Friday, April 20th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Dior Aurora Eyeshadow Palette
  • Weekend plans:  I want to tackle touch-up paint and sorting through various instruction manuals so we can get everything organized!
  • Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?:   Unruly and unwieldy in every way.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan has been enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having this past week!

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57 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #128

  1. Maggie

    Haul? Don’t I wish. All of my family have birthdays in April, so I had to get them all presents. No new fun stuff for me this week.
    Weekend Plans? Grandparents are coming in to help us celebrate all the birthdays. I’ll be busy keeping them entertained with things like the North American Olympic tryouts for ping-pong (no joke.)
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece? Big, and still growing. But I do love all of them. I try to keep it organized but something always disappears.

  2. Haul: Bobbi Brown Concealer in Honey, Gel Liners in Denim Ink and Caviar Ink. I took advantage of the recent F&F sale!

    Weekend Plans: HOMEWORK unfortunately. I have a 10 page paper to write, some books to read, and I want to start on my 8 page paper (although this is unlikely to happen this weekend).

    Do you have a big beauty stash?: YES! Check it out here:

    I actually have to redo that post, because my stash has gotten even bigger!

  3. Haul: Three of the new China Glaze Prismatics and Orly Space Cadet!
    Weekend plans: I have some more spring cleaning to do but I’m going to go get my hair cut tomorrow.
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: I consider it smaller but I really love it. It’s definitely the biggest among people I know but pretty small compared to the collections I’ve seen on youtube/blogs.

  4. Haul: Zoya Fleck Effect Nail Polish all three (took 6 weeks to get), two Color Club polishes in Worth the Risque & Blue-Ming and China Glaze Riveting. Also a new Clarisonic sensitive brush head.

    Weekend plans: Weeding through my Mom massive collection of school books.

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: It’s big! I know All I need can fit into one Z-Palette for eyeshadows but I’m a color/finish junky for sure.

  5. Raquel

    awww dog life !!!

  6. amy


    NARS Jolie Poupee and Alhambra (will likely return Alhambra, unused/unopened, as it is easily dupable with UD Sin & Half Baked)
    MUFE eyeshadows #s 3 & 17
    NARS Soft Touch Eye Pencils in Aigle Noir & Tall Tale
    Smashbox 15 Hour cream shadows in Iris & Sapphire

    Plans: I have nothing planned, as usual

    I have a rather large makeup stash, but I love each & every piece. I rarely ever buy anything on a whim, nor do I make a purchase based on hype or popularity.

    • amy

      * I just decided I’m going to return the MUFE shadows, too… Nice colors, but I have too many neutrals (again, unopened/unused). I’m trying to build a pallette, but I decided I want more unique colors. *

    • Kafka

      How do you like the Jolie Poupée? I’m really tempted to get it but when I quickly swatched it on my hand some weeks back, it didn’t seem intensely purple and seemed kinda sheer(ish).

  7. Karen

    Haul: Zoya surf collection, Arizona, Skylar and Bevin; Cover Band Sticks and Stones and a polish ring made out of Nailventurous Floam.

    Weekend Plans: Let’s see…sorority formal, Greek discovery day, sorority senior tea and a play that my best friend is in!

    Beauty stash: It’s not really huge but I have more than a normal person should, still in love with every piece!

  8. Lauren

    HAUL: I’m waiting for two beauty packages to get here today or tomorrow. I am expecting: Urban Decay 24/7 holiday liner sets in Naked and Electric (on sale!), Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencil stash (paid $9!), new grindhouse sharpener, Smashbox concealer, Smashbox Blush Rush in Gingersnap.

    WEEKEND PLANS: Working, unfortunately. Oh, and I’m doing family pictures. :)

    BEAUTY STASH SIZE: My beauty stash has been growing exponentially. I actually just renovated my bathroom so I threw a lot of old stuff out and got new storage for my makeup. I have one whole drawer devoted to brushes, extras (generally free gifts), and brushes. I also have a nice big train case for makeup in the cabinet and a second train case just for nail polish. I’ve only been buying what I know I like and I stopped impulse buying cheap stuff. I love about 75% of my stash and like everything else. There are very few things that I can say that I don’t like. There are some things I don’t use much, but overall, I feel good about it.

  9. Haul: nothing!
    Weekend plans: my friend’s son’s baseball game tonight, nephew’s birthday party tomorrow, church on Sunday. Just the typical weekend of a 21 year old! 😛
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: Eh it’s like medium. I wish it was smaller though. I want more stuff, but I want to really use everything I have. Paradox in me D: Last week I decided to clean house though. A lot was thrown away (old, too used, etc.) and some was put into a donation bag. The timing is great too! My friend just told me of this women’s shelter she wants us to volunteer at so hopefully they will take the makeup.
    The other day my husband said something to me, and I turned around to look at my dog as if was going to say something in my defense. I really do forget that he’s just a dog and can’t talk sometimes. I still say he can and is just holding out on me!!

