Friday, January 6th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Guerlain Rouge Gs from Spring 2012
  • Weekend plans:  Trying to get through my backlog of photos a bit more before everything becomes useless!
  • Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?:   I didn’t!  I always have goals and milestones I want to achieve, but they don’t start/stop at the new year, so they’re more like year-round goals, I suppose.

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Totally running out of ideas for where to take photos of Mellan!

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90 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #114

  1. emily

    Haul: Guerlain Parure de Nuit – I’ve wanted it ever since I read your original review, but resisted due to price. When I saw that it was your top product of the year I just had to buy it before it sold out completely! :)

    Weekend plans: Take it easy before the new semester starts up again.

    New Years resolutions: Nope, I don’t ever make any.

  2. Chanel: eye duo in noir ivoire, single e/s in Beige lame, single e/s in safari, tan de soleil gel
    Ysl: touche éclat 3, rouge volupte no 1, e/s duo 27
    Laura mercier: lingerie palette, caviar stick plum
    Mac: perfect day l/s, scarlet ibis l/s, early bird e/s, grape blush ombré, azalea blossom blush ombré, style packed l/g, embrace me l/p

    I’m on holidays! No more now I’m broke and have a serious problem!

  3. Cyntha

    I always wonder what my dogs think…he looks pensive lol

  4. Maria

    Have you taken one of him having a bath yet? That would be too cute lol

  5. Ana G.

    Haul: Maybelline The Falsies mascara.
    Weekend plans: Sleep and relax! It’s been one of those weeks…..
    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: No I didn’t! It’s best not to make promises I can’t keep :-)

  6. Hend

    a mac 210 brush
    Nyx false lashes in 101
    Revlon matte lipstick in Pink pout
    Rimmel’s lasting finish lipstick by kate moss – the red one she’s wearing in the ad
    I originally went to buy from the Bobbi Brown’s spring collection but it wasn’t launched here yet :( so next week I’ll check again

  7. Hend

    Oh and my new year’s resolution (non-beauty) is to find a decent job after graduating this spring ,
    So I can feed my addiction,
    and hopefully to find true love 😛

  8. Mariella

    Haul: MAC Red Dwarf Lipstick (and a sample of Nebula pigment but that was free); Jouviance Eye Serum (Jouviance is an amazing Canadian skin care line and the eye serum is half the price of the Clarins product I’ve been using!)
    Weekend plans: taking down the tree, stripping the bedding from the kids’ rooms now that they’re gone back to their various locales
    Resolutions: Decluttering is one; remembering to take the vitamins and supplements I should be taking is another!

    • Pigment samples are great, since they last so long!

      • Mariella

        Exactly. The gals at the Mac counter by me are REALLY generous (they know I’m a good customer) and I generally have to say to them “That’s more than enough”. With Nebula, I have enough to last me but if Jardin Aires or Copperized or Sweet Sienna come back – I’m getting full sizes of those ASAP. BTW, I love the Red Dwarf and the only reason I even checked it out was because of your swatches!

  9. Evelyn

    LoL I don’t think it matters where you take photos of Mellan, we just like to see any cute Mellan photos!

  10. I love your Mellan pictures, he is such a sweetie! I’m very curious about your haul, I adore the Rouge G’s, they are one of my favorite lipsticks!

  11. Haul: Altered Ego Cosmetics eyeshadows.

    Weekend Plans: Photographing for the blog, watching movies and reading.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions?: Kinda. Here’s a post about my thoughts on it:

  12. virginiaisforluvrs

    Ooh! Can’t wait to see your Rouge G swatches! I hauled a few MAC lipsticks, including Flamingo and Party Parrot, but haven’t received them yet.

  13. Lee

    Haul: Oh, a bunch from the new MAC collections: Pink Pigeon (I love this one), Flamingo, Party Parrot, and I grabbed Fusion Pink while I was at it. Plus Subtle Breeze blush ’cause the swatches looked so pretty.

