 makeup brushes: Two from elf and one from BH Cosmetics, MAC Causal and Cool lip/cheek pot in Keep It Casual, Burts Bees makeup remover wipes, Contouring cream (Black Opal Carob) and two foundations by Loreal N8/C8.
    Weekend plans: Celebrate my best friend’s birthday! Party!!
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: Being the first in my family to get a Masters Degree :)

  10. Avatar of Wendy EvilPinkRobot

    1. Quite a haul since my birthday passed! Kat Von D Mini True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Little Sinner, Nails Inc. polish in Burlington Arcade, $$$, gold turtle necklace, Goonies on Blu-Ray, and a Kindle. 
    I bought myself some gifts as well. Butter London polishes in Lillibet’s Jubilee, Slapper, Snog, and Lady Muck, Tokidoki polishes in Donutella, Latte, SANDy, and Savana, a new pair of Converse and a couple of super cute slip-ons.  
    2. My favorite aunt and cousins are coming down to see the new house tomorrow! So excited, but it means I have to spend today cleaning. Sunday will be spent doing whatever my dad wants to do, which will probably include a super cheap lunch and lots of sweets. 
    3. Homeowner. This poor girl never thought it’d ever happen, especially in my neck of the woods. 

  11. Avatar of Sally SallyR

    Haul:  Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia and Butter London nail varnish in The Black Night
    Weekend plans: Get some schoolwork done, go kayaking with my husband, meet my dad for dinner and a movie on Saturday and have lunch with him on Father’s Day.
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: Getting straight A’s in graduate school and getting into graduate school after 8 months of trying to relearn Algebra! Also marrying my husband, as he’s really awesome if I do say so myself!

  12. Vanillasnow

    Haul:  Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express in Waterproof.  I think I bought it because I liked the teal packaging x_X;
    Weekend Plans:  Gonna check out the summer sales at both L’occitane and Fruits & Passion, then stock up on anything that is a deal~
    Accomplishment:  Um… dunno about this.  2 degrees I guess but I don’t have a good job to show for it, so it seems rather sad on the contrary.   I do have a lot of student loans though! 

  13. Haul: nothing, sadly…
    Weekend plans: See the San Francisco Youth Symphony Orchestra perform and attend an after-concert private meeting, sleep, read, bake…
    Proudest accomplishment: I’d say getting into Scripps College, designing my own major, and being on the dean’s list almost every semester. :)

  14. Avatar of Kafka Kafka

    Poor abused, harassed Mellan! Never a moment’s peace and quiet, or freedom from that annoying camera. LOL.
    Haul:  The NARS 9947 six-eyeshadow palette. (It’s this one and has Himalayas, Ondine, Night Flight, Surabaya II, Kilimanjaro, & Bohemian Gold.)  NARS Lokoum cream blush. A few Sonia Kashuk brushes. And a TerraTints tinted lip balm.  
    Weekend plans:  Re-read “Sarah’s Key” for my book club Tuesday. Sunday involves Father’s Day plans and going out for dinner.
    Your proudest accomplishment?:  Hm. Good question. Never thought of it before and don’t quite know what the answer is.  Being chosen for the Phi Beta Kappa national honours society, maybe? Surviving my insane childhood and life? LOL.  No, probably being a person I like or a good person, and knowing I’m not an a*sshole. Yeah, probably that. Liking yourself isn’t as easy or as self-evident as it sounds.

  15. Avatar of Marina Marina

    Haul: NARS Paramaribo Eyeshadow Duo, Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Spark of Envy (I got it! Just like you said I should! Love!), and a
    Blood Orange body butter- I only paid around $23 dollars because I still had $35 left on a gift card!
    Weekend Plans: Tennis lesson and that’s it for scheduled things- I may see my cousins Sunday and I also want to work on my required summer reading.
    Proudest Accomplisment: Graduating 8th grade with straight As! (Sorry this isn’t super big, I’m only 14!)

    • Miss J

      Straight As is a GREAT accomplishment! Keep up the good work! I regret not being a better student when I was in grade/middle and high school. i hope you have a good experience entering high school in the fall.

      • Avatar of Marina Marina

        Thank you so much! I hope so – I’m staying at the same school as I love it, and I’m so excited! 