    Is Mellan really into balls? My dog is really into ropes and absolutely demolishes stuffed animals.

    • What a cutie!

      Mellan likes all sorts of toys – Nylabones, stuffed toys, ropes, balls.

    • Kafka

      Awww, sleepy baby. He’s very handsome! What is he, a Rottie-Shepherd mix? And be careful what you wish for when it comes to dogs talking. If you don’t believe me, I have a very opinionated, extremely communicative GSD that you may want to meet. In fact, why don’t you keep him for a few days? 😉 LOL

  10. Miss J

    Haul: Nothing! Still keeping up with my no buy!

    Weekend plans: Family time, relax, and clean up around the house. Keeping up with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case…is anyone else paying attention to this case out of FL?

    Beauty Stash: OY. I have more than any “normal” person. I definitely own more than any other person I know. I wish I could blog sale a chunk of it because I want to tame it down to stuff I actually use. I love trying new products, but I always feel like I wasted money once I’ve moved on to something else, but still have stuff just sitting around.

    • amy

      I just watched the bond hearing. So far, $150 k, GPS, no alcohol, and no firearms. I’m loving the prosecutor on the case!

      • Miss J

        I was disgusted by his “apology” to the family. He said he didn’t know the age of the kid, and that he thought Trayvon was only a few years younger than himself. UM…dude…in your own phone call to non-emergency you stated he was LATE TEENS. Buddy, you are 28, that’s at least a 10 year age difference, not just a few years. You didn’t know if he was armed? Uh, why would he be hitting you or beating your head into the ground if he was armed?! LOL. If that kid was armed and just wanted to attack someone to attack them…pretty sure he would have used the weapon.

        I’m going to go mental before this shit is over.

        • amy

          I loved that the prosecutor brought up the fact that maybe it was Trayvon who was defending himself, and why would Trayvon approach Zimmerman?

          I just hope *this* jury gets it right this time.

          • Miss J

            It was like a little mini trial at the bond hearing! I am a bit worried that the investigator couldn’t answer questions better. I am happy that the prosecutor made the point about self defense and asked why would Trayvon Martin approach him. Whether that kid was committing a crime or in fear for his life, in either situation, when do people get away and then come back?! In addition, how would Trayvon Martin know exactly where George Zimmerman would be?

          • Miss J

            I also liked that the prosecutor brought up no mention of remorse on his web site! Instead of showing remorse or posting pictures of the injures he chose to initially put up the graffiti that said “long live Zimmerman.” Also, he used the quote the evil prevails only when good men do nothing, so right there he called TM EVIL and tried to make himself look like an innocent victim and hero. MENTAL.

  11. Haul: I bought NARS Mexican Rose and Tarte Blissful at Sephora yesterday, and I’m about to buy YSL Glossy Stain in #12!

    Weekend plans: Catch up on homework, go to a 3yr old’s birthday party!

    I have a medium sized stash I’d say – way bigger than most non-bloggers, but probably smaller than most bloggers.

    I have photos here:

    And a video here:

    for the curious!

  12. Lacey J.

    haul: a few makeup geek eyeshadows including twilight and unexpected. (new go to purple neutral shades) and a mac paint pot… its a brown shade forget what its called at the moment. i am also waiting on some repurchased holy grail products from including a new timebalm thebalm concealer in medium light and sexy curves mascara. i also purchased lorel telescopic carbon black to give it a shot

    i’m kind of burnt out on hauling so i just picked up a few things. i have been trying to utilize my collection as much as possible and rediscovered my love for my mary loumanizer and my peaches and melba blush from mac.

    weekend plans; none really. work and gym and trying some new recipes from

    my stash: it’s pretty big. it fits in a medium size train case. i do find that it is a little overwhelming sometimes. it is by no means big in comparision to most collectors. but i love all of my pieces. i feel i have alot of choices in the morning!

  13. Jennifer

    Hooray FFHF!

    Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Rare” (neon yellow)
    Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Smash” (bright grassy-green)
    Chanel Nail Polish in “Mimosa”
    Dior Nail Polish in St. Tropez

    Weekend plans: Studying!!!! My last final is on Tuesday. And grading. And seeing TITANIC 3D!!!!!!

    Makeup stash: I don’t know how to describe it–probably somewhere in the middle? Huge compared to a “normal” person, tiny compared to the beauty closet! I have over 80 bottles of nail polish and enough “facial” makeup to completely pack a few sterlite 3-drawer towers. I love each any every piece, and my collection is growing exponentially, but it does make me somewhat sad that there’s so much I haven’t even gotten around to using yet (those bright colors never get the chance to shine!)