    Weekend plans: Getting back to the gym and continuing to work on organizing the house.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: Mostly related to decluttering, I’m tired of having so much stuff. I’m going to make sure the trash bin is full every week when I roll it out to the curb.

  14. Haul: None

    Weekend plans: Setting up my blog (I hope to have my graphic done and skined) and upload 5 post to get things started base on old reviews i have done on MMF. lol
    Blogs layout are very new to me compare to simple websites so it’s a learning curve there. I’m starting with Blogger as WordPress requires a bit more research and learning into the back end functionality despite how pretty they run. I do like WordPress site though.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: Read more books when I can. Try to stick to more lowcrab meals during the week (which in tern much larger vegy serving).

  15. Lauren

    Haul: I picked up Revlon Photoready foundation and Rimmel Match foundation on Bogo before my make up ban begins. I needed a winter foundation to last me til summer. So far, so good with both.

    Weekend plans: Laundry, bedroom maintenance, relaxation and a kickboxing class on Sunday.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: No, I try not to set too many deadlines because I tend to actually reach my goals better when I haven’t given myself explicit orders. Weird- I know. I’m a natural born rebel and stubborn as a mule on a hill.

    As for Milan photos, you should do a series of “Milan Looking at Things” like the famous blog. That way, you just have to catch him being himself. It can be both easy and amusing.

  16. Andrea

    I’ve been doing major hauling lately!!!

    Illamasqua Sale Haul:
    Succubus Intense Lipgloss (only thing I got that was full price)
    Repulse Intense Lipgloss
    Temper Intense Lipgloss
    Sangers Lipstick
    Pristine Lipstick
    Fervent Pigment
    Synth Eyeshadow
    Intrigue Blush
    Snap Nail Varnish
    Shrapnel Nail Varnish
    Eclipse Nail Varnish

    Chanel de Horizon Blush
    Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Phoenix
    Rose Betsey Johnson Tweezerman Tweezers

    Flamingo Lipstick
    Party Parrot Lipstick
    Scarlet Ibis Lipstick
    A Perfect Day Lipstick
    Subtle Breeze Mineralize Blush
    Hepcat Pro-Pan Eyeshadow

    Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow
    Asylum Loose Eyeshadow
    Birthday Girl Loose Eyeshadow
    Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow
    Lumi Loose Eyeshadow

    Anothersoul Palette

    Adhesive Magnets (for Etsy palette)
    24 Lipstick Acrylic Organizer

    MAC Fresh Salmon Lipstick (BNIB)
    MAC Cinderfella Mineralize Eyeshadow
    MAC Young Punk Mineralize Eyeshadow

    I also got my friend to enter Makeuptalk’s Sugarpill contest and she won grand prize!!! She won like 90% of what they sell. I told her the whole time I thought she’d win, so happy she actually did. I feel like a lucky charm. =D

  17. Jill

    hauled a few things from Sephora to make VIB, came in the mail yesterday :) lash stash – omg so many mascaras, so little time! a stila lipgloss, and some presents for upcoming birthdays :)

    plans: hanging out and relaxing!

    resolution: get back on the healthy eating bandwagon, and not to let other people bring me down.

  18. Amanda O

    Haul; Went to my local MAC store and picked up Diamond Dove, Silver Gull, Flamingo and Party Parrot (which i suprisingly FELL IN LOVE WITH. Seriously thought it was going to be too bright for me but its fantastic). Also finally figured out that my skin is NC25!

    Plans: Maybe a date tonight or tomorrow and then coffee date with my cousin who just got engaged!!!

    Resolutions: Do one thing every day that makes me feel better about myself!

  19. Lizzi

    Haul: the 4 LE Iris Apfel lipsticks, UD BOS IV, the UD eyeshadow pencil set that’s on sale for $19, 3 of the Metal-X shadows (which are getting returned), MAC Truth & Light, Mac Pro-longwear concealer, and the MAC brush cleaner
    Weekend plans: hanging out with friends before the semester starts
    Resolutions: limit my dairy intake and cut out caffeine (but my cardiologist made that one for me, I have a “hummingbird heartbeat”).