  16. Jennifer

    Haul: Lots of nail polish!
    Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream
    Nars Koliary
    Nars Anardana
    Nars Trouville
    Nars Amchoor
    Sinful Colors Hazard
    Burberry Taupe Brown Eyeshadow
    Burberry Tulip Pink Lipstick
    Guerlain Chamade Rouge Automatique
    Weekend Plans: Playing on a golf course for the first time!  Hopefully will see Prometheus too.
    Proudest Accomplishment: Probably that I’ve made it through my first half of grad school.

  17. Haul:  Sephora moonbaked eyeshadow trio in Meteor Shower.
    Weekend plans: go to the bay area, celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday.
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: being a traveler and having lived in 3 different countries so far. Although the adjustment phase I’m going through right now is tough!

  18. Tigress

    Haul: Nothing
    Weekend plans: Work
    Proudest accomplishment: Every single animal I’ve ever rescued and found a home for.

  19. Avatar of Kafka Kafka

    My first comment didn’t go through like many of my recent posts, so let’s try again. (Stupid Livefyre is becoming the bane of my existence. Only 1 in 3 of my posts actually goes through these days!).
    Poor abused, harassed Mellan! Never a moment’s peace and quiet, or freedom from that annoying camera. ;)
    Haul:  The NARS 9947 six-eyeshadow palette. (It’s this one and has Himalayas, Ondine, Night Flight, Surabaya II, Kilimanjaro, & Bohemian Gold.)  NARS Lokoum cream blush. A few Sonia Kashuk brushes. And a TerraTints tinted lip balm. 
    Weekend plans:  Re-read “Sarah’s Key” for my book club Tuesday. Sunday involves Father’s Day plans and going out for dinner.
    Your proudest accomplishment?:  Hm. Good question. Never thought of it before and don’t quite know what the answer is.  Being chosen for the Phi Beta Kappa national honours society, maybe? Surviving my insane childhood and life? LOL.  No, probably being a person I like or a good person, and knowing I’m not an a*sshole. Yeah, probably that. Liking yourself isn’t as easy or as self-evident as it sounds.

    • Miss J

       @Kafka Hey, Kafka! Let me know how you like the new NARS blush!

      • Avatar of Kafka Kafka

        @Miss J,  I definitely will, once it arrives. I can’t *wait* to get my paws on it! In the meantime, I’ve got my eye on Mounia and hope to get that one, too. Since I got Lokoum, Sin has now moved to #1 on my blush list but since Mounia is DC’d…..  Oh, I’ve also been looking at the bronzer – Irrestiblement — which everyone says is a warm caramel, golden terracotta matte colour without any real brown.  Supposedly, it’s perfect for pale, fair skin and, for them, even better than Laguna! No muddy undertones, not that Laguna makes me look muddy but I can see how it would do so for super, super pale skin. Some call it a caramel peach that, on olive skin, gives a healthy glow. I vaguely remember swatching this in Sephora, I think, and it was very pretty. Intrigued? 

        • Miss J

           @Kafka  @Miss I always thought that bronzer was pretty when swatched, but on my face, it doesn’t work. I can wear it on my cheeks okay, but something about peach and red toned bronzers doesn’t work on me. I have to have golden-brown otherwise something just looks off and I can’t place it. :/ The only bronzers I’ve been able to find so far are NARS Laguna, Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil, and Guerlains ones for warmer/golden tones.

  20. Avatar of Icequeen Icequeen81ma

    aaaaawww sweeet when I saw his pic I saw the same expression, what do you want now.

  21. Avatar of Gina Gina

    I have to say, seeing Temptalia as your proudest accomplishment made me a little emotional. You 100% should be proud, Christine! What you do is amazing!

  22. Avatar of Amy xamyx

    I’m saving up for the NARS Fall 2012 & Warhol collections, so I’m trying not to buy anything. As for the weekend, other than my daughter’s kindergarten culmination today, I have nothing planned (again, trying to save money). My daughter is my biggest accomplishment; she has autism, and she’s been in Special Education classes the last 3 years (although the last two have been mixed), but next term she will be moving on to an all mainstream classroom, with no “supports”, other than conultive speech therapy. Of course I have to credit my family for all their help, as well as the incredible kindergarten team this past term.

  23. Haul: Mac Keep it Cool and Evening Stroll cheek/lip pots and the Beth Ditto blue mascara….I’m gonna return the mascara.  Oh!  I also picked up Too Faced’s Royal Oil.  That stuff smells niiiiiiice.
    Weekend plans: Hell if I know.  Trying to enjoy time to myself and playing lots of video games.
    Proudest Accomplishment: Taking the initiative to put my creative works out there for the public.