  14. Esther

    Haul: I’m doing well on my no buy! I haven’t bought anything in weeks.

    Weekend plans: I’m taking the psychology GRE test tomorrow, and next week is finals week, so I’ll be studying for those. gonna be a fun weekend 😐

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: my stash is really small. I don’t use much variety, so I don’t buy much variety hahaha. but I love everything I have.

  15. NeenaJ

    Haul: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate and Quench Serum. I was blown away by ExfoliKate!

    Weekend: I’m hoping for a nap.

    Stash: It’s a bit big but, I’m trying to pare it down. Eyeshadows are my weakness!

  16. Courtney

    Haul: Cover Girl Liquidlast eyeliner pencil in plum and gunmetal gray.

  17. Kristabelle

    Haul: replacement Satin Taupe and some stuff for my kit- some brushes, foundations, mascara, spoolies, makeup wipes, and both Naked palettes. Have my first job doing makeup on a singer in a music video soon- so excited!

    Weekend plans: I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m off! Physical therapy (carpal tunnel is a bitch), running errands, maybe going for a hike.

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece? It’s kind of relative- to me, it’s big, but I suppose compared to a lot of people, it’s small.

  18. Kate

    Haul: Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon eyeliners in Black Black, Chestnut, and Bronzed – they were on sale for 69 cents a pop at Walgreens and I couldn’t resist!

    Weekend plans: Recovering from one busy week of finals, then gearing up for another!

    Beauty stash: Probably bigger than most non-beauty junkies, but decidedly smaller than a lot of what I’ve seen online from beauty junkies. My stash fits in three cosmetic bags – well, mostly. I have a few Wet ‘n’ Wild and Stila eyeshadow palettes that don’t fit. I’m trying to keep my stash under control by limiting my LE purchases – so far this year, the only LE item I have bought is the Laura Mercier Lingerie palette.

  19. Caroline F.

    Haul: Lancome 2 La Lacque Fever: Irridescent & Optical Rose
    Plans: finish up Income Taxes unfortunately
    Stash: my stash is small (depends on one’s point of view or what stash you compare yours to) but I do love every item it in.
    I wish I could do 2 make up in a day, that would justify the amount of things I have. I would also get to use my make up more. So when I go to my ballet class, I make up my face (eyes & lips) still.

  20. Laura

    Haul: Full of Joy and Lovecloud from MAC Tres Cheek, MAC 109 brush, some mineral foundation and powder samples and a mini kabuki brush from Lily Lolo.

    Weekend plans: Plan a spa day for my mother’s birthday, go to a Zumba class, make plans/sort an outfit for a friend’s “henniversary” weekend (anniversary of her hen party), pub quiz on Sunday, but mainly try to RELAX and resist going into the office to deal with my hellish workload!

    My stash: Small compared to a lot of people I see on Specktra, LiveJournal etc, but enormous compared to everyone I know IRL! Realistically, I know I have more makeup than I will ever use, but I like having options :) I try to mix it up and use everything I own, but a lot of stuff does get neglected.

  21. army wife in alaska

    MAC Tres Chic became available again online this week so I grabbed Immortal Flower and Lovecloud. There’s no MAC store anywhere here in North Pole, Alaska so I was thrilled they restocked it online after being sold out 4 hours after Tres Chic was released online. So yay!

  22. Rainy

    Haul: I went on another nail polish spree and picked up 5 more of the Hunger Games set and CG Ray-diant.

    Weekend Plans: Work on a group project for school and try to put everything I need for finals together.

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: It used to be huge, but I did some necessary cleaning out so it’s about a third or fourth of its original size.
    I will admit I have a huge scented lotion/perfume/body spray collection, and my nail polish collection has gotten into the 60 – 75 range. (Which is still less than a fourth of my former stash)

  23. Andrea

    how cute how he react on the sound of your voice. and pick up his his ball after you mention it to him sooo cute. PI my dog has 2, one tennis ball, which he is destroying, taking the few green/yellow fabric on it. and a small ( dog) football ball it has a bell insied on it this one is so hard he cant destroy ( yet).