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that the Metal-x shadows did not work out!

      • Lizzi

        I was really interested in the copper one, but you were completely right, the formula is awful and it was a huge disappointment. Thank god Nordstrom’s has an awesome return policy!!

  20. Haul: I am on a low-buy, but I had some gift cards to spend, so I picked up Pink Pigeon, Narcissus, and Azalea Blossom from MAC, as well as the UD 24/7 Super Stash shadow pencils from Sephora.

    Weekend plans: Running, Situps, Pushups. 4 weeks til Basic Training!!!

    Resolutions: Learn to prioritize, and stop procrastinating!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  21. Esther

    Haul: Ulta’s got a buy-2-get-2 sale, so I got an eyeliner in Halo (it’s a gorgeous ivory shade), nail polish in Blue Streak, and lipsticks in Wild Honey and Sweet Pea
    Weekend plans: spring semester starts back on monday, so I’ll be reorganizing my school things and getting ready for that!
    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: I’ve never been one for NYRs. if I want to change something, I’ll change it whenever I decide to, not when a certain date rolls around :]

  22. Courtney

    Haul: MAC superslick liners in Desires & Devices and Defiantly Feline…but not to use as eyeliners. I’m actually using them to color a new tattoo on a non-permanent basis! I also did a B2M for Pink Pigeon, but I don’t know yet if I’ll keep it.

    Weekend plans: Anime Los Angeles and will call at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab…that’s if this new cold doesn’t knock me on my ass.

    N NY resolutions: NONE! I’ve only made one once.

  23. Haul: Dior Garden Roses quint, Burberry lip gloss in Hibiscus and Bright Plum, Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Hot Pink, MAC Subtle Breeze blush, L’oreal eyeshadow (the new one) in Iced Latte, Misc. sale items at Bath & Body Works, Vera Bradley cosmetics bag, new Coach bag and key fob.



    • Whoops pressed post to soon :).

      Plans: Just relax with family.

      Resolutions: I don’t really have any non-beauty ones, I want to lose weight and eat better but that was before new years too.

  24. NeenaJ

    Is there a dog version of planking, Christine 😉 Mellan looks great no matter what the pic. Am very excited to see your swatches of the new Rouge G’s as I have to buy them without trying – especially Rose Ensoleillé.

    Haul: Some ingredients from Skin Essential Actives – I’m on a bit of a DIY kick. I need to make more Vitamin C Serum and wanted to try my hand at the KiNiaNAG (Kinetin, Niacinamide and and N-acetyl D- glucosamine) Serum.

    Weekend: Get some sunshine tomorrow as it’s going to be nearly 70 after a week in the 30s and 40s. Maybe a trip to Duke Gardens with a picnic lunch.

    Resolutions: I’m on the better eating bandwagon too, along with trying to incorporate at least 30 minutes of movement 3 days a week at work (desk job). Not really New Year resolutions, but they’re always more appealing after a holiday season of feeling like an overfed slug! LOL!

  25. LaAle

    Haul: Flamingo lipstick and Azalea Blossom from MAC and the Urban Decay fun, dangerous, rollergirl palettes plus the rollergirl nailpolish kit (10€ each, I was incredulous – Yay for Sephora sales!!)

    Plans: studying…

    Resolutions: none, I agree with your philosophy!

  26. Carrie Ann

    Haul: I caved and finally got the UD Book of Shadows IV because it was more than half off the original price. There are some really pretty shadows and I’m excited to try the eye liner and mascara. From the MAC Daphne Guinness collection, I also got Aurora Pigment and Azalea Blossom and Vintage Grape Blush Ombres (so pretty!).

    Weekend plans: I have to work, but I hope I’ll get to do something fun too.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)? I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I already exercise regularly and I don’t diet. I just always make a conscious effort not to eat too many things that aren’t good for me.

  27. Nicole

    Haul: MAC prep + prime skin, MAC bare study paint pot, MAC eye kohl in prunella (thanks to the MUA for help picking it out!)

