Friday, March 30th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  MAC Reel Sexy, In Extra Dimension, and Tres Cheek collections
  • Weekend plans:  Fingers crossed that I will have completed Reel Sexy reviews so I can slack off a wee bit on Saturday :)
  • Favorite childhood snack?:   Sharp cheddar cheese

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan said, “Get up, you have work to do!”

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38 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #126

  1. Mahnaz

    haha . This is cute!

  2. Susan

    Mellan is just so beautiful <3 what a sweet face! makes me miss my dog.

  3. That photo is CUTE!!!

    Haul: The skinfinishes from In Extra Dimension, and a couple blushes from Tres Cheek. I tried to save my bucks to be good :) Plus I really want those creme shadows from Tom Ford this month! GRR! LOL

    Weekend plans: I think we’re getting started on the bathroom remodel. This will mostly be some repairs though… the BIG bathroom remodel is still in the planning stages :)

    Favorite childhood snack?: Probably strawberry shortcake. YEARS AGO I was getting married (didn’t happen lol) and I was going to do strawberry shortcake for the wedding cake :) I still like the idea.

    • beck

      I’m trying badly to resist Tom’s makeup collection!!I hope it keeps working out as that would be a very expensive little haul. Thank goodness it’s no where in stores near me as far as I know.

  4. Andrea

    he is soooooo cute

  5. Ana G.

    Haul: Just a Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, nothing makeup related
    Weekend plans: Going to the beach side – too cold yet but the sun is shining bright enough for some beach games with my son.
    Favorite childhood snack?: Some very small chocolate chips called Ladybugs – I swear, I’ve never tasted anything so delicious since!

  6. Lils

    Mellan is adorable!

  7. Haha Mellan looks so serious! He’s your supervisor!

    Haul: Nothing this week, but I have finally found the camera I want in stock so I’ll probably order it tonight. Better pictures for the blog (and fine, also better pictures of the cats because I’m such a cat lady)!

    Weekend plans: Tomorrow I’m seeing friends and going to the theater in Brussels. Sunday probably more work for the blog. Comparison swatches, writing up skincare reviews and whatnot :p

    Favorite childhood snack?: M&M’s! Actually I also loved Skittles and Snickers, but I had to go with M&M’s! Funny how I can’t even look at Skittles and M&M’s anymore, and I might eat one Snickers bar a year or something like that. Way too spoiled by the chocolate in Belgium…

  8. That photo of Mellan is amazing!

    Haul: I went to the MUFE store in LA (which was awesome) and bought the sculpting kit and a brush, plus I got a Guerlain pressed powder at the Sephora sale.

    Weekend plans: Write a paper

    Favorite childhood snack: hmmm, I used to eat a lot of fruit, my parents didn’t allow much snacking.

  9. Haul: NARS Night Life e/s, Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Ebony, Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus liner in Black Onyx.

    Weekend Plans: Insurance would not cover my medication, so I’ll be on the phone will them today. And I have a mountain of homework.

    Favorite childhood snack: Potato chips and french fries.

  10. Haul: Graftobian Hi Def Glamour Creme in Ivory and Graceful Swan, theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 and 3

    Weekend plans: watch the Hunger Games, more sewing…

    Favorite childhood snack?: … everything I was offered almost. lol
    I really don’t remember a favorite as my Mom was strict about junk food ans sweets so I never craved it unless it was during lunch time in school (the amount of gummy bears and fruit roll-ups is actually shocking).
    BUT we have pizza day once a month in school she would order me a honey glaze doughnut that it still find a crave to this day. lol

  11. Mabbott

    IMO, this weekly photo is what makes this blog superior to all other blogs.

    It also recalls to mind the scene in Zoolander where Will Ferrell’s character demands that we obey his dog.

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Sephora/Pantone blush duo, some Skyn Iceland skincare products
    I ordered Barry M Mint Green and Illamasqua Nomad but they’re shipping internationally so I don’t know when they’ll get here

    • I love the Skyn Iceland eye cream in the tube I got a few years back. But the price point makes it a tad scary to try more products.

  13. NeenaJ

    No need to punch a clock when you’ve got Mellan around!

    Haul: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment and Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector with my 15% off at Sephora.