    For this week no haul

  24. Mariella

    Haul: Maybelline, Bad to the Bronze Colour Tattoo eyeshadow, MUFE Lift Concealer, Tom Ford White Patchouli (it’s going to be my warm weather version of Black Orchid)

    Weekend plans: last weekend flew by in a flash so I’m hoping to kick back and relax this weekend, maybe hit the garden centre for some trellises and a white bleeding heart

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: it’s pretty big – bigger than most women have, I would think, though I’m sure it’s small compared to what a lot who post here would have and I do love pretty much every piece though some more than others… and I do need to find some storage because right now, some of it is pretty hard to get at

  25. Kristin

    Haul: Dior Aurora eyeshadow palette, Clarins Enchanted Summer eye palette, Bobbi Brown Intensifying Longwear mascara, Long-Wear Cream Shadows in Berry Noir, Cool Lilac, and Velvet Plum, NARS lip pencil in Buenos Aires, eyeshadow trio in Ramatuelle, and eyeshadow duo in Marie-Galante, and the new Bumble and Bumble ColorSafe haircare line. Oh yeah, and Kerastase Cristalist Lumiere Liquide!

    Weekend Plans: Much-needed beauty maintenance-waxing and a pedicure, and possibly a beach day on Sunday.

    My beauty stash is pretty large. I have pretty much taken over the entire master bathroom.

  26. Hilary♥

    HAUL: I wanted to get a bunch of MAC eyeshadows but since the new sailor collection is coming out at the end of the month, I need to save up lol.

    WEEKEND PLANS: Work on my music as usual and probably stay home since the weather is so crappy.

    DO YOU HAVE A BIG BEAUTY STASH? SMALLER AND IN LOVE WITH EVERY PIECE? My collection is quite big and I’m pretty much in love with every single product I’ve bought so far. There’s only a couple of products which I regret buying just because they’re edgy and I don’t feel very comfortable wearing them.

    Love Mellan ♥♥♥ Have a great weekend Christine!!

  27. londonhermit

    My haul this week was perfume: Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, Harajuku Lovers G, Rihanna Reb’l Fleur, Hilary Duff With Love and Wrapped with Love, Issey Miyake Issey Florale.

    Week End Plans: Mourn the end of my vacation back to work on Monday.

    My stash is adequate as I’m aging I’m focusing more on skincare I stopped buying so much eyeshadow and blush because I realized only certain colors work for my skintone(NW45) and I shouldn’t keep buying the same shades over and over. As I learned what works for me the hype with every new collection and every new product died and I actually like where I’m at makeup wise.

  28. Laurence

    Haul : Some NYX Round lipsticks and Round Lipglosses, The Balm Mary-lou Manizer(LOVE),Mac Copperplate,Sugarpill Bulletproof(Awful,not pigmented at all,Mac Fix+,Mac Lightscapade MSF,Mac Mocha and Springsheen blushes.

    Weekend : Probably hang out with some friends and relax :)

    Stash : My stash is medium I would say,but I love pretty much everything in it, and if I don’t I swap it on MakeupAlley, that way no product or money is wasted !

  29. Joan

    Thanks for my Friday Mellan fix. Ahhhhhhh I feel much better now :)

    Haul: NARS Jungle Red and Trouville nail polishes, Lancome Love Jolis Matin, a very pretty hot pink

    Weekend plans: Rainy weather forecast soooo; cleaning out closets, sorting and organizing, R & R and Sunday Family Dinner

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: Reasonable mid-sized manageable stash, everything labeled and in its designated spot–totally organized.

  30. Jay

    Haul: Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter (finally splurged on a full-sized tub of it!)
    Weekend plans: Prep for and finish writing my final exams, finishing up my second year of undergraduate studies. Halfway there, phew!
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: The stash that’s actually used on a regular basis is small, but there’s an increasingly large stash of products that were only used a couple of times, siiigh. I try not to do this, but I keep experimenting with colours and products that don’t work for me. Usually I’m pretty good about giving them away when that happens, but lately I’ve been slipping.

  31. Moena

    Haul: Had to spend my VIB coupon so I went nuts. Rouge G Garconne, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze, Tarina Tarantino Jewel Palette in Wonderful, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy, Illamasqua Nail Polish in Nomad.
    Weekend Plans: write papers and catch up on reading… I hope. >.>
    Beauty Stash: Probably medium right now but growing exponentially. I don’t have the willpower to stop!

  32. Veronica

    I feel like “stash” probably doesn’t explain your collection so much as “torrid whirlpool of cosmetics that has likely formed its own dimensional reality” at this point. ;D

    Haul: Sephora brand tinted moisturizer, Sephora brand eyeshadow in #64 (pink matte…surprisingly difficult to find right now :|), Too Faced Invisible Translucent Powder, Maybelline SuperStay Stain Gloss in Berry Heavenly, L’Oreal Lineur Intense in Black Carbon, and the MAC 239.

    Weekend Plans: Relaxing! …and then gearing up studying for my O-chem finals in two weeks.

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller? I’ll say it’s “medium-sized” – I’m sure plenty of people on here have collections that make it look small, though. Eyeshadow, liners, foundations, etc. are all small enough to fit in a carry container, whereas all of my lip shades (my biggest love) are all organized in a pro size case.