    Weekend plans: Hectic weekend planned, but no fun stuff worth mentioning.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: I don’t make resolutions, but I do have some ongoing goals that I would like to accomplish: finish listening to the Old Testament on CD, learn how to better love and serve my husband (we have been married 6 mos), learn how to better respond to conflict, continue with healthy eating and exercise habits.

    Congrats on your engagement! I’m so excited for you!!!!

  28. Andrea

    haul St Ives Sensitive Skin Apricot scrub

  29. Coral Faleen

    Haul:I got all the maybelline color tattoos. I love them so much I had to have them all. I also went a little nail polish crazy

    weekend plans: my neice’s second birthday is tomorrow! so excited

    Non beauty new years resolutions: None! If i wanna make a change in my life I don’t wait for new years, every day is a good day to improve yourself

  30. sarah

    Haul: Party parrot(the lastone at my store!) and Flamingo lipsticks, one of the new maybelline tattoo cream shadows and one of the dream bouncy blushes. i am in love with both products and will probably pick up the rest of them shortly.
    Weekend plans: gym time and lots of skating, my new seaosn of roller derby just started back up
    Resolutions: im trying to treat my body better in general, but i am definitely starting to eat like the athlete i want to be, instead of the junkfood loving slacker that i am :)

  31. Haul: Oh lord have mercy, it’s time to come clean… LOL. Chanel Eclosion quad (will more than likely be exchanged for Prelude), Chanel June nail polish, samples of Bronze Universal and Perfection Lumiere (hey, it was my 2nd last shift at Macy’s and I was totes taking advantage of the sample policy)… also ordered all 4 of the Paperself eyelashes from Sephora since they’re on clearance for $9, and an Hourglass lip stain. Phew!
    Weekend plans: get myself moved back into my college apartment and get ready for classes starting on Monday. I took last semester off and it’s like I’m a freshman all over again, I swear!
    Non-beauty related goals: I’m like you — I have stuff that I always want to get accomplished, regardless of what time of year it is. It’ll just be more convenient to achieve these things (healthier eating and exercise habits) now that I’ll be back on my own and not living with my parents, who are the polar opposite of me in every possible way. :)

    Hope you and your family have a great 2012, Christine! Happy wedding planning, as well 😉 Are we ever going to see a picture of the engagement ring, or do you want to keep that private?

  32. Carmel

    What a gorgeous dog!

    That’s what I came to say, but since I’m here… I back to MAC’d for Party Parrot today (plus I got a More to Love Prolongwear liner to use with it). It looks kind of crazy on me – it’s my first bright pink lipstick – but I think I’m going to love it.

  33. Lacey J.

    Haul: covergirl eyelights mascara i think it is? just needed something else because covergirl last blast flakes on me!

    si lolita from lolita lempicka.

    its a lovely peppery floral… when i smell it all i think of is the top note… pink peppercorns. its probably a winter scent but i will wear it as much as i can. it is my first high end parfum. im not too big on perfume but this one is so unique, i had to buy it.

    weekend plans. work work work and lots and lots of audiobooks.

    resolutions. weightloss and taking better care of my hair and skin and reading alot more!

  34. Marie

    He has such an expressive, beautiful face, I don’t think it matters where you take a picture of him.

  35. Taylar

    Haul: MUFE Flash Palette, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Metiorites, Chanel Blush Horizon, MAC Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish, MAC Feline Eye Kohl, Revlon lip butters!

    Weekend Plans: Seeing Sherlock Holmes with my hubby, attending my church’s 10th anniversary celebration & maybe even going ice skating! Random I know lol.

    New Year’s Resolutions: To be less materialistic 😛

  36. M.

    Haul: BBW Forever Sunshine, Country Chic, and Paris Amour shower gels; Bali Mango, Country Chic, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body mists and Fresh Market Apple PocketBac.