    Weekend: Mom’s coming to visit.

    Childhood snack: Count Chocula cereal! But, I almost never buy it because I would eat it all.

  14. Mai

    Mellan is so cute! :)
    My dog sometimes sits next to my pillow and looks into my face like that, waiting for me to get up. It’s actually a bit creepy to wake up to that stare, haha.

    Haul: Got Illamasqua’s Powder Foundation in 115 and I also ordered the 24/7 Pencil in Perversion by Urban Decay, because I heard it’s good for tightlining (which I still need to get the hang of). It’s actually my first UD purchase.

    Weekend plans: No plans so far besides work on Sunday.

    Favorite childhood snack?: Fruits! But because I’m allergic to fruit acid I was only allowed to eat tiny amounts from time to time. So it was (and still is..) a rare treat.

  15. Cynthia G

    Haul: I bought some more Revlon Lip Butters in Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie. No plans for the weekend…maybe a dinner and movie. Childhood snack: Pickles!! I love this picture of Mellan! He looks like he is examining you. He looks like he is thinking “So what seems to be bothering you, my dear?

  16. Esther

    Haul: nothing! I’m trying to save up for summer trips, so hopefully my hauls stay like this for a while.
    Weekend plans: my mom’s heading out of town for the weekend, so I’m spending the weekend at home, catsitting. just me, our house, and five cats 😛
    Favorite childhood snack?: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, colby jack cheese, french fries, and mac and cheese were tied for my favorite.

  17. Kristabelle

    Haul: replacement for my MUFE Mat Velvet+. OCC- slate glitter. Can’t buy much since I’m trying to save for a car. Andd I won a free product from theBalm- still waiting for an email back, but I’m planning on getting the timeBalm undereye concealer. :)

    Weekend plans: Work work work.

    Favorite childhood snack?: Anything sugary- cookies, chocolate milk, graham crackers dipped in melted chocolate- it’s a miracle I didn’t end up huge lol.

  18. beck

    Oh ya fav childhood snack Kraft Mac& Cheese with shoestring style sliced canned beets on the side. Sounds weird but was totally delicious during Nickelodeon cartoon hour.

  19. Rachel

    Haul: three dresses from Old Navy, and two pairs of Rockstar Jeggings (don’t know which size will fit best so trying two on and one will go back). I’ll be hitting up Sephora tonight after work to take advantage of the 15% off coupon and also Bloomingdales to try and snag a bottle of Miss Dior Cherie before it disappears forever.

    Weekend Plans: The Boy’s mother is coming down to visit so I’ll be spending time with her and her dad (boy’s Grandpa) in Long Beach. Also visiting my grandmother who is recuperating from a minor surgery.

    Favorite Childhood Snack: Green apples and cheddar cheese or green apples and peanut butter.

  20. Miss J

    Haul: Used my 15% off @ Sephora for:

    – Jack Black Grapefruit & Ginger Lip Balm

    – Illamasqua Vow Medium Pencil…I had been looking for ways to get this since the best nude liner post, and came to the conclusion that I’d have to order it from Illamasqua’s site if I wanted, I didn’t order, but jump to whatever day I got the promo code in the mail. I was checking out Illamasqua on Sephora and lo and behold they had started to carry the pencil in Vow! How freaking awesome is that. I took it as a sign I must purchase with the discount, hahaha.

    – UD Naked 2

    Weekend plans: Relaxing, family time, organizing, and possibly going out with some friends.

    Favorite childhood snack?: I used to love those individual packs of string cheese! I also remember always wanting Lunchables at the store.

    Ok, so, time for a question since it’s related to this weeks haul… I used my discount code. Before submitting my order, I noticed that the merchandise total plus the tax wasn’t the same as the total listed. It was only a penny more, as if they hadn’t rounded up the discount, which they did when the savings was listed… Would this annoy anyone else? It’s just a penny, but still, seems shady to me to not add up correctly.

    SUCH a stinkin cute pic of Mellan! That looks like the face my dog makes when he’s trying to say, “MOOOOOM! Do something for me!” Sometimes he will climb on me or next to me when I’m asleep and look at me like that while he whines or paws at me. I remember when he was a puppy, he climbed on my back and would bat at my head like a freaking cat when he wanted me to take him out or feed him.