  33. YellowLantern

    Haul: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (always wanted to try it and the gift with purchase at Nordstrom pushed me over the edge), Jack Black lip balm, and Shiseido lipstick in Sugar Babe.

    Weekend Plans: Don’t know yet. :)

    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece? Neither, I have a small collection, but I’m not in love with every piece. A few things are things I thought I’d try because they were on sale and they got decent reviews here. The formulas were all good (so I agree that they deserved their good grades), but I don’t love all the colors I picked on me (dang lack of testers!). My collection looks bigger than it really is though since for some reason I find it difficult to throw out old, obviously expired makeup. About 40% of the things in my collection are too old to be (safely) usable!

  34. Kafka

    Mellan is so calm and placid outside! He’s only 3, isn’t he? I was amused by his reaction when you spoke to him. There was a little instant of a “Oooo, Mommy’s saying something! Are we going to have some fun now?” followed by “Oh. She wants me to do something to this ball. *sigh* ” I noticed has a lovely soft “mouth” (bite/chew). He’d probably love the ribbed/nubby plastic dummies/bumpers, if you don’t have any already. Zola loves his more than anything on earth and will loudly DEMAND to play “Fetch.” (though I get mine from Academy for $5 and they last for ages if I don’t leave them with Zola unattended.)

    Haul: Finally got my hands on Mac’s St. Germain! It’s been sold out everywhere and it’s my favorite shade of pink to go with really dark, smoky eyes. I also got the Shisheido 55 SPF sunscreen that you recommended and I absolutely *LOVE* it. Moisturizing and NO white filmy finish, yay!! Thank you so much. My haul from Urban Decay finally came in and, amidst the 24/7 pencils and shadow pencils sets, is the Rockstar eye shadow. I have yet to see how it looks on me but, from a quick swatch, it seems very brown-tinged and not aubergine/purple enough. Damn.

    Weekend Plans: Maybe some Schutzhund and tracking with Zola or the dog park, if there are no thunderstorm. Then we’ll curl up and read some of the new books I got while I massage and kiss his paws. (I really wish I were kidding about that last part. His Highness is a very demanding child. lol)

    Beauty Stash: Tiny as compared to serious beauty junkies and those I see online but about 5 times larger than anyone I know in real life. Well, except for my mother. Hers is staggering…

    • Four now! :) He’ll be five on Christmas Eve this year.

      He has a pretty soft bite when it comes to toys. If you have food out, you might lose a finger (more because he’s SO SO SO excited and can’t be bothered to mind YOUR fingers). No matter how many times I make it him take food gently, he can’t contain his exuberance! I imagine part of it comes from the fact that he pretty much gets exactly the amount of food to keep him at 62-63 pounds, which in his mind, is not nearly enough.

      I will check out those bumpers!

      • Kafka

        I couldn’t agree with you more about the weight thing. I’ve noticed Mellan has perfect form and shape; so many labs I see are way overweight and their owners don’t even seem to realise.

        For breeds like ours, even a few extra pounds can be a health problem, esp. in exacerbating any underlying tendency towards HD (Hip Dysplasia). So good for you! I’ve always kept my GSDs very underweight, though they act like I’m starving them and abusing them terribly. LOL. Too bad. (Although, unfortunately, with Zola, I don’t have any choice as he was diagnosed with Bilateral HD when he was 5 months old! He actually weighs even less than Mellan right now because of it. With his massive frame, he looks like he’s at least 80 but, in reality, only weighs 59!)

        Do you feed Mellan grain-free food? BTW, to sate some of his hunger, you may want to toss in some green beans. It’s a trick used in show/breeder circles to help keep weight down without the dog feeling too starved.

        Anyway, I’m glad you’re tough about weight too. Sorry this is so long (as usual) but dog stuff is sorta my passion, the way makeup is yours. Please kiss Mellan’s silky, gorgeous head from me. He’s really beautiful and his gentle, sweet nature clearly shines through.

        • Mellan was also diagnosed with bilateral HD (his x-rays were a MESS) at 8 months old – his hips literally popped out of their sockets (they finally locked in and haven’t had that problem after he was 13 months). We had the vet take x-rays while he was already under for neutering at that time. We’re lucky that we saw a really excellent ortho who follows “treat the dog, not the x-ray” philosophy, because the first ortho said he wouldn’t be able to walk after two years (and we’re at 4.5!). His hips, while they may look awful in the x-ray, haven’t gotten any worse for the wear and the ortho isn’t concerned – she said there are plenty of options if they do become problematic. So we stick with conservative management, which includes vitamins, salmon oil, proper food/diet, and keeping him at just the right weight (his low is 60 but he is typically between 60-65).