    Weekend plans: Vegetate.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: I don’t do resolutions generally, but I am going to try to be less of a perfectionist in areas where it really doesn’t matter. :)

    You should get a photo of you giving him a big kiss on his very, very dignified doggy forehead. <3

  37. Jennifer

    Haul (collective over the past month):
    Chanel blush horizon de Chanel
    Chanel eclosion eyeshadow quad
    Chanel bonbon glossimer
    Chanel bagatelle (hate the grittiness too, but love the color and wear so much it’s become my go-to lip color)
    Chanel flirt rouge coco shine
    Tocca fragrance sampler
    Essie “a cut above” luxeffects polish
    Bunch of lush stuff
    Nars hungry heart blush duo (more like highlighters though)
    Guerlain cruel gardenia pressed meteorites highlighting powder

    Weekend plans: lots of assignments. Need to go makeup shopping to get some essentials because my parents’ house had a fire and while my room and bathroom was the only area of the house not destroyed by fire/smoke/water, one of the things I grabbed to rescue was my makeup bag…which was open so I lost a lot of makeup that would’ve been okay if I had just left it there. :-/ my Chanel topkapi quad included. :( thank goodness I got a backup. And thank goodness it wasa only my travel bag and my stash was left at school. And thank goodness everyone was okay. One of the dogs had to be rushed to an animal ICU a couple hours away, but at least she made it and was only there a few days.

    New years resolutions: Get in shape/eat healthier for good and study harder.

  38. Hey Christine please don’t stop the Mellan photos–doesn’t matter where you take them! I love seeing his lovable looks every week :)

  39. Haul: Estee Lauder Topaz collection

    Weekend plans: Can I just keep yours? It fits. “Trying to get through my backlog of photos a bit more before everything becomes useless!”

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: Nope. I usually don’t. I figure if you REALLY want to make a change you’ll just start NOW (whenever “now” happens to be). Setting a date to begin something just means you don’t really want to do it.

    I remember (oh no, story time) years ago when Jay used to smoke. He would always say things like “I’m going to quit next month” or – when he had JUST finished a pack – “This next pack is going to be my last one!” Finally I said to him, “Why not just quit now? You’re out of them, right? Make the pack you just finished your last one. I mean seriously, what’s ONE more pack going to matter if you’re going to quit in a few days anyway?”

    He looked HORRIFIED! Like I’d just strangled his mother in front of him! Haha!

  40. inge

    Haul: MAC Naturally-Blonde MSF, Fresh Air and Perfect Day
    Iris Apfel- Party Parrot, Morange
    Chanel-Beige Lame and Tigerlily
    I think I am going to buy Rouge G in Georgia and Gigi this weekend….

    Weekend plans: Dinner party, work party and work

    New Years resolutions: Not really, just start spinning again.


  41. Valerie

    Haul: yikes… I had some store credit and gift cards so I’m not gonna feel too indulgent here… Ud eyeshadow pencil set, tarina tanrantino eyeshadow palette (aurora), Nars stick concealer, Josie maran illuminizer blush stick combo all from sephora then Mac: blonde msf (I’m naturally blonde and dye dark brown-omg so gorgeous on my fair skin!!) patina eyeshadow and trax eyeshadow
    Weekend plans: hanging with my hubby who is deploying to Afghanistan shortly :,( and picking up some dance gear for my daughter
    Resolutions: it always seems to be “lose weight” i think this year i just want to say no to soda and fast food as much as possible!

  42. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing makeup related.
    Weekend plans: Meeting a friend tomorrow and meet another friend on Sunday.
    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: I want to eat less chocolate and more veggies. I attend a Zumba class next week and I think I will dance ona weekly basis.

  43. Christina

    Sooo… I ran out of EVERYTHING!! I went to Sephora yesterday and dropped for:
    SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone – Face & Eye Cleanser, Hyper Hydrator Moisturizer
    Tarte – LipSurgence in Enchanted and Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused
    FairyDrops Mascara
    Sephora Brand Liquid Eye Liner
    Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eye Palette in Delightful
    Makeup For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit
    Kat Von D – Tattoo Concealer
    Mini Tweezerman tweezers

    Safe to say I LOVE everything I purchased so far!
    Happy Friday to you!!

  44. Joan

    Mellan looks as if he’s saying, “I could have swore I left it right here!”