    • Miss J

      Ok, mad now, I called to make the comment/complaint about the total just to report it, not to get a freaking penny back, and I swear that customer service chick just didn’t give a shit. I hate when CS responds with, “I DON’T KNOW.” Newsflash, no one cares about what you don’t know! UGH. Figure it out and get it fixed, or be able to explain why it comes out like that for the total…sheesh.

    • Mellan doesn’t sleep in the bed with us, but he DOES sleep in my mom’s bed when he stays over at my parents’ house… and she says she wakes up with his face in the crook of her arm!

      • Miss J

        Awww! That’s so adorable! I wish I had a way to upload this photo off my phone of my dog to show you. It’s a dose of cuteness. He found one of those plastic clasps from the bread bag and was tossing it around in his mouth. I freaked and told him to spit it out, so he went to flip it with his tongue out of his mouth then clasped to the tip of his tongue, so I have a photo of him panting up a storm with a plastic clasp on his tongue, LOL.

  21. Em

    Haul: No makeup! I’m proud of myself :)

    Weekend Plans: Hello Spring Break! I’m so lucky it is spring break for both of my jobs (I work as a sub and at the community college near my house) and for school! So happy.

    Favorite Childhood Snack: gold fish or string cheese

  22. Mariella

    Haul: Stila Starlight eyeshadow; Lise Watier Virtual Lip Liner (it’s invisible but it keeps lipstick from bleeding…and it really does!); some body oil

    Weekend plans: Catch up on lost sleep, bake some banana bread for my daughter (she requested it) and a friend is coming from out of town so we’ll be doing some fabric shopping and lunching and stuff

    Favourite childhood snack: my Auntie Rose’s shortbread cookies or Humpty Dumpty BBQ potato chips….or red licorice (I forgot I liked that too – and I still do).

  23. cloudburst

    Haul: Reel Sexy, In Extra Dimension & Tres Cheek – not everything but almost!!!

    Weekend Plans: work, work, work but pancakes & friends on Sunday!

    Snack: My favorite childhood snack was probably sugary cereals like Froot Loops.

    • Miss J

      Oh yeah, cereals! You just reminded me how obsessed I used to be with those sugary cereals, especially those packs of minis, so you’d have a bunch of different types.

      Happy weekend, cloudburst!

  24. amy


    NARS- Nico, Edie, Lulu, Biarritz, Bali, Blondie, Pandora, Mekong, & Coconut Grove


    My 5 year old starts Spring Break today, so I will be spending the weekend figuring how to keep her entertained without spending too much money…


    Apple juice with either graham crackers or celery & peanut butter

  25. Joan

    Great Mellan mug!!!

    Haul: MAC Cremeblend Pressed Powder, pigment, eye shadow & nail polish from Chenman. Preordered from MAC Tres Cheek, Extra Dimension & Reel Sexy, items to arrive next Friday.

    Weekend Plans: Errands, Family Sunday dinner, reading & relaxing

    Favorite Childhood Snack: Twizzlers

  26. Jennifer

    Haul: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in 340 Bisque, Icing Magnetix nail polish, Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Berry Smoothie
    Weekend Plans: going to visit a university campus with my little brother tomorrow (he’s a senior), and then homework and church on sunday
    Favorite childhood snack? push up pops the orange ones with the Flintstones on the wrapper

  27. Yui

    Haul: Lancome Color Design Palettes in Sienna Sultry and Taupe Craze, UDPP, Bobbi Brown Nude Pink and Nude Peach blush, Urban Decay Stash eyeliner, and NARS Sheer Glow.

    Weekend plans: Nothing yet!

    Favorite childhood snack: Sour Patch Kids!

  28. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing
    Weekend plans: Start reading my new book and practice my for my business english exam
    Favorite childhood snack?: Duplo. I don’t know if there is something similar in the states.

  29. Mindy

    Mellan is saying, “I’m ready for my walk. Are you?” I get that look with Daisy, my Great Pyrenees. Her look can be so pathetic! Love Mellan in your yard. So special!

  30. tracy

    My god…Mellan is such a handsome boy! Wish I have a dog again…. =)