          Mellan can sympathize with Zola! He acts like he’s starving at ALL times. I swear that’s just the lab in him, though 😉

          I was feeding him Evo Herring & Salmon for the past 3 years (he was on Innova previously as a puppy), but we recently switched to Orijen 6-Fish and am trying ZiwiPeak. I will have to try the green beans! Dog nutrition, much like people nutrition, is so frustrating – endless information, so many disagreements on what’s good/what’s not, and the like – but he seems to be doing well on his regimen thus far.

          What do you feed Zola?

          • Kafka

            Do you know one reason why my posts to you are so long? It’s because of the totally insane, illogical feeling that, under diff. circumstances (like not a huge geographic distance) you and I could be good friends. :) I’m so impressed by what you’re doing with Mellan. Few people have even heard of those brands, especially Orijen!!

            I fed Zola Acana which is by the makers of Orijen but which most breeders seem to think is better. Unless you have a very high-performance working dog (ie, K9, SAR, endless Schutzhund, etc.), the massive high-protein levels in some foods (Evo’s Red in particular) aren’t really necessary and may, in fact, be a bit unhelpful. So, it’s good you changed from Evo but Orijen also has some very high protein levels. IMO, the real reason is that most dogs seem to prefer the taste of Acana. It’s also cheaper. Zola loves fish and since it’s so good for his hips, I’d feed the Pacifica fish one and he’d go nuts.

            Lately though, one of the breeders who is kinda like my canine nutrition mentor has really recommended Taste of the Wild. She switched all her dogs (Champion English Mastiffs but also Shar-Peis) to it, as well as all the dogs in the rescue she runs. It’s got the EXACT same ingredients as Acana but it’s cheaper and also easier to get as it doesn’t come from Canada. I’ve tried it and there really has been no difference that I’ve noticed. Zola likes their fish version as much as Acana’s, and he liked their venison version too. (Granted, at this point, he’s not a picky eater, lol, but I will say that he wasn’t really gaga about Orijen way back when.)

            Those two companies (Orijen/Acana and Taste of the Wild) really seem to be the best, both imo and from surveying those friends of mine who don’t feed raw but who are into the whole nutrition thing. I haven’t heard any raves about ZiwiPeak and one SAR friend actually sneers at it. :( It’s not a terrible brand but it’s not fantastic.

            It’s SO, SO good you’re giving Salmon oil. And you have a great vet! Mine has a very similar saying about the x-rays (“dogs don’t walk on x-rays”) and you’re doing exactly the right thing. Alas, in my case, the specialists at Texas A&M (one of the best vet centers in the country) have said Zola will definitely need the operation as he’s got bone grinding on bone. Thank God for Petplan insurance, which is the best thing I’ve ever done for any of my pets. Zola’s health insurance is seriously better than mine and since I got it at the start, they’ll cover everything, including subsequent rehab, hydrotherapy etc.!

            My one recommendation to you is something called N’Zymes. It a soy protein supplement that is far better imo than any Condroitin/Glucosomine thing. I really think it is the SOLE reason why I’ve been able to postpone the operation for so long (2+ yrs now)and it’s why my nutrition mentor didn’t have to do various joint operations on some of her mastiffs. Don’t ask me why it works or how it works, because none of us can figure it out. But you can read their website and see the MASSIVE number of testimonials crediting N’Zymes with alleviating every possible bone/ligament/hip/nerve condition around to flat out curing a ton of other things. Even if Mellan’s hips have popped into the sockets, there still may be some soreness from rubbing within the socket and the N’Zymes may really help.

            If it helps to know how to combine all this: Zola gets 1/2 cup of kibble for breakfast, while dinner consists of 1 and 3/4 cup of Taste of the Wild fish version, some heated up broth, 2-3 teaspoons of N’Zymes powder, a cup or more of green beans (rather al dente –I use basic frozen ones as they have no salt and quickly zap them with the broth in the microwave for about 25 seconds), some squirts of Grizzly’s Salmon oil (never get that awful Petsmart stuff!) and also, one raw egg (WITH shell, crumpled up) in his food every other day or so. (I swear by that raw egg for his coat!)

            God, this was long even by my standards, so I’ll shut up now. LOL. You don’t even have to publish this if it’s too shamefully boring. :) Just read it and let me know, one of these days, if anything helped or if you try the N’Zymes. A very big hug to you, sweet Christine.

            • Aww! :) I know we would be!

              Evo Herring & Salmon was about 40% protein, which Mellan did well on, so Orijen is near that % so that’s what made me go Orijen over Acana. Since he’s done so well on Evo Herring & Salmon (but he actually did NOT do well on Evo Red – his stool was very runny), I’m wary of changing the composition too much! For the price, ToTW can’t be beat, and if you’re feeding Acana, then from what I know, it’s the way to go. If you’re feeding more like Evo/Orijen, then the protein level isn’t nearly as high so then it’s not quite the same (depending on your needs, of course). Mellan was never a picky eater, haha!