    Haul: All arrived Today
    MAC Naturally Collection
        Mineralized Blush
                  Fresh Honey
                    Early Morning
        MIneralized Skin Finish
                  Red Head
                  Pillow Talk
                  Beach Sand
                  Sweet Sunrise
                    Wee Coquette
                    Hot Spell
                     Naked Space
        Brush  # 286 brush

    Iris Apfel Collection
                      Pink Pigeon
                      Scarlet Ibis
        Lip pencil,
                      Embrace Me
        Beauty powder
                      Too Chic

        Eyeshadow:  Robins Egg
    Nail lacquer: Hyperion

    Estée Lauder: Illuminating Powder Gelee, Pure Color, Topaz Chameleon

    Weekend Plans: Girl time w/my daughter on Sat, Taking down holiday decorations & hopefully relaxing on Sun.

    NY’s-resolutions: none, but I try to be thankful for everyday, good/bad


  45. Katherine

    Haul: Estee Lauder Topaz Chameleon Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée, Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Topaz Mosaic, 5 Maybelline baby lips (different flavors), Nubar Jeans collection (3 bottles of different blues), an OPI nail polish and a revlon polish because I want to layer one over the other.

  46. AnGeLwInGz

    haul: one of the palettes and both nail polishes from the Dior Garden Party collection
    weekend plans: catch up on some much needed rest!
    new year’s resolution: clean out my car

  47. Angelcat47

    I’d love to see a photo of him with his “Dad”!!

  48. Leticia

    Haul: MAC Prep & Prime Skin. I’m not sure yet if it is working for me, I guess I have to give it a few days!

    Weekend plans: I have to come to work tomorrow…booo! Hopefully I’ll be able to go out not that late, I have to change some Christmas gifts that did not fit!

    New Year’s Resolutions (not beauty related): Make time for myself – there are days when it seems like I’m living for everyone else but me!

    Mellan is ALWAYS the cutest, so any picture you take of him is great!

  49. Kate & Zena

    Haul: Nothing yet. Haven’t been paid by my parents yet (the joys of working for the ‘rents. Have to wait for THEM to be paid before *I* get paid.)

    Weekend plans: Try and figure out what college classes I’m taking this semester, read more of the books I got for Christmas (especially the library books. Those have a due date, regrettably), try and get a photo of Zena…she who is being resistant of photos (and she’s normally a camera hog)

    New Years Resolutions: Try to incorporate a new fruit and a new veggie into my very picky diet, drink less Coca-Cola (my one addiction) and more water/milk/grape juice (this was last years and I failed miserably), find a place that certifies people in positive reinforcement dog training (I want to be a dog trainer!), take more photos! Oh, and exercise. I may be one skinny little person, but I am out of shape. I love ballet (I was a ballerina for 5 1/2 years) and have a ballet DVD that I love, so I’m hoping I get on a schedule of some kind. Yea, we’ll see how long this lasts. I have very little motivation or energy in the winter from my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I set them and wait for the sun and heat to come!!!!

    I love any photo of Mellan, no matter where he is! I’m sure he makes a bundle of expressions, just like Zena. I think, as long as it’s cute, post it! If you need photos of another dog, I have dozens! Just ask and I can send you 10 at a time! Zena turned 8 yesterday! ACK!!!! I want my puppy back!

  50. Maya

    Haul: Some of these may be from before this week? Oops – Urban Decay Naked2 palette, Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick, OPI nail polishes in Bubble Bath and Skull & Glossbones, Revlon Just Tinted nail polish in Victorian which I somehow still managed to find, a few NYX eyeshadows, Urban Decay Twice Baked Eyeshadow, Laura Mercier Ballet Pink Eyeshadow, NARS Cruising lipstick, Chanel Enivree lipstick, MAC Paint Pot in Morning Frost, and Jack Black lip blams in Lemon & Chamomile and Black Tea & Blackberry

    Weekend plans: School work, physician shadowing, applications, a little shopping for fun!