  24. blueraccoon

    Haul: Guerlain Meteorites Teint Rose mattifying and illuminating powder (the pressed compact), Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Pink Sequin. Chanel Rogue Allure Velvet in La Distinguee (the website exclusive). Dandelion powder and gloss sample (code DANDELION on right now, don’t know how long it’ll last). 
    Weekend plans: Gaming tomorrow with friends, and working 12 hours on Sunday.
    Proudest accomplishment: It’s a tie between being married six and a half years (relationship’s lasted a little over twelve years) and getting and keeping my current job (i work in the IT field and i’m NOT a contractor, and that’s really hard to find out here, especially after the last few years). 

  25. Becca

    haul: I bought my grad dress from Melanie Lyne, the Linkin Park Underground 9 cd, and my dad finally got back from Las Vegas with the stuff I ordered for my birthday: all three shady lady palettes from theBalm (thanks to you Christine), the two very first batman dvds, a Yael Naim cd, and the things I ordered from bhcosmetics: the 1st and 3rd edition 120 palettes,the 10 colour blush palette, the foundation brush and the smudger brush. I also bought the Clarisonic Mia 2, but it didn’t arrive because they messed up the shipping and said it never worked even though they sent it out and gave us the confirmation email.. so I’ll either be reordering it from Amazon this time or just buying it at sephora.
    Weekend Plans: there was a suicide at my school and everyone is absolutely devastated. It had a huge impact on me, so I’ll probably spend the weekend grieving even though I should be studying for finals.
    Proudest Accomplishment: getting my article that I wrote for a competition published in the newspaper along with receiving an honorable mention. (this was in grade 6)

  26. army_wife_in_alaska

    Haul: MAC Jaunty backups. I’ve found my HG eyeshadow and I’ve stocked up for years to come. MAC Shimmermoss. I found it’s still available so I grabbed this. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder. I’m running low.
    Weekend Plan: Will have to see what the weather would be like. 
    Proudest Acccomplishment: Graduated from law school and took the bar on the first instance and passed it with high flying colors!

  27. Miss J

    Haul: Nothing too interesting. I picked up BE’s Well Rested, purple liquid liner, and some samples. I also had to order the foundation pump for NARS since my cap broke and it was wasting foundation with the leaking. I’m still debating if I’m gonna get that new primer from Hourglass, and I think I’m going to get Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel.
    Weekend plans: Farmer’s Market, I hope, for Saturday, and Sunday with fam for Father’s Day.
    Proudest Accomplishment: I’m not too sure, but as a kid, I was told I’d end up “no good.” So, to not have ended up “no good” sure feels good, as if it’s a big “F*** YOU!” Lol.

  28. Kristabelle

    Haul: MAC patina and charcoal brown, 217 brush, maybelline mauvelicious lipstick (perfect MLBB), zebra print z-palette, lavanila vanilla grapefruit roll-on scent. and just ordered some manic panic vampire red dye if that counts…it looks so good on xsparkage/leesha, i had to have it!
    Weekend plans: work and hopefully seeing my dad on sunday
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: hmm it’s a little personal to post on the internet…but quitting several dangerous/unhealthy behaviors.

  29. Avatar of Veronica Veronica

    Haul: L’Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner in Earthen Brown
    Weekend Plans: Vacationing in Arizona!  :D
    Proudest Accomplishment:  Haven’t quite done anything yet that I think deserves this title.  Call me back in a decade.  :)

  30. Nicole

    Haul:  A MAC Mascara and a MAC Prep + Prime.
    Weekend plans: Some organisation, looking for bath furniture and some online shopping
    What is your proudest accomplishment?: My diploma in business economics

  31. Joannie

    Haul: MAC Casual Colours in Evening Stroll, Keep it Casual, Keep It loose, Lazy Sunday, Out for Fun, Relaxation, and Weekend getaway. Love them, love the consistency and they wear long on me. Essie nail polish

  32. Joannie

    IPad sensitivity…continuing. Essie nail polish in Cascade Cool

    Weekend Plans: garden center to purchase flowers, planting the flowers, a day w/my daughter just hanging out, watching movies, girl talk & lazing in the hammock. Family Sunday dinner.

    Greatest Accomplishment: Raising an amazing daughter, surviving cancer & getting published.

  33. Avatar of Icequeen Icequeen81ma