              Petplan is excellent! I, unfortunately, had different pet insurance in the beginning (about 1 month after we got him — unfortunately, did not cover the heart murmur he had from day 1, but the surgery at UC Davis wasn’t nearly as expensive as ortho work is, go figure – heart surgery is cheaper), so once we maxed out on that policy, I switched over to Petplan. But I totally recommend Petplan from my experience so far. Have you made claims with them?

              We found out about Mellan’s hips just early enough where we could have done the ortho operation where they cut the bone into three pieces (the name is totally escaping me at the moment), but as I had just started law school and took on a $55K student loan with no job, the $10K operation was daunting. Thankfully, that’s when I decided to get a second opinion – and that’s when the ortho said there’s no need to do it now, because it’s not causing problems. If and when it does, then we can deal with it, and that advice has served us well, especially because if something happened, we are in a better place to fix it. THR (one side) is nearly as expensive but many dogs only need one. Hopefully that is a bit off :)

              I am going to look into N’Zymes today! What kind of broth are you using? We use the Grizzly Salmon Oil :) He’s also 1x Rimadyl per day. It’s so hard to even know if he’s in pain – my ortho told me he’s probably been in pain all his life, so that’s his “normal,” which is depressing… but then he doesn’t know a different life. Trust me when I say the dog doesn’t think ANYTHING is wrong with him.

              What kind of exercise do you have Zola doing, if anything in particular?

              Nothing wrong with long comments :) I do so very much enjoy talking to other knowledgeable dog owners! Especially the ones who can relate to health problems!

            • Kafka

              Mellan had heart surgery???!?! My God, you must have gone mental with worry! What did they have to do? Fix a valve? What was the healing/rehab process like? How old was he at the time? Oh my God, you poor thing.

              I bet you had VPI, as they don’t cover congenital or hereditary conditions. That’s why I opted for Petplan instead and I’ve never been happier. They covered over $1400 in just x-rays alone the first year, so I got my annual premium several times over. My prior GSD, Kafka, had Lupus and without insurance, I easily spent over $20,000+ on him. I still have nightmares about the times I would wake up to a bathroom floor looking like something out of a slasher movie with blood *everywhere*! Between the meds to handle the auto-immune issues (and screwing things up even more), and the Lupus, I was at the vet sometimes every 2 weeks. For years. Then I had to put him down due to cancer. All that has made me hyper-sensitized to and utterly PARANOID over even small things, so I take Zola in at the drop of a hat. (It doesn’t hurt that my wonderful vet is drop-dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! lol) So, yeah, I submit claims to Petplan constantly and have never been disappointed. I still can’t get over poor Mellan having heart surgery. Poor baby, I just want to kiss his paws for all that.

              It’s great that the higher protein diets work for Mellan without problems or hyperactivity. I’m a firm believer in sticking to what works. And I completely understand about Mellan not knowing anything but a life of pain and not knowing that it’s not the norm (along your accompanying sadness over that). :( Zola is the same and my vet says he works through the pain but there is no doubt his endurance and tolerance have decreased over the last 6 months. As for exercise, I used to do Schutzhund with him but not frequently these days. Instead, I do several bouts of shortish exercise sessions throughout the day, figuring it’s just like a human workout where short bouts can do more in the long run. I have several of those nubby bumpers on cords and throw them for him in long distances to make him run. On weekends, we go to the dog park where he swims a lot. He loves to swim and will fetch in the water, which is more like a lab!

              I can see the pain in his eyes after even shortish bouts of exercise but I can also see pure happiness. That child is a total exercise JUNKIE and utterly obsessed with running. I live in a gated community with big stretches of grass, so I even take him out off leash at 2 a.m.. Not solely because I’m an insomniac but because he will DEMAND it. lol

              I don’t use Rimadyl but, instead, something called Metacam, a liquid NSAID. Personally, I’ve found it much more effective than Rimadyl but, again, I think people should stick to whatever works well for them. But you may want to ask your vet about Metacam just for informational purposes.