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: I don’t like to make resolutions – just goals at any time I want/need to

  51. Ruth

    Ohhhhhhhh Christine, please do swatches of the new Rouge G lippies, they’re my fave !!!!!!!

  52. Yumi

    haul: subtle breeze, early morning, pillow talk, a perfect day from MAC naturally

    weekend plans: quiet weekend in hopefully, i need to get some work done!

    new years resolutions: i don’t believe in them as i’ve resolved to become more awesome year-round instead!

  53. Kristabelle

    Haul: My first ever high-end foundation- MUFE Mat Velvet+. I lovee it. Another Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer (amazing stuff) and a Kat Von D concealer.

    Weekend plans: Work and sleep. Exciting, I know.

    Have you made any new year’s resolutions (not beauty-related)?: Sorta, but I don’t take em too seriously.

  54. londonhermit

    I brought two things from the MACs naturally collection twilight falls eyeshadow and early morning blush. I actually caved and brought the interior life quad. I also brought three of the China Glazes new spring collection polishes. Side not I brought my first pair of knitting needles to learn to knit so excited.

  55. Quinctia

    Haul: Alba botanica body lotion, the Ginger Organix Shampoo and Conditioner, one of the new CG double-ended lipsticks, a PF pressed translucent setting powder, two Sally Hansen polishes, a clearanced Seche Vite, shopped the CVS clearance and got: Revlon primer for $3, PF shimmer strips Pop Brown eyes $3, a Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush for $4

    We had to put my kitty to sleep earlier in the week and I’ve been doing a little retail therapy. :( I stayed away from any place selling higher end stuff for a reason.

    # Weekend plans: Finally packing up the Christmas junk! We’ve been understandably distracted, but the procrastination must be ended. I have to figure out what to do with all the things from my Lego advent calendar, though.

  56. Tina

    Picked up a couple of the new Maybelline color tattoo cream shadows this week. Completely addicted now. As someone who has deeply hooded eyes and oily skin, these things are amazing. Put one one the first day to test it out with no primer, not expecting it to last past an hour without creasing – went a full 6 hours with no creasing, AMAZING FOR ME. Doing a full day test tomorrow – had to take it off at 6 hours for bedtime!

  57. Veronica

    Mellan looks very contemplative.

    Haul: Small one this week! Revlon lipsticks in Teak Rose, Berry Rich, and Dazzling Pink, Covergirl Lip Perfection in Darling. I’m probably going to give in and grab MAC’s Pink Pigeon before the week is out, though.

    • Veronica

      Whoops, hit the enter key too fast, haha.

      Weekend Plans: Working. And then preparing to start up for classes on Monday.

      Resolutions: Stop procrastinating so much and get back on my normal gym schedule.

  58. Rosie

    A cat may enhance the photo-ops for Mellan, and provide a great home for an innocent cat that wants to love both of you.

  59. t_zwiggy

    MAC Howzat e/s
    MAC Diamand Dove e/s
    MAC Silver Gull e/s
    MAC Flamingo l/s
    MAC Early Morning blush
    MAC Endless Nights nail polish
    Butter London The Black Knight
    Butter London Tart with a Heart
    Picture Polish Festival
    Essie As Gold As It Gets
    ORLY Night Owl
    ORLY Peachy Parrot
    ORLY Seagurl
    ORLY Fowl Play
    ORLY Rock the World
    China Glaze Tinsel Town
    China Glaze Some Like It Haute
    China Glaze Blonde Bombshell
    Misa Spaced Out
    Misa Grey Matters
    Misa Beyond Infinity

    Weekend plans: Lots and lots of laundry that needs to be taken care of :/

    New Year’s resolutions: Nope

  60. Cat

    My haul was Mac Pillow Talk, Mac A Perfect Day and Mac Hot Spell.

  61. Corliss

    I just did some light hauling. I purchased 2 lipsticks and 2 blushes from the Mac Naturally collection, 1 Mac pro blush in azalea 1 plum lipstick I forgot the name and 4 zoya nail polishes they’re free this weekend with the code zoya2012.
    Enjoy Ladies!!!