              From what I’ve seen/read/heard, the THR operation is the most effective out of the diff. options. I just hope you won’t have to resort to it in the end. Unfortunately for me, the surgeon said GSDs have a unique bone structure which requires use of a diff. sort of head socket and that creates quite a risk of some sort of infection if one does the THR. He recommended it nonetheless as the best option, so I’ll still do it. To be honest, what worries me is the rehab period. At LEAST 6 weeks constant crating with only 2-3 miniscule potty breaks where the dog is moved in a sling or minimal walking??!?!! My house isn’t set up for any of it and the distances to the grass would require use of the sling. Plus, the giant crate would have to be downstairs, while my bedroom is upstairs. Zola won’t understand any of it and will freak, so I’ll probably have to sleep on the floor next to him as the only space that would take the giant crate is pretty isolated. I’ll have to drug him heavily to avoid any movement (the GSD bone infection thing is pretty serious and easily triggered) but the whole thing is inevitably going to make me cry and have endless anxiety attacks. My weak spot in life are my hairy children and, esp., seeing them in pain.

              Broth: I make my own a lot of the time but when I can’t, I use some organic brand without salt or fat. It helps with Zola’s poo, as well as being a base to mix in all the powders, meds, etc. Plus, he loves it, almost as much as his raw egg. Whatever baby wants, baby gets (except for more food!). 😀

            • He had a hole in his heart, so they did a balloon valvuoplasty. I drove him to UC Davis (about three hours away, luckily while it was the only place that did it, it was also one of the best), dropped him off, and then picked him up the following day I believe. It’s a–surprisingly–straight-forward/easy operation. It’s not open heart surgery or anything. Even the small incision area was healed up in a week or two. They did the last follow-up echocardiogram a year or so ago, and everything was working as it was supposed to. He’ll always have some damage (essentially one side of the heart works harder than the other to compensate, and if left untreated, it can lead to heart failure), but his doctors don’t think it will have any long-term effects, e.g. shorter life, so that’s good.

              We had 24HourPetWatch, and since he had the murmur from day 1 appointment, it wasn’t covered, but the hips were–just at a very limited coverage which we maxed out in with x-rays. They have categorical limits vs. annual limits, and their categorical limits are rather low AND their categories VERY inclusive. I haven’t had to make any claims with PetPlan, so it’s great to hear from someone who has :)

              If/when you need to, I recommend joining the canine HD Yahoo! Groups mailing lists – they were really helpful to me initially (now that we’re just doing conservative management and not having any problems, it can be a little heart-wrenching at times!). Lots of great insight from folks who have done THRs, FHOs, conservative management, etc.

              You are SO lucky to have a dog park with water! That’s amazing! Mellan LOVES to swim. When I say LOVE, I can’t emphasize that enough. Think of a drug addict who is going through withdrawal – that’s how Mellan acts when he thinks there’s a pool nearby. He whines, moans, howls, etc. like he’s being tortured. He will swim until you force him to get out.

              You will get through the rehab just fine :) You already do so much for Zola, and you know what needs to be done – you will do everything that needs to be done right for him. No need for any anxiety, because you have the strength to get through it! As does Zola!

  35. Yumi

    haul: mac pink cult. fresh umbrian clay mattifying serum. jack black lip balm x2 and hand cream. <3

    weekend plans: celebrating my dear uncle's birthday.

    stash: i would say medium…it's definitely too much for me though.

  36. Jessica

    Haul: Lush Mothers day products and mothers day gift! From lush lol
    Weekend Plans: Nothing much, just chillin in my pjs haha
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Yeah, its huge, I have like double as much as you do and more, i have an entire wall shelf devoted to my makeup. IN MY DREAMS! lol I have a little drawer stack, like those four drawers together, plastic, get them at like staples or whatever? Office depot…yeah my makeup fills one of those drawers. But I love what I have and I have what I love!

  37. Nic

    Haul: One Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Aventure, pretty lovely light color for spring
    Weekend plans: We care for a dog from our friends, while they are on vacation in the US. So going for walks, entertaining the dog is on the to do list. Besides that I have to look for a new kitchen and maybe an armchair for my new apartment.
    Do you have a big beauty stash? Smaller and in love with every piece?: Compared to beauty bloggers and gurus on youtube I have a small stash. Most of the products are by made by MAC and some by Bobbi Brown, Nars, Chanel, YSL (just lipsticks), MUFE and Burberry.

  38. Yael

    Haul : A few more extra dimention shaddows and VG Nicky & Ricky, repurchased essie minimalistic and turquoise & caicos, Fresh coral lip treatment, clinique chubby stick the one with the honey in the the name, korres lip butters in plum and mango , revlon lb in berry smoothie and nars deep throat. phew..

    Weekend Plans: I was actually given the “homework” to watch and document the George Zimmerman trial… which i was planning on doing anyway… law school professors have a way of reading peoples minds,……..

    Stash: I wouldnt say I have a huge stash, but I definately have more then i need

    • Miss J

      Yael, would love to know any of your thoughts on the GZ case. I found it interesting that he popped his neck about three times that I saw during the hearing. That could be stress, but it could also be a sign of anger.

  39. ItsKeerstin

    My haul from recent trip